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Business’ Big Data Problem: Data Quality

Enterra Insights

There is almost universal recognition that the age in which we live is dominated by data. Data is the sine qua non of the Digital Age. Here’s the problem: According to a survey conducted by HFS Research , “75 percent of business executives do not have a high-level of trust in their data.

Above the Fold: Supply Chain Logistics News (December 2, 2022)

Talking Logistics

December, already? I was thinking of something witty to write as we enter the last month of 2022, but all that came to mind were these lyrics by the Counting Crows: A long December and there’s reason to believeMaybe this year will be better than the last With nothing more to say, here is the.


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80% of UK businesses say Brexit caused the biggest supply chain disruption in the last 12 months


83% fear the biggest disruption from Brexit is yet to come, while increasing supply chain disruption caused revenues to drop by an estimated 18%. London, UK, 28th November, 2022.

Logistics Predictions: How Did We Do in 2022 and What Will 2023 Look Like?

Logistics Viewpoints

Near the end of 2021, I had the chance to make the early call on Logistics Viewpoints on what 2022 would look like across five major logistics themes.

Downloadable Training Guide: Quoting With CargoWise Modules

With this training tool for freight forwarders, learn how to use CargoWise Quotations and One Off Quotes to create rate cards and spot quotes in order to improve the efficiency and accuracy of your internal processes.

Improving Your Supply Chain Risk Management

C3 Solutions

Before 2020, the global supply chain seemed almost untouchable, a well-oiled machine that kept the global economy turning. Risk mitigation and supply chain resiliency wasn’t the top priority for businesses. All Articles optimization Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Scalability

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Vigilance Remains the Watchword of Supply Chain Risk Management

Enterra Insights

As the world learns to live with Covid, people and businesses look for some kind of normality in their daily routines. When it comes to supply chain risk management, however, vigilance is always required. The Supply Chain Quarterly reminds us, “Supply chain challenges aren’t over yet.”[1]

Mind the Gap: Where to Find the Greatest Opportunities for Supply Chain Innovation and Improvement

Talking Logistics

Editor’s Note: The following is an excerpt of a research report published this week, “Transportation Pulse Report 2023 – Welcome to the Platform Era: Uniting the Transportation Industry to Collaboratively Make a Difference.”

SCM 94

This Week in Logistics News (November 26 – December 2)

Logistics Viewpoints

As we continue to move towards a sense of normalcy following nearly three years Covid-related disruptions, another yearly tradition is moving back to the old way.

The Key Pillars of Third-Party Risk Management


Third-party Risk Management (TPRM) within Services organizations, especially Financial Services (FSI), has become critical over the last few years.

The 2023 Supply Chain Crystal Ball: Challenges and Solutions

Speaker: Olivia Montgomery, Associate Principal Supply Chain Analyst

Curious to know how your peers are navigating ongoing disruption? In this webinar, you’ll gain actionable insights from Olivia Montgomery as she walks us through Capterra’s extensive research on how businesses - notably small and midsize businesses - are addressing supply chain challenges in 2023.

Supply Chain Risk: How to Manage the Unavoidable

C3 Solutions

Nothing is without inherent risk. Even something as simple as getting out of bed or pouring coffee in the morning poses some risk. But since these are small, we pay little or no attention. All Articles optimization Supply Chain and Logistics Technology Scalability

CPG Companies Support Regenerative Agriculture

Enterra Insights

The world faces a conundrum that affects each and every person on the planet — we all need to eat; however, producing the food we need is a leading cause of climate change. One way experts recommend addressing this conundrum is to focus on regenerative agriculture.

Logility Ranked in 2022 Gartner® “Critical Capabilities for Supply Chain Planning Solutions” Report 


A Critical Capabilities document is a comparative analysis that scores competing products or services against a set of critical differentiators identified by Gartner.

A Better Way to Think About Integrated Planning

Logistics Viewpoints

Paul Delbar from OMP has a different take on what integrated planning means. OMP provides supply chain planning (SCP) solutions. Mr. Delbar has a succinct way of describing difficult concepts. Resilience is About Planning for Agility.

5 Powerful Prescriptive Analytics Examples in Supply Chain

Prescriptive analytics is a type of advanced analytics that optimizes decision-making by providing a recommended action. Supply chain, with its complex planning questions, is typically an area where optimization technology is required. Read about 5 use cases.

The Top CPO Metrics Used to Measure Inflation, Risk, and Uncertainty


In recent years, the overall state of Procurement has been bolstered by increased proficiency, expanding engagement, and a growing direct impact on operations. However, the path to success is never easy. With inflation rising, CFOs must tighten their belts.

COSU Device Management Solutions in Action: Improving Workplace Culture

IT Supply Chain

By Nadav Avni (pictured). Chief Marketing Officer, Radix Technologies. The post COSU Device Management Solutions in Action: Improving Workplace Culture appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Key questions to ask your pharmaceutical distribution warehouse provider

Kanban Logistics

When evaluating the 3PL provider in charge of your pharmaceutical distribution warehouse, safety is the name of the game. You want to make sure that your provider is doing all that it can to protect the integrity of your products while adhering to GMP guidelines.

Supply Chain Math: Don’t Bring a Knife to a Gunfight

The Smart Software

Math and the supply chain go hand and hand. As supply chains grow, increasing complexity will drive companies to look for ways to manage large-scale decision-making.

Increase Visibility and Productivity With Container Automation

This guide will help freight forwarders utilize CargoWise Container Automation for increased visibility and productivity. It covers how to use the module, the container events and automations available, and FAQs.

Join my Webinar!

Supply Chain Trend

Last call to join my live discussion with Ruan Van Vuuren on how #DecisionIntelligence is helping #supplychain planners prepare for disruption while bridging the divide between planning and execution: [link]. The planning & execution automation gap is enormous.

The Story with Brian Glick

The Logistics of Logistics

Brian Glick and Joe Lynch discuss the story. Brian is the Founder and CEO of, a cloud-based integration platform that connects partners across the global supply chain. About Brian Glick.

Threat actors are increasingly looking to disrupt mission-critical operations

IT Supply Chain

By Simon Chassar (pictured). CRO at Claroty. The post Threat actors are increasingly looking to disrupt mission-critical operations appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

How eCommerce Shipping Boxes Can Drive Up Supply Chain Costs: An Interview with Jack Ampuja

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

Jack Ampuja is president of Supply Chain Optimizers. Jack’s firm has completed more than 500 packaging optimization projects for manufacturers, retailers, and ecommerce companies, saving an average 10% in supply chain costs on each project.

A Deep Dive Into Supply Chain Strategy: Why Yours Isn't Working

Speaker: Michelle Meyer, Founder and CEO of MatterProviders

Michelle Meyer is here to walk you through the future of supply chain strategy, and why your current approach is probably not working. In this exclusive webinar, she will explore ways to develop and perfect your new supply chain design in this post-pandemic era of economic uncertainty.

What E-Commerce Is Teaching Us About Returns

Supply Chain Brain

Itamar Zur, co-founder and CEO of next-generation shipping platform Veho, wants e-tailers to fundamentally reframe how they think about the returns side of the business

What is Inventory Replenishment & Why Does it Matter?


Inventory replenishment is reordering stock in the right quantities, at the right time. Too much inventory can increase costs, limit cash flow, and leave you with expired stock. Too little, and you risk disappointing customers with slow fulfilment times.

What if Forecasts Were More Accurate and Reliable?

Demand Driven Technologies

It often seems like supply chain executives are too busy trying to improve forecast accuracy to wonder: would it really change the game? Source.

Conquering retail peaks with mobile robots

IT Supply Chain

By Frazer Watson (pictured). VP-Sales UK/Ireland at iFollow. The post Conquering retail peaks with mobile robots appeared first on IT Supply Chain. Industry Talk

Getting Started With Scenario Modeling in Supply Chain Network Design

To build your supply chain’s agility and responsiveness, you need to look at scenarios more frequently instead of relying on a single plan. Let’s explore how you can apply scenario modeling in supply chain network design.

The Benefits of Migrating to Azure!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe Here! Email Address. Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. An Insight into Cloud Computing! Azure, Microsoft’s cloud-based platform, is one of the most popular choices for businesses these days. It can help your business to be more agile and future-proof.

Podcast | Can Mexico Replace China as a Manufacturing Powerhouse?

Supply Chain Brain

China is losing its luster as a low-cost source of manufacturing. Is Mexico an alternative

Blockchain Gives a Big Boost to Food and Beverage Supply Chains

All Things Supply Chain

Once a significant breakthrough in the financial industry, blockchain technology has moved into new territory, optimizing the food and beverage supply chain.