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3 Ways an MES / MOM System Can Improve Quality

Manufacturing Transformation

How does one best evaluate a system that can simultaneously maintain high levels of throughput, quality and customer service? On the topic of quality, it does no good to design a product with great quality specs if it can’t be built accordingly. Quality must be planned and executed with the greatest of precision. Bombs, Earthquakes and Cost of Quality.

High-Quality Data: The Best Fuel for Supply Chain Change

Logistics Viewpoints

Guest Commentary Supply Chain Network Design Supply Chain Optimization Supply Chain Planning data quality network design supply chain designAs supply chain consultants, we often help clients navigate complex change–from adjusting to cost or competitive pressures to unique challenges like an M&A. These challenges all demand careful analysis of multiple financial and operational outcomes. There’s often a lot hanging in the balance, so it’s rarely a good time to “map out” supply chain changes or cost reduction goals on the back of a napkin.

How Technology Will Support Quality Control [Infographic]

Quality Inspection

Today we want to show how the right technology will allow quality control departments to be better organized and to cut lead times. Related article:  What IT System for Managing Quality Inspections to Choose? The post How Technology Will Support Quality Control [Infographic] appeared first on Quality Control Tips

Q&A: The Benefits of Integrating Maintenance Management with Quality Intelligence

Manufacturing Transformation

Recently, Adam Bluemner, Project Specialist Manager at had a discussion with Milosz Majta, DELMIA Apriso Quality & Maintenance Product Manager at Dassault Systèmes. Likewise, you don’t want to find out about a quality issue after you have already shipped 100,000 unites to your most important customer! How do you become more proactive?

Understanding Yard Management Systems

Provide advanced key performance indicators (KPIs) that provide managers with intelligent information designed to continuously improve the quality, efficiency and accuracy of their overall logistics operations. Yard Management Systems. guide to better understanding the market, the software and the benefits. WHITE PAPER. Gregory Braun Senior. Vice-President C3. Solutions Inc. In brief. 12. 2.

Why Improving Quality Leads to Lower Manufacturing Costs

Quality Inspection

One of them is this: If you work on improving quality, you will cut your costs at the same time if you follow the right approach. As Deming wrote: Management in some companies in Japan observed in 1948 and 1949 that improvement of quality begets naturally and inevitably improvement of productivity. So, how can better quality lead to lower costs? Quality Control Tips

Quality Assurance for Barcode Label Printing

Supply Chain 24/7

'' /> There is more to ensuring quality barcode label printing than using quality printers. It''s the small things like printing high quality barcode labels that can sabotage all your plans to be more productive and accurate with material movement The old adage "the devil''s in the details" applies to barcoding automation.

Quality 47

Video Series Chapter 3: Risk & Quality Management

Global Trade Talk

Global Trade Management Software Global Trade Management Risk and Quality ManagementA single supply chain disruption has the ability to negatively impact a company’s reputation. With global organizations operating in an environment of ever-changing regulatory constraints, brand manufacturers and retailers must take measures to help ensure accountability and full supply chain transparency.

Quality = Branding

Supply Chain Expert Community

Quality should never be seen as an accident. Poor quality, unsafe working conditions and or ignoring or non-compliance with regulations will lead to business disruption, financial loss, lawsuits and damage to the brand image of an organization. Most of the time the major cause of poor quality can be traced to either inferior raw materials or the lack of design standards. Policies and procedures of quality management of suppliers must be aligned to the company standards who are selling the product. It should be envisioned as an intelligent and proactive effort.

Quality management Software

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

The following white paper from CEBOS – a division of QAD – considers 10 pitfalls to avoid when implementing quality management system software

Boeing Agrees to Pay Fine and Submit to Enhanced Quality Compliance Systems

Supply Chain Matters

federal regulators, Boeing has agreed to pay $12 million in penalties as part of a settlement mandating tighter oversight of suppliers and tighter quality controls inside its own production facilities. Aerospace Supply Chain Manufacturing Strategies Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Product Quality Supplier Management Supply Chain Business Process Boeing Supply Chain integrating product innovation and supply chain strategy Supply chain Matters blogIn what is being reported as a first-of-its kind settlement with U.S.

Commerce 2.0 Consumer Quality

Supply Chain Expert Community

A consumer quality feedback program is a key area of improvement that is dramatically enhanced by the eCommerce and mobile tools and technology. This consumer feedback loop is important for customer retention and quality improvement. Retailers and manufacturers have developed supply chain feedback loops that monitor and continuously improve the quality of the products, packaging and transport. The consumer quality feedback program incorporates these same principles for a consumer feedback loop. very important area for success in retail is the customer retention.

Man Bites Dog: Kia Tops Porsche and Lexus for Quality

Logistics & Transportation

Power's 2016 Initial Quality Study, which measures quality and problems in the first 90 days of ownership. The new Kia Optima is among the Korean automaker's new models that are impressing buyers who rated Kia #1 in J.D. Photo by Kevin Hagen/Getty Images) Hold on to your hat. And no, a [.]. NYSE:GM NYSE:F NYSE:FCAU NYSE:HMC NYSE:TMC

Study 44

Data Quality Improvement

Gartner Blog Network

Several discussions I have recently had indicate that people continue to have challenges with getting their enterprise data quality towards a more mature state. I am seeing organizations continue to struggle with securing resources to improve the quality of their critical data. KPI’s) to the data created and consumed by business operations.  So now we are getting closer to why and which data quality rules (in the world of possibilities) are the appropriate ones that then tell us what ‘fit for purpose’ actually means – using metrics. are intact.

The Psychology of Safety: Which Qualities Indicate Risk-Takers


Forklifts and other material handling equipment can be extremely dangerous. Sitting on its own, turned off in a factory without a human to operate it, the danger goes from ten to zero. There are programs popping up around the country to study the psychology of workplace safety. What does physchology have to do with it? Pyschology is the study of of the mind and behavior. It's an applied science.

Quality Through Innovation Builds Lasting Relationships

Bastian Solutions

This is usually synonymous with the thought that you need to spend more money to get higher quality products. The higher quality products are expected. The post Quality Through Innovation Builds Lasting Relationships appeared first on The Material Handling Blog. Business and Consulting Manufacturing BAE design engineering manufacturing quality Continue Reading >>.

Finding and Keeping Quality Supply Chain Talent amid the Staffing Shortage

Logistics Viewpoints

Growing practice of supply chain modeling requires more than just technology smarts What types of supply chain roles are on your company’s career webpage? What skills are important for new hires to possess in order to manage this increasingly critical area of the business? Many of the best practices LLamasoft has advocated related to supply […]. Guest Commentary Supply Chain Network Design

5 Ways Supply Chain Leaders Promote a Culture of Quality

Material Handling & Logistics

Strong leadership is essential to developing and sustaining a culture of quality, but a new research study from ASQ and Forbes Insights finds that only 60% say their management supports the quality vision and values unequivocally. Anthony (Tony) Manos, Profero Inc. read more.

How a Mobile App can Help Quality Control Inspectors

Quality Inspection

The post How a Mobile App can Help Quality Control Inspectors appeared first on Quality Control TipsOver the past 10 years, most buying offices have pushed their inspectors to switch from paperwork to a laptop, and to prepare their reports on Microsoft Excel or Word. It means many details (including photos) can be reported. But it is an inefficient process.

Why Quality Matters in Being Compliant


Just like a trip to a steakhouse, quality matters in customs brokerage. The quality assurance standards that your customs broker uses to audit your Canadian customs clearances matter because they are part of the compliance strategy you have so meticulously laid out. Have they put quality control processes in place to protect you from non-compliance? Maybe it wasn’t AAA grade.

Examples of How Supplier Quality Management System Implementations Pay Off

Freight Management

We conclude our series on supplier quality management (SQM) today with a look at some case studies and examples of benefits derived from the application of a supplier quality management system. Examples and Case Studies from the Implementation of a Supplier Quality Management System. The Problem: Cequent has long used enterprise quality management.

An Ideal IT System for Managing Quality Inspections?

Quality Inspection

The way their quality department is organized can differ a great deal. Yet a few others have adopted a existing IT system that was developed specifically for quality inspections (one of which is our solution, Syncontrol ). Nevertheless, a quality manager needs to be able to adjust many parameters: What items to group in 1 lot. Quality Control TipsThe planning.

The real secret to quality application development

Supply Chain IT World Canada

There are many compelling reasons to develop a dynamic strategy for test data management, including upcoming legislation around privacy issues, according to a recent ITWC-sponsored webinar. Integrating IT Network Infrastructure CA Technologies data management privacy test data environment webinar

Metrics and Issues to Consider in SQM (Supplier Quality Management) By 5 Big Industries

Freight Management

This is the second post in a three-part series on Supplier Quality Management also known as SQM. In the first post our long tme guest blogger, Chuck Intrieri of The Lean Supply Chai n, gave us 5 core metrics to evaluate supplier performance using supplier quality management and a 4 step process to execute. Quality Metrics by Product. Quality Metrics by Site.

Gain a Strategic Focus on Quality IF Customers are Important

Supply Chain Expert Community

Even the founder of lean principles, Toyota, can falter on quality; thus, anyone can lose their edge – yet it is cornerstone to business success. If you wish to remain in the race, quality must be more than an assumption; it must become a strategic focus. 1. Why not reverse this losing proposition and build quality into the process upfront? 4. How about customer feedback?

What Qualities Make the Best Supply Chain Leaders?

The 21st Century Supply Chain

supply chain leader must be able to continuously monitor these metrics to determine if productivity, quality, inventory, and other tactical objectives are being met, exceeded, or missed. Manufacturing strives to maintain high quality and productivity while keeping production costs low. What are the most valuable qualities of a supply chain leader in your organization?

[Infographic] The Top 5 Leadership Qualities in Successful Executives

Freight Management

In different parts of the world, leaders set priorities between different leadership qualities, but the quality- winner can still be determined. For the majority, for the next five years, the most valuable quality of the leader will be the ability to think creatively. Realizing this, many Chinese leaders (61%) believe the quality of the main leader is global thinking.

Supplier Quality Management: What it is, 5 Key Metrics to Know & a 4 Step Supplier Evaluation Process

Freight Management

Editor’s Note: This is the first in a three-part series on Supplier Quality Management processes and how to evaluate your suppliers from Chuck Intrieri of The Lean Supply Chain. In fact, we are introducing our newest blog category so you may easily read all supplier quality management type posts here. . First, what is Supplier Quality Management (SQM)? Supplier Quality Management (SQM) is confidence in a supplier’s ability to deliver a good or service that will satisfy the customer’s needs. Cost of quality. On-time and complete shipments.

7 Steps to Link Quality Improvement to Your Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management Review

Supply chain quality doesn’t happen by accident. Research from ASQ (American Society for Quality) and the U.S. the performance and quality of its supply chain It is an ongoing process that requires a comprehensive plan that is intertwined with manufacturing processes and becomes part of an organization’s culture. Baldrige Performance Excellence Program offer steps any organization can follow to improve.

Cost of Poor Quality in Supply Chain

Supply Chain Expert Community

I interviewed Sanjay Kshirsagar who discussed Cost of Poor Quality in Supply Chain. As per Industry Norms, Cost of Poor Quality typically amounts to 5-30% of gross sales for manufacturing and service companies. All levels of executives recognize that quality is an absolute necessity to survive and succeed in today's business environment. quality supply chain sanjay kshirsagar

Improving Manufacturing Product Quality with Flexible Automation & Software

Supply Chain 24/7

Manufacturers can improve quality using flexible automation by improving sanitation, safety & inspection while speeding production, reducing bad parts and increasing consistency

Ditch the Spreadsheet and Grow Your Business with Quality Data

Inbound Logistics

To grow and evolve, shippers of all sizes need the high-quality data provided by modern technologies

Amazon Does not Tolerate Low Quality Chinese Products

Quality Inspection

But there is very little tolerance for quality issues. We did a simple simulation of the impact of a serious quality problem (50% of defective products) on the importer’s profitability. As a general rule of thumb, larger factories are more expensive, less flexible, and more reliable in terms of product quality. China Quality How to avoid such a situation?

Philips fails to solve quality-contol problems

Supply Chain Movement

Failure to solve quality-control problems has cost Dutch healthcare and lighting firm Philips dearly. An FDA report concluded that Philips had failed to adequately address tens of thousands of complaints, defects and system faults, and had insufficiently controlled the quality of products received from suppliers. Food & Drug Administration (FDA).

Electronic Data Interchange and its 4 Important Qualities


The post Electronic Data Interchange and its 4 Important Qualities appeared first on Appterra Collaborative Commerce. In the ideal world, using EDI helps you avoid making a mistake. Electronic Data Interchange migrates data points to their assigned ERP slots and business accounting systems, resulting to continuous data flow across omni-channels. However, supply chains are dynamic.

Delivering Quality with Speed: Can it be done?

Value Unchained

In this session we will be discussing the concept of Agile, and the ability to – as well as the challenges involved with – balance the need to deliver quality with the need for […]. The post Delivering Quality with Speed: Can it be done? Today, I have the privilege of sitting on a panel at the 5th Annual Premier CIO Forum: Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts.

A focus on strong logistics data quality never gets old

LM Editorial

Regardless of how it gets done, an emphasis on high-level data quality and management needs attention from both shippers and providers

Record low air freight rates means investment in service quality stays on the horizon

The Loadstar

The news that air cargo rates have fallen to their lowest level since Drewry launched its airfreight price index in May 2012 will be a blow to an industry struggling to boost quality and retain customers. The post Record low air freight rates means investment in service quality stays on the horizon appeared first on The Loadstar. Drewry’s Index fell by 3.8 The index is 18.6

Societal Sustentation 44: Education Quality

Sourcing Innovation

And education quality in general in North America is bad, with the US ranked 14th, and getting worse. Supply Management is hard. Real hard. And it’s only getting harder. SI has said it before, and it will say it again … and again — in order to excel at Supply Management a Sourcing or Procurement professional has to be a jack-of-all-trades and master-of-one. But this is not an easy thing to do. The skill set required by today’s Procurement professional is longer than Santa’s naughty and nice lists put together and is growing by the day. And so on.