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What is A Day in the Life of Supply Chain Manager Like?

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15:00: Discuss with manufacturing/warehouse about next day delivery Late afternoon is usually the deadline to make changes to tomorrow delivery. So supply chain manager may double-check with manufacturing department or third party warehouse to make sure that important orders will be delivered as planned. What is it like to be a supply chain manager? You have an "Oh No" moment.

Why “Smart” Manufacturing Will Grow in 2016

Manufacturing Transformation

The EU for example is investing almos t 2 Billion Euros into their private/public partnership “Factories of the Future” to encourage manufacturers to take advantage of new technology to improve their factories and to become more efficient, green and profitable. Even developing countries are offering incentive packages to lure manufacturers to their countries. The Labor Force. Overall.

What’s Missing From Your Manufacturing Processes?

Manufacturing Transformation

Creating a more streamlined and efficient manufacturing process can improve revenue, optimize worker productivity, increase operational agility and even reduce the overhead and operational costs for your company. Making due with an outdated manufacturing process could wind up costing many businesses far more than they might realize. To Soliciting Worker Feedback and Ideas.

Mobility in Manufacturing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Manufacturing Transformation

Today we are happy to share an infographic that has some really interesting statistics on what growth trends are occurring around the use of mobility in manufacturing. Best Practices Manufacturing Operations Management Mobility Technology Trends collaboration Enterprise Asset Management field sales field service fleet management warehouse operations Learn more about CTND here.

Understanding Yard Management Systems

Manufacturing and distribution companies that operate in a "campus-style" environment, whereby trucking assets move between buildings throughout the day to transfer raw materials, packaging supplies, and/or finished goods. 1996-2015. 7) Manufacturing companies with a high turnover of throughput volume, such as in the food and beverage industry. Yard Management Systems. WHITE PAPER.

Leaning on Smart Manufacturing

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In the modern world of industrial robots and manufacturing, there are many new and innovative ideals being proposed as guidelines to streamline the mechanisms cranking out the incredible magnitude of products populating our world today. For instance, the Lean Manufacturing movement. Read: Leaning on Smart Manufacturing.

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Manufacturing Productivity Generates Focus on Transportation

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Deloitte’s 2016 Global Manufacturing Competitiveness Index ( GMCI ) displays the influence manufacturing has on economies in terms of infrastructure initiatives, technological developments, employment rates, and contribution to the GDP. US manufacturers have contributed $2.17 The manufacturing sector continues to grow and is directly linked to the growth of our country’s economy and non-manufacturing industries. There are over 12 million manufacturing workers in the US; about 9% of the workforce. Manufacturing accounts for 12% of the US economy.

Manufacturing as a Service

Manufacturing Transformation

Armed with technology that makes customization more manageable, factories are positioning themselves to respond with an offer known as Manufacturing as a Service. As a pioneer of MaaS, companies in the Electronics Manufacturing Services (EMS) sector print electronic parts on demand, cutting out the need for companies to hold large inventories. Globalization Breeds MaaS. In Practice.

5 Ways 3D Printing Is Changing the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Transformation

While additive manufacturing has been around for decades, advancements in 3D printing technology are creating a number of significant changes in the industry. Every method of manufacturing has its limitations, but when it comes to design, additive manufacturing has fewer than most. From Trinkets to Space Ships, 3D Printing has arrived in Manufacturing.

20/20 Vision for Outsourced Manufacturing

Outsourcing manufacturing continues to remain an important topic in the supply chain industry

5 Manufacturing Practices that will be Outdated within the Decade

Manufacturing Transformation

Do your manufacturing processes still rely on analog or paper-based components? As you read this article, the manufacturing industry is moving towards a fourth massive revolution. Since then manufacturing practices remained pretty static until the advent of the computer, which set in motion a series of technology advances that are now gaining momentum. Reliance on Human Labor.

When Virtual Manufacturing Becomes Reality

Manufacturing Transformation

If you have any interest in the digitization and automation of manufacturing, you’ll be interested in an interview with a Lockheed Martin executive that I came across recently in the Manufacturing Leadership Journal. Lockheed Martin’s Cave is tied to assembly and test operation bays, so it can link to manufacturing and vice versa. In other words, an actual working virtual room!

Open Source in Manufacturing: Why Pay for Software?

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So the question is worth asking: Does open source software have a place in manufacturing applications like MES, manufacturing intelligence or analytics? In manufacturing, a perfect example is big data analysis. In a manufacturing environment, raw machine data such as sensor time series is captured and then transmitted for analysis via OPC-UA, an open interoperability protocol.

What Global Manufacturers Can Learn From the Insurance Business

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Can manufacturers learn something from the insurance industry? Risk Pooling for Manufacturing. By applying this principle to manufacturing, an enterprise can reduce variability across operations by aggregating materials and resources across locations, across products or even across time. How A Manufacturing Operations Management Solution can Extend the Benefits.

Fixing Manufacturing IT Project Failures

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For example, a new Manufacturing Execution System (MES) deployment is not only about installing and integrating technology in order to help with production management. Also, think about the future, specifically, how the proliferation of smart devices, known as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), will impact manufacturing and enterprise systems. Many—if not most—IT projects fail.

3 Technologies Transforming the Manufacturing Industry

Manufacturing Transformation

Manufacturing is an industry that seems to be one of the most impacted by the tech revolution. When the layman thinks of manufacturing, he probably thinks of an assembly line made up of humans, each handling one part of the assembly process. The incorporation of 3-D printing in manufacturing is not a thing of the distant future; it’s happening now. Robotics. 3-D Printing.

In Medical Device Manufacturing, Smaller Companies Have Big Advantages

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Given the investment in time, labor and resources involved with New Product Introduction, one might infer that big, established manufacturers have all the advantages. Here are five ways smaller medical device manufacturers have an advantage of their larger peers: Achieving regulatory compliance. Viewing manufacturing as a strategic enabler. In fact, this is not always the case.

How Emerging Green Technologies Are Impacting Manufacturing

Manufacturing Transformation

Over the following decades, the manufacturing industry will continue to transform into an industry that will be almost unrecognizable by today’s standards. One thing that will be recognizable, however, is the increasing need to focus on best incorporating emerging green technologies (EGTs) into the manufacturing process. Lean Manufacturing is Green Manufacturing [INFOGRAPHIC].

The Advantages of Procrastinating in a Fast-paced Manufacturing World

Manufacturing Transformation

But as an article on supply chain management points out, in some manufacturing supply chain scenarios, postponement actually makes good business sense. Manufacturing was simplified, inventory was reduced and costs went down. Manufacturers are used to the challenges of distributing operations over geographical distances. It’s part of the modern global manufacturing environment.

Manufacturing Operations: Managing the Robots

Manufacturing Transformation

The movie was pure science fiction, but some of its ideas may be turning into reality in the world of manufacturing. Change is much more frequent, and globalization has taken hold as a driving force in manufacturing. According to ARC, these developments are only three to five years away from having a serious impact on manufacturing. A new generation of robots is coming.

Mobile Apps Impact on Manufacturing [INFOGRAPHIC]

Manufacturing Transformation

Earlier this year we shared our first mobile impact on manufacturing Infographic that shows how mobile technologies are streamlining productivity and increasing efficiency in manufacturing operations management. Mobility in Manufacturing Research Findings & Trends. It is no secret that mobility technology is now impacting shop floor operations. Ten use cases were shared.

Can Lean Manufacturing Transform the Mining Industry?

Manufacturing Transformation

As the global mining industry pushes deeper and ranges farther for vital minerals, its leading firms are just beginning to adopt “lean” techniques – common for decades in manufacturing industries – for mining greater value from their operations. Miners know rapid economic shifts all too well. In the ’80s, little Japanese cars changed everything. An Auto Exec Tackles Mining.

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Getting Smart about Composite Manufacturing

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I recently wrote about the challenges composite manufacturers now face ( see prior post ). Continuing with this theme, many composite parts manufacturers have been exposed to quality issues for years. How do you solve composite manufacturing issues without going through all the complexities? Embracing Intelligence to get Smart About Composite Manufacturing.

Manufacturing Transformation and the People Challenge

Manufacturing Transformation

A recent article at presents the seven biggest challenges faced by manufacturers today. With all the technology transformation taking place in manufacturing—big data, global platforms, flexible supply chains—it still comes down to finding talented people. The first challenge on the list? Finding good people.”. Some things never change. Or can it?

3 Responsive Technologies Reshaping Manufacturing

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Industry 4.0 is the fourth major revolution in manufacturing in the last four decades. The lean manufacturing revolution of the 1970s, the outsourcing trend of the 1990s and the automation of the 2000s set the stage for the digital transformation we are seeing today. In addition, the shift toward responsive technology manufacturing methods is shaping the new industrial revolution.

Happy Earth Day 2015! Lean Manufacturing is Green Manufacturing [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Take a moment today to think about what you can do to use fewer natural resources, streamline a manufacturing process or improve a Green Manufacturing initiative! They are a WBENC certified woman-owned family of companies who works with manufacturers to engineer, produce, and build custom complex assemblies, linear motion solutions and optimal embedded intelligence systems.

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Driverless Vehicles Driving Manufacturing – Part 1

Manufacturing Transformation

Here is a video highlighting this recent announcement: As the idea of everyone using driverless vehicles to get around gets more popular, the automotive manufacturing industry has to adapt in response. Manufacturing Complexity. The manufacturing industry must ready itself to support a new level of synchronization across these complex systems.

Alan Mulally’s Perspective on the Digitization of Manufacturing

Manufacturing Transformation

Specialists in various departments would design them, but it was up to manufacturing to figure out how to produce and assemble them. This capability allowed engineers to verify that all the parts would fit properly before they were manufactured. When Virtual Manufacturing Becomes Reality. Digital’s Role in Collaboration across Manufacturing. The year was 1990.

Improve Manufacturing Productivity | 5 Keys to Killer Manufacturing

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Too many manufacturing floors are hit and miss when it comes to reliability because firms are trying the same things expecting different results in an attempt to improve manufacturing productivity. Here are five things to cut out on the manufacturing floor that will improve performance…. Manufacturing floors are fraught with reliability issues. Manufacturing

Do Manufacturers Need a New IIoT Platform?

Manufacturing Transformation

Virtually everyone agrees that the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is poised to have a huge impact on manufacturing. It will transform everything: how you design, manufacture, distribute and support products from cradle to grave. The challenge is if you run a global manufacturing enterprise, where do you start? Digital’s Role in Collaboration across Manufacturing.

The Rise of Manufacturing Enterprise Systems

Manufacturing Transformation

In addition, when there’s a choice between investing in an enterprise system or a manufacturing system, there’s no need to apply a formula or even flip a coin, because the enterprise always wins. That forces the IT agenda into the top spot, because let’s face it, if a manufacturing execution system (MES) deployment gets pushed back does anyone blink an eye? Or, can it?

The missing link in automotive contract manufacturing


Fulfilling this multi-faceted demand has become a major challenge for car manufacturers, who have to deal not only with countless models and colors but also with an ever-increasing range of features and options. Volatile customer demand can be bridged by making use of contract manufacturers. Often OEMs are hesitant to make use of contract manufacturing relationships.

Why Manufacturers Can’t Afford to Ignore Digital Transformation

Manufacturing Transformation

Manufacturing organizations are becoming increasingly global and their ecosystems more and more complex. As a result, manufacturing executives are required to redefine their marketplace, service models and create new symbiotic business relationships. Within the manufacturing industry, this need spans all aspects of the supply and demand chain.

Electronics manufacturing marred by counterfeiting


In a globalized market, an increasing number of consumer products come from the developing world. This includes electronics. Many of the components that make up our computers and smart devices are made in factories overseas. Electronics

How Green Technology Is Transforming Traditional Manufacturing Methods

Manufacturing Transformation

Manufacturing, along with other industrial processes, is one of the primary industry sectors being targeted for green technology use. Traditional manufacturing methods are transforming into lean, green conserving machines that benefit the planet and the bottom line. This means manufacturers must look for long-term annual savings, not just short term fixes. manufacturing.

Critical Challenges in Manufacturing Labeling


There are a wide range of c ritical challenges in manufacturing labeling. For instance, d id you know that 92% of professionals in the manufacturing space are forced to interrupt operations to reprint labels. Manufacturing InfographicHalf of those professionals also reported that it's due to incorrect label data.

6 Manufacturing Trends to Watch Out for in 2016

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As we close the year of 2015, we want to take a look at some manufacturing trends for 2016. We look at 6 core areas that manufacturing companies will take a long look at as they gear up for a successful 2016. Commerce for Manufacturing. commerce is a way for manufacturers to experiment with new products without risking a significant investment. Forecasting Demand.

Mobility Makeovers are Transforming Manufacturing

Manufacturing Transformation

One such arena where new mobile technologies are promising to transform business is within manufacturing operations. With the digital and global transformation of manufacturing operations, we increasingly live in a world with blurred boundaries. Real-time production visibility is no longer a pipe dream and is increasingly being realized by manufacturers of all sizes.

The CFO’s Guide to Increasing ROA from Manufacturing Operations

Manufacturing Transformation

In the manufacturing industry, many businesses have made great strides towards understanding operations performance thanks to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. All too often, global manufacturers see their ERP system(s) creak under the strain and ultimately, fall short of expectations. This approach is now transforming the manufacturing industry for the better.

6 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Manufacturing Intelligence Vendor

Manufacturing Transformation

Every manufacturing organization must have a resilient operations strategy. After all, manufacturers are in the business of making products. In aggregate, these systems comprise an Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solution, which essentially provide the “eyes and ears” of when a possible production issue has occurred, or is about to occur.