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3 Ways an MES / MOM System Can Improve Quality

Manufacturing Transformation

How does one best evaluate a system that can simultaneously maintain high levels of throughput, quality and customer service? On the topic of quality, it does no good to design a product with great quality specs if it can’t be built accordingly. Quality must be planned and executed with the greatest of precision. Bombs, Earthquakes and Cost of Quality.

High-Quality Data: The Best Fuel for Supply Chain Change

Logistics Viewpoints

Guest Commentary Supply Chain Network Design Supply Chain Optimization Supply Chain Planning data quality network design supply chain designAs supply chain consultants, we often help clients navigate complex change–from adjusting to cost or competitive pressures to unique challenges like an M&A. These challenges all demand careful analysis of multiple financial and operational outcomes. There’s often a lot hanging in the balance, so it’s rarely a good time to “map out” supply chain changes or cost reduction goals on the back of a napkin.

Examples of How Supplier Quality Management System Implementations Pay Off


We conclude our series on supplier quality management (SQM) today with a look at some case studies and examples of benefits derived from the application of a supplier quality management system. Examples and Case Studies from the Implementation of a Supplier Quality Management System. The Problem: Cequent has long used enterprise quality management.

What is Your Quality Analytics Maturity?

Manufacturing Transformation

Of all the practical applications of big data and analytics, quality has to be near the top of the list. After all, quality has always been statistically oriented. In the “old days,” the tools for analyzing quality were somewhat limited. You could relate quality problems to certain processes and facilities, but visibility into such matters was not good. Diagnostic.

Metrics and Issues to Consider in SQM (Supplier Quality Management) By 5 Big Industries


This is the second post in a three-part series on Supplier Quality Management also known as SQM. In the first post our long tme guest blogger, Chuck Intrieri of The Lean Supply Chai n, gave us 5 core metrics to evaluate supplier performance using supplier quality management and a 4 step process to execute. Quality Metrics by Product. Quality Metrics by Site.

Boeing Agrees to Pay Fine and Submit to Enhanced Quality Compliance Systems

Supply Chain Matters

federal regulators, Boeing has agreed to pay $12 million in penalties as part of a settlement mandating tighter oversight of suppliers and tighter quality controls inside its own production facilities. Aerospace Supply Chain Manufacturing Strategies Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Product Quality Supplier Management Supply Chain Business Process Boeing Supply Chain integrating product innovation and supply chain strategy Supply chain Matters blogIn what is being reported as a first-of-its kind settlement with U.S.

Finding and Keeping Quality Supply Chain Talent amid the Staffing Shortage

Logistics Viewpoints

Growing practice of supply chain modeling requires more than just technology smarts What types of supply chain roles are on your company’s career webpage? What skills are important for new hires to possess in order to manage this increasingly critical area of the business? Many of the best practices LLamasoft has advocated related to supply […]. Guest Commentary Supply Chain Network Design

Quality = Branding

Supply Chain Expert Community

Quality should never be seen as an accident. Poor quality, unsafe working conditions and or ignoring or non-compliance with regulations will lead to business disruption, financial loss, lawsuits and damage to the brand image of an organization. Most of the time the major cause of poor quality can be traced to either inferior raw materials or the lack of design standards. Policies and procedures of quality management of suppliers must be aligned to the company standards who are selling the product. It should be envisioned as an intelligent and proactive effort.

Commerce 2.0 Consumer Quality

Supply Chain Expert Community

A consumer quality feedback program is a key area of improvement that is dramatically enhanced by the eCommerce and mobile tools and technology. This consumer feedback loop is important for customer retention and quality improvement. Retailers and manufacturers have developed supply chain feedback loops that monitor and continuously improve the quality of the products, packaging and transport. The consumer quality feedback program incorporates these same principles for a consumer feedback loop. very important area for success in retail is the customer retention.

What Qualities Make the Best Supply Chain Leaders?

The 21st Century Supply Chain

supply chain leader must be able to continuously monitor these metrics to determine if productivity, quality, inventory, and other tactical objectives are being met, exceeded, or missed. Manufacturing strives to maintain high quality and productivity while keeping production costs low. What are the most valuable qualities of a supply chain leader in your organization?

Electronic Data Interchange and its 4 Important Qualities


The post Electronic Data Interchange and its 4 Important Qualities appeared first on Appterra Collaborative Commerce. In the ideal world, using EDI helps you avoid making a mistake. Electronic Data Interchange migrates data points to their assigned ERP slots and business accounting systems, resulting to continuous data flow across omni-channels. However, supply chains are dynamic.

Q&A: American Manufacturer, UCan Zippers, Shows Pride, Quality, and Commitment to American Manufacturing


It's why their quality is the biggest reason they are and will continue to succeed. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post Q&A: American Manufacturer, UCan Zippers, Shows Pride, Quality, and Commitment to American Manufacturing appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Malan Lai, Managing Partner & General Manager, UCan Zippers. It's simple.

Monitoring quality at Takata

The Operations Room

Takata employees tasked with raising safety concerns don’t have well-defined roles and rely on reports from auto makers about quality problems instead of ferreting out problems themselves, according to the report from the panel led by Samuel Skinner, the former transportation secretary under President George H.W. Few industries put as much emphasis on quality and reliability as the auto industries. Auto Industry Manufacturing Quality Supply ChainThe last few years have been rather rough on Takata. million last year. Journal , Feb 2). Takata Corp.,

Data Quality As Part of Any Organization's Supply Chain

Supply Chain Expert Community

I interviewed Claire McEachern who discussed Data Quality As Part of Any Organization's Supply Chain? Can you explain data quality and why is it part of any organization's supply chain? And that any time that you have good data quality, you're really providing better intelligence to your internal organization so that you guys can grow as well as any of your customers.

Commerce 2.0 Quality

Supply Chain Expert Community

The quality feedback and improvement loop process will be another area of great improvement as a result of the collaborative marketplace that I call Commerce 2.0. There are two types of performance improvements that can be achieved through the collaborative marketplace; shopping performance quality and product performance quality. Up until now I have been discussing the shopping performance and engagement aspect of quality and now I will begin a discussion on the product performance quality. How can you support these continuously changing requirements?

Q&A: The Benefits of Integrating Maintenance Management with Quality Intelligence

Manufacturing Transformation

Recently, Adam Bluemner, Project Specialist Manager at had a discussion with Milosz Majta, DELMIA Apriso Quality & Maintenance Product Manager at Dassault Systèmes. Likewise, you don’t want to find out about a quality issue after you have already shipped 100,000 unites to your most important customer! How do you become more proactive?

High-Quality Data: The Best Fuel for Supply Chain Change


The post High-Quality Data: The Best Fuel for Supply Chain Change appeared first on Chainalytics. By Richard Koch | Associate Director, Logistic, Chainalytics | As supply chain consultants, we often help clients navigate complex change–from adjusting to cost or competitive pressures to unique challenges like an M&A.

[Infographic] The Top 5 Leadership Qualities in Successful Executives


In different parts of the world, leaders set priorities between different leadership qualities, but the quality- winner can still be determined. For the majority, for the next five years, the most valuable quality of the leader will be the ability to think creatively. Realizing this, many Chinese leaders (61%) believe the quality of the main leader is global thinking.

Commerce 2.0 Consumer Quality Tools

Supply Chain Expert Community

Inviting consumers to participate in the product selection and quality review process is a great way to engage the consumer. People in general are social beings and they will communicate and develop communities to share and socialize both physically and virtually. Consumers have demonstrated through social networks and the tools supported through these networks that they are anxious to engage in the shopping experience with both other consumers and the retailers. The retailer that channels this engagement will become very successful.

Tools 10

Five Steps to Navigating Supply Chain Analytics Data Challenges

Talking Logistics

Guest Commentary Guest Commentary - LLamasoft Supply Chain & Logistics Trends data quality LLamasoft supply chain supply chain analyticsHaving been in the game of supply chain analytics for so long, we’ve noticed that data is the single biggest challenge our customers and consultants encounter. With the right approach, data challenges can become an issue of the past. Source. Validate.

India Based Ranbaxy Laboratories Acquired- Quality Conformance Remains an Issue

Supply Chain Matters

Manufacturing Strategies Operations management Pharmaceutical, Life Sciences and Healthcare Supply Chain Product Quality global challenges in pharmaceutical supply chains independent blog commenting on global supply chain developments Ranbaxy Laboratories supply chain Sun Pharmaceutical supply chain Supply chain Matters blog supply_chain_matters Supply Chain Matters has featured multiple commentaries citing India based generic drug producer Ranbaxy Laboratories. Thus, we were not at all surprised with this week’s announcement that Japan based Daiichi Sanko Co. The U.S.

The Psychology of Safety: Which Qualities Indicate Risk-Takers


Forklifts and other material handling equipment can be extremely dangerous. Sitting on its own, turned off in a factory without a human to operate it, the danger goes from ten to zero. There are programs popping up around the country to study the psychology of workplace safety. What does physchology have to do with it? Pyschology is the study of of the mind and behavior. It's an applied science.

Yum Brands Challenges Within China Continue: The Importance of Proactive Supplier Quality Management

Supply Chain Matters

OSI itself had garnered what is reported to be a solid reputation as a quality focused food supplier. Supply Chain Matters often provides our readers education on the costs of supplier non-performance or the risks of supply chain globalization efforts. Such efforts take on critical importance in food and food services focused supply chains. The expired chicken and beef meat products were traced by restaurant operators to food supplier Shanghai Husi Food Company, which was affiliated with U.S. based OSI Group, a $6 billion producer of food products. Since that time […].

Advisory Board Study: How Jewish General Hospital Improved Patient Access, Costs, & Quality of Care

River Logic

We have some incredibly exciting news here at River Logic! The Advisory Board has published a case study of the work that we and our close partner CGI have done at Jewish General Hospital. Below is a summary of the case study. Due to copyright laws, we ask that you please visit this link to access the full study. Prescriptive Analytics Healthcare Case Studies

Study 48

Why Quality Matters in Being Compliant


Just like a trip to a steakhouse, quality matters in customs brokerage. The quality assurance standards that your customs broker uses to audit your Canadian customs clearances matter because they are part of the compliance strategy you have so meticulously laid out. Have they put quality control processes in place to protect you from non-compliance? Maybe it wasn’t AAA grade.

Adhering to One’s Declared Standards for Quality: Chipotle Mexican Grill Suspends Regional Pork Supplier

Supply Chain Matters

In today’s restaurant and fast food industry, consumer impressions about one’s brand are more and more governed by the quality and standards of the food supply chain. Chipotle Mexican Grill has incurred explosive market growth because of its branding emphasis on “food with integrity” translating to higher quality, ethically based food ingredients served at its various restaurants. Thus, business and general media were quick to feature the headline that on Friday, Chipotle suspended the use of pork sourced from an unnamed regionally based pork supplier.

How Events Can Change in a Matter of Months- Time for Chipotle to Openly Demonstrate Resolve

Supply Chain Matters

In a January 2015 Supply Chain Matters commentary, we praised Mexican food restaurant chain Chipotle for adherence to established food quality standards and taking decisive action when a regional supplier of pork was not adhering to humane animal standards. Food and Beverage supply chain Procurement and Sourcing Product Quality Service-centered Supply Chains blogs- independent analysis and opinion on supply chains challenges in food supply chains Chipotle Mexican Foods supply chain Chipotle Mexican Grill supply chain strategy Supply chain Matters blog

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When you think QAD, do you think SCM?

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Just for Fun QAD Quality Management risk management supply chain transportation managementQAD is far better known for their manufacturing than supply chain solutions.  But when I attended QAD Explore last week (May 4th […].

SCM 113

Managing quality risk in the auto industry

The Operations Room

The number comes from an Automotive News article that looks at some of the consequences of the trend ( With the push for standard parts, quality is key , Aug 6). “The requirement that we face is clearly to develop products from the outset in such a way that they can be used in all the platform derivatives without the expense of making changes,” said Sabine Woytowicz, regional quality director at Valeo in Germany. But with mass standardization, a part with a quality problem can now be supplied to millions of vehicles. That puts a premium on quality.

A Compelling Case for EQMS

Manufacturing Transformation

In an era of complex global supply chains and increasing regulation, maintaining a viable quality management strategy across a manufacturing organization can be a formidable challenge. Unfortunately the norm in many manufacturing organizations is a manual, departmental quality management approach using diverse processes, paper records, spreadsheets and other rudimentary tools.

Walmart Leads the Retail Market to Improve the Quality of Fresh Produce

Supply Chain Nation

The proper labeling and tracking of fresh produce will certainly provide consumers with improved product freshness and quality. Kudos to Walmart for showing industry leadership by embracing and enforcing the Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI). They have recently notified their fresh produce suppliers that effective November 1 st of this year, all items delivered to their distribution centers must include standardized case labels. [ Wal-Mart sets PTI label deadline for suppliers ]. Mislabeled items could be rejected after the quickly approaching January 1, 2014 deadline.

Lumber Liquidators Terminates Sourcing of China Produced Laminate Flooring

Supply Chain Matters

Procurement and Sourcing Product Quality Retail Supply Chain Lumber Liquidators China sourcing Lumber Liquidators supply chain Supply chain Matters blogIn February of 2015, Lumber Liquidators, at the time, one of the largest and fastest growing retailers of hardwood and laminate flooring in North America was involved in a supply chain expose.  Approaching 18 months later, the retailer continues to deal with the customer, brand and financial impacts of that disclosure. In 2015, a broadcast […].

Ditch the Spreadsheet and Grow Your Business with Quality Data

Inbound Logistics

To grow and evolve, shippers of all sizes need the high-quality data provided by modern technologies

Philips fails to solve quality-contol problems

Supply Chain Movement

Failure to solve quality-control problems has cost Dutch healthcare and lighting firm Philips dearly. An FDA report concluded that Philips had failed to adequately address tens of thousands of complaints, defects and system faults, and had insufficiently controlled the quality of products received from suppliers. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Delivering Quality with Speed: Can it be done?

Value Unchained

In this session we will be discussing the concept of Agile, and the ability to – as well as the challenges involved with – balance the need to deliver quality with the need for […]. The post Delivering Quality with Speed: Can it be done? Today, I have the privilege of sitting on a panel at the 5th Annual Premier CIO Forum: Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts.

Gain a Strategic Focus on Quality IF Customers are Important

Supply Chain Expert Community

Even the founder of lean principles, Toyota, can falter on quality; thus, anyone can lose their edge – yet it is cornerstone to business success. If you wish to remain in the race, quality must be more than an assumption; it must become a strategic focus. 1. Why not reverse this losing proposition and build quality into the process upfront? 4. How about customer feedback?

One Year Later- Lumber Liquidators Struggles Continue

Supply Chain Matters

Procurement and Sourcing Product Quality Retail Supply Chain Supply Chain Disruption examples of supply chain disruption examples of supply chain snafus Lumber Liquidators supply chain supplier management snafus Supply chain Matters blogIn February of 2015, Lumber Liquidators, one of the largest and fastest growing retailers of hardwood and laminate flooring in North America at the time, was involved in a supply chain expose.  Over a year later, the retailer continues to struggle with the customer and financial impacts of that disclosure. broadcast report from CBS […].

EQMS: Take it Up Another Notch

Manufacturing Transformation

In my previous blog post, A Compelling Case for EQMS , I discussed the shift of the EQMS ( Enterprise Quality Management Software ) business case from streamlining and slashing the costs of quality control processes to preventing expensive and embarrassing quality failures. The sooner a quality issue is addressed, the less expensive it is likely to be. The Cloud.

In the Automotive Industry, was 2014 a Year Worth Recalling?

Manufacturing Transformation

You couldn’t pick up a paper, log onto your favorite news portal, or turn on the radio without hearing about the industry’s quality problems. Why is quality so hard to control in the automotive industry? Agility Automotive Quality Traceability quality failure responsiveness return on investment track and trace Increasing Complexity. Improving Responsiveness.

10 Qualities of an Industrial Computing Enclosure Worth Buying| Checklist


CAQ (Computer-Aided Quality Assurance) and more…. With that in mind, knowing what differentiates a quality enclosure system from the ‘not so great’ is of the upmost importance. Cue this 10 point checklist, which gives those charged with researching industrial computer protection a set of qualities to look for from an environmental computer enclosure. 10 Qualities of an Industrial Computing Enclosure Worth Buying. Editor's Note: This is a guest blog from our good friend Daniel Waldron from Armagard. DOWNLOAD THE CHECKLIST, NOW …. How does the checklist help you?