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A New Mission For A Female Supply Chain Pioneer

Supply Chain Shaman

This week, I have been working with the Supply Chain Insights team to analyze and write our annual supply chain talent report. With over 400 respondents in the study, cross-tabbing/data analysis was fun. We had many options. High-Level Findings. In general, there is high job satisfaction in supply chain careers. 70% are either very satisfied or satisfied with their current job. Figure 2. Figure 3.

Playing a Stradivarius Without Lessons: Thoughts on MercuryGate’s Logistics Integrator Program

Talking Logistics

One of my supply chain and logistics predictions for 2017 was that software vendors and third-party logistics providers (3PLs) would embrace Simplicity-as-a-Service as a new value proposition for customers. As Harvard marketing professor Theodore Levitt famously said, “People don’t want to buy a quarter-inch drill; they want a quarter-inch hole!”. Is it cost reduction? Why is that?

Supply chain inventory optimization – Beyond the analytics

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater From designing, sourcing and manufacturing, to distribution and consumption, your supply chain is at the heart of your customer satisfaction levels. It has become a competitive weapon that could help you win the consumerism war. The equivalent of 7% of America’s GDP is tied up in inventory, and accounts receivable and payable. That’s $1.1 Implementing inventory optimization.

Constraints, Constraints, Constraints: Building the Optimal Supply Chain


I am constantly amazed that an automotive manufacturer will design and market vehicles with top-end speeds of 180+ MPH and 0-60 speeds in the sub 4 second range. Don’t get me wrong, I own three vehicles with 5.7L Hemi engines so I love powerful vehicles. Today, many supply chain planning processes only consider unconstrained supply capabilities. There are no constraints. Additional Reading.

Build a future-proof Supply Chain with Self-Service Advanced Analytics

Find out how GE, Monsanto, Pirelli, Siemens, and UPS leverage supply chain data to drive a competitive edge in this new Gartner report.

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This Week in Logistics News (March 13-17, 2017)

Talking Logistics

Who will wear the jersey this year? Last year I organized our first Logistics Leaders for Type 1 Diabetes Cure cycling team (LL4T1DCure) to raise money for JDRF , the leading non-profit organization focused on T1D research. Thanks to the generous support of sponsors and many individual contributors, we raised over $43,000 for the cause! Stay tuned for more details in the weeks ahead. req’d).

[Video] Keysight Technologies: Improving production planning efficiency

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Melissa Clow This blog is part of a video interview series. Check out the video below as well as links to other supply chain practitioner and Kinaxis executive interviews. Speed and accuracy are everything to a company, says Jenny Balderrama, production planner at Keysight Technologies. All too often, however, speed is associated with orders arriving rather the ability to meet them. Forget that.

Video 39

Making Safety a Top Priority for the Whole Operation


In this special post, Plant Lean Manager Todd Markward from Select Comfort (manufacturer of Sleep Number and Comfortaire beds), shares how his team made a few simple improvements to their value stream mapping process that shifted the entire operation's focus to safety as a top priority. supply chain insights safety

Lean 27

The Genius of Simplicity in a Truly Demand Driven Supply Chain

Supply Chain Expert Community

Are your supply chain planners and production decision-makers constantly evaluating, examining, considering, checking and double-checking screen-after-screen, row-after-row, column-after-column of numbers in printed reports, in your ERP system, or in Excel™ workbooks trying to make decisions that are timely, accurate and effective? See first figure above.) Thanks.

The Next Big Thing In Supply Chain Decision Making

What if you could make supply chain decisions based not only on what has occurred or is likely to occur in the future, but through recommendations based on why and how things happen? Prescriptive analytics help you find the best course of action for your specific business objectives and situation. They suggest the optimal way to handle what is likely to happen in the future by factoring in specific scenarios, resources and other inputs. Download the report to learn more

Delhaize America Selects RELEX Solutions’ Supply Chain Planning to Help Sharpen Fresh Produce Retail

RELEX Solutions

Read PDF. Delhaize America has selected RELEX Solutions’ supply chain planning solutions to forecast and replenish perishable categories within its distribution centers, which service its supermarket brands Food Lion, with more than 1,000 stores in the Southeastern United States, and Hannaford, with 181 stores across New England and New York. ” About Delhaize America. Press Releases delhaiz

If You Spend a Week with a Carrier’s Driver

Talking Logistics

But before you come to any conclusions. Try walking in my shoes. Try walking in my shoes. You’ll stumble in my footsteps. Keep the same appointments i kept. If you try walking in my shoes. If you try walking in my shoes. — Lyrics from “ Walking in My Shoes ” by Depeche Mode. Last week, BBC News published an article highlighting the poor conditions and low pay drivers who haul freight for IKEA and other retailers in Western Europe have to deal with, particularly drivers brought over from poorer countries by trucking firms based in Eastern Europe. Eat what I eat.

Supply and demand production challenges with new products

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Iman Niroomand Supply chain performance depends on the matching of product features with supply chain features. When a new product hits the market, the existing supply chain that is optimal for a given set of product lines will not stay optimal. Thus, a new product introduction will require a supply chain logistic network redesign. Step one is to find the risky products.

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Supply Chain News on Getting Buy In for Procurement Strategies

Supply Chain Digest

Consultant Dap Wijeyeratne Says Push Hard for Equal Seat at the Table, but Assess Real and Perceived Business Risk from Strategy and Process Changes

Boost your Supply Chain Agility- Make your Data Actionable with Prescriptive Analytics

According to a recent Supply Chain Insights Report, while business is changing quickly, supply chain processes are evolving slowly. The average supply chain organization is 15-years old, and one out of three companies state that there is room for improvement in their supply chain.

Scaling Your Fulfillment Operations for the Busy Season

Oracle SCM

Steve Banker of ARC Advisory Group recently published an article in on how businesses should consider getting the jump on this year’s seasonal warehouse surges by focusing on upgrading and modernizing their supply chains. And while it might seem overzealous to be talking about preparations for high season in March, when one considers that Black Friday is only 248 days away, that leaves you more than enough time to get a cloud-based warehouse management system (WMS) implemented, tested, and running smoothly. And why would it matter whether your WMS is cloud-based or not?

Keep up with Chemical labeling regulations


While it's essential that chemical manufacturers keep up with all relevant labeling laws, the process isn't easy. After all, the regulations in this field are always changing. Getting things right is non-negotiable for organizations that want to keep their customers safe and informed, as well as avoid the threat of fines and other penalties for noncompliance. Supply Chain GHS Regulatory Chemical

Editor’s Pick: NAFTA and Mexican Free Trade – Aiding Our Neighbor to the South

Talking Logistics

Note: Today’s post is part of our “ Editor’s Pick ” series where we highlight recent posts published by our sponsors that provide practical knowledge and advice on timely and important supply chain and logistics topics. Today’s post is by Troy Ryley at Transplace where he recommends that we keep developing a North America that supports trade and builds a strong infrastructure and economy for Mexico, Canada and the U.S. Note: A version of this article previously appeared in the Adam Smith Project, a new initiative on trade from the publishers of American Shipper.).

How E2open’s Scalable DSR Platform Delivers a Competitive Advantage for CPG Companies


How E2open’s Scalable DSR Platform Delivers a Competitive Advantage for CPG Companies. alyssa. Friday 17 March 2017. Will Thomas, VP of Sales, E2open. In late 2016, E2open acquired Orchestro, a leading provider of demand signal repository (DSR) technology and preemptive analytics for retail and omnichannel fulfillment. Orchestro’s data, visibility and analytics solutions strategically complement E2open Demand Sensing and have enabled a truly demand-driven supply chain for many leading consumer goods companies. Vast Amounts of Data Available: Take Advantage of It. Why E2open DSR is Unique.

The Modern Supply Chain: Present and Future

The external manufacturing environment is a highly dynamic, ever-changing landscape. The supply chain must both anticipate and adapt to that change.

Is Your Supply Chain Skating to Where the Puck Is Going to Be?

Supply Chain Nation

The famous saying, “I skate to where the puck is going to be, not where it has been” has become hallmark business advice in certain circles. While there’s some debate about whether this adage was coined by hockey icon Wayne Gretzky or whether it was one he picked up from his father, this advice certainly resonates with companies navigating the realities of today’s new digital world.

Oracle Positioned as Leader in "IDC MarketScape: Worldwide Sales and Operations Planning"

Oracle SCM

IDC recently evaluated prominent vendor software applications in the sales and operations planning (S&OP) marketplace. Authored by Simon Ellis , the report also explains that S&OP buyers are placing increasing importance on the benefits of an integrated platform. In this context, enterprise ERP vendors such as Oracle can hold a competitive advantage with end users.

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Segmentation is the Key to Survival in the 21st Century

Supply Chain Expert Community

I interviewed Richard Sherman who discussed Segmentation is the Key to Survival in the 21st Century. It is great speaking with you again, Rich. Last time we were talking about the trends in supply chain for 2017, and as we were talking, you were discussing segmentation analysis. My question is what makes it a critical issue for the future? That's a great, great question, Dustin. Yeah, definitely.

Preparing for a Future with Robots

Enterra Insights

The media is awash with dire predictions about robots putting the human race out of work. A typical example is … Continued. The post Preparing for a Future with Robots appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Artificial Intelligence Business Cognitive Computing Industry 4.0 Jobs Sustainability Technology Enterra Solutions Stephen DeAngelis

Balancing Priorities in the Supply Chain: How Data Discovery Reveals Unseen Associations and Opportunities

Leading companies are constantly managing competing supply chain priorities.

Procurement Leaders Blog Post: Cross-Functional Teaming is Easier Said Then Done


Continuing my reporting of the Procurement Leaders meeting in Miami, I sat in on a very interesting session that included three professionals from very different walks of life: Captain Harry Thetford – Defense Logistics Agency. Robin Shahani – CPO, TD Ameritreade. Cynthia Dautrich, CPO from Kimberly Clark. In particular, management will often say “Oh yeah – we use cross-functional teams.”

Miami 17

Are You Prepared to Take Advantage of Disruptive Technologies?

Supply Chain Nation

Friday in 5 – interesting news bits from around the supply chain horn, served up in one spot to keep you up to date. This quick roundup of industry news includes a look at some of the latest tech advancements such as Internet of Things (IOT), augmented reality (AR) technology, wearables, robots and more, and how these technologies have the potential to change the fortune of those companies that adopt them. Not sure how these tech advancements fit into your supply chain organization? Happy St. Paddy’s day, and may the luck of the Irish be with you! . The value of upskilling technologies.

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Teaching Case – Zara: The World’s Largest Fashion Retailer

SCM Research

The Case Centre has recently selected the winners of their 2017 Awards and Competitions. This year’s winning case in the Production and Operations Management category is closely related to supply chain management: Zara: The World’s Largest Fashion Retailer , written by Kasra Ferdows, Jose A.D. Machuca & Michael Lewis. This case is an updated version of the 15th in the ranking of top 40 overall best selling Zara case. Teaching Supply Chain Management

About Your Supply Chain Management Practice

Supply Chain Expert Community

For years I have joked with folks saying, “I wish my doctor would stop practicing medicine. I want to go to him when he’s done practicing !” ” However, I have to confess, now, that I’ve been wrong about that. It’s a clever joke, but built upon a wrong assumption about what it means to “practice” something. Emphasis added.] We can help.

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The Sustainable Supply Chain: Realizing Costs Savings and Increased Efficiencies Through Data Discovery

The sustainable supply chain is the future supply chain.