Chainalytics Wins Award for Delivering Sustainability-Minded Freight Procurement Strategy


The award recognizes the company’s innovative transportation procurement work for one of the world’s leading coffee manufacturers and retailers.

Sustainability: Part 1 – The Drivers for Global Supply Chain Managers

The Network Effect

The post Sustainability: Part 1 – The Drivers for Global Supply Chain Managers appeared first on The Network Effect. Supply Chain Management Sustainability Transportation


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Sustainable Freight Transportation – Finding a Balance with MIT’s Alexis Bateman and Suzanne Greene [Podcast]


This week’s Freightvine podcast episode examines the challenges facing freight transportation in the effort to reduce its environmental impact. Joining host Chris Caplice to discuss their work on the Sustainable Supply Chain Initiative are his MIT colleagues Alexis Bateman and Suzanne Greene. What is sustainability, particularly when it comes to supply chain management?

Emission-free shipping: Ways of sustainable transport on the seas

All Things Supply Chain

Around 90 % of the world’s goods are currently transported by ships causing nearly 3 % of total global carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions. This makes it one of the largest polluters in… General Logistics Supply Chain Sustainability logistics shipping supply chain sustainability sustainability

How Can a Transportation Management System (TMS) Promote Sustainability?

IT Supply Chain

The post How Can a Transportation Management System (TMS) Promote Sustainability? By Martin Verwijmeren (pictured). CEO & Co-Founder of MPO. appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Supply Chain Sustainability: A Byproduct of Efficiency

Talking Logistics

That’s when Walmart’s CEO at the time, Lee Scott, gave a speech entitled Twenty First Century Leadership that arguably kicked off the supply chain sustainability era. Read more Supply Chain Sustainability: A Byproduct of Efficiency. The post Supply Chain Sustainability: A Byproduct of Efficiency appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. What is so special about October 23, 2005?

3 Initiatives Driving Sustainable Transportation and Logistics Management


Recent studies have shown that transportation is the single largest source of greenhouse gas emissions in the United States. Department of Energy calculated that CO2 emissions from transportation surpassed two billion metric tons ; it’s hard to imagine what that number looks like today. The realities of today’s complex global marketplace make fulfilling sustainability objectives anything but simple as companies navigate fulfillment, transportation and logistics challenges.

Sustainable Logistics: Quantifying Sustainability Measures of Your Logistics


Creating more sustainable logistics is even more important for the trucking industry. Sustainable Logistics | Quantifying Sustainability Measures of Your Logistics. Robinson and the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. However, while technology evolves to allow better tracking of carbon footprint, there’s a potential to substantially improve overall with sustainable logistics by addressing a less often discussed but insidious problem.

5 Ways to Make Your Manufacturing Plant More Sustainable in the Age of COVID-19

DELMIA Quintiq

Whether you represent a metal fabrication company, a consumer goods manufacturer or a paint, fiberglass or paper producer, you have several ways to make the operation a more sustainable one. Any company that wants to make its manufacturing facilities more sustainable must incorporate recycled materials in the supply chain. Any business serious about making itself more sustainable should examine its supply chain’s location and length.

Sustainability vs. profitability: Is it one or the other?


by Alexa Cheater How 25 multinational companies achieved sustainable supply chains. I’d like to think that most companies have moved beyond the point of believing that sustainable business practices aren’t a priority. Building sustainable supply chains has been a growing trend for years, and as it turns out, those early adopters may actually be seeing an increase in profits. Does your company have any sustainability measures in place?

5 Alternative Fuels that Will Reenergize the Transportation Industry


The transportation industry relies heavily on diesel to help it successfully transport products from manufacturers to consumers via trucks worldwide. The post 5 Alternative Fuels that Will Reenergize the Transportation Industry appeared first on Kuebix. Blog Earth Day Energy Sustainability Technology Trends Efficiency energy Fuel green supply chain kuebix sustainability TMS transportation

The Shift Towards Personalized & Sustainable Packaging


Not only are you dealing with the customer and regulatory requirements for packaging , but you also need to keep with smart and sustainable packaging trends. The Emphasis on Sustainability I’m sure you have recognized the shift in focus when it comes to sustainable eco-friendly material. Not only is there a social corporate responsibility playing into the increase of sustainable packaging, but there are also regulations impacting the industry.

Transportation Management


The Laws of Lean Transportation Management. There are all these things in life that we think “Oh, I cannot live without that,” and if it wasn’t for transportation management we most likely would not have anything we want or need on time. Transportation, like inventory, is necessary activity within logistics. Fast, efficient transportation explains a great deal about why cities develop where they do. Transportation Management Cost Consideration.

How Freight & Transportation Data Can Trim Your Transportation Spend


When you want to drive down your logistics and transportation spend, the very first thing that you need is freight and transportation data. Luckily, this isn’t the case for transportation data. With the services of a trusted 3PL and a good transportation management system (TMS), you can glean an abundance of data around activities and practices related to your transportation department. Accurate freight and transportation data is particularly important.

Sustainability is a Competitive Advantage with Justin Goldston

The Logistics of Logistics

Sustainability is a Competitive Advantage with Justin Goldston. Justin Goldston and Joe Lynch discuss why sustainability is a competitive advantage. Key Takeaways: Sustainability is a Competitive Advantage. The social benefit of sustainable logistics: Improved job satisfaction.

Transform your supply chain’s sustainability impact by going beyond operational constraints

DELMIA Quintiq

Here in part two, I will highlight how more drastic shifts to supply chain networks and operations can have a larger impact on sustainability. However, there will be companies that have already deployed sustainability efforts and are looking to further increase efficiency and transparency beyond the existing constraints of their network. To jumpstart your sustainability efforts, contact Quintiq today. Retail Planning Sustainability Transport & Logistics

Sustainable Packaging is Here to Stay!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Sustainable Packaging article and permission to publish here provided by Erich Lawson. Let’s have a closer look at why sustainable packaging is beneficial. Here’s a Look at the Importance of Sustainable Packaging: Sustainable Packaging is Easily Disposed. Sustainable packaging, on the other hand, is easy to dispose. It starts with the extraction of raw materials to create the packaging, its transportation, utility, and the life cycle comes to an end.

Sustainability in Logistics: Shippers Step up Initiatives to Combat 3 Obstacles


Near and far, logistics providers and shippers are renewing their focus on sustainability to build the manufacturing giants of tomorrow. As explained by Bob Trebilcock , sustainability in logistics initiatives are ranked as “very important” for up to 40.6 percent, report having implemented sustainable solutions within the last two years. How Important Is Sustainability in Logistics? What Is Needed For Sustainability in Logistics?

3PLs Drive Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

PLS Logistics

More than 3,700 companies participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an independent global system for companies to measure, disclose, manage and share climate and water information and sustainable initiatives. Transportation 3PL Supply Chain Transportation SolutionsEnvironmentally-friendly business processes are good for the bottom line and the ecosystem.

How to Make Your Supply Chain Sustainable, Efficient & Affordable


By Bruce Myers, Director, Chainalytics APAC There’s an odd misconception floating around that goes like this: Sustainable supply chains are prohibitively expensive and provide little or no ROI for months or even years. To add more confusion, sustainability initiatives vary from country to country and in complexity and business/environmental goals—from greenhouse gas emissions reductions to […].

Supporting sustainability in supply chains


“So many times, I hear people questioning or being concerned about what is the cost of being sustainable,” said President of CHEP North America Laura Nador, which for her is “a silly question”. “We We actually believe that sustainability can make financial sense long term.

Green Is the New Black: Why Green Manufacturing & Sustainability Matter


more companies are turning toward sustainable alternatives and methodologies (like green manufacturing) in boosting competitive advantage and increasing revenue, explains Stuart Hall of Global Manufacturing. In fact, the sustainable trend is becoming essential to all parts of manufacturing and supply chains, ranging from smart factories to green delivery trucks. What’s Driving More Companies to Embrace Sustainable Technologies and Methodologies?

A New Perspective on Dedicated Transportation

Talking Logistics

Dedicated transportation is getting a lot of attention these days from both shippers and 3PLs. And companies have traditionally viewed dedicated as “an exception” or a “special case” – that is, separate from the rest of their transportation operations. Tweet The post A New Perspective on Dedicated Transportation appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

Making Transportation Collaboration Work

Talking Logistics

Today, however, more and more companies are revisiting collaboration with renewed interest and motivation, especially in truckload transportation, where regulations like hours-of-service and other factors are constraining capacity. How do you make transportation collaboration work? The post Making Transportation Collaboration Work appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

How transparency in the supply chain leads to sustainable sourcing


According to McKinsey’s 2019 chief purchasing officer (CPO) survey, sustainable sourcing at scale is the fashion industry’s new must-have. The post How transparency in the supply chain leads to sustainable sourcing appeared first on Pivot88.

Creating a Sustainable Earth Through Sustainable Manufacturing


In the decades that have followed, the emphasis on adopting eco-friendly practices, implementing sustainability measures, and protecting the environment has continued to grow, gaining traction across diverse industries , sectors, and settings — including the manufacturing world. In fact, many industries are now adopting sustainable manufacturing practices in response to this increased focus on sustainability and environmental stewardship.

So, what does sustainability in retail actually look like?

DELMIA Quintiq

First, it’s important to take a moment to reflect on the word ‘sustainability’, as it has become such a prominent buzzword in today’s world. Sustainability means different things to different people, companies and industries. Some companies, like Starbucks and Walmart , view sustainability as a responsibility and, consequently, the discussion around sustainability is framed in a ‘should’ manner. The post So, what does sustainability in retail actually look like?

4 Important Benefits of a Sustainable Reverse Logistics Strategy


Data breaches may not sound as though they have a particular relation to sustainability, but a company’s sustainability is measured by its ability to maintain happy customers while reducing impact on the Earth. Unfortunately, a failing company is more likely to forget about recycling as part of IT Asset Disposal, and the business’s level of sustainability falters. Business owners face endless decisions throughout all aspects of the supply chain.

Smithfield Foods Improves its Brand with a Robust Sustainability Program

Logistics Viewpoints

Sustainability initiatives provide a way for global brands to improve their brand reputation and reduce risks of further damage to the brand. Smithfield has certainly upped their sustainability game. The post Smithfield Foods Improves its Brand with a Robust Sustainability Program appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Food & Beverage Industry Supply Chain Network Design Transportation Management Systems brand reputation Smithfield Foods supply chain Sustainability

Food 68

Transport Management System: Making your Logistics Supply Chain Successful

20Cube Logistics

TMS (Transport Management System) is one such automation that is helping manage and automate the operations by providing visibility into the transportation activities. The post Transport Management System: Making your Logistics Supply Chain Successful appeared first on 20Cube Logistics.

10 Ways Effective Transportation Management Drives Competitive Advantage


Transportation management is no longer a tactical approach to simply moving freight and doing it at the lowest possible cost. There are several factors that exist today that are forcing shippers to use even more resources, which distract from their core competencies , in order to have a strategic and much more nuanced, complex transportation management practice. 10 Tips to Remain Competitive and Have an Effective Transportation Management Strategy.

Pharma Companies Sharing Supplier Data for Global Sustainability Program

Material Handling and Logistics

Industries are increasingly deciding to collaborate with peers -- instead of competing -- when it comes to critical issues like sustainability. To that end on January 10 three leading health and pharmaceutical companies -- GlaxoSmithKline, Teva, Takeda – and EcoVadis, a provider of sustainability risk ratings, announced the launch of the Responsible Health Initiative. .

Supply Chain Sustainability and Business Success

Enterra Insights

Some people view sustainability efforts as tree hugging idealism and some business executives perceive sustainability efforts as wastes of money. ” Christopher Martin ( @cleantechchris ) and Millicent Dent report all types of companies are profiting from pursuing sustainability. ”[2] They add, “It’s time to stop crediting corporate sustainability efforts as acts of altruism. ” The supply chain needs to be more sustainable.

Combating the Driver Shortage Problem with Transportation Optimization

Logistics Viewpoints

In order to continue moving product, trucking companies are pushing more and more freight onto the rail system, but that solution is not sustainable as it is also showing signs of being at capacity. Guest Commentary Supply Chain Network Design Supply Chain Optimization Supply Chain Planning Transportation Transportation Management Systems North America is facing a huge shortage of truck drivers, and the problem is expected to get worse.

How Data Drives Corporate Sustainability

EHS Sustainability Knowledge at Work

And that is good news for sustainable development. For example, the collection of data from physical components (such as fires, droughts, rain and earthquakes) and data on social components (such as light intensity per household, telephone calls, social networks activity, use of transport) can help private and public sector organisations work together to avoid geopolitical conflicts, and better understand human behaviour in the event of a natural catastrophe.