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Do Lean and Six Sigma have a place in tomorrow’s supply chain?

The Network Effect

Before I answer the title question, let’s have a quick refresher on what exactly Lean and Six Sigma are. Six Sigma owes its roots to the Statistical Process Control developments made by Dr. Walter Shewhart of Bell Laboratories in the 1920′s and later expanded upon by Dr. W. The term most commonly used today is “Lean Six Sigma”. Edwards Deming.

Lean Six Sigma


6 Ways Lean Six Sigma Can Benefit Your Business. What is Lean Six Sigma? Lean Six Sigma combines both Lean and Six Sigma methodologies together, in order to eliminate waste and improve upon processes. Amy Harris, Community Manager for Expert Market, linked with Six Sigma suppliers , offers you six ways Lean Six Sigma can benefit your business.

How Cummins Power Generation Used Lean Six Sigma to Achieve Significant Transportation Savings

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This often requires a major shift in thinking – from the top down – and for many, implementing a formal process improvement methodology such as Lean Six Sigma (LSS). Lean Six Sigma is about not simply accepting the old way of doing things, but asking “Why do I do that?” or “Is there a better way?”. worldwide provider of electrical power generation systems, Cummins Power Generation (Cummins) uses Six Sigma (6S) as its primary continuous improvement methodology. Barry Gasaway is Vice President, Lean Six Sigma at Transplace.

Lean Six Sigma


What is Lean Six Sigma Logistics? Lean Six Sigma is the combination of two methodologies that complement one another when applied to logistics and supply chain management. Lean Six Sigma Logistics: Lean and the Logistician. Lean Six Sigma Logistics: Six Sigma and the Logistician. The Logistics Bridge Model. Logistics Capability.

Diving into Data: A Lean Six Sigma Journey

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Six Sigma helps electronic products company Jabil run like a lean, green manufacturing machine

Six Sigma Sourcing (and Procurement) – A Bridge Too Far?

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Categories: Guest Post , Procurement Strategy & Planning , Sourcing Tags: Process and Best Practice , Zycus Six Sigma, the process measurement methodology originally developed by Motorola and popularized by GE, has far-reaching applications beyond its manufacturing roots. Applying the discipline of Six Sigma to improving sourcing and procurement processes will undoubtedly produce systemic and sustainable business process improvement. Read more. Leave A Comment posted in Guest Post by Guest Contributor.

Smooth the Rough Spots with Theory of Constraints, then Lean, and Fine-Tune with Six Sigma

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Here we are at the final installment of our four-part, Sandpaper blog series about when to use the tools of Lean Manufacturing, the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and Six Sigma to address constraints, drive flow and promote continuous improvement

Six Sigma Initiatives Streamline Operations

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Ford Motor Company, one of the world’s largest automotive manufacturers, has worked with Penske on several Six Sigma initiatives

6 Sigma Supply Chain: The Brief Introduction for Non-Statisticians

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Sigma Supply Chain: The Brief Introduction for Non-Statisticians. Even though there are so many articles about six sigma supply chain, most of them are all related to the application within certain functions in supply chain. According to extensive literature search, there are not so many journal articles dedicated solely to six sigma supply chain. NAVIGATE. About.

5 Keys to Implementing Improvement Initiatives

The Logistics of Logistics

My particular improvement soapbox is Lean Management with some Six Sigma thrown in for good measure. The principles can be applied to anything, just like Lean and Six Sigma. Implementing Lean, or Six Sigma, or Agile, or any other improvement tool requires learning, practice, revelation, realization, and modification. Every industry seems to have its silver bullet for creating improvement. At least, that’s the idea. good friend of mine recently introduced me to the Art of Agile Development for software projects. Their improvements were a remix.

Managing for Daily Improvement: Bridging the Gap Across Teams and KPIs

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Lean Six Sigma (LSS) thrives on the notion that there is always room for improvement, and it looks to eliminate defects that can hinder the flow of a process from moving toward its performance end goal. Prior to his current role, Mr. Eberly was a member of Transplace’s Lean Six Sigma Black Belt team where he earned his LSSBB certification in June 2012.

Medical Surgical Supplier McKesson Goes Lean


inventory lean manufacturing ekanban supplier kanban Supplier Collaboration pull six sigma supply chain visibilityMcKesson, the leading pharmaceutical distributor providing medical supplies and healthcare IT and driving more than $120 billion in annual sales, engaged with Ultriva by Upland to perform an onsite diagnostic visit to evaluate McKesson's supply chain "vital signs.”

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Using TOC, Lean and Six Sigma to Become More Demand-Driven


Next time we’ll talk about an even more fine-tuned refinement tool- Six Sigma. Until then, please let me know how you have used the tools of TOC, Lean and Six Sigma to refine your continuous improvement projects. The post Using TOC, Lean and Six Sigma to Become More Demand-Driven appeared first on Synchrono. Kaizen. This is kaizen for management.

Q&A with Brian Conroy, SVP and Head of Engineering and Industrial Division at IDA Ireland

Manufacturing Transformation

Most sites use Lean 6 Sigma, emphasizing the convergence automation and big data. Automation Big Data Fourth Industrial Revolution Globalization Digital Transformation flexible manufacturing six sigmaOptel Vision’s EMEA operations in Limerick, Ireland, is focused on supplying automated vision inspection systems for the pharma industry worldwide.

Taking Lean to the Supply Chain

Manufacturing Transformation

Most large manufacturers today have established Lean or Six Sigma programs for their own operations. Considering that Lean and Six Sigma programs are all about consistency and control, and involve cultural and operational transformation, can a manufacturer really expect to extend these practices outside of its own organization? But is it realistic? And, at what cost?

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Kane Is Able Enhances Its Continuous Improvement Program with 34 Six Sigma Graduates

Kane is Able

KANE -- ) today announced that 34 associates attained their Six Sigma Green Belt certification in early May from Villanova University, acknowledged as one of the premier Lean and Six Sigma education centers in the country. May 16, 2014 - Third-party logistics provider Kane Is Able, Inc. read more

What Can Lean Do for the Banking Industry?

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book published just this month titled Lean for Banks: Improving Quality, Productivity, and Morale in Financial Offices , authored by Bohdan Oppenheim and Marek Felbur ,shows how Lean and Six Sigma can significantly improve the efficiency of bank operations. banking industry Bohdan Oppenheim financial services Lean books lean culture Lean for Banks lean office lean sigma Marek Felbur quality improvement six sigma Here is his complete response: Few traditional banks are aware that they have vast reserves of productivity. Do you agree with Bohdan''s assessment?

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The New Human Resources Model

Lean Insider

Last week, I spent some time on the phone with Daniel Bloom discussing his latest book titled Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma ,and I asked him this question: "In the book Achieving HR Excellence through Six Sigma , you talk about the need to create a new model for the HR function based on a proven business problem solving process. It is our message that this language of business is the TLS Continuum, which encompasses the principles behind Theory of Constraints (TOC), Lean, and Six Sigma. Why is the new model needed at this time?"

Use Six Sigma, Lean And Other Continuous Improvement Methods – 10 Services Procurement Secrets (No. 10)

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Categories: Best Practice , Innovation , Learning / Research , Procurement Strategy & Planning Tags: L2 , Process and Best Practice Walk into just about any large-scale manufacturing organization today and the spirit of Demming, the Toyota Production System and a focus on continuous improvement generally echoes from the shop floor throughout the supply chain. Focusing on measurement, management and continuous improvement has transformed thousands of companies in recent decades. But so far, such efforts are little more than novelty in most services-oriented procurement efforts. Read more. ).

The Problems with Lean Program Management

Kane is Able

lean six sigmaLean quality improvement programs can drive millions of dollars in value within your supply chain. But if you're not careful, lean program management can create bureaucratic barriers to getting the work done and realizing this value.

Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #9: Relentless pursuit of one metric at the expense of other metrics.

The 21st Century Supply Chain

CQI, TQM, Six-Sigma, Lean, etc.  General News Sales and operations planning (S&OP) Supply chain collaboration Supply chain management APICS The Association for Operations Management Bachelor''s degree General Electric Information Technology Infrastructure Library Jack Welch Logistics Materials management Motorola New product development Six Sigma by John Westerveld.

How to Increase System Availability without Redundancy

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Controls & Software System Automation ControlLogix Fieldbus Redundancy Six Sigma System Availability Redundancy in system design means duplicating or triplicating equipment so if primary equipment fails, system operation continues uninterrupted. Here are some solutions I discovered. Read More >>.

Lean Six Sigma Training


Lean Six Sigma Training focuses on the improvement of the quality of numerous process outputs. Lean Six Sigma Training also helps instill a very lean problem solving culture. Lean Six Stigma Training utilizes a hands-on approach. Lean Six Sigma Training offers a wide range of interactive exercises, workouts and subjects. The Lean Six Sigma Training approach is very popular. The Lean Six Sigma Training also helps participants build lean awareness with other people in the organization. A Unique Training Regimen.

Lean, QRM or DDMRP after all?

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For many years our options were limited to MRP, LEAN and TOC, but these have been augmented by TPM, TQM, WCM and Six Sigma and now we can even choose QRM and DDMRP. Over the last decades we have witnessed the arrival of a large variety of new process improvement methodologies and philosophies. And what do you think about CPFR, VMI, APS, S&OP and IBP? The obvious question is why?

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How Do You Change Behavior in Organizations?


We interviewed Jim Mikulski, Global Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, to understand how lean thinking is driving innovation at Greene, Tweed and enabling the forward-thinking company to change the game in its industry. Lean Leadership supply chain advancement supply chain insights

Creating an Organizational Culture Beyond Lean Sigma Tools

Lean Insider

Robert Baird just published an interesting new book this month titled The Four Components of a Fast-Paced Organization: Going Beyond Lean Sigma Tools , and I had the opportunity to speak with him about some of the topics presented in the book. One of the questions I asked was: "How do you create a culture of continuous improvement beyond Lean Sigma tools?" continuous improvement leadership lean culture operational excellence Robert Baird six sigma The Four Components of a Fast-Paced Organization Are organizations focused on improving their organizational speed?

Lean 19

The CPO’s Guide to Lean & Six Sigma – Part 3 (Applying Lean Six Sigma to Procurement)

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Categories: Analysis , Best Practice Tags: Plus In our previous two segments of this series published on our Chief Procurement Officer website (see here and here), we discussed Lean and Six Sigma individually in terms of their history, their approaches and their relationship to each other. In this installment of this series, we drill down into how to begin to apply Lean Six Sigma to procurement. In this Plus post, we define the process of when the Lean is integrated with Six Sigma and applied to supply management. Read more. ).

The Neglected Law of Six Sigma

Manufacturing Transformation

In the past six years, they have been exceeding improvement targets in productivity and order fulfillment. They were at 70% six years ago. In fact, the basics of Six Sigma can cast light on this problem. C pk. Sigma level. Going from 70% to 96% is going the journey from One to Two Sigma. The law of business processes says that it will require the same level of effort to increase every Sigma level. Does your company set improvement targets of critical business processes by sigma level or simply by incremental percentage points? 33. 1.

UPS touts promise of ‘Smart Operations’ for future manufacturing success

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While many manufacturing and supply chain stakeholders swear by Lean and Six Sigma methods to address the many complexities of modern industrial manufacturing, research issued today by UPS indicates that may not be the best approach to success

Genpact shares observations on 3PL differentiation

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Genpact began in 1997 as a business unit within General Electric, adapting and extendng Lean and Six Sigma values

Sustainability Skeptics + Enthusiasts = ‘Lean and Green’ Savings

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For example, turn skeptics into effective “profitable sustainability” advocates by showing the power of the employees’ “sustainability lens” for identifying and eradicating waste during Lean Six Sigma projects. By Pamela J. Gordon. Yet, only 33% report that business is making sufficient efforts to address global sustainability challenges. Connect Passion to Profit.

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Why the ‘Internet of Things’ is disrupting the ‘Internet of Fingers’

Logistics Viewpoints

Inside the walls, lean and six-sigma thinking prevails, while outside, beyond the dock, yard checks are commonly performed by scribbling notes on yesterday’s printout. I am always on the lookout […]. I have often been struck by the stark contrast in sophistication, automation and control inside the walls of our customer’s facilities, compared to the outside.

Using Theory of Constraints, Lean and Six Sigma to Become More Demand-Driven

Supply Chain 24/7

What Tools to Use to Get the Most of Your Demand-Driven Changes

7 Supply Chain Transformations at SAMSUNG

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At micro level, they gather the customer preferences and incorporate them into the product design through a method called "Quality Function Deployment". 2) Adopt Six Sigma Methodology : based on "quality movement" in the electronics industry, Samsung believes they can improve the internal operations drastically using Six Sigma.

Lean Training: Keep It Simple

Kane is Able

lean six sigmaRunning a lean logistics operation is a great goal. But, if you’re not careful, programs designed to increase efficiency can become weighed down with bureaucracy, adding time and cost to your efforts. good example is Lean training.

Golf Lessons from Lean, Six Sigma and TOC

Manufacturing Transformation

Six Sigma: Alternatively, if you think consistency is your best path to improvement, then you should embrace a Six Sigma approach. Through leveraging the right tools with scientific measurement and objective feedback, you will ultimately reduce your swing variability with a Six Sigma approach. Lean continuous improvement Lean manufacturing six sigma

UPS touts promise of ‘Smart Operations’ for future manufacturing success

Supply Chain 24/7

While many manufacturing and supply chain stakeholders swear by Lean and Six Sigma methods to address the many complexities of modern industrial manufacturing, research issued today by UPS indicates that may not be the best approach to success