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Labeling that can Meet Just-in-Time Deadlines in Auto Manufacturing


Just-in-time supply chains are demanding and have little room for error. They have become prominent in the auto industry, raising new demands. Automotive Supply Chain Manufacturing

Just in Time


Just in Time You pick up the load. ’ A supply chain that ensures that businesses get products to the customers when they want them, where they want them, in good conditions…and on timejust in time. It required a change in mindset and the way they thought about the customer. Murray J.

Can the Internet of Things Help with Just In Time Ordering?

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The Internet of Things (IoT) is everywhere these days and rapidly becoming a reality in our day-to-day lives, whether through connected homes, wearable technology or any of the thousands of applications that have started to pop up. The supply chain is just one area where we are starting to see an impact, as ready access […]. appeared first on ModusLink Global Solutions.

The Cross-Docking Advantage for Supply Chains

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Consumer demand has led to many changes in the supply chain as shippers are trying to get products to market faster. To keep pace, more shippers are turning to cross-docking to reduce the amount of time it takes to […]. Cross Docking Retail Supply Chain 3pl just-in-time inventory LEAN Distribution

VMI system goes live at Fokker Aerostructures

Supply Chain Movement

VIBA Aerospace Products and Services in the Netherlands and Peerless Aerospace Fastener Corporation, a distributor of aerospace fasteners based in Farmingdale (NY), went live with their Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) of special fasteners at Fokker Aerostructures covering several programs. This was announced in a press release of March 24, 2014. Forward Stocking Location.

Supply Chain Matters Tutorial- Pros and Cons of Zero-Based Budgeting

Supply Chain Matters

In the light of this week’s announcement of the mega-merger among HJ Heinz and Kraft, coupled with the new interest in zero-based budgeting techniques, we felt it was timely to provide a brief tutorial on the process. In definition, zero-based budgeting (ZBB) is essentially a financial-driven process where budgetary resources are set to zero every year and must be justified for the new budget period. It was a process originally conceived in the seventies in an era where organizational bloat among large corporations was rather common.

General Electric’s New Transformational Start-up Mentality

Supply Chain Matters

Similar to Lean Six Sigma that fueled rallying and transformational efforts in the 1990’s, FastWorks is targeted to motivate GE employees to be more customer focused, speed new product development, reduce costs and improve customer engagement. The Reis philosophy is that faster product innovation is garnered from building imperfect early versions, gaining timely customer feedback, while continuously “pivoting” and adapting products to address market opportunities. Easily stated, but with far different implications for a […].

Creating Trust Throughout the Supply Chain Using Demand-Driven Methods


Building trust in the supply chain is essential to driving flow; and when there are forecast errors, there is an inherent mistrust throughout the supply chain. The manufacturer contends the supplier did not acknowledge the material purchase orders, or ship on-time as promised. Accusations result in ill-will, lost productivity, resentment, poor relationships, and bad customer service.

Lean Manufacturing Driven by Rapid Return on eKanban Technology Investment


Through the use of supplier quality certifications and blanket (long-term) purchase orders, a manufacturer can accurately and effectively calculate the optimal level of inventory needed to fulfill demand requirements through the duration of replenishment lead time. This gives everyone a chance to quickly adjust their behavior to bring performance back in line. I’d like to hear it!

Who said supply chains are boring?: Supply Chain Transformers

Supply Chains Rock

Little do they realize that every time they discard or recycle a carton of milk they are completing the end of the supply chain cycle. In the past Ive shared how shipping containers can be turned into funky apartments and now Ive found wooden pallets that make great deck furniture. Just in time for the summer BBQ season here are some photos that show the progression of pallets into benches. Supply Times. Who said supply chains are boring? Still not excited, well visit often and eventually you will be. Subscribe To. Posts. Posts. Comments. Comments.

Surviving the holidays: Warehouse technology turns uncertainty into opportunity

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Most wholesale distributors have recovered from Black Friday and Cyber Monday by now – and are catching their breath just in time to sprint during these last few weeks of the holidays! This time of year is particularly urgent for getting products to consumers more quickly and cheaply than ever before, which means finding ways to strip out supply chain costs while satisfying customer expectations. Retail drop shipments (shipments directly from the wholesale warehouse) are […].

A Day of Apple Product Announcements- Supply Chain Impressions

Supply Chain Matters

Today, all business and social media eyes were focused on Apple and its annual Special Event timed to announce the latest iteration of product innovation, just in-time for the upcoming holiday buying period. Supply Chain Matters provides our initial impressions of new Apple products from a supply chain and product lifecycle management lens. A New […]. High Tech and Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Apple iPad supply chain Apple iPhone 6 supply chain Apple supply chain Supply chain Matters blog

5 Reasons Cross-docking is Changing Retail Warehousing

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For many, same day / next day fulfillment for both in-store and online purchases is the new normal. This also requires retailers keep store shelves stocked, while also keeping costs in check. Just-in-time restocking ensures product is on hand when consumers reach for it. Tight in-store inventory. Cross-docking has been around for generations. Showrooms do.

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Discover How LEAN Supply Chains Improve Efficiencies, Cut Costs

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This was true when Henry Ford envisioned an efficient auto assembly line, and later with the standardized processes that led to the Toyota Motor Company’s automated manufacturing steps and just-in-time (JIT) product delivery. There’s a simple mantra i n LEAN supply chain management : If it doesn’t add value, it’s eliminated.

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Improve Efficiency and cut Costs in the Healthcare Supply Chain

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To see how challenging healthcare and medical device supply chain logistics are becoming, just watch consumer-targeted television ads for new medicine and medical equipment. The plethora of direct-to-consumer advertising for products from the latest prescription drugs and supplements to medical devices, highlights growth in products entering the marketplace.

7 Rules of Fashion Supply Chain Management

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In 1984, US Apparel Industry created the task force called " Crafted With Pride in the U.S.A. The result showed that materials were in the warehouse or in transit as long as 40 weeks! When QR strategy has become saturated, companies have to find the ways to differentiate themselves, some adopt ERP system, others adopt Just-in-Time manufacturing concept.

4 Ways Supply Chain Management Has a Higher Purpose

The 21st Century Supply Chain

My wife talked to her in a calm voice, told her what she needs to do for the night to keep the fever under control, and advised the mother to bring her toddler to the clinic the next morning. As a parent of young children myself, I can very much appreciate the difference a physician, like my wife, makes in the community. This in turn reduces the burden on the world’s landfills.

7 Traits of Great Supply Chain Leader: A Case Study of Tim Cook

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Some supply chain leaders now take the helm at the world''s leading companies like Apple Inc, Wal-Mart and Tesco in UK as the CEOs. Background According to the book " Steve Jobs " by Walter Isaacson, Steve Jobs returned to Apple in 1997. At that time, Apple''s supply chain was an absolute mess! He also reduced the manufacturing cycle time, from 4 months down to 2 months.

Why This Holiday Season is Creating Winners and Losers in the Transportation Industry

The Network Effect

There is an excellent piece in today’s WSJ on how retailers’ changing inventory management strategies are affecting the fortunes logistics and transportation companies. In addition, retailers are changing the way they manage that inventory, according to both retail and delivery experts. Image Credit: Flickr user Queen Bee. Why is this happening? Want to go deeper?

8 Reasons Why Supply Chain Analytics Drives Performance

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However, due to increasing complexity on many levels, spreadsheets are no longer enough to deal with the tremendous amount of calculation and real time data update. Commodity prices are fluctuating more in recent years than in the more stable 1990s. But the difference between those parts is small and in specific ways. Here are eight reasons for this: 1. Dynamic Pricing.

What your Dad can teach you about effective supply chain

The 21st Century Supply Chain

In honor of these dads’ accomplishments in the field of trial and error, I’ve compiled a list of the top 10 lessons your dad can teach you about supply chain. In principle, just-in-time processes are very efficient. In practice, these high rewards comes with high risk. Don’t waste time fixing lemons – Sometimes replacement is the best option.

4 Key Trends to Watch in Smart Manufacturing and Supply Chain


The advancements in 3D printing and 'Additive Manufacturing,' coupled with supply chain efficiencies, could make distributed manufacturing a reality, ushering in the era of smart manufacturing. One of the biggest challenges facing automotive, aerospace and defense manufacturers is the limited shapes a part can be cut, molded or welded in. In the next few years, Industry 4.0

Trends in healthcare supply chain logistics

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Healthcare isn’t just a costly quandary for patients. Infuse this with increased competitive forces, and they’re left to cut costs to maintain already low margins in the era of healthcare reform. With 25 years of experience in the supply chain arena, Keli serves customers in the healthcare, electronics, technology and appliance manufacturing industries.

4 Supply Chain Secrets to Drive Customer Satisfaction


A company can move a product from China to the United States, clear it through Customs, move it to a distribution center, and fulfill it in record time. Improve on-time delivery. Customers want what they want and they want it fast and on-time. In some situations, clients have no-forgiveness policies. “Any supply chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

Warehouse Statistics and KPIs Every Logistics & Warehouse Manager Should Know


Stock movement, order duration times, utilization of equipment and personnel, error rates and many more. Safety is the top priority in any Warehouse environment. A Safety Manager should be appointed to ensure all safety activities are in place and maintained daily. Proper signage has to be distributed in the facility to remind people of the importance of safety. SKU’s.

Should You Use Perishable Consolidation?


In fact, most people don’t even realize such a service exists. This type of transportation exists to benefit just in time products or programs, from regional produce distribution to a national juice program. Do you regularly ship products that are dated commodities or time-sensitive? But it does. But how do you know if this service is right for your needs?

FMCG Supply Chain: Do you use data or information?

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

People working in or associated with Supply Chains seem obsessed by data yet data itself actually tells you nothing. If you need to renew your UK passport (must be similar for other countries) you need to have your identity confirmed by someone in a certain profession, e.g. doctor, teacher etc and be a person of “good standing in their community”. Who coined “Big Data”?

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Getting Smart With Logistics Big Data


In this guest post, Kevin Everson the Vice-President of Supply Chain Solutions at RMG Networks , investigates two examples of driving more supply chain value with logistics big data and data visualization. Companies able to manage this unchecked flow of data can gain an advantage on the competition and establish themselves as leaders in a global marketplace. Fundamental Feature.

Reflections on the LIVING Supply Chain SCRC Meeting


The SCRC meeting featured a group of executives, students, and faculty participating at the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative meeting yesterday in Raleigh, held at the new Talley Student Center on the NC State campus. In this sleek, modern building, we also spent some time in breakout sessions reflecting on what this means for companies who are seeking to start to create their own real-time, globally transparent supply ecosystem. The restoration of predators in the system resulted in the more balanced ecosystem. So how do you calculate TCO?”

What the Analysts Are Saying About…A&D Supply Chains

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Are you looking for some reading material to pass the time on your next flight? Although it didn’t give any suggestions on what to do when you find yourself in row 32, you know the one next to the washroom, it did discuss the challenges the industry is facing as well as offering up solid recommendations for areas of improvement. by Bill DuBois. No registration required.).

Parcel Shipping: It’s Anything But Simple

Talking Logistics

Unlike other modes, like less-than-truckload and truckload that tend to have some level of standardization, parcel is an open book,” explained Steve Williamson, Supply Chain Support Specialist at Kewill in a recent episode of Talking Logistics. So now you have multiple carriers involved and rating complexities added in to what is just a standard parcel movement. You might think we have a two pony race here in the United States [with UPS and FedEx], but that’s not true. What differentiates parcel from the other transportation modes?

Don’t Wait for Dwell Time to Delay Your Freight


Even containers don’t like to wait in line. Dwell time—the amount of time a container remains parked in a marine terminal waiting to be picked up after it’s been offloaded from a vessel—is a drag on supply chain efficiency, especially when it becomes excessive. Proactive moves. The issue is attracting attention on the U.S. West Coast. Navigate around the problem.

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It’s About Time for a new “World Class Supply Chain” Paradigm


As a young assistant professor at Michigan State University in 1992, I was part of a group called the Global Procurement Benchmarking Initiative. The principles at the time were certainly appropriate, and were considered ground-breaking at the time. An automotive executive recalls how difficult this was given the technology limitations that existed in the early 1970’s. This was the first intelligent database system at the time that allowed me to look at a “deck” of the current buy for a commodity group for our production buy. This was really exciting! Hardly.

Warehouse Statistics

The Lean Supply Chain

Stock movement, order duration times, utilization of equipment and personnel, error rates and many more. Safety/OSHA: Safety is the top priority in any Warehouse environment. A Safety Manager should be appointed to ensure all safety activities are in place and maintained daily. Proper signage has to be distributed in the facility to remind people of the importance of safety.