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Fog Computing and Your Telematics Platform


The Internet of Things is rapidly changing how we compute data, and your telematics platform should be part of the revolution. The volume of information produced and sent over the Internet is exponentially rising, but the cloud’s capacity to quickly process and analyze data is not. The need for fog computing grows. The big issue is that getting data in and out of the cloud relies on bandwidth.

Supply Chain Complexity and the Need for Disruptive Technology


The keynote address at the always enlightening Supply Chain Insights Global Summit was given by Lora Cecere, and she used it to focus on the problem of growing supply chain planning complexity and how to fix it. The processes we have designed over the last three decades do not allow us to embrace complexity,” said Cecere. They don’t allow us to really get the data.”. Supply Chain Planning

California Freight Heats Up, Spurred By Hanjin Collapse

DAT Solutions

Spot market activity often ramps up in the West during the fall season, but there's added pressure this month. Hanjin Shipping recently filed for bankruptcy , and a number of its ships pulled into port last week, after a lot of delays and uncertainty. Hanjin is the world’s seventh-largest commercial shipping company, and it’s struggling to find the money to unload its ships.

Driverless Trucks: Heading Somewhere or Nowhere Quickly?

Talking Logistics

Will there be a future for driverless trucks in logistics? Will that future arrive soon or many years from now, if ever? Today, there are 8 states in the country, including Nevada, California, Michigan, Florida, North Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Arizona that are allowing the testing of self-driving vehicles on certain roadways.”. More developments have occurred since our conversation back in July.

Understanding Yard Management Systems

This white paper’s objective is to help industry professionals understand the basics of yard management solutions. It helps understand: Who is investing in yard management and why? What kind of operations benefit from yard management software? What are the economic benefits realized? What should be taken into account when buying a yard management solution?

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Will Amazon compete with UPS and FedEx? Amazon has competitive advantage with understanding of supply chain management. They may meet customer requirements instead of having customers choose what their offerings. Will shippers move to Amazon after FedEx and UPS rate increases and dimension pricing moves? Have the two been heavy-handed with their e-commerce golden goose? 27, 2016 1:45 p.m. billion.

Differences Between LTL Shipping and TL Shipping

PLS Logistics

Deciding the best mode to ship your freight can be complicated. To determine the primary way to move freight, shippers should identify the size of the shipment, the budget, the delivery schedule, and the freight’s fragility. Low transportation rates and fuel surcharges are affecting truckload carriers more than LTL companies. In July 2016, both truckload and LTL carriers added jobs.

Using Actionable Intelligence to Unlock Hidden Savings in Your Supply Chain

Talking Logistics

Live Episode: Thursday, September 29, 2016 at 12:00 pm ET. Many companies know intuitively that they are leaving money and other benefits on the table when it comes to their supply chain and logistics operations. This is especially true in transportation management. What is actionable intelligence? How are companies putting actionable intelligence into action?

Will Self Driving Trucks Solve the Trucker Shortage or Create More Problems?

More Than Shipping

Highways are the backbone of America. They are the country’s original network and have sparked new communities and businesses in their wake. Today, U.S. interstate highways total  222,000 miles  and carry the  4.3 million commercial trucks  that have become just as powerful a symbol of the American transportation system as the roads themselves. that’s 14 billion tons  of freight annually.

The Next Big Thing In Supply Chain Decision Making

What if you could make supply chain decisions based not only on what has occurred or is likely to occur in the future, but through recommendations based on why and how things happen? Prescriptive analytics help you find the best course of action for your specific business objectives and situation. They suggest the optimal way to handle what is likely to happen in the future by factoring in specific scenarios, resources and other inputs. Download the report to learn more

Agriculture: The Jetsons Meet the MacDonalds

Enterra Insights

The topic of agriculture generally brings to mind scenes of waving grain, orchards of fruit trees, and/or animals grazing peacefully … Continued. The post Agriculture: The Jetsons Meet the MacDonalds appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Agriculture Artificial Intelligence Supply Chain Technology Enterra Solutions Stephen DeAngelis

Medical Device Makers Struggle With Label Readability


Medical device labels need to be easy to read - a challenge for some device makers. In order to meet the September 2016 UDI deadline, medical device manufacturers must label their products with individual device identifiers that denote specific models, as well as production identifiers that include batch numbers, serial numbers, date of manufacture and expiration dates. UDI Medical Devices

Maximizing the Value and ROI from Your Cloud-Based Telematics


Cloud computing has come a long way in the last 2 to 3 years, its security having improved significantly. But some companies are still hesitant to adopt – uncertain what advantages cloud-based telematics could bring to their business. Or, more importantly, some might be worried about getting their return on investment. What is the value of cloud-based telematics to your business? Disaster recovery.


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Risk mitigation, planning, and the Hanjin mess


Boost your Supply Chain Agility- Make your Data Actionable with Prescriptive Analytics

According to a recent Supply Chain Insights Report, while business is changing quickly, supply chain processes are evolving slowly. The average supply chain organization is 15-years old, and one out of three companies state that there is room for improvement in their supply chain.

Want Effective Collaboration? Forget the Silos and Focus on Outcomes


Let’s face it. Collaboration is beneficial, but typically hard to do in big enterprises. There is a lot of talk these days about the benefits of collaboration for manufacturers. Great stuff. However, making collaboration actually happen is difficult, especially in large enterprises. Each product stakeholder team has their own operating system for their particular functional silo.

Jobs Sustainability: Hardware vs. Soft Skills

Enterra Insights

“Even seasoned carnival barkers might struggle to exaggerate the current feats of cognitive technologies,” writes Sam Ransbotham (@Ransbotham), an associate … Continued. The post Jobs Sustainability: Hardware vs. Soft Skills appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Artificial Intelligence Business Cognitive Computing Jobs Sustainability Technology Enterra Solutions Stephen DeAngelis

Med Device Labeling Event Will Speak to Ongoing Challenges—and Opportunities


With the passing of another FDA UDI labeling deadline this week, medical device companies can now, hopefully, take a deep breath and start focusing on the bigger picture (if they haven't already). And that's moving beyond UDI readiness and toward a more sustainable, long-term barcode labeling solution. UDI Medical Devices Life Sciences

Direct Material Woes: Seven Steps to Take to Improve Value

Supply Chain Shaman

It is fall. The hot and humid days are giving way to cool and crisp weather. Today, as I type this blog post, the rain is softly falling on my window sill. The wet streets below signal a shift in seasons. The seasonal rhythms link the threads of our life. As fall becomes winter, supply chain leaders are planning their budgets and building strategies for 2017. The Argument. The difference? Figure 1.

Transforming Supply Chain and Logistics into Demand Networks

Companies need to move to a network approach, evolving linear supply chains into demand networks, where the customer is at the center.


Real Logistics

September 21, 2016, 3:08 PM Global 1000 spotlight: The promise of cross-border e-commerce By Stefany Zaroban Director of Research Selling to consumers outside a retailer’s home market can be complicated. Data in Internet Retailer’s recently released Global 1000 shows that merchants are more likely to tackle those obstacles if cross-border web selling presents a clear opportunity. billion yuan ($31.96

This Week in Logistics News (September 19-23, 2016)

Talking Logistics

Driverless vehicles, drones, and 3D printing — three emerging technologies that will ultimately impact supply chain and logistics processes — are the top headlines this week. I’m on borrowed time this morning, so I’ll defer my commentary to next week. DOT Issued Federal Policy for Safe Testing and Deployment of Automated Vehicles. UPS On-Demand 3D Printing Network Expanded To Asia.

STEM Education Helps Prepare Children for a Project-based World

Enterra Insights

If Tom Vander Ark (@tvanderark), CEO of Getting Smart, is correct, we need to start preparing our children for a … Continued. The post STEM Education Helps Prepare Children for a Project-based World appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Education Innovation Enterra Solutions Project for STEM Competitiveness Stephen DeAngelis

Revving Up Efficiency in Automotive Labeling


The automotive industry has always relied on a vast and complex supply chain to provide an array of components. Automotive Labeling

Turning Your Consumer Goods Supply Chain Into a Competitive Advantage

Are you leveraging your extended supply chain?

Smart tech slashes costs in bulk port operations


The speed technology is used to cut out erroneous decisions and reduce port demand for physical labor is racing ahead of even the most forward thinking. In the container shipping world, the 100% automated terminal may still be a rarity, but the 80% automated terminal is not. Even multi-purpose and multi-user terminals have been proven to be quite easy to automate. They shouldn’t.


Real Logistics

Target continues to shake up e-commerce execs. Sign of direction or lack of direction? Business News | Fri Sep 23, 2016 | 9:20pm EDT Target shakes up online leadership with eye on rivals Employees work at a Target store at St. Albert, Alberta, January 15, 2015. Target said Jason Goldberger, who had been with the company for four years, will leave immediately. Target also said it will spend $1.8

Did Brake Safety Week Create a Rate Surge?

PLS Logistics

The week of September 11-17, 2016 was Brake Safety Week, an annual outreach and enforcement campaign designed to improve commercial motor vehicle brake safety. More than 3.4 million brakes have been inspected since the program’s inception in 1998. Shipping Regulations Carriers

How the Internet of Things (IoT) Can Optimize Fleet Management

The Network Effect

The Internet of Things (IoT) is having a profound impact across the supply chain. In this article, Geoff Annesley looks. The post How the Internet of Things (IoT) Can Optimize Fleet Management appeared first on The Network Effect. Digital Supply Chain Logistics Technology The Network Effect Transportation fleet management internet of things IoT logistics transportation trucking

20/20 Vision for Outsourced Manufacturing

Outsourcing manufacturing continues to remain an important topic in the supply chain industry.

Tariff Hikes Look to Finance Expansion at India’s Biggest Port

More Than Shipping

The Jawaharlal Nehru Port Trust, a company responsible for shipping the majority of India’s containerized freight, is looking to regulate approval to increase taxes on shipping to help neutralize revenue deficits and finance expansion plans. Cargo-related fees typically include stevedoring, wharfage, and demurrage, while marine-related fees commonly include berth hire and pilot charges.

Machine Learning: A Company’s Most Tireless Employee

Enterra Insights

According to research conducted by Vanson Bourne for SoftServe, “62% of medium to large organizations expect to implement machine learning … Continued. The post Machine Learning: A Company’s Most Tireless Employee appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Business Cognitive Computing digital enterprise Technology Enterra Solutions Stephen DeAngelis


Real Logistics

Is there a correlation to date between store closings and weak omnichannel retailers? And their outdated supply chains