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WOAH? Are You Guilty?

Supply Chain Shaman

New technologies abound. The rate of change is exciting. Innovation opportunities are limitless. I see companies make the same mistake over and over. What is it? Using new technologies to automate yesterday’s processes. Many companies try to make their current processes more efficient versus rethinking the possible. The challenge? Ideate on the options. Let’s examine Table 1. Table 1.

Omni-Channel Retailers Supply Chain Survival Plan


It’s an omni-channel world out there. Mobile and e-commerce customers expect to receive the same experience and service regardless of where or how they shop. Of course, customers do differ from store to store, and online desktop shoppers can be different from mobile app shoppers. Many customers regularly cross channels between in-store, online and catalogues. Create demand-driven assortments.

Running on autopilot

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater The growing role of AI in supply chain management. Rapidly evolving technology and a digitally focused world have opened the door for a new wave of automation to enter the workforce. Robots already stand side-by-side with their human counterparts on many manufacturing floors, adding efficiency, capacity (robots don’t need to sleep!) and dependability. History of automation.

Supply Chain Analytics: Sprouts, Imodium & Harry Potter

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

Christmas and new year holidays seem a long way behind. The decorations have been squeezed back into their boxes for another year and Slade, Cliff, Bing, Bowie and others are safely back in their CD cases. Turkeys around the world are rejoicing as much as the children who do not have to tackle Brussels Spouts for another 12 months. FMCG Dave Jordan CEO Humour Supply Chain Supply Chain Analytics I

Technology Reshaping the Modern Supply Chain - White Paper

This paper explores the influence of rapidly evolving technologies that have recently come a long way and will continue to transform the supply chain in the years to come.

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Six Degrees of Separation in your Supply Chain

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Palvashah Durrani In our digitally connected world – information is easy to access, available on demand, and of varying levels of quality and veracity. While being connected means it might be difficult to escape the latest zeitgeist, it also means that you are aware of your current context and fragments of the world around it.

Transforming Your Supply Chain Planning, Transforming Your Business


Last week we described how attitudes towards improving supply chain planning productivity are changing. Large enterprises ask, “What’s wrong with my process that I need armies of planners?” Growing mid-market companies ask, “Why do I need to keep adding so much overhead?” This gave them enough time to respond proactively to critically important customer demands. Thinking Differently About Planning.

Common Sales and Operations Planning Myths – Part 1


This is the first of a series of five posts that investigates common myths and mistruths I have heard over the last 20+ years regarding Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). Hopefully, by exploring these myths we can generate a greater understanding of what S&OP is and what it is not. Myth: S&OP is Simply a Monthly Review of Historical Data.”

8 Fascinating Statistics from Shippers about 3PLs

PLS Logistics

3PLs have two fundamental responsibilities – leading customer relationships that focus on supply chain services and providing the management of those services. Most 3PLs have achieved a clear focus on what they do best, and on what expertise they can provide in order to enhance a shipper-client’s supply chain. 3PL Shippers

3PL 42

The Next Big Thing In Supply Chain Decision Making

What if you could make supply chain decisions based not only on what has occurred or is likely to occur in the future, but through recommendations based on why and how things happen? Prescriptive analytics help you find the best course of action for your specific business objectives and situation. They suggest the optimal way to handle what is likely to happen in the future by factoring in specific scenarios, resources and other inputs. Download the report to learn more

Editor’s Pick: Is it Time to Tackle Inbound Freight?

Talking Logistics

Note: Today’s post is part of our new “Editor’s Pick” series where we highlight recent posts published by our sponsors that provide practical knowledge and advice on timely and important supply chain and logistics topics. Today’s post is by Alan Dunkerley, VP Product Management, Logistics Flow Control at Descartes, where he outlines the steps required to develop a plan and realize cost savings for inbound shipments. In speaking with customers over the last few months, we have seen a significant increase in transportation teams taking more control of their inbound freight.

Supply Chain Easy Tip for 2017

Logistics Bureau

Supply Chain Easy Tip for 2017 – A Must for Roosters. Here’s a quick tip for you to boost your Supply Chain performance in 2017. Now if you’re a Rooster like me, we’re somewhat ‘screwed’, as it’s the year of the Rooster. Chinese New Year is on 28 th January 2017). Over 1,500 in fact! Cost to Serve. Look for the easy wins. Just follow these steps.

Consumers to Manufacturers: Will Buy Only if 100% Authentic

Material Handling & Logistics

Consumers want authentic products and want to trust in what they are buying. They have no interest in bringing a product into their home that has been born of any kind of forced labor. read more. Global Supply Chain News

Ready for Golf? Reserve your spot today for the 2017 SCLF

Creating Supply Chain Excellence

By: Tompkins International Staff Join us at the 2017 Tompkins International Supply Chain Leadership Forum 2017 (SCLF). We have an exciting addition to this year’s SCLF being held in Durham, North Carolina May 8th to May 10th: our golf event. This year you will be joining our CEO, Jim Tompkins, along with 200 other supply. The post Ready for Golf? Reserve your spot today for the 2017 SCLF appeared first on Tompkins International. Blog Events Golf Jim Tompkins North Carolina SCLF Supply Chain Supply Chain Leadership Forum

Boost your Supply Chain Agility- Make your Data Actionable with Prescriptive Analytics

According to a recent Supply Chain Insights Report, while business is changing quickly, supply chain processes are evolving slowly. The average supply chain organization is 15-years old, and one out of three companies state that there is room for improvement in their supply chain.

FusionOps Achieves HIPAA and SOC2 Compliance


MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIF. January 18, 2017 — FusionOps, the provider of cognitive business applications today announced that it has attained HIPAA and SOC 2 (SSAE-16) compliance status. As companies continue to move to the cloud and buy cloud services at a rapid pace, the biggest concern during this transition is security and data integrity. Adding HIPAA and SOC 2 compliance to its existing process and systems for data security and management, is one more way FusionOps clients can trust that their data is handled with the utmost care meeting the highest industry standards. Additional Resources.

The Dawning of a New Age for IT in Logistics: 8 Theses on Modern Supply Chain Management IT

Talking Logistics

The role of IT has changed rapidly in recent years, from being simply a tool to process data and information to becoming a key enabler of process innovations. In the logistics realm, IT is playing a critical role in helping companies to address a wide variety of challenges, like the growing complexity of processes, fast-changing market structures, increasing cost pressures, and shorter delivery lead times. Simply put, in the world of logistics, modern IT solutions are becoming a competitive weapon for companies, creating a market advantage for those who make smart use of it.

How VR, 3D Printing & Predictive Analytics in the IOT are Currently Powering the Manufacturing Industry


Technology advancements were among the most exciting topics to watch through 2016. Newer technologies have created entirely new methodologies for improving manufacturing, and the outlook is brighter than ever. Like any modern business, you can learn great things by looking back at what did and did not come to fruition. So, let’s take a look at how our predictions for the first four manufacturing technology trends (Predictive analytics, 3D Printing, and VR) to watch for in 2016 stacked up. Predictive Analytics Became Commonplace to Manufacturing. VR tends to replace the entire image.

Measuring the Value of Supply Chain Executive Education

Supply Chain 24/7

Universities and colleges have enhanced their supply chain and logistics degree programs; organizations like APICS and the Institute for Supply Management have expanded their certification programs; and training firms offer myriad options to help executives stay current on supply chain trends

How to Manage the Outsourced Manufacturing Supply Chain

Three articles on the keys to successfully managing your outsourcing partners.

Global Shipping Trends: What to Expect in 2017


The global logistics industry was dealt a year full of surprises in 2016, and with that came challenges. For most ocean carriers, the first three quarters were extremely challenging financially. While these financial pressures have been ongoing since 2009 due to several factors, overcapacity was certainly one of the most prevalent. 2017 Projections. Carrier Consolidation. Increased Bunker Prices.

Supply Chain and Logistics Trends in 2017

Inventory and Supply Chain Optimization

“The digital transformation is no longer just a buzzword.” ” This was a well-fitting conclusion from Prof. Dr. Raimund Klinker at last year’s international logistics congress in Berlin. For several years now, we have all been aware of the fact that … Continue reading → Supply Chain Management supply chain 2017 supply chain trends

Top 5 Things to Keep Talented Supply Chain Professionals


What is the difference between a good company and a great one? Is it having a great product or service? Is it leadership? Is it being innovative? Is it vision? Is it listening and recognizing an unsatisfied need? Great marketing? These are all important but not the root source of success. The seed of great accomplishments are people. Specifically, engaged people that feel connected

Coop Denmark deploys new tools to cut waste in its 1,200 stores

RELEX Solutions

Read PDF. Denmark’s biggest retailer, Coop Denmark, expects to save tens of millions through better supply chain management by using RELEX Solutions. Danish retail giant Coop invests in new technology to ensure more products end up on shelves and far fewer in the bin. Plus, the savings we make will help us deliver even better value.” says Claus Byskov, Logistic Director at Coop. says Byskov.

Tools 29

Survey Results: Trends in Supply Chain Visibility

This report provides a summary on the results from a trends in supply chain visibility survey conducted by Gatepoint Research.

The State of Supply Chain Trends Part IV: Data Analysis, Wearables, and the Cloud


Modern supply chains are evolving beyond anyone’s expectations due to increased use of cloud-computing technologies, wearables and advanced data analysis. In addition, the role of these technologies is becoming more than a means of guaranteeing profits; they are enabling more small businesses to compete with larger, big box retailers, which drives prices down for end users. common theme of the 2016 predictions was growth and scalability, so let’s look at how companies are using these technologies as we prepare for the innovations of 2017. Cloud-Computing Use Continues to Increase.

Achieving Sustained Transportation Savings: Practical Advice for C-Level Executives

Talking Logistics

The quest to identify and achieve transportation cost savings is an ongoing one for transportation and logistics executives. It’s also a focus area for CEOs and CFOs because of transportation’s impact on the bottom line. What is the main roadblock to achieving sustained transportation savings? Any kind of charts or [evidence of Lean principles in action].

The Top Supply Chain Trends in 2017

River Logic

2016 saw the rise of big data as a key tool in the quest for efficiency, internet of things (IoT) technologies being used in vehicles to improve fleet management, and a reshaping of supply chains to meet demand for same-day and same-hour deliveries. Supply Chain

5 Supply Chain Hot Topics for 2017

C3 Solutions

Due to popular demand, we’re back this year with our second edition of Supply Chain Hot Topics. Yes, last year’s Supply Chain Hot Topics was among the most read and appreciated postings we published. Although we’re quite proud of the feedback, we’ll start by repeating that we’re approaching this topic again with great humility.

Hadoop and the Modern Data Supply Chain

With the advent of Big Data, companies now have access to more business-relevant information than ever before and are using Hadoop to store and analyze it.

How a Supply Chain Success Coach Can Guide You to Breakthrough Performance


By Patrick Boyle | Principal, Supply Chain Operations Competency | Chainalytics Supply chain executives’ jobs can be daunting. This is especially true if they manage dynamic, complex, integrated supply chains that require a holistic view–from the supplier’s supplier to the customer’s customer–and span activities across planning, sourcing, manufacturing, delivery and packaging.

Procurement, Industry 4.0, Cybersecurity, Robotics and Automation: The Image of Manufacturing is Evolving.


What makes or breaks a new technology in manufacturing? The answer lies in how employees respond to the technology, how it benefits overall production value and if it can be leveraged directly to protect the business and consumers simultaneously. Mostly, manufacturers demand technologies that can boost their output without causing an additional strain on resources, and the final five technologies changing manufacturing in 2016 did just that. Advanced Robotics and Automation Have Boosted Production and Distribution. billion and $40.1 billion respectively in 2016. The Big Picture.

Supply Chain Graphic of the Week on Mapping Customers Flows, and Where Customers are Lost

Supply Chain Digest

Banking Industry Example Shows Power of Combining Omnichallen and Digital Business to Gain Insights