Procurement vs. Purchasing: What’s the Difference?

Logistics Bureau

The best way to understand the difference between procurement and purchasing in a business is to consider the process involved in buying a car, says Logistics Bureau’s procurement specialist, Trent Morris. Procurement First, Purchasing Follows. Procurement Analyst.

Paving the Digital Path to Purchase

Enterra Insights

The past couple of years has been a remarkable time for e-commerce as more and more consumers have discovered the digital path to purchase. Across industries and regions, people prioritized essentials and reduced impulse purchases. ” Paving the digital path to purchase (i.e.,


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Procurement vs. Purchasing: Similar but Different


Purchasing? Or procurement? Although quite similar, procurement and purchasing are two distinctive processes , and understanding the difference between them can help facilitate your organization’s success. Purchasing and Procurement at a Glance. Procurement.

Know Your Supply Chain KPIs – Procurement

Logistics Bureau

On this blog and the one published by our sister company Logistics Bureau, we often receive questions relating to metrics suitable for monitoring procurement performance. 7 Procurement KPIs You Should be Using. Emergency Purchase Rate. Purchase Order Cycle Time.

Prove ROI and Make the Business Case for Industrial Content Marketing

Speaker: Achinta Mitra, Founder and President, Tiecas Inc.

It's the plight of an industrial marketer: over the course of a 12-18 month long buying cycle, you make contact with a whole host of influencers who read your content, who may or may not actually work in purchasing. By the time the RFQ comes in, the original project might be completely different. and your initial point of contact may be long gone! Meanwhile, the purchase somehow takes place, and Sales claims all the glory. How is a marketer supposed to make the business case for better content marketing? Join Achinta Mitra, Founder and President of Tiecas, Inc, as he explains how, despite the long, grueling buying cycle, you can prove the ROI of your content marketing. and win (or keep!) buy-in from your higher-ups.

Top 16 Procurement KPIs – The Ultimate Guide


Nowadays, no one could deny that, businesses today expect procurement teams to drive value beyond cost savings. As a consequence, procurement leaders are constantly looking for ways in order to enhance their procurement process and make it more sustainable. Procurement.

A Quick Guide to Roles in Procurement

Logistics Bureau

For small companies, it is usually enough to have one person dealing with procurement but in large enterprises teams of people are needed, all with specific roles to play. The Finance Manager , on the other hand, controls the financial input and output of the procurement division.

How to Run a Purchasing Department


Having grown sufficiently, you may find your SME business now has the need for a dedicated purchasing manager – and perhaps even a purchasing department. So if you’re a business owner who is wondering how to run a purchasing department, then check out our practical guide below.

Two Types of Procurement: Project Based and Operational!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Featuring Our 12 Best Procurement Articles! Procurement operations are the backbone of every company’s supply chain. Fundamental to procurement is the acquisition of goods and services from a party that’s further up the supply chain. Project-Based Procurement.

10 Greatest Purchasing Books Ever Written

Supply Chain Opz

What are the essential purchasing books you should read? In this article, we will uncover the best purchasing books to help you get the edge over competition. Background Historically, purchasing people are considered a kind of clerical workers who are expected to perform basic tasks such as document issuance and price negotiation. Now companies of all sizes realize how purchasing can help creating competitive advantage.

28 Procurement KPIs That Optimize Supplier & Buyer Performance

Silvon Software

The past few years have created a lasting impact on the way business is conducted, driving many companies to analytics to gain the visibility they need to control and optimize key processes. The Basics of Procurement KPIs. Buyer / Procurement Department KPI s.

Sustainable Purchasing & Supply Summit 2015

Supply Chain Movement

Sustainable Purchasing & Supply Summit 2015. The first UK conference to present an holistic view of sustainable procurement and the role of the supply chain in more responsible business and government. This unique one-day forum is organised with Chartered Institute of Procurement & Supply (CIPS), providing senior executives with a strategic view of the impact of their procurement and supply chain operations on the environment and society as a whole.

The 10 Procurement Metrics that Matter in 2021


What is procurement? In simple terms business procurement is the process of locating and acquiring goods and services from external sources for the business to use. Procurement activities include planning, sourcing, and negotiation, along with risk management, legal and value analysis.

Establishing Procurement as a Competitive Advantage


In my previous posts, I looked at how to successfully launch a digital transformation and progress to best-in-class Procurement. Procurement was tasked with supporting a board level initiative to accelerate innovation and increase margins. The same applies to Procurement.

Procurement Software and Solutions

EC Sourcing Group

The process of procurement has significantly advanced in recent decades, mainly due to the internet and cloud-based applications that can help streamline the process. Why Are Procurement Software and Solutions Important? Procurement Software and Solutions: eSourcing vs. eProcurement.

Procurement Software and Solutions

EC Sourcing Group

The process of procurement has significantly advanced in recent decades, mainly due to the internet and cloud-based applications that can help streamline the process. Why Are Procurement Software and Solutions Important? Procurement Software and Solutions: eSourcing vs. eProcurement.

In Search of Procurement’s North Star!

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Featuring Our 12 Best Procurement Articles! Procurement’s North Star article and permission to publish here provided by Sam Jenks. What exactly are you and your procurement team working towards? What is Procurement’s North Star Metric? Subscribe Here!

51st Symposium Purchasing and Logistics

Supply Chain Movement

51st Symposium Purchasing and Logistics. en/all-events/51st-symposium-purchasing-and-logistics/. This is why the 51 st Symposium will cover issues on the following topics: Purchasing 2030: thinking out of the box. The value contribution of purchasing: enhancing success. Lowering costs and increasing quality: mastering the balancing act. e-Solutions and business analytics: leveraging digitalisation. Benchmarking with purchasing and SCM peers.

What’s the Difference Between Direct vs Indirect Procurement?


What does Procurement mean? However, this is somewhat of an oversimplification of what the modern, best in class procurement organizations do for the larger business or organization. Procurement can and should be a significant value generator for the larger organization.

What is Procurement v Purchasing

Logistics Bureau

In this 8-minutes video, Trent Morris will answer these following questions that are certainly very helpful for those confused between the difference of Procurement and Purchasing. What’s the difference between Procurement and Purchasing? Is Procurement a good career?

Why Supply Chain Managers & Procurement Should Collaborate


The roles of logistics and procurement in an efficient supply chain cannot be overstated. According to Paul Myerson , reports Industry Week, up 70 percent of a company’s costs come from procurement and logistics operations. However, both logistics and procurement often become isolated in modern companies, resulting in inefficient practices and a sluggish production value. Supply Chain Managers and Procurement Professionals Avoid the Conversation.

Get the Procurement Analytics Advantage with SAP S/4HANA


Did you know that advanced analytics, when used in lieu of traditional statistical models, can help procurement departments increase cost efficiency by 3-8%? [1]. Procurement leaders are increasingly turning to SAP S/4HANA as their solution of choice.

Purchase Price Variance (PPV)! A Profit or Loss Opportunity?

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Featuring Our 12 Best Procurement Articles! Purchase Price Variance, or PPV, is a common term in the realm of Purchasing/Procurement and Finance. For some, PPV is a mechanical metric only, measured and reported on but without any further attention paid to it.



How to effectively manage risk in procurement? Risk management in procurement. However, in procurement, the last thing you want is a risk. That’s why managing risk in procurement is essential. Ineffective reporting and non-compliance. E-Procurement Software

Purchasing & Supply Management: What We Should Teach (Guest Post by Lydia Bals)

SCM Research

Today’s guest post comes from Lydia Bals, who presents project PERFECT’s recent insights on competences in purchasing & supply management. Professional purchasing & supply management (PSM) forms the link between a complex network of internal and external stakeholders with increasing international dependencies and performance requirements. Teaching Procurement Report Supply Chain Management

KPIs That Purchasing Executives Need

Silvon Software

Companies that focus on strategic sourcing can generate substantial economic value not just by eliminating waste, reducing costs and improving administrative efficiency, but also by building stronger supplier relationships that can make them more competitive, profitable and nimble. There are many valuable metrics that can help you better assess your company’s performance at the sourcing / procurement level. These metrics are noted in the following sections below.

Reimagining How You Purchase Transportation

CH Robinson Transportfolio

We recently announced our latest innovation, Procure IQ™ , which reimagines the way shippers purchase transportation. Developed inside our innovation incubator Robinson Labs , Procure IQ uses predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and C.H.

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Digital Procurement!

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Digital Procurement article, and permission to publish here, provided by Sam Jenks at It’s important that procurement teams take into account the new risk reality and challenges that face them, their organizations and their value chains. Operational procurement?

Procurement and Supply Chain are Smarter Together – Practical Use Cases

Logistics Viewpoints

In a previous post , I made a case for how the Chief Supply Chain Officer (CSCO) and Chief Procurement Officer (CPO) are smarter together. Accordingly Supply Chain and Procurement will need continuous collaboration. Procurement Supply Chain Planning

Cloud Procurement: All You Need to Know


If you're reading this now, then you’ve probably noticed how outdated traditional procurement systems recede into the past and are replaced by new modern solutions. What is Cloud Procurement? These services include: Software; Analytics; Networking; Data storage; Servers and more.

Procurement Interview Questions & Answers

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Procurement, or Purchasing, is an area of Supply Chain that involves and requires very specific skills and expertise. This is particularly apparent if you are hiring a Procurement professional, you are looking for a Procurement job, you are looking to outsource anything, or you are dealing with Procurement people in the course of conducting business. Check out this list of 25 Procurement and Purchasing questions and answers. Subscribe Here!

Delivering efficiency and performance with digital procurement software


Managing procurement processes and supply chains can be strenuous for many organizations. Resilient supply chains and efficient eProcurement software are what make the recent trends in procurement complete. Why choosing the right digital procurement software is crucial?

Hey Procurement! It’s Time to SELL!

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The Procurement, or Purchasing, function is considered by many to be a necessary but non-strategic part of any organization. But there is a profoundly significant Procurement value chain. Procurement is strategic! Now is the time for Procurement to SELL!

Relieving Consumer Pain Points on the Digital Path to Purchase

Enterra Insights

As Tom Standage ( @tomstandage ), editor of The Economist ‘s ‘ The World in 2021 ‘, reminds us, the digital path to purchase is increasingly becoming the customer journey of choice. ”[2] Were that survey conducted today, I suspect an even larger number of consumers would report losing confidence in the supply chain. ”[3] They predict most of the growth in digital channels will be from “younger people joining the ranks of digital users.”

Part I: Bridging the Gap between Procurement and Finance. A New Vision for Amrest


Part I: Bridging the Gap between Procurement and Finance. To achieve their long-term goals, they needed to bridge the gap between their procurement and finance teams. . Let’s start with their business model and current challenges.