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How Canadian Ports Are Utilizing Technology to Limit Congestion

More Than Shipping

Managing the flow of traffic in Montreal and Vancouver, two of Canada’s largest ports, is quite the challenge for everyone involved, especially the truck drivers carrying cargo to the Canadian ports. Such frustrations in getting cargo to these ports in a timely fashion are caused by congestion, delays, detours, and stoppages on port routes. Collaboration between Canadian Cargo Companies and Ports.


VDC Report on Mobile Thermal Printing Solution Market


VDC recently published a report focused on Mobile Thermal Printing Solutions. The following blog highlights some of our thoughts on this market and its potential. Labeling

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S&OP: Five Steps to Get Started

Supply Chain Shaman

It is Sunday. Today, I assume a familiar position. Now a ritual, with coffee in one hand and country music blaring, I sit in my faded green chair to write a blog post. have done this for seven years. This afternoon, I am writing my 334th blog post. will also pen my 95th report for this week’s Supply Chain Insight’s newsletter. The open content research model is working. Figure 2.

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Big Changes in the World of Maersk’s Remote Container Management

More Than Shipping

Recently, many changes have happened in Maersk Line Inc. Among them is the company’s decision to neglect its former reefer container management system for a remotely controlled management system. According to the company’s CEO, many factors compelled the management into making this important decision. This innovation compelled the company to invest millions of dollars in various deals and projects.

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Understanding Yard Management Systems

This white paper’s objective is to help industry professionals understand the basics of yard management solutions. It helps understand: Who is investing in yard management and why? What kind of operations benefit from yard management software? What are the economic benefits realized? What should be taken into account when buying a yard management solution?

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Internaut Day: 25 Years of the World Wide Web

Supply Chain 24/7

Happy Internaut Day! Thanks to Sir Tim Berners-Lee, web inventor and founding director of the World Wide Web Foundation, the scientist and academic whose visionary and innovative work has transformed almost every aspect of our lives

Hype Cycle Reminders For Tech Providers

Gartner Blog Network

It is hype cycle season here at Gartner, with updated and new hype cycles having been recently published or on their way. Whenever new hype cycles are published, there


Difference between Vessel agent and Carrier agent

Shipping and Freight Resource

Article explaining the difference between Vessel Agent and Carrier Agent. Are they NOT the same ?? you ask. In a few cases it could be the same, but there is also a difference between a Vessel agent and Carrier agent. Let me explain. Difference between Vessel Operation Carrier Agent Vessel Agent


As Uses of Big Data in Business Grow, the Need for Ethics also Increases

Enterra Insights

“Big data is reshaping the world,” asserts Joe Lodewyck (@joelodeaz), dean of assessment at the University of Phoenix College of … Continued. The post As Uses of Big Data in Business Grow, the Need for Ethics also Increases appeared first on Enterra Solutions.

The loyal millennial shopper? No longer a pipe dream for grocers

The game has changed yet again, and corporations and entrepreneurs alike must now adapt; especially so in the grocery industry. To find success in today’s new market, grocers must recognize this evolution and its implications, then adjust accordingly. The time of the baby boomer — long the largest group of shoppers — has passed, and the day of the millennials has arrived. It is no longer enough to compete solely on price – something more is needed to secure real customer loyalty: a true omnichannel experience.

SWISS ‘satisfied’ with first 30 days of CS100 operations

Air Transport World Online

Lufthansa subsidiary Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) said the first 30 days of Bombardier CS100 commercial operations have gone according to plan, despite minor glitches. read more. Airframes Daily News


The Third-Party Logistics Arena is Booming

Supply Chain 24/7

John Langley Jr., who serves as a director of development at the Center for Supply Chain Research at the Smeal College of Business at Pennsylvania State University, shares his views on what this means for today’s supply chain manager

Last-ditch bid to avoid bankruptcy as Hanjin submits liquidity plan to creditors

The Loadstar

Hanjin Shipping today submitted a “financial improvement plan” to its creditor banks in a final attempt to avoid bankruptcy ahead of the expiration of its restructuring deadline on 4 September. Hanjin Shipping is not releasing any statement or. The post Last-ditch bid to avoid bankruptcy as Hanjin submits liquidity plan to creditors appeared first on The Loadstar. Loadstar posts Sea Supply chain


Is Prescriptive Analytics really going to disrupt how Supply Chains evolve?


In a time when the term ‘disruptive’ is being over-used I find myself increasingly using the term when describing the impact of our product to clients and prospects. It’s uncomfortable because prior to starting with AIMMS two years ago, I spent 20 years in consulting and IT services and experienced many terms being over-used (such as ‘optimized’ or ‘disruptive’). Is it disruptive?

The Next Big Thing In Supply Chain Decision Making

What if you could make supply chain decisions based not only on what has occurred or is likely to occur in the future, but through recommendations based on why and how things happen? Prescriptive analytics help you find the best course of action for your specific business objectives and situation. They suggest the optimal way to handle what is likely to happen in the future by factoring in specific scenarios, resources and other inputs. Download the report to learn more

Build Digital Expertise without Creating a Digital Silo

Gartner Blog Network

In many marketing organizations today there is a distinct divide between the digital ‘haves’ and ‘have nots’. A few months ago I wrote about a debate that we Gartner marketing


Tech-savvy legal firms putting pressure on cloud providers

Supply Chain IT World Canada

Thomson Reuters Elite turns to cloud storage to support ProLaw clients. Cloud Computing Integrating IT CenturyLink cloud computing cloud services legal software outsourcing Thomson Reuters

JDA Announces $570 Million Equity Investment from Blackstone and New Mountain Capital

Supply Chain 24/7

Investment accelerates JDA’s next phase of continued innovation, customer service excellence and growth, reduces JDA’s total debt by $500 million and cash interest charges by approximately $70 million per year

Will Uber’s Acquisition of Otto Lead to Cargo Service for Long-Haul Trucking?

Material Handling & Logistics

Otto said that with Uber it can build the backbone of the rapidly-approaching self-driving freight system. "We can help make transportation as reliable as running water, everywhere for everyone, whether you’re talking people or packages.". read more. Technology & Automation Transportation & Distribution News

Boost your Supply Chain Agility- Make your Data Actionable with Prescriptive Analytics

According to a recent Supply Chain Insights Report, while business is changing quickly, supply chain processes are evolving slowly. The average supply chain organization is 15-years old, and one out of three companies state that there is room for improvement in their supply chain.

Panjiva reports import growth is back on track in July

Supply Chain Management Review

After negative growth in July, United States-bound waterborne shipments in July returned to growth, according to recent data issued by Panjiva, an online search engine with detailed information on global suppliers and manufacturers

G6 axes more Asia-North Europe capacity as carriers prepare for a ‘bleak’ October

The Loadstar

Anticipated low demand in October for container bookings between Asia and North Europe has forced G6 alliance members to announce two further blanked voyages. OOCL advised yesterday that the G6 Loop 5 sailing scheduled to be performed by the OOCL France in week 39 will be cancelled, as will the voyage of the APL Raffles in week 41. The carrier said the move was in response to “the expected low demand in October”. The post G6 axes more Asia-North Europe capacity as carriers prepare for a ‘bleak’ October appeared first on The Loadstar. Loadstar posts Sea Supply chain

Be the Box:  Using Visualization to Create a Better Material Handling System Design

Bastian Solutions

When creating your material handling system design, visualizing your product's path and any potential bottlenecks ensures an efficient design that will be successful now and in the future. Read: Visualization for Better Material Handling System Design. The post Be the Box:  Using Visualization to Create a Better Material Handling System Design appeared first on The Material Handling Blog.

nuTonomy Beats Uber/Google to Self-Driving Taxis

Supply Chain 24/7

Singapore’s nuTonomy, founded by two researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, said today it began testing a free taxi-hailing service in a small business district in Singapore

Turning Your Consumer Goods Supply Chain Into a Competitive Advantage

Are you leveraging your extended supply chain?

Attention, Hobby Flyers: Come Monday Some Of You May Need An FAA Drone Pilot Certificate. Yes, Really.

Logistics & Transportation

While many commercial drone operators have been celebrating new rules taking effect Monday that will relax restrictions on them, hobby model airplane and drone flyers have largely been unaware of what's about to hit them. Anyone using first-person-view systems must now obtain a Remote Pilot Certificate. Operating a drone without this certification will result in a fine up to $1,100

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The Disruptive Potential of Robotic Process Automation

Enterra Insights

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is not likely to be the focus of a Hollywood blockbuster film because it doesn’t involve … Continued. The post The Disruptive Potential of Robotic Process Automation appeared first on Enterra Solutions.

New warning to shippers on misdeclaring dangerous goods in ocean containers

The Loadstar

More than a quarter (27%) of all reported serious incidents on board containerships in 2013-14 were attributable to cargo being misdeclared, it has been revealed. The data was captured and analysed by the Cargo Incident Notification System (CINS) for the period. Dangerous Goods Loadstar posts News Sea Supply chain

What Happens When Big Data Drives Your Trucks?


Who is driving your trucks? Your answer should not be limited to a list of employees. To remain competitive, big data should also be driving. Today, lift truck data technology is a driving force in cutting costs, improving safety, and increasing productivity. The same MMH article cited fleet vehicle tracking as the “next big thing” to drive productivity and profits across multiple industries.

20/20 Vision for Outsourced Manufacturing

Outsourcing manufacturing continues to remain an important topic in the supply chain industry.

Apple Could Be On the Hook for $19 Billion in Taxes

Supply Chain 24/7

The European Commission is expected to levy a judgment against Apple in the next few months that could total in the billions of euros


Journey to Mars in Less than Two Days Onboard this Radical Train Concept

Logistics & Transportation

The brainchild of industrial innovator Charles Bombardier, the Solar Express is designed to ferry goods and passengers between celestial bodies and space stations traveling at up to 1% the speed of light

Talent development essential for supply chain leaders

Supply Chain Movement

Recruiting raw talent is ‘extremely challenging’. Supply chain leaders have gained an ever-stronger position in the world of business over recent years. Talent development can make an important contribution to the execution of their supply chain strategies, but not all leaders pay the same amount of attention to this topic. Life’s as a chief supply chain officer (CSCO) is not always easy. Albania.

Mega-containership grounded off Southampton

The Loadstar

One of the world’s largest boxships is being inspected for any damages following a brief grounding incident in the UK yesterday. The 2015-built, 17,859 teu CMA CGM Vasco Da Gama grounded just after midnight yesterday as it made its way to Southampton on the UK’s south coast. The ship was refloated within an hour and proceeded to the port where an underwater survey will be conducted. Loadstar post