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Another Way to Think About Supply Chain Risk Management


In a previous blog we described a new concept introduced by Gartner Research about the need for both macro-agility and micro-agility. Now we apply this same macro-agility and micro-agility concept to risk management. This is useful and important, but these are also, by definition, unusual and sporadic occurrences that are difficult to predict. What will be the next big event?

How to Use a TMS to Manage Inbound Transportation (And Gain Visibility)

PLS Logistics

Inbound freight management is multifaceted and can eat up more than 40% of the average organization’s annual freight budget, according to Aberdeen Group. Since inbound freight savings have a direct impact on an organization’s bottom line, shippers that make it a supply chain priority reap inventory efficiencies, cost containment and enhanced productivity and service. Visibility TMS Inbound Freigh

5 Hot Topics in Home Delivery this Season

Talking Logistics

With the seasonal flood of consumer demand about hit the retail industry, advanced home delivery solutions can play an important role in success. Based on a benchmark study¹  of retailers using home delivery technology in diverse industries worldwide, here’s what companies are actually doing in five key areas to capitalize on the home delivery opportunity. 1. Harmonizing Delivery Across Channels. Home delivery is a big challenge for many retailers, especially those with multiple options for delivery such as private and dedicated fleets, LTL, regional couriers, suppliers, etc. 16-20).

The Effects of Hurricane Matthew Are Yet to Unfold for Multi-Industry Supply Chains

Supply Chain Matters

I am penning this Supply Chain Matters blog commentary on Friday morning as Hurricane Matthew continues to make its way up the Florida coast. This morning, the central eye of this powerful storm is located just off Daytona Beach Florida and continues on its northward path, with a potential threat of a U.S. landfall looming.  […].

Understanding Yard Management Systems

This white paper’s objective is to help industry professionals understand the basics of yard management solutions. It helps understand: Who is investing in yard management and why? What kind of operations benefit from yard management software? What are the economic benefits realized? What should be taken into account when buying a yard management solution?

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The 3 Most Popular Uses of TMS Technology

PLS Logistics

Supply chains are increasingly complex, and companies who leverage technology find competitive rates, enhanced operations, greater flexibility, and cost reductions. Logistics providers continue to work in order to provide added value to their client’s supply chain processes. Visibility TMS Transportation Rates

How Flexible is Your Logistics Network?

Talking Logistics

It seems ironic that the sophisticated logistics systems that gave rise to just-in-time manufacturing are now being outmoded by the evolution those very systems encouraged: manufacturing on demand. Combine those changes with new intensified consumer demands in retail, ranging from customization to next-day delivery, and you have a perfect storm – or the demand for a whole new way of looking at how technology supports a more complex supply chain, the next level above the traditional linear network. These complex evolutions in manufacturing plague logistics and create inefficiencies.

Data 38

Mind Map for Order Management 2.0

Supply Chain Movement

Global competition is forcing companies to optimally manage the orders they have scored. Supply chain execution software can coordinate the necessary alignment process between the various systems within the network. Mindmap for Order Management 2.0. Please fill in the following fields to activate the download button. Choose country. Afghanistan. Åland Islands. Albania. Algeria. American Samoa.

Using the Correct Performance Metric Makes a Difference


This is the last in a series of posts about operations and support for complex systems (or systems of systems), such as an electrical grid, railroad line, or assembly line. Such systems are nearly ubiquitous in business today, but we rarely consider their supply chain requirements until there is a problem. Think Supply Chain

The Next Big Thing In Supply Chain Decision Making

What if you could make supply chain decisions based not only on what has occurred or is likely to occur in the future, but through recommendations based on why and how things happen? Prescriptive analytics help you find the best course of action for your specific business objectives and situation. They suggest the optimal way to handle what is likely to happen in the future by factoring in specific scenarios, resources and other inputs. Download the report to learn more

[WHITE PAPER REPORT] Revenue Growth At The Hand Of Improved Digital Supply Chains


Editor's Note: Todays blog is from Kristen Palmisano from The Center for Global Enterprise. In this blog, Kristen discusses how revenue growth is tied to digital supply chains. The Center for Global Enterprise releases new research suggesting revenue growth at the hand of improved digital supply chains. The paper presents evidence from 24 top executives running the world’s largest supply chains.

Head Off These 3 Peak Season Disruptions with On-demand Warehousing


It’s Fall again, and that means that retailers and suppliers are hard at work ramping, shifting and moving inventory to prepare for the holidays. It’s the time of the year when most warehousing and logistics organizations expect to encounter more issues, complications and frustrations than any other. Seasonality is the number one trigger for significant inventory fluctuation issues.

Maintaining Brand Equity in Extended Supply Chains

Logistics Viewpoints

There are as many ways to approach corporate social responsibility as there are companies. But a key driver is almost always focusing on the issues that could be most injurious to that company’s brand equity. For large apparel and retail companies, the treatment of labor in sweat shops in third world countries presents a critical set of issues. This article discusses new crowd sourcing apps that could allow brand owners a tool to better protect their reputation.

Letter to a Client

Supply Chain Expert Community

We thought you might be interested to know what kinds of correspondence we might have with a real client that is seeking solutions to the current supply chain and inventory management challenges. Here is a real-life example. Dear [Client]: Thank you for the opportunity to participate in today’s discussions regarding your firm’s current challenges and opportunities.

Boost your Supply Chain Agility- Make your Data Actionable with Prescriptive Analytics

According to a recent Supply Chain Insights Report, while business is changing quickly, supply chain processes are evolving slowly. The average supply chain organization is 15-years old, and one out of three companies state that there is room for improvement in their supply chain.

Green Supply Chain News on Dell Turn to Innovation to Meet Sustainability Goals

Supply Chain Digest

You Really Can Have both Sustainability and Lower Costs, Dell Executive Says, as Company Wins CSCMP Innovation Award

C3’s Top 4 Must-Reads: Technology and the Modern Supply Chain


Editor's Note: This is a blog from out friends at C3 Solutions where they recap the top 4 must-read blogs in the technology and modern supply chain sector. 1 - Technology Reshaping the Modern Supply Chain - WHITE PAPER. It's no secret that tech innovations have become key to the evolution of business processes. Whether born of necessity, to fill a niche need, or developed as a blue-sky invention that business adopts, new technologies power much of the growth and development we see in supply chain operations. Download White Paper. 2 - Supply Chain Fast Moving Technology: The Cost of Inaction.

SPS Commerce crosses the pond to NetSuite SuiteConnect16 EMEA in London

Retail Connection

On the shores of the River Thames and in the shadow of the iconic Big Ben, SPS Commerce will be in attendance of NetSuite SuiteConnect16 EMEA on October 11, 2016, located at the Park Plaza Westminster Bridge Hotel. With offices in North America, Australia and New Zealand, Asia and Europe, SPS Commerce is looking to continue the growth of its global footprint throughout the world.

C3's Top 4 Must-Reads Technology and the Modern Supply Chain

C3 Solutions

Welcome to C3 Solutions' Top Must-Reads series - Volume 7. Our last Top Must-Reads (Volume 6) covered our most popular resources and blog posts on Chain of Responsibility in the Supply Chain. For this Top Must-Reads Volume 7 , we have gathered our most popular resources and blog posts related to technology and how it is reshaping the modern supply chain.

Transforming Supply Chain and Logistics into Demand Networks

Companies need to move to a network approach, evolving linear supply chains into demand networks, where the customer is at the center.

The 5 ‘C’s’ for CMO Relationships in Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Bill DuBois I recently attended the LogiPharma conference in Princeton, NJ to hear a number of speakers give their thoughts on the state of the pharmaceutical supply chain. Of particular interest was a session on Contract Manufacturing Operations (CMO) relationships with Michael Daly, Director of Supply Chain for Valeant Pharmaceuticals. Daly observed, “capacity issues are like fog.

Is Statistical Forecasting Making Your Demand Plan Better or Worse?


By Pekka Hakkinen | Principal | Chainalytics Demand planning is the first and perhaps most-important planning phase in any end-to-end sales and operations planning (S&OP) process. It’s also key to achieving high-quality S&OP results and minimizing the bullwhip effect throughout the supply chain.   But the demand planning phase is typically the most challenging, since … The post Is Statistical Forecasting Making Your Demand Plan Better or Worse? appeared first on Chainalytics.

Five Things You Can Do This Week to Reduce Inventory: Part IV

Demand Solutions

First of all, thank you for reading these articles. We’ve already covered a lot of ground on the topic of inventory reduction. I’ve explained the importance of setting a goal , fine-tuning your safety stock strategy , and reducing your high-side forecast bias. For my next tip, we’ll shift our focus from the strategic to the physical. Do these decisions require lengthy discussion?

Retailers look beyond the sales floor this holiday hiring season

Retail Connection

The back-to-school season has ended, so of course that means the retail world’s attention is focused exclusively on the winter holiday shopping season. Every year, e-commerce holiday sales growth has outpaced brick-and-mortar growth and this year isn’t expected to be any different. Retailers are adjusting their holiday hiring strategy as a result. People power in the right places.

Turning Your Consumer Goods Supply Chain Into a Competitive Advantage

Are you leveraging your extended supply chain?

Will Brexit Beat Up Global Supply Chains?

The Network Effect

The United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union has sent shock waves around the globe as businesses and governments. The post Will Brexit Beat Up Global Supply Chains? appeared first on The Network Effect. SCM Supply Chain Management The Network Effect automotive Brexit EU global supply chains supply chain UK

Remain Cautious of Overly Optimistic Retail Sales Forecasts Regarding the Coming Holiday Fulfillment Quarter

Supply Chain Matters

Last week the National Retail Federation (NRF) issued its annual forecast concerning holiday related spending which painted a very optimistic picture regarding the upcoming holiday sales period.  We advise B2C and B2B retail planning teams to be very cautious and diligent regarding the applicability of such data. Actual retail sales activity pegged to each channel, […].

Countdown to Black Friday: From across Oceans to Store Shelves


Countdown to Black Friday: From across Oceans to Store Shelves.Transportfolio. Black Friday: a shopping bonanza for bargain-hungry consumers and a day of record-breaking sales for retailers. It’s also the ultimate test of preparedness for supply chain professionals. Planning for the holiday surge starts months in advance—a step that’s even more critical when your freight needs to cross oceans.

UltraShipTMS Supply Chain Logistics Platform Selected by Giorgio Foods

Supply Chain Collaborator

Food Producer & Distributor Implements Transportation Management System Software – Expanding Footprint of the NJ-Based Logistics IT Provider among Leading US Food Shippers. October 6, 2016 – Fair Lawn, NJ – UltraShipTMS proudly announces the latest addition to its “mushrooming” roster of valued client companies – Giorgio Foods Xpress. Pressroom

20/20 Vision for Outsourced Manufacturing

Outsourcing manufacturing continues to remain an important topic in the supply chain industry.

Balancing sales and costs with the optimum level of assortment differentiation


Balancing sales and costs with the optimum level of assortment differentiation. Insights » Whitepapers. Author: Mikko Kärkkäinen, Group CEO, D.Sc. Tech.). There are a number of trends currently faced by retailers that are putting them under a lot of pressure: 1. Consumers are more price-aware than ever. They’re benefitting from better information. Price comparisons are ever easier to make. Tech.).

Extending JIT Value Beyond Enterprise Boundaries

The Network Effect

Just-In-Time (JIT) manufacturing strategies bring tremendous value to companies employing them, but are they missing out on the huge opportunity. The post Extending JIT Value Beyond Enterprise Boundaries appeared first on The Network Effect. Manufacturing Supply Chain Management Technology The Network Effect JIT Just-In-Time manufacturing supply chain

The Sweet Side of the Supply Chain

Supply Chain Link

The Hershey Company, a worldwide leader in the candy and sweets market, has grown from the simple chocolate bar producer to an international manufacturer with more than 80 brand products, distributing to 70 countries 1. As the company saw an increase in brands, Hershey developed a streamlined global supply chain system, utilizing technology and visibility, resulting. Read More. Supply Chain