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5 Ways a TMS Can Help You “Go Green”

Talking Logistics

Last Saturday, we celebrated Earth Day, making this an excellent time for each of us to examine our own commitment to the environment.

2017 Trading Partner Alliance (FMI/GMA) Supply Chain Conference


supply chain Food Marketing Institute Grocery Manufacturers Association Trading Partner Alliance Trade Show

The Job Is Not Done

Supply Chain Shaman

Imagine driving down a dusty road for years. One without any towns, road signs, bill boards, or rest stops. Sounds boring right? I agree. This is the world of the supply chain leader driving process improvement. The road to supply chain excellence takes time and patience.

Study 66

The True Cost of ERP

The Network Effect

An interesting article by Greg Brady in Supply and Demand Chain Executive delves into the true costs of ERP. The post The True Cost of ERP appeared first on The Network Effect. Digital Supply Chain ERP Technology business networks

Leveraging Supply Chain Data for Competitive Advantage

What does it mean to become a digital business or digital supply chain?

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Focus on Pace, Not Place: Track Lessons for Supply Chain Management

Talking Logistics

Author’s son at finish of first varsity 2-mile race. Remember, focus on pace, not place,” I call out to my son as he and the other runners step out on the track and to the starting line.

MediaMarkt Sweden Looks to RELEX to Transform Its Supply Chain

RELEX Solutions

Read PDF. Swedish home electronics retailer aims to optimize its supply chain processes, cut inventory and boost availability with retail planning solution. MediaMarkt Sweden has selected RELEX to automate and optimize its supply chain.

Of Whiskey and Snake Bites

Supply Chain Expert Community


Navigating the Future in an Uncertain Political and Regulatory Environment


The Supply Chain Resource Cooperative held its bi-annual Industry Partner Meeting in the Talley Student Center at North Carolina State University this past week.

CIO: Here's Why Analytics is Eating the Supply Chain

Life science companies are adopting innovative cloud technology to provide a single source of truth for end-to-end supply chain decision-making.

UK supply chain and logistics sector driven by innovation as it looks to overcome Brexit hurdles

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

The recently held Multimodal Show at the NEC saw leading businesses from across a range of sectors that are at the heart of the future for the UK supply chain, logistics and shipping industries

Turning Digital Disruption Into a Building Block for Change

Supply Chain @ MIT

Digital disruption can represent a major threat to a company – or a golden opportunity to rebuild the enterprise.

Amazon supply chain management pushes retail to the limit

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater How to overcome the Amazon effect. When it comes to supply chain excellence, particularly in the retail sector, there is one behemoth dominating the landscape: Amazon.


3 Ways Robotics Are Crucial to Aerospace Manufacturing & Design


The United States aerospace manufacturing industry is a highly competitive one. This is thanks in part to our unraveled supply chain, linking subsections like maintenance and repair with metalworking and avionics. These factors make aerospace manufacturing companies highly valued partners, even internationally. Although the aerospace industry employs countless hundreds of thousands of workers, robots are still necessary to complete many tasks.

Build a future-proof Supply Chain with Self-Service Advanced Analytics

Find out how GE, Monsanto, Pirelli, Siemens, and UPS leverage supply chain data to drive a competitive edge in this new Gartner report.

Day 1 at FOCUS 2017: Dogs, Candy, Captain JDA, and YOU!

Supply Chain Nation

FOCUS 2017, at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, got started in a big way on Tuesday (April 24). With JDA customers and friends arriving from all around the world, the atmosphere was electric. Eager attendees were already in line for registration early in the day, reminiscent of Black Friday news reels!


Coming Out of Your Supply Chain Cave

Supply Chain Expert Community

A thought experiment Imagine that you are a person who has grown up your entire life in a cave. You have never, ever seen the sun, nor do you know anything about the sun. However, one day, you walk out of your cave and experience your very first sunrise. What you would not know is whether this is a one-time event, or something that happens more than once.

Bayer, Deere, and ARC Provide Feedback on Student Capabilities that Drive Innovation


On April 19th and 20th the Supply Chain Resource Cooperative held its bi-annual Board Advisory meeting and Partner Meeting in the Talley Student Center at North Carolina State University. The program was really exceptional this year, and the riveting discussions left everyone with a lot of nuggets and insights to take with them to work next week.

Sustainable Warehousing – Make Earth Day Last All Year

Ryder Exchange

Yet, along with its successful green trucking initiatives, including low emission vehicles and conversion to natural gas, Ryder has found an equally impressive solution right in the distribution center: a commitment to sustainable practices and recycling of packing materials and other re-usable items. Ryder’s packaging, warehouse and distribution facility in Moreno Valley, California, in 2009. Sustainability Warehousing & Distribution Management

The Modern Supply Chain: Present and Future

The external manufacturing environment is a highly dynamic, ever-changing landscape. The supply chain must both anticipate and adapt to that change.

Will 2017 Drive a Higher TMS Adoption for Small to Mid-Sized Shippers?


2017 is projected to be a year in which more shippers break out of the mold, embracing newer transportation management systems ( TMSs ). However, the adoption rates remain perplexing. As explained by Talking Logistics With Adrian Gonzalez , industrywide statistics indicate adoption rates have remained fixed near 33 percent for nearly two decades. Unfortunately, this means predictions for adoption rates in 2017 would be likely to remain in this range.

How Managed Services Are Transforming Warehouse Management System (WMS) Deployments

Supply Chain Nation

Whether your systems have been moved to a centralized architecture yet or not, part one of this blog series discussed how centralizing your WMS system can improve efficiency and lower costs. Part 2 of will explore how managed services are transforming the approach to best in case WMS deployments in the cloud. Outsourcing Scale and Efficiency Through Managed Services.

Expanding Into New Territories – What Should a Retailer’s Supply Chain Look Like?

RELEX Solutions

With any new market a retailer has to understand how the supply chain will evolve and differ from their usual operation.

Egypt 14

Describing an Exponential Organizational and Supply Chain Capability

Supply Chain Matters

In prior Supply Chain Matters blog coverage of the Oracle Modern Supply Chain technology conference we did not have the opportunity to share a compelling keynote describing an exponential organizational and supply chain capability. After additional reading and reflection, we do so now.

Balancing Priorities in the Supply Chain: How Data Discovery Reveals Unseen Associations and Opportunities

Leading companies are constantly managing competing supply chain priorities.

Mobile Collaboration - Supply Chain Planning at Your Fingertips


I “enjoyed” a rather turbulent ride on a recent flight into Denver International Airport the other day. From my days as a flight test engineer, I know that modern jets have a forward-looking weather radar to help minimize the type of exciting rides I experienced that afternoon.

Connecting our Lives through the Internet of Things

Enterra Insights

“The emerging Internet of Things (IoT),” writes David Menninger (@dmenningervr), vice president and research director at Ventana Research, “is an … Continued. The post Connecting our Lives through the Internet of Things appeared first on Enterra Solutions.

Supply Chain IoT Unlocks Efficiency and Transparency


In a Connect post published almost two years ago ( “Connecting into the Future of TMS Technology” ), I described the impact of the Internet of Things (IoT) on (TMS) as “one of the most exciting chapters in the development of TMS technology.”. How have IoT logistics applications evolved since then?

Cross Functional Collaboration

Supply Chain Expert Community

Cross functional collaboration is a very simple phrase for a very complex challenge.


The Sustainable Supply Chain: Realizing Costs Savings and Increased Efficiencies Through Data Discovery

The sustainable supply chain is the future supply chain.