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What is A Day in the Life of Supply Chain Manager Like?

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15:00: Discuss with manufacturing/warehouse about next day delivery Late afternoon is usually the deadline to make changes to tomorrow delivery. So supply chain manager may double-check with manufacturing department or third party warehouse to make sure that important orders will be delivered as planned. What is it like to be a supply chain manager? You have an "Oh No" moment.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Manufacturing Innovation Hubs Revitalize American Manufacturing


Since 2011, the federal government focused on changing this paradigm and made American manufacturing a priority.  Under the guidance of the Department of Commerce/NIST , they developed an infrastructure with dedicated funding to rebuild our manufacturing sector. government is following suit by establishing a network of manufacturing innovation hubs throughout the country. 

5 Ways the Cloud Can Impact Manufacturing

Manufacturing Transformation

Interestingly, however, according to another  survey by a renown analyst firm, only 3 percent of manufacturers have a cloud-based Manufacturing Execution System installed. Although cloud computing can positively impact your bottom line and improve the overall quality of your operations, there are other factors at work – at least for manufacturers. Better Forecasting.

6 Manufacturing Trends to Watch Out for in 2016


As we close the year of 2015, we want to take a look at some manufacturing trends for 2016. We look at 6 core areas that manufacturing companies will take a long look at as they gear up for a successful 2016. Commerce for Manufacturing. commerce is a way for manufacturers to experiment with new products without risking a significant investment. Forecasting Demand.

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20/20 Vision for Outsourced Manufacturing

Outsourcing manufacturing continues to remain an important topic in the supply chain industry

What Global Manufacturers Can Learn From the Insurance Business

Manufacturing Transformation

Can manufacturers learn something from the insurance industry? Risk Pooling for Manufacturing. By applying this principle to manufacturing, an enterprise can reduce variability across operations by aggregating materials and resources across locations, across products or even across time. How A Manufacturing Operations Management Solution can Extend the Benefits.

Tesla Motors Announces Intent to Acquire German Advanced Manufacturing Automation Design Firm

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In case our automotive and high tech industry focused readers were not aware, Tesla Motors made a very significant announcement this week regarding efforts to ramp-up manufacturing and supply chain volume expansion needs. The innovative electric car manufacturer announced its intent to acquire Grohmann Engineering of Germany, a noted manufacturing automation design firm. Tesla […].

Skillfully Managing Manufacturing Reshoring Projects


There’s more involved in successfully reshoring a foreign manufacturing operation back to the U.S. Reshoring is a hot topic in manufacturing. These “Bring Manufacturing Back” initiatives have many moving parts and require careful planning and execution and very skillful project management. Transferring a manufacturing line from one location back to the U.S. From and To.

Manufacturing Transformation and the People Challenge

Manufacturing Transformation

A recent article at presents the seven biggest challenges faced by manufacturers today. With all the technology transformation taking place in manufacturing—big data, global platforms, flexible supply chains—it still comes down to finding talented people. The first challenge on the list? Finding good people.”. Some things never change. Or can it?

The Expanding Use of E-Commerce for Manufacturing Companies


How the Internet has transformed the manufacturing and order fulfillment process is no small secret. However, the realm of e-commerce for manufacturing companies is rapidly growing, and modern manufacturers are starting to see a shift from business-to-consumer (B2C) sales to business-to-business (B2B) sales. This outnumbers the baby boomer population in sales by five percent.

Trends 2016: Manufacturing

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A couple of years ago, Jeff Dobbs, KPMG’s Global Sector Chair for Industrial Manufacturing, wrote, “The challenges of the past … Continued. The post Trends 2016: Manufacturing appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Artificial Intelligence Big Data Business Cognitive Computing digital enterprise Supply Chain Technology Enterra Solutions Stephen DeAngelis

The Advantages of Procrastinating in a Fast-paced Manufacturing World

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But as an article on supply chain management points out, in some manufacturing supply chain scenarios, postponement actually makes good business sense. Manufacturing was simplified, inventory was reduced and costs went down. Manufacturers are used to the challenges of distributing operations over geographical distances. It’s part of the modern global manufacturing environment.

China Declares Entry into Commercial Aircraft Engine Design and Manufacturing

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Aerospace Supply Chain China Supply Chain Strategy Manufacturing Strategies Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Aero Engine Corp. of China China's entry into aircraft engine manufacturing Comac C919 supply chain supply chain industry analyst advisory services Supply chain Matters blogAs Supply Chain Matters blog readers are aware, one of our objectives in providing supply chain management focused education is to point out and reference significant industry milestones that we believe should be monitored.

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Reshoring Or Not, What is Manufacturing? 4 Questions to Ponder with Real American Manufacturers


Editor's Note: This is a two part series featuring Chuck Intrieri, who along with providing excellent insights over at his industry leading  The Lean Supply Chain blog, is also a consultant who works with companies for Cost Reduction, Supply Chain Optimization, Logistics, Manufacturing, and 3PL Selection. Reshoring Or Not, Let's Get Back to the Basics of What is Manufacturing.

The missing link in automotive contract manufacturing


Fulfilling this multi-faceted demand has become a major challenge for car manufacturers, who have to deal not only with countless models and colors but also with an ever-increasing range of features and options. Volatile customer demand can be bridged by making use of contract manufacturers. Often OEMs are hesitant to make use of contract manufacturing relationships.

The Exploding Use of Robotics in Logistics and Manufacturing


The world has changed from the oil days of machine assisted assembly lines and manufacturing processes as more robots have entered the workforce. Robotics is not just a way to help companies, but many manufacturers have recognized how robots can improve their supply chain processes, benefit the company, and drive their future success. This impacts how items may be manufactured.

Getting Smart about Composite Manufacturing

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I recently wrote about the challenges composite manufacturers now face ( see prior post ). Continuing with this theme, many composite parts manufacturers have been exposed to quality issues for years. How do you solve composite manufacturing issues without going through all the complexities? Embracing Intelligence to get Smart About Composite Manufacturing.

4 Key Trends to Watch in Smart Manufacturing and Supply Chain


The advancements in 3D printing and 'Additive Manufacturing,' coupled with supply chain efficiencies, could make distributed manufacturing a reality, ushering in the era of smart manufacturing. The Continual Coverage and Now Reality of Smart Manufacturing with 3D Printing. remember reading an MIT paper on manufacturing technology trends a couple of years ago.

The 5 Benefits of Virtual Reality in Manufacturing


For manufacturers, virtual reality represents a major breakthrough in how products are created. Let’s take an in-depth look into the world of virtual reality, what’s holding it back, and why manufacturers are looking to virtual reality in manufacturing. Virtual reality in manufacturing is referred to as “digital design, simulation, and integration. Integration.

The Rise of Manufacturing Enterprise Systems

Manufacturing Transformation

In addition, when there’s a choice between investing in an enterprise system or a manufacturing system, there’s no need to apply a formula or even flip a coin, because the enterprise always wins. That forces the IT agenda into the top spot, because let’s face it, if a manufacturing execution system (MES) deployment gets pushed back does anyone blink an eye? Or, can it?

[INFOGRAPHIC] Understanding Safety in Manufacturing Pays Off


Today we bring you some digestible information around safety in manufacturing. Our aim at Cerasis continues and will always be to provide the most important information to those in the manufacturing, distribution, supply chain, and logistics industry. Even if you are not a manufacturer or distribution company, these tips are applicable to any industry! Horseplay is prohibited.

Why Manufacturers Can’t Afford to Ignore Digital Transformation

Manufacturing Transformation

Manufacturing organizations are becoming increasingly global and their ecosystems more and more complex. As a result, manufacturing executives are required to redefine their marketplace, service models and create new symbiotic business relationships. Within the manufacturing industry, this need spans all aspects of the supply and demand chain.

20 Manufacturing Blogs Every Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Distribution, and Logistics Professional Should Read


If you are a regular reader of the Cerasis blog, you know our goal is to educate and inform those in the manufacturing, supply chain, distribution, logistics, and transportation space with best practices, trends, and industry news so that we can create a community of people. This community would not exist if it were not for manufacturing being the core of the other industries. . Given the goal of education, today we wanted to share a great list of manufacturing blogs put together by Valco Valley Tool & Die, Inc. 20 Manufacturing Blogs You Need to Be Reading.

In Medical Device Manufacturing, Smaller Companies Have Big Advantages

Manufacturing Transformation

Given the investment in time, labor and resources involved with New Product Introduction, one might infer that big, established manufacturers have all the advantages. Here are five ways smaller medical device manufacturers have an advantage of their larger peers: Achieving regulatory compliance. Viewing manufacturing as a strategic enabler. In fact, this is not always the case.

Do Manufacturers Need a New IIoT Platform?

Manufacturing Transformation

Virtually everyone agrees that the Industrial Internet of Things, or IIoT, is poised to have a huge impact on manufacturing. It will transform everything: how you design, manufacture, distribute and support products from cradle to grave. The challenge is if you run a global manufacturing enterprise, where do you start? Digital’s Role in Collaboration across Manufacturing.

5 Future Applications of the Industrial Internet of Things in Manufacturing & Logistics


Manufacturers are set to invest up to $70 billion in the Industrial Internet of Things ( IIoT ) by 2020, reports John Greenough of Business Insider. Previous Applications of the Industrial Internet of Things in Manufacturing. Previous applications of the IIoT in manufacturing have led to a savings of 12 percent across the industry. IIoT’s Greatest Impacts on Manufacturing.

6 Factors to Consider when Selecting a Manufacturing Intelligence Vendor

Manufacturing Transformation

Every manufacturing organization must have a resilient operations strategy. After all, manufacturers are in the business of making products. In aggregate, these systems comprise an Enterprise Manufacturing Intelligence (EMI) solution, which essentially provide the “eyes and ears” of when a possible production issue has occurred, or is about to occur.

Manufacturing Connect Seminar 2016

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Manufacturing Connect Seminar 2016. URL: Join us at the Hilton Amsterdam on 25th May for this exclusive gathering of Supply Chain experts and business strategists which will address the challenges that manufacturers are faced with today; delivering profitable fulfillment and adaptable manufacturing. Date: 25 May 2016.

Contract Manufacturing

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How does contract manufacturing work? The following figure illustrates this. Practice Globalization Image Relationship Supply Chain Management Theory

Manufacturers Should Focus on This Most Critical Component for Manufacturing Operations Excellence


We conclude this two part series about manufacturing operations excellence by consultant Chuck Intrieri, by outlaying why manufacturers should focus on a critical component that will help sustain manufacturing operations excellence for years to come. Chuck Intrieri is a Supply Chain Optimization, Logistics, Manufacturing, and 3PL Selection Consultant and you can visit his website at [link]  or give him a call at 714-788-0744 or shoot him an email at What is Driving Sustainable Manufacturing Operations Excellence? Equipment? Quality?

Grocery Manufacturers Launch SmartLabel Program to Address Supply Chain Transparency

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This week the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) announced what was described as an  innovative SmartLabel™ technology that will enable consumers to have easy and instantaneous access to detailed information about the supply chain origin of thousands of products.  Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Food and Beverage supply chain Supply Chain Technology GMA SmartLabel program Grocery Manufacturers Association next generation labeling technology SmartLabel technology Supply chain Matters blog supply chain transparency programs

How to Sustain a Lean Culture in Manufacturing & Supply Chain


Twitter Google+ LinkedIn The post How to Sustain a Lean Culture in Manufacturing & Supply Chain appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Lean Manufacturing Supply Chain lean cultureToday I will discuss how a company can sustain a lean culture once they have implemented lean practices in order to achieve continuous improvement. Why are we doing this? link].

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Five Key Elements that Drive Manufacturing Flow


If you follow the Demand-Driven Matters blog, you know we specialize in Demand-Driven Manufacturing and have identified the two key components of this method as synchronization and flow. In this post, I want to introduce a discussion around what we’ve identified as the Five Key Elements that Drive Flow in manufacturing production. Synchronization is also an enabler of flow. years.

[INFOGRAPHIC] Effective Supply Chain Management In Manufacturing Key to Revival of Industry in U.S.


Supply chain management in manufacturing is by no means a simple process, but the United States is learning from past mistakes and they're poised to start playing a little catch-up in the manufacturing world due to their expertise. The supply chain for each manufacturer includes everyone remotely associated with the product, including distributors and suppliers. AMP 2.0

The 3 Main Obstacles Manufacturers Face with Inbound Freight Management

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Industrial manufacturers are being hit hard by the current economic conditions. Overall demand for manufacturing is down, profit margins are shrinking and manufacturers are looking for any way to reduce operating costs. Manufacturers play an integral role in the economy and are particularly susceptible to backlashes, as we’re seeing now.

Most Read Manufacturing Articles of 2015


It is that time of year again where we feature the most viewed articles on the Cerasis blog in each of the six main categories we write about: Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Logistics, Transportation Management, and Freight. . Most Read Manufacturing Articles of 2015. We will first start with the top Manufacturing Articles that were published in 2015. It is very clear that the most popular articles in the manufacturing category are mainly focused on technology. And, manufacturing articles with infographics were also viewed with great numbers. That’s tougher.

Lean Manufacturing


A motor manufacturer’s warehouse space and on-hand materials were growing exponentially as it received, processed, and stored material for potential future use. As with other lean manufacturing clients, LeanCor focused on the opportunities for improvement within the scope of a warehouse design, transfer and PFEP (Plan for Every Part) implementation project. Not true.

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5 Challenges Electronics Manufacturers Face In 2015

Manufacturing Transformation

Thus, companies in Electronics Manufacturing Services and contract manufacturers are required to have quality processes in place for new product introduction. To make sure product launches hit set goals on quality, volume and release, it’s important to use closed-loop communication concepts between engineering, sales and manufacturing. Brief Product Life Cycles. Demand.

Learnings from the Manufacturing Analytics Innovation Summit

Manufacturing Transformation

network’s first Manufacturing Analytics Innovation Summit in Chicago a couple weeks ago. One thing for certain, there are some very exciting projects being implemented in an incredible variety of environments to accomplish an amazing diversity of manufacturing needs across the world. As the most innovative manufacturer at the event, Balfour Beatty Construction is ahead of the curve.

Smart Manufacturing

Supply Chain Expert Community

I interviewed Conrad Leiva who discussed Smart Manufacturing. Conrad leads the smart manufacturing working group and is a board member of MESA, and he has also won MESA's outstanding contributor award. I've been really focused on manufacturing intelligence in the integration of engineering and business systems with their plan floor. What is smart manufacturing?