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This Week in Logistics News (February 19-23, 2018)

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This was school vacation week for my kids, which means it was a working vacation for me — with more emphasis on vacation than working.


Is Omnichannel Dead? Of Course Not…However, the Focus Is Now on Customer Experience in Omnichannel


Omnichannel has been a go-to plan for retailers since 2008, but it is changing. Omnichannel, as a word and strategy in retail, is shifting. According to Michael Jones via Forbes , the word, omnichannel, will go away in the coming years as retailers move to become hyper-focused on what customers want, need, and find useful while shopping.


AUDIO: What's Hot and What's Not, for Vans, Reefers, and Flatbeds

DAT Solutions

I spoke with OOIDA's Terry Scruton this week on Land Line Now. We talked about current trends for van, reefer, and flatbed freight, which markets and lanes are hot, and which are not. Download the audio. See the current market rates for every lane you search in DAT load boards. Freight Rates


This Week in Logistics News (February 17 – 23)

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This Sunday marks the end of the 2018 Winter Olympics. It has certainly been and exciting couple of weeks, with hundreds of medals awarded, and some incredible performances by the world’s greatest athletes. Yesterday marked the 38th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice, when the USA men’s hockey team defeated the heavily favored team from the Soviet Union. However, many people like to remember this as the gold medal game. But this wasn’t the case. […].


Increasing Supply Chain Visibility and Security

Securing the supply chain starts with having visibility into the status of your assets, but this requires more than GPS coordinates on a map, because security isn’t just about preventing theft. Your assets don’t just need to arrive at their destination. They need to get there on time and untainted by heat, moisture, or physical shock.

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6 Must-Haves for a Food Warehouse 3PL

Consumer Goods Logistics

Food products that need storage in temperature-controlled food warehouses call for specialized 3PLs who understand the physical and regulatory requirements for these products. When searching for a 3PL for food products, here are 6 things you should look for to ensure you have the right partner. Food Logistics