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How Can We Heal the Global Supply Chain?

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strongly feel that if I am going to cover the global supply chain that I need to experience it. Connectivity enabled the growth of the global supply chain opening up markets driving opportunity. However, globalization comes with responsibility. As we have driven improvements in globalization, jobs shifted as companies chased lower costs of labor. Personal Reflection.

How Will Brexit Affect Global Supply Chains?

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Brexit will have a minimal impact on global supply chains. Global Trade Logistics Trends Procurement/Sourcing Supply Chain Network Design Brexit supply chain networks tax reform U.S. The U.S. presidential election could have a much bigger impact. And changes in EU tax enforcement, the most of all. presidential election

Global Supply Chain Risk Increasing

Material Handling & Logistics

Global supply chain risk increased in the fourth quarter of 2015, resuming the worsening trend in global operational risk. Global Supply Chain Newsread more.

Sober Signs of Global Transportation Structural Change

Supply Chain Matters

For some time, Supply Chain Matters has brought attention to the building overcapacity situation that is occurring across global focused transportation sectors. Procurement and Sourcing Transportation and Logistics AP Moller-Maersk independent blog commenting on global logistics and transportation Supply chain Matters blogThis includes ocean container shipping as well as airfreight. As carriers continue to report on Q1 earnings performance, the scope and degree of the capacity problem becomes more evident.  Muller-Maersk, the parent […].

Machine Learning: A Quantum Leap in Forecast Accuracy for the Modern Supply Chain

Industry Report" [link] deloitte/articles/press-releases/global-supply-mhi-industry-report.html 2. MACHINE LEARNING MACHINE LEARNING: A QUANTUM LEAP IN FORECAST. ACCURACY FOR THE MODERN SUPPLY CHAIN Whether you realize it or not, machine learning is. having a profound impact on your everyday life. Companies like Google and Netflix use machine learning algorithms. preferences. forecasts.

Hazardous Cargo Freight and Global Transport

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An article explaining all (well almost all) about Hazardous Cargo Freight and Global Transport. Guest Article Hazardous Shipping Knowledge dangerous goods hazardous cargo

10 Most Expensive Global Logistics Hubs

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Global demand for e-commerce fulfillment centers and distribution centers fueled a 2.8% year-over-year increase in prime logistics rents globally. Global Supply Chain Transportation & Distribution Warehousingread more.

What Global Manufacturers Can Learn From the Insurance Business

Manufacturing Transformation

Today many global enterprises have digitized and standardized their product design, manufacturing execution and supply chain management systems. Can manufacturers learn something from the insurance industry? Perhaps so, at least according to this article published here. The author suggests that “risk pooling” is the single most important concept in supply chain management. So far, so good.

Why the European Union’s UCC Matters to Global Trade

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With the first phase of the new Union Customs Code (UCC) legislation coming into effect on May 1, 2016, the regulation is anticipated to have a substantial impact on global trade. The post Why the European Union’s UCC Matters to Global Trade appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. Global Trade Global Trade Management Guest Commentary Guest Commentary - Descartes Authorized Economic Operator Descartes global trade management UCC Union Customs CodeWhat is the Union Customs Code (UCC)? Why was the UCC created? Who is affected by the UCC?

SCM Global 50: Best Global Supply Chain Blogs

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Managing the smooth flow of material and information in global supply chain context has been a business challenge for many years and many companies tries to find the new ways to take the advantage of the shift of global economy. Then, this article will show you some good resources that will help you handle the complexities in global scm. As a result, issues in global supply chain management such as international trade, international transportation, global sourcing , regulatory compliance, risk management , humanitarian and sustainability won''t go away any time soon.

SCM 94

5 Best Practices for Choosing Global Suppliers

Manufacturing Transformation

As your business grows and requires more resources, it’s silly to assume you won’t need to source global vendors. But as businesspeople all over the world know, managing supply channels in a global economy has its opportunities as well as its pitfalls and, from day one, operations management must be educated on mitigating risks. Choose Wisely. Best Working Conditions.

A Truth About Global Transportation: It Happens Locally

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As shippers of all sizes expand their global sourcing, manufacturing, and distribution operations, they have to navigate the complexities involved with global transportation management. What are the main challenges global shippers face today? “It depends on who you are as a company,” said Mike Skinner, Vice President at CLX Logistics , in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. Ten years ago they might have had $1 billion in global revenues and today they’re at $10 billion after multiple acquisitions in different regions, [which creates its own set of challenges].

Green Manufacturing is a Global Practice

Manufacturing Transformation

From controlling greenhouse gases to regulating the use of toxic chemicals, the global manufacturing industry has had to work closer with each of the various regional governments to ensure greener manufacturing practices and a cleaner, safer environment. Rise of Green Manufacturing. In the last five years, environmental regulations have increased worldwide, especially in the U.S. The result?

7 Guidelines to Achieving Growth Through Globalization

The Network Effect

Global headlines anticipating growth through globalization are plentiful. US brands targeting global growth. Alibaba to expand global footprint. It is clear that the options are plentiful, but it is also obvious that the challenges are great and headlines of global challenges are abundant. The global marketplace is full of challenges. Nicolas A. COMPANIES.

How Packaging and Shipping Requirements are Evolving with Today’s Global Supply Chain

Manufacturing Transformation

Global Transformation. Of course, today’s global supply chains mean that global regulations must now be adhered to. While the rules have been in place for a few years now, the adoption of the rules by more and more countries has made this a wide spread rule that is now being adopted globally. The list of “must have’s” and “must do” has grown exponentially. Compatibility.

Booming World of Global eCommerce

Global Trade Talk

With countries like China, India and Brazil experiencing growing middle classes who are interested in buying international products, the growth in global eCommerce is expected to boom. Global Trade Content Global Trade ManagementCross-border eCommerce is gaining traction with nearly 40 percent of consumers buying goods online from another country.

Supply Chain Matters 2016 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains in Detail- Part Three

Supply Chain Matters

We continue with our Supply Chain Matters series outlining in more detail, 2016 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains. Aerospace Supply Chain Automotive Supply Chain Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Food and Beverage supply chain Green Supply Chain Omni-Channel Commerce Supply Chain Impacts Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Retail Supply Chain Service Lifecycle Management Service-centered Supply Chains Social Responsibility Strategies for Global Supply Chains Supply Chain Annual Predictions Supply Chain Risk Management

Fundamentals of Centralized Global Trade Compliance

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The field of global trade compliance requires a combination of centralized reporting and distributed execution. Import Management Export Management Global Trade Management Export Compliance

Supply Chain Matters 2016 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains

Supply Chain Matters

Once a year, just before the start of the New Year, our parent, the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group along with Supply Chain Matters provide a series of predictions for the coming year. These predictions are provided in the spirit of assisting industry supply chain teams in setting management objectives for the year ahead as […].

Troubling News in Global Ocean Container Capacity Reductions

Supply Chain Matters

Inventory Management Procurement and Sourcing Retail Supply Chain Sales and Operations Planning Supply Chain Disruption Transportation and Logistics challenges in global transportation independent blog commenting on global logistics and transportation ocean container industry challenges ocean container industry consolidation Supply chain Matters blogEvery year at just about this time, ocean container shipments inbound from China and other Asian ports begin to surge as retailers ramp-up inventory levels in anticipation of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday buying period.

Global Traceability Part 2: Harnessing the Power of Big Data

Manufacturing Transformation

In my last blog post, “ What does Global Traceability Give you that a MOM Doesn’t? ,” I discussed why companies with an enterprise solution for manufacturing operations management should also invest in an enterprise solution for global traceability. Those are good reasons, and they are the historical drivers for implementing a global traceability solution.

Delivering Global Growth with Analytics

Retail Connection

SPS In:fluence 2015 tackled some of retail’s biggest challenges, including the topic of driving international growth with analytics at the session titled “Delivering Global Growth with Analytics.”. With consumers in control, sharing sales data with partners has never been more consequential to achieving a domestic and global competitive advantage.

Experts Discuss How to Streamline Global Supply Chain

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Companies of all sizes have been capturing the value from Global Supply Chain to increase the economies of scale and scope for years. Due to the rapid change in global business environment, managers find it difficult to gain the edge over competitors. In this article, we will show you tips from worldwide experts that you can use to streamline your global supply chain operations.

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A Beginner's Guide to Global Labeling Regulations


The global marketplace is full of opportunity. Never before have firms had so many opportunities to work with partners around the world to manufacturer and sell products. But the market is also a veritable minefield of potential challenges. Competition is fierce, and firms may struggle to get ahead if they do not achieve supply chain efficiency. Labeling

Three Steps to Global Supply Chain Success

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Facilities Management Global Supply Chain Labor Management Transportation & Distribution Warehousing By Olivier Larue. The journey toward an established supply chain presence around the world begins by stepping into your own backyard. Content Classification: Curated. read more.

Supply Chain Matters 2016 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains in Detail- Part Four

Supply Chain Matters

We continue with our Supply Chain Matters series outlining in more detail, 2016 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains. These predictions are provided in the spirit of assisting industry supply chain teams in setting management objectives for the year ahead as well as helping our readers and clients to prepare supply chain management and […].

Our 2016 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains Now Available for Downloading

Supply Chain Matters

Throughout December, Supply Chain Matters has featured our annual 2016 Predictions for industry and Global Supply Chains.  We trust readers have gain value and perspectives from all of our predictions as well as helping to prepare individuals and organizations for the year to come. Annual Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chain Management Supply chain Matters blogAll of these predictions are now available in a complimentary 25 […].

Global Supply Chain Activity Continues to Track Toward Contraction Levels in May

Supply Chain Matters

Morgan Global Manufacturing Purchasing Manager’s Index (PMI) as a key indicator of global supply chain activity. We do so because by our lens, it is the best indicator of such broad global activity. Annual Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chain Management Manufacturing Strategies Procurement and Sourcing Sales and Operations Planning Supply Chain Planning Supply Chain Technology independent blog commenting on global supply chain management independent supply chain industry analyst Bob Ferrari Supply chain Matters blogFor the […].

Global Freight Audit: How to Map Out the Best Processes

Talking Logistics

With countless items beyond just contracts stored via disparate systems, often in different languages, the challenges of global freight audit are many. Tracking global commerce activity across an entire enterprise can be done more efficiently, and the results can directly increase profit. When refining global freight audit processes, companies need to focus on improving three main areas: 1. On the surface of any global freight audit project is one task that seems basic but can be complicated: information gathering. Quite simply, companies can be doing better.

Global and Emerging Logistics Hubs

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Philadelphia, Miami and Seattle are among the cities poised to become global centers for trade, according to a new report by CBRE

New: Global Trade Map 2016

Supply Chain Movement

In collaboration with Amber Road, Supply Chain Movement has put together this Global EU Trade Map which provides an overview of current EU trade agreements and an insight into potential trade risks and how to mitigate them. What does the Global EU Trade Map show? Global Trade Map 2016. Uncovering and mitigating trade risks in international operations. Choose country. Albania.

The 5 Biggest Problems of Global Logistics

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Global logistics is such a diverse topic that it is almost impossible to narrow down the possible issues into five. With too many variables in global logistics and many different parties getting involved, keeping above level of service might be challenging at times. However below issues are the most common ones that I have experienced throughout the years. On time delivery. Capacity.

The Fresh Connection Global Professional Challenge 2016

Creating Supply Chain Excellence

Tompkins International is helping to support a great supply chain learning event: The Fresh Connection Global Challenge 2016. The post The Fresh Connection Global Professional Challenge 2016 appeared first on Tompkins International.

Fortune Global 500 Rankings Provide Weighting of Global Influence

Supply Chain Matters

This month’s edition of Fortune includes the latest ranking of the world’s largest Global 500 corporations. We find this ranking much more meaningful, since it factors a global presence, which is the reality of today’s multi-industry supply chains. Fortune indicates that the Global 500 reside in 36 countries and based in 224 global based cities. […].

Deutsche Post ponders sale of DHL Global Forwarding, with Japan Post the likely buyer

The Loadstar

Reuters reports that the German behemoth is eyeing a sale of its troubled DHL Global Forwarding unit. The post Deutsche Post ponders sale of DHL Global Forwarding, with Japan Post the likely buyer appeared first on The Loadstar. Air Land Loadstar posts News Sea Supply chain Deutsche Post-DHL DHL DHL Global Forwarding Japan Post Merger Mania Takeover Talk

Japan 54

Risk Management in Global Supply Chains

Enterra Insights

Managing day-to-day operations in a global supply chain is no easy task. The post Risk Management in Global Supply Chains appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Big Data Business Cognitive Computing Connectivity Globalization Risk Management Supply ChainThat’s certainly not news for supply chain professionals. … Continued.

New Global Roadmap for Sustainable Food Supply Chain

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Global Supply Chain News“The World Health Organization estimates that up to 600 million people fall ill every year after eating contaminated food,” said Philippe Scholtès of United Nations Industrial Development Organization. read more.

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Dispelling Three Common Myths about Global TMS Deployment

Talking Logistics

But even as more and more businesses get wise to the advantages of a TMS, many large, multi-national corporations have remained on the sidelines, unwilling to believe in the existence of a truly global TMS that could meet the needs of complex, widespread companies. So allow me to play “Mythbusters” and shatter some of these long-held stereotypes about global TMS implementations.  . Myth #2 – TMS providers don’t offer a truly global solution. Myth #3 – If you want to go global with a TMS, you have to move everything in-house. It’s a global TMS platform, after all.

2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index

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With the release of the 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index (GMCI), Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (Deloitte Global) and the Council on Competitiveness (the Council) in the US build upon the GMCI research, with prior studies published in 2010 and 2013

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What's New and What's Next in Global Logistics

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The growth of mobile commerce is putting more pressure on companies to invigorate their global supply chains. Global Supply Chain Technology & Automation Transportation & Distribution GoldGreg Hewitt. read more.