For a long time, companies have been redesigning their supply chain networks and processes to become more demand-driven. But the disruptions of the past few years have caused a significant shift. Today, an organization's manufacturing, sales, and promotion plans are more driven by what parts and inventory they have on hand rather than by customer demand.

In fact, in a survey conducted with the Talking Logistics Indago supply chain research community, 58% of the respondents said that they were becoming more supply driven in response to current market conditions and challenges.

As enabling assurance of supply grows increasingly critical, discover the state of the current climate, as well as an innovative new offering that's uniquely addressing these emerging business challenges and enabling both buyers and sellers in the supply chain to benefit in ways that VMI models do not allow.

The episode covers:

  • The main challenges businesses face in balancing inventory and safety stock levels
  • How large shippers seeking to reduce DSO and large receivers seeking to avoid inventory carrying costs can finally agree on a mutually beneficial solution
  • From a technology standpoint, what’s been missing historically and what capabilities are driving the next wave of innovation and business benefits
  • Advice to companies that are rethinking their approach to inventory management, transportation management, and other aspects of supply assurance

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