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Defining Your Own Logistics Competitive Weapon

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For a long time, C-level executives viewed supply chain management, especially the logistics function, as a cost center. You have to think and act beyond cost manage and find ways to leverage supply chain and logistics as a competitive weapon — that is, look for ways to leverage supply chain management to drive top-line growth, increase market share, and enhance customer loyalty.

Why is Logistics Management Important?

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Logistics Supply Chain Visibility TMS

Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2016

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Google did not acquire a third-party logistics (3PL) company or a logistics software vendor. Making supply chain and logistics predictions is like throwing darts at a moving target. That said, there are several high-level trends and factors that will impact supply chain and logistics strategies and operations in 2016: Oil Prices : Just a few years ago, there was plenty of talk about oil prices potentially reaching $300 per barrel and the impact it would have on supply chain and logistics networks and processes (e.g., The Case for Competing on Logistics Talent.

2016 Trends in Logistics

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As the New Year approaches, the logistics industry can look forward to advances. Logistics operations have changed dramatically in the last few years and 2016 will bring even more changes. New technology continues to develop, supply chains will be even more influenced by consumers, and shipping costs will increase. Leading reta. Transportation 3PL Supply Chain

The New Value Equation in Contract Logistics

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With all of the changes happening in the supply chain and logistics realm — whether it’s technology, regulations, mergers and acquisitions, new business models and competitors — is the value equation in contract logistics changing too? That was the main question I addressed with Greg Boring, VP of Sales at Kenco Group , in a recent episode of Talking Logistics.

Gamifying Logistics

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Just for Fun Gamification logistics productivityOur supply chain applications have made giant strides forward in usability in the last several years. There are improved user interfaces, real time alerts and analytics, social media capabilities, and better supply chain visibility (with Google maps, telematics). But supply chain applications have not applied gamification principals.

Logistics Cost Reduction: 6 Focuses to Create More Profit


This is the first of a two-part series where I will curate and cull information from my 4 decades of experience in logistics cost reduction at various positions in the supply chain. According to the CSCMP's "State of Logistics" Report from 2015, logistics costs now make up over 8% of the GDP. Logistics Cost Reduction by Focusing on Safety. Listen to your people.

Logistics Websites 2013

The Logistics of Logistics

Below is a list of useful logistics websites. There is also a list of great logistics blogs and supply chain websites. Logistics Websites. Inbound Logistics – Logistics Management – Logistics Blogs . Logistics Viewpoints – Note: I know these are not logistics websites, but there is lots of overlap between supply chain and logistics. Which logistics websites should be added to this list? What is your favorite logistics website?

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Top Logistics Websites

The Logistics of Logistics

100 Top Logistics Websites. The fine folks over at have created a great list of the 100 top logistics websites. For the complete list of the 100 top logistics websites, check out 100 Elite Resources for Logistics. Blogs in Logistics. Blogs in Logistics is a social networking site especially for the logistics industry. With links to Facebook, Twitter, job boards, forums, and outside blog links, they connect people both to possible jobs, to logistics and company information, and to others in the industry. DataNow Global.

3 Logistics Technology Trends in 2016: Automation Leads the Way


Innovations in technology are changing how the world does business, and technology is dramatically changing how entities in the logistics industry function in nearly every aspect. Let's take a look at what logistics technology trends will become the dominant factors of the logistics industry for 2016. 1. GreyOrange Butler Robot - Logistics Technology Trend for 2016.

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[VIDEO] Logistics Beacons: Using Proximity As A Logistics Oversight Service


The global logistics industry generates $9.1 The global Third Party Logistics (3PL) industry generates $750 Billion in revenue as a part of that figure.  These are huge numbers that represent the movement of every good across the globe and the reason we are seeing the rise of Logistics Beacons as a way to increase logistics and supply chain visibility. .

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Supply Chain and Logistics Conferences to Attend in 2016

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Conferences are a great example of peer-to-peer learning in action, but with so many supply chain and logistics conferences available, how do you decide which ones to attend? Twitter Insights from GT Nexus Bridges 2015 Conference. “1+1=3” Opportunities in Logistics (Takeaways from Descartes Evolution 2015 Conference). Logistics Summit & Expo , April 6-7, Mexico City, Mexico.

The Convergence of Logistics and Commerce (and Social Networking Too)

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According to the article: Symphony, which helps companies like Gatorade and Hershey’s manage their web business, is doubling down on its logistics services [emphasis mine], by helping these brands enable faster shipping. Yes, Symphony, a company that started out as a software company enabling the front-end of the e-commerce process, is now a third-party logistics provider (3PL) too.

What Your Inventory Reveals about Your Reverse Logistics

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Common goals for reverse logistics are to improve customer satisfaction, cut costs, maximize return on assets. With the popularity of online shopping, the supply chain has become more multifaceted, increasing the importance of an organization’s reverse logistics strategy and inventory management practices. The Importance of Reverse Logistics.

Top 12 logistics influencers on Twitter


Finding logistics people to follow on Twitter is easy. Simply key in “logistics” and voila: You’re given a long list of individuals whose profiles contain these words. Finding the right logistics people worth following however is a daunting exercise, especially if you don’t know who to look for. Morai Logistics. Logistics Viewpoints. Red Arrow Logistics.

Key Logistics and Supply Chain Shows to Attend in 2017

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Learning & Leadership conferences logistics supply chainIt is time to start thinking about the supply chain shows you will be attending in 2017. Here is a list of the key supply chain events of 2017.

[INFOGRAPHIC] 6 Logistics Industry Trends Set to Transform 2016 & Beyond


Changes in manufacturing processes, which will increase production, lead to one ultimate result--the logistics industry must change. For third-party logistics providers ( 3PLs ), logistics industry trends will dramatically affect how logistics providers of all sizes operate. Logistics Entities Move Towards Sustainability. 3PLs Will Expand Services.

3 More Advanced Technology Trends in Logistics in 2016: Welcome to the Hyperconnected Logistics Industry


This is due in part to significant changes and improvements in how the logistics industry perceives and responds to the demands of a growing customer base. Although the use of transportation management systems , unmanned aerial vehicles, and robotics , is dramatically changing the logistics landscape, several other technologies will become key players in the logistics industry in 2016.

The Exploding Use of Robotics in Logistics and Manufacturing


With major companies taking the initiative to develop and encourage the growth of robotics in logistics and manufacturing industries, the possibilities for the future are endless. Driving Forces Behind Robotics in Logistics in Manufacturing. Ultimately, the driving force behind the expansion of robotics in logistics and manufacturing processes is the consumer.

What are the top challenges for today’s logistics providers?

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Today’s logistics customers demand flexibility and visibility. In a recent survey based on interviews with 62 international supply chain executives as well as over 1800 respondents from the logistics and manufacturing industry found that the top priority for logistics managers was “meeting customer expectations” followed by “on-time delivery”.  Logistics logistics

Warehouse Statistics and KPIs Every Logistics & Warehouse Manager Should Know


This MRB effort monthly avoids having to lease additional space or use a Third Party Logistics (3PL) service provider to warehouse materials and aid in transportation management. The post Warehouse Statistics and KPIs Every Logistics & Warehouse Manager Should Know appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Warehouse Statistics & KPIs to Know. Safety/OSHA.

Supply Chain and Logistics Resolutions for 2017: 4 Things to STOP Doing This Year

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Three years ago, I wrote a popular post highlighting “ 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Supply Chain and Logistics Executives.” Stop viewing logistics as a cost center. As I highlighted recently in “ Your Supply Chain Strategy is Your Business Plan (Unless It’s Not) ,” the people who really need stop viewing logistics as a cost center are not the people in the front lines of supply chain and logistics (they already know it), but the CEOs and CFOs at manufacturing and retail companies. Stop viewing technology as a silver bullet. Bullying suppliers over price cuts.

The Top 6 Trends in Logistics Impacting Shippers in 2017


The election is over, but the race is just starting for logistics providers. From Amazon to hyper-local retailers, 2017 will be a year of intense scrutiny and pressure on logistics providers. Fortunately, your organization can get ahead of the learning curve by knowing what trends in logistics to watch for this year. The Top 6 Trends in Logistics Impacting Shippers in 2016. 1.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Top 10 Logistics and Supply Chain Facts of 2014


Editor’s Note: This is an infographic from our friends from the great white north, Canada, and fellow Greek named logistics service provider, Morai Logistics. To kick off the year, we have finished compiling our infographic on the top logistics and supply chain facts from the news that we collected throughout last year. Logistics Slow Growth. Same-Day Delivery.

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Big Opportunity for Logistics Providers? Supply planning and inbound services….

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Note: This is a series of posts exploring how logistics service providers can offer their customers solutions that go beyond traditional logistics processes. Through a robust multi-party contracts module, the solutions can also compute total demand, total logistics requirements and services and bids those to suppliers. The post Big Opportunity for Logistics Providers?

This Week in Logistics News (February 13-17, 2017)

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Now, here’s the supply chain and logistics news that caught my attention this week: E2open and Steelwedge Join Forces to Deliver Collaborative Sales & Operations Planning Across Multi-Enterprise Business Networks. The main takeaway here is that as e-commerce grows, so do opportunities across all facets of the logistics industry, including software, services, and consulting.

Is the “shared economy” changing logistics?

The 21st Century Supply Chain

The post Is the “shared economy” changing logistics? General News Inventory management capacity management Capacity planning Logistics shared economy by Alvaro Fernandez Did you know it costs approximately $100 to send an envelope from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, to Caracas, Venezuela? That’s for three to five day service! New York to London? moments.

Baseball and Logistics: The Top Four “Rules of the Diamond”

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However, in logistics, your communication must be clear at all levels — across your company’s operating divisions, with logistics service providers, vendors and your customers. In baseball and in logistics, you can never take your eye off the ball or any aspect of what is happening. And that, baseball and logistics fans, is a home run! Signals must be clear.

IT gap in logistics

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Are logistics service providers really moving with the times when it comes to IT? But the gaping void between what logistics service providers offer in terms of IT expertise and what clients demand from them has become smaller and is stabilising, according to the 20th edition of the annual ‘ThirdParty Logistics Study’ conducted by Capgemini and America’s Penn State University, among others.

The State of U.S. Logistics in 2015- An Acknowledgement of an Industry In-Transition

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Kearney, published its 27th Annual State of Logistics Report©. Supply Chain Business Process Supply Chain Execution Supply Chain Strategy Transportation and Logistics Upcoming Supply Chain Conferences challenges in global transportation and logistics independent blog commenting on global logistics and transportation Supply chain Matters blog the state of U.S. logisticsThis week, The Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals (CSCMP) with the collaboration of A.T. Before we begin, let’s take a step back.  For the past several years, we […].

In House Logistics vs. Outsourced Logistics: Big & Small Brands Alike are Targeting 3PL Services


Outsourcing in the supply chain of logistics teams may sound farfetched. Yet in outsourced logistics simply refers to hiring a third-party logistics service, 3PL, to handle the logistics services. From securing inventory to transporting goods from Point A to Point B, 3PL are taking over as in-house logistics teams fall flat. Rechannels Logistics. billion.

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Logistics Trends Part 3


The post Logistics Trends Part 3 appeared first on Kewill Inc. Blog Logistics Service Providers Supply Chain (software) Transportation Management (TMS Third Trend: Regionalization, Near-sourcing and Emerging Markets.  . Also in terms of changing patterns of goods flows, it seems that manufacturing and retailing is making a return from globalization to regionalization of supply chains.

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11 Ways Tech Will Change Logistics in 2017


11 Ways Tech Will Change Logistics in 2017. This year, supply chains reached Silicon Valley (and not just in the form of logistics startups ). Tracking Freightos’ LogTech summaries  showed one overarching trend: logistics companies are eyeing tech solutions; tech companies are eyeing logistics markets. billion in Q3 alone), an effort to move into logistics is underway.

Cold Chain Logistics Delivers for the Healthcare Industry

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Along the continuum of healthcare logistics, a few degrees can mean the difference between a shipment’s life and expiration. Cold chain logistics help ensure that temperature-sensitive healthcare products remain at the ideal setting throughout their journey, protecting product or ensuring shelf-life. Cold chain logistics has global implications.

This Week in Logistics News (October 24-28, 2016)

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In 2012, for example, he was elected as a fellow of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMS), where he served as chair of the Sections and Societies Subcommittee and as president of the Transportation Science and Logistics Section. XPO Logistics Divests North American Truckload Operation to Transforce. I should have gotten the email by now. req’d).

Top 10 Talking Logistics Videos and Posts in 2015

Talking Logistics

As 2015 comes to an end, a quick thank you to all of our readers, followers, and sponsors for another great year of learning and conversation on Talking Logistics. The numbers speak for themselves: 34 episodes produced in 2015, totaling more than 56,800 views and 1,360+ minutes of conversations with thought leaders and newsmakers in the supply chain and logistics industry.

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A Complete Breakdown of the 26th State of Logistics Report


On June 23, 2015, the Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals ( CSCMP ) released the “State of Logistics Report,” which happens to be in its 26 th year. Some of the key points within the State of Logistics Report include the cost of logistics in the US, managing capacity, and addressing the trucker shortage. Growth in Logistics. percent last year. percent.

The State of U.S. Logistics Remains Concerning and Requires Attentiveness

Supply Chain Matters

Logistics Report. Controlling Supply Chain Costs Omni-Channel Commerce Supply Chain Impacts Sales and Operations Planning Supply Chain Execution Supply Chain Strategy Transportation and Logistics blog commentary on the state of U.S. logistics capacity challenges in U.S. logistics global transportation trends and implications independent blog analysis and insights on supply chain management response to the state of U.S. logistics Supply chain Matters blogThe following Supply Chain Matters commentary is our annual reflection on the Annual State of U.S.

New Logistics Certification from APICS


Earlier this month, APICS launched the definitive global standard for logistics best practices, the APICS Certified in Logistics, Transportation, and Distribution (CLTD) credential program, which will elevate knowledge and skills in logistics, transportation, and distribution practitioners. Think Supply Chain

[INFOGRAPHIC] Interesting Facts & Financial Breakdown of the Global Logistics Market


Editor’s Note: Almost 14 months ago we wrote one of our most popular posts entitled, “ The History of Supply Chain and Logistics Management ” contained a bit of history, definitions, and a great infographic visually going through the history of supply chain and logistics management. In this infographic you will learn, for example, that the global market value for logistics has surpassed $4trillion. You will also learn: Interesting global logistics facts. Why Logistics management efficiency is important to companies. The 6 Rights of Logistics.