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TMS. ,” says Bart De Muynck, Gartner’s research vice president, transportation technology to. We’re seeing a lot of smaller vehicles,” said Diniece Peters Mendes, director of the New York City Department of Transportation’s Office of Freight Mobility to. Transport Topics.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Digital Disruption: Closing the Connectivity Gap in Manufacturing with Digital Operations


Our technology department in Tulsa is comprised of several developers who solve our customers’ transportation management needs. Manufacturers need to focus on their core in order to stay competitive, and technological tools, such as our Cerasis Rater, a transportation management system , allow for streamlined process in managing transportation, giving back precious time, money, and focus to our manufacturing customers.

Project-based Learning can Lead to Real-world Solutions

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After working through multiple designs, the class produced a prototype that Jelinek took to his operators to test on one of the transporters. With only one slight modification for added stability, the distribution center is moving forward to outfit all of the transporters with the final product.” 3] Scott Meacham, “ Scott Meacham: Hands-on experiences help drive STEM education ,” Tulsa World , 17 February 2019. [4]

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