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MSD’s journey to remove silos in its end-to-end supply chain

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater Eliminating silos from any company’s supply chain planning processes comes with challenges. And those challenges are only amplified the bigger your supply chain is. When you’re a large global pharmaceutical company operating in more than 100 markets across four geographical regions, overcoming operational silos in the end-to-end supply chain  may seem like an insurmountable feat.

This Week in Logistics News (February 13-17, 2017)

Talking Logistics

What do you when you have no school due to snow? You build a 10 ft. 6 in. giant snowman. At least that’s what my kids did this past Monday, with the help of a couple of neighborhood friends. All this week, people have been taking pictures with Billy Bob Joe III, including firemen who snapped photos with their phones as they drove by in their big red engine. req’d). UPS Enhances Tracking Technology.

Combating the Growing Risk and Uncertainty of Global Trade

Talking Logistics

Globalization has been going on for a long time, but it continues to morph and shift in different directions. When you look at recent developments, like Brexit and the trade views of President Trump, do companies need to approach globalization differently moving forward? Are the rules for success the same or different than in the past? Robinson in a recent episode of Talking Logistics.

The Valentine's Day Supply Chain By the Numbers

Material Handling & Logistics

Fronetics. Sorry Cupid, Valentine's Day is the work of logistics and supply chain. read more. MH&L Wire Global Supply Chain News

5 Steps to a Smart Supply Chain

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Customer Experience Now a Top Priority in Supply Chain Operations

Material Handling & Logistics

Only 3% say current systems “fully support efforts to improve the customer experience” while more than 66% report existing systems do nothing to improve customer experience. read more. Global Supply Chain Transportation & Distribution News

6 Recent Trends in Manufacturing Technology to Increase Agile Responsiveness, Continuous Improvement & Customization


A Quick Recap of Recent Trends in Manufacturing Technology to Think About 2017. Although apps and smart devices will make an impact in manufacturing technologies this year, a few other recent trends in manufacturing technology will dramatically redefine industry standards. Green Manufacturing Will Replace Existing Methodologies. Companies Will Turn to Low-Cost Marketing and Funding Solutions.

4 Ways to Succeed with Supply Chain Orchestration

Supply Chain 24/7

Effective customer chain control can elevate your business to the next level while at the same time provide a competitive edge and help build a positive reputation for companies in any industry, and companies that ensure supply continuity and optimal functioning all along the supply chain are better able to satisfy the demands of their customers

Common Sales and Operations Planning Myths Part 5 – Lean and On-Demand Manufacturing


This is the fifth post in a series where we investigate some of the myths and mistruths around Sales & Operations Planning (S&OP). In the previous posts we have looked at the misdirected focus on historical information, the belief spreadsheets can support a robust S&OP process, the “S&OP is too rigid argument” and the idea that S&OP is a real-time response planning process. Today we are going to look at lean manufacturing. Myth: “No Need for S&OP; We have Lean Manufacturing.” Raw and WIP inventory takes time to procure, build and transport.

How to Manage the Outsourced Manufacturing Supply Chain

Editor’s Pick: Just How Valuable are Supply Chain Metrics?

Talking Logistics

Note: Today’s post is part of our “Editor’s Pick” series where we highlight recent posts published by our sponsors that provide practical knowledge and advice on timely and important supply chain and logistics topics. Today’s post is by Joel Holt at Kenco Group , where he discusses several ways that supply chain metrics bring value to your organization. Imagine you are shopping for a new car. Your current car is not broken or limping along or anything of that nature, you just saw other drivers with cars that run a little more smoothly, go a little bit faster and cost less at the gas pump.

Chainalytics Expands Services into Parcel Spend Management


Atlanta, GA (February 13, 2017) — Global supply chain consulting firm Chainalytics today announced that it has added a Parcel Spend Optimization service to build out its comprehensive supply chain competency for clients. This expanded service combines Chainalytics’ transportation market intelligence and proven methodologies to ensure our clients maintain their competitive advantage in an increasingly … The post Chainalytics Expands Services into Parcel Spend Management appeared first on Chainalytics.

Breaking Supply Chain Tech News- E2open to Merge with Steelwedge

Supply Chain Matters

Today, supply chain focused B2B business network tech provider E2open formally announced that it has merged with supply chain planning and S&OP technology support provider Steelwedge. From our lens, the announcement is of little surprise and provides some interesting new dynamics in the market. We note that the announcement is to be expected since two […]. Annual Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chain Management Sales and Operations Planning Supply Chain Planning Supply Chain Technology E2Open Inc. independent supply chain industry analyst Bob Ferrari Steelwedge Inc.

Aligning Metrics to Strategy


Measuring your strategic goals against their value and the time, money and attention they need. When we began our metrics discussion, we talked about how behaviors are too often dictated by metrics—and whether or not these behaviors actually “move the needle” for sustainable supply chain improvements. Mark Davidson’s blog about aligning metrics to larger goals and objectives covers this topic well. I’d like to go over what I find especially valuable about these tactics. Don’t miss the boat.). Let’s talk about the “real-world ” first. Who is driving this thing? Getting SMART.

Survey Results: Trends in Supply Chain Visibility

Five Important Supply Chain Events of 2016

Material Handling & Logistics

“The earthquakes that impacted southern Taiwan and Japan in the first half of the year, and the bankruptcy declaration of Hanjin Shipping caused considerable disruptions to global supply chains,” said Shahzaib Khan, director of EventWatch at Resilinc. read more. Global Supply Chain News

Most Popular Posts of 2016

The Network Effect

Here’s a quick run down of our most popular posts of 2016, starting with #10 and counting down to #6. The post Most Popular Posts of 2016 appeared first on The Network Effect. Logistics Supply Chain Management Technology The Network Effect logistics supply chain technology trucking

5 Manufacturing Tech Trends You Need to Know to Prevent Risk and Boost Production


The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are similar, but both function on the connection of equipment to the internet and applying data collected to consumer and business needs, including the needs of manufacturers. From boosting the level of artificial intelligence to promoting better means of mitigating and preventing risks, technology will change how manufacturers grow throughout 2017. Consequently, you need to understand the top five trends in manufacturing tech and how they relate back to connected devices and the IoT. In a Nutshell. The U.S.

Quick & Easy Store-Specific Planograms: Tailoring Your On-Shelf Inventory to Each Store

RELEX Solutions

Imagine you’re a store manager standing in front of a freshly reset category in your store. You’re 100% compliant with the planogram and it looks great. The only trouble is the planogram has been built using cluster data rather than store data. You know that, in your store, a few items will sell through much faster than others that take up the same shelf space. How would you go about that?

Hadoop and the Modern Data Supply Chain

Bad Data + Lack of Standards = Lousy Supply Chain Analytics


One of the truths that is often overlooked in the splurge of press and hype around “Analytics” is the need for data integrity. You can’t have analytics without data that is reliable, timely, validated, and accurate.  In a 2014 Deloitte survey of 239 chief procurement officers and directors from 25 countries, 67% of respondents stated that poor data quality was a key barrier to implementing systems. In another recent study by Procurement Leaders, 95% of procurement professional identified data quality as extremely important or crucial to achieving procurement objectives.

Idahoan’s Journey to Achieving Sustained Transportation Savings

Talking Logistics

In their quest to achieve sustained transportation savings , many companies are leveraging both technology and managed services from third-party logistics partners. Idahoan is a great example. As we looked at establishing a partnership, there were a few attributes we were looking for in a partner. We wanted someone who was an extension of us.

NAFTA, Tariffs, and a Border Adjustment Tax: Alphabet Soup or a Real Concern?


Trade policy—it’s a topic that has moved front and center over the past months with the changing administration in the United States. We’re hearing lots of questions from shippers, contract carriers, and employees about what changes might be on the horizon for global trade and how to consider what might be next. Let’s dig in and discuss some of the top trade related issues. Tariffs. The U.S.

Supply Chain Matters Coverage of Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience Conference- Part One

Supply Chain Matters

This afternoon marked the opening keynotes of the Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience conference that is expected to draw over 2800 attendees. Rick Jewell, Oracle Senior Vice President for Supply Chain Applications Development kicked-off the event with his presentation titled: The Adaptive Intelligent Supply Chain Cloud. In this presentation, Jewell re-iterated a number of supply […].

Industry 4.0: Are You Ready?

Infographic: Case Booths

RELEX Solutions

Booths is Britain’s leading regional mid-size supermarket, operating in a sector dominated by large chains. Our recent case study highlights how Booths optimized its supply chain planning to cut spoilage while improving availability. We brought together the key factors behind Booths’ success as an infographic, enjoy! Andrew Rafferty. IT and eCommerce Director, Booths. More case studies.

Van Rates Might Be Close to the Bottom, if They Aren't There Already

DAT Solutions

Load posts were up a bit again last week, which is the second straight week of improving spot market volumes. Not bad for February. Van and reefer rates have still been on a steady decline since the December peak, which is part of the normal seasonal pattern. Load-to-truck ratios are highest for vans in the darker red areas on the Hot States Map, above. RISING LANES. FALLING LANES. RISING LANES.

Miami 34

Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of Feb. 16, 2017

Supply Chain Digest

Walmart Makes Changes to Procurement Organization. Tens of Thousands of US Bridges Need Repair. Lululemon Sees Big Gains from RFID. Another State Goes Righ to Work, More Coming

Global Supply Chain Report 2017 (Guest Post by Dexter Galvin)

SCM Research

I am happy to share the following guest post by Dexter Galvin, Head of Supply Chain, CDP. Thank you for contributing to my blog. Our latest Global Supply Chain Report 2017 , written in partnership with BSR and the Carbon Trust, revealed emissions savings of 434 million tonnes disclosed by suppliers in 2016. That’s more than the annual emissions of France, and it shows that the supply chain is a critical component – the missing link – in securing our sustainable, low-carbon future. Our data showed that supply chain action isn’t just about reducing emissions; it’s also good for the bottom line.

20/20 Vision for Outsourced Manufacturing

Supply Chain Talk: Are Best Practices Always Best?


Are best SCM practices really all that they are hyped to be? What can organizations do to truly improve supply chain process? If you Google Supply Chain Best Practice you end up with more than a million results. Trying to define supply chain best practices is like trying to select the best car. It is not so much how good the car is, but how well the car works for you. Enjoyed this post? Start Now.


Is the Box Half Empty or Half Full?


| By Scott Gowan | Director, Transportation Competency | Chainalytics Good packaging design is one of the basic building blocks of sound, sustainable supply chains. Because it is, we’re always on the lookout for packaging improvement opportunities. We can’t help it! appeared first on Chainalytics. Blog Packaging Optimization Supply Chain Operations Transportation Slack Fill

On Supply Chain Efficiency versus Effectiveness

Supply Chain Expert Community

Recently I had some correspondence with another thought-leader in supply chain management on the matters of supply chain effectiveness versus supply chain efficiency. It brought to mind the fact that, when we begin working with clients, they are nearly always focused on efficiencies , which they are typically defining in terms of some calculation of cost per unit. Why doesn’t this work?

5 Predictive & Immersive Logistics Tech Trends Driving Continual Improvement


The coming year is set to reshape how the logistics tech industry operates. Automation and robotics are leading the charge, and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is adding to the mountain of data being collected and analyzed for insights and better operations. Meanwhile, technology is stepping up to meet the added pressures and demand on the industry, and your company needs to understand where it will be felt the most. 1. Logistics Tech Will Become Data-Driven. There was a time when logistics was simple shipping processes. you will notice an increased data-collecting presence. Logistic

Optimizing the Supply Chain with the Use of ERP Software