Supply Chain Sustainability: The Business Case for Growth and a Competitive Advantage- ToolsGroup

Glede Kabongo

Companies are leveraging supply chain sustainability to gain a competitive advantage–while supporting people and the environment

Avoiding Dead-end Streets As We Build the Future of Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Shaman

I am writing this post from a hotel room in Chicago. My feet are swollen, and my luggage overflows with dirty laundry. I have not been home since the end of August. This week, I spoke at a University of Wisconsin event on responsiveness and ASCM on the future of supply chain planning.


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Trends 2022: Quantum Computing

Enterra Insights

Quantum computing may sound like science fiction (especially the weird principles on which it relies); nevertheless, businesses are beginning to pay attention.

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Megatrends Shaping Supply Chain Innovation

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Megatrends Shaping Supply Chain Innovation. Feature Article by Ryan Tang – Executive Director, APAC?E2open. E2open. While the COVID-19 pandemic woke up supply chains around the world, the ripple effects continue to disrupt in both size and scope.

Automating Freight Forwarding Processes with CargoWise Workflow

This training guide helps freight forwarders utilize the productivity capabilities of CargoWise. It covers 5 key CargoWise Workflow features, the importance of auditing your operation’s processes, and using automation for maximum productivity.

Logistics KPIs You Should Be Tracking


Key performance indicators (KPIs) are essential to maintaining a successful logistics operations. They connect data and metrics to show if your operations perform as expected and highlight what strengths or weaknesses may exist.

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Improving Capacity Planning and Operations with a Digital Planning Twin

River Logic

Defining the Objective. FedEx Office is comprised of nearly 2,200 retail stores, 15,000 employees, 18 commercial print facilities, and a nationwide transportation fleet.

2022 Supply Chain Predictions

Logistics Viewpoints

ARC analysts have published predictions about supply chain technology trends at the beginning of the year in past years.

Logility to Acquire Network Optimization Provider Starboard Solutions


With Starboard’s Digital Twin Technology, Logility Clients Can Better Answer “What if” Scenarios and Optimize Supply Chain Networks to Overcome Disruptions and Drive Growth. ATLANTA (June 28, 2022) – Logility, Inc.,

Back to Logistics Tech School, 2022: the Lost Peak Season, the lingering COVID impact and more


Logistics tech in 2022 has been unavoidably shaped by the two years that preceded it.

5 Powerful Prescriptive Analytics Examples in Supply Chain

Prescriptive analytics is a type of advanced analytics that optimizes decision-making by providing a recommended action. Supply chain, with its complex planning questions, is typically an area where optimization technology is required. Read about 5 use cases.

A Supply Chain Executive Asks: Is Supply Chain Technology Making a Difference?

Talking Logistics

Kevin O’Meara, Vice President, Integrated Supply Chain at Shaw Industries, posted the following question on Twitter last Friday: “Have the billions of dollars invested in supply chain technology really made a significant difference in the outcomes?

Agile Supply Chain: How to Bend, Not Break, Your Supply Chain Planning Process - ToolsGroup

Mary Vasile

An agile supply chain uses data, technology and collaboration to effectively navigate market volatility. Discover the strategies you need to stay flexible and competitive

Supply Chain Leaders, Chained to Tradition, Face the Whip

Supply Chain Shaman

As my arms stretch forward to pull for the next lap in the summer heat, three thoughts circulate in my head. (I I often write my blogs in my head as I swim. The rhythm of a lap swim helps me to think better.). During the swim, my mind races with many thoughts.

This Could Be Scary: A Halloween Candy Shortage

Enterra Insights

If geopolitics, inflation, and climate change aren’t enough to worry about, there are now warnings that there could be a shortage of Halloween Candy. The first company to sound the alarm was Hershey.

Getting Started With Scenario Modeling in Supply Chain Network Design

To build your supply chain’s agility and responsiveness, you need to look at scenarios more frequently instead of relying on a single plan. Let’s explore how you can apply scenario modeling in supply chain network design.

Driving Sustainable Supply Chain Change

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Driving Sustainable Supply Chain Change. by Stephanie Krishnan – Associate Vice President, IDC Manufacturing & Energy Insights Asia/Pacific, IDC Asia/Pacific. “By

Your Guide to a Successful 3PL Implementation Strategy


When it comes to choosing a new third-party logistics (3PL) partner , one of the most common concerns we hear about is change management.

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What is Supply Chain Planning Software and How Can it be Used Effectively? Part 2

DELMIA Quintiq

In part 2 this blog series, I will conclude with advantages that can be expected within the world of supply chain planning software through the lens of Dassault Systèmes DELMIA. Advantages of supply chain planning.

Three Key Principles for Successful Supply Chain Network Design

River Logic

Network design implementations are also notorious for spinning their wheels when scenario modeling and analysis bog down people and other resources to a point where initiatives fail, experience cost and schedule overruns, or simply underperform.

Best Practices to Model Carbon Costs in Supply Chain Network Design

How to model carbon costs in your supply chain design? Make conscious choices by comparing scenarios indicating at which points in the supply chain carbon emissions occur and achieve the right balance between sustainability and cost.

DHL Supply Chain’s Digital Transformation in the Warehouse

Logistics Viewpoints

In 2018, DHL Supply Chain announced its plans to deploy emerging technologies in 350 of its North American facilities. My colleagues and I often have the opportunity to discuss initiatives such as this with company executives.

Supply Chain Resilience 2022

SCM Research

This year Raconteur has once again put together a very readable report entitled Supply Chain Resilience 2022. The authors ask, “As disruption continues to plague international supply chains, what can organisations do to build resilience and ensure efficiency?”

Containerized shipping joins modern financial world with CME futures


In the late 1970s, McDonalds set out to launch Chicken McNuggets. But they ran into a pricing challenge; consumers hate price changes (at least, price increases) and like most commodities, the cost of chicken changes.

What is a Digital Supply Chain Twin and How can It Support Your Strategic Decisions?


The post What is a Digital Supply Chain Twin and How can It Support Your Strategic Decisions? appeared first on AIMMS


Easily Build an Optimization App and Empower Your Data

Speaker: Gertjan de Lange

Solving complex business problems requires optimization modeling techniques and data to compare scenarios and make the best decisions. With AIMMS you can rapidly build an optimization app on top of your data and deploy it to the end-user in just a few clicks.

The 2022 Chlorine Shortage: Another Year of Poolmageddon


Temperatures are rising and people are getting sweaty. We’re inching toward the time of year when sweltering heat can only be quenched by one experience–a dunk in a cool, crisp, clean swimming pool.

Uh-Oh! Insights On How P&G Failed And What This Means For You

Supply Chain Shaman

Supply chain excellence is easier to say than to explain. Business leaders are action-oriented and competitive. Executive teams strive to drive improvement in supply chain results; yet, sadly, only four percent of public companies succeed. The reason?

Paving the Digital Path to Purchase

Enterra Insights

The past couple of years has been a remarkable time for e-commerce as more and more consumers have discovered the digital path to purchase.

The Green Corridor – From Gray to Green – Possible Answers For Our Ocean Plastics Conundrum

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

The Green Corridor – From Gray to Green – Possible Answers For Our Ocean Plastics Conundrum. by Tim Foote, Founder of Susymbio. Plato once said: Necessity is the mother of invention. This is no better demonstrated than by the work done by Ocean Purpose Project (OPP).

New Research: The State of Supply Chain Network Design in 2022

This report explores how the state of supply chain network design has changed – including how the tools, maturity models, and market demands are transforming the network design practice.

Top 5 Logistics Challenges and Solutions for the Manufacturing Industry


The manufacturing industry faces many challenges, such as a skilled labor shortage, supply chain instability, and inventory management issues. But with every challenge, there is an opportunity to innovate and grow.

Steel: The Perfect Material for a Circular Economy, but with a Huge Decarbonization Challenge

DELMIA Quintiq

Steel plays a crucial role in almost all industries—even in those where its application is not as apparent. The food industry, for instance, depends on steel for its use in building greenhouses.

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The Internet of Things (IoT) and The Future of Supply Chain Management

Talking Logistics

It is widely accepted that digitization is the key to transforming all areas of the logistics industry. However, we are just at the beginning of a long journey. Recent Black Swan events have exposed vulnerabilities within some of the world’s best-run supply chains.