What is Multimodal Shipping?


Multimodal shipping represents how companies can find new value within their supply chains and augment efficiency without dramatically increasing landed costs. The post What is Multimodal Shipping? Freight multimodal shipping

Challenges in Multimodal Shipping Management


And more companies are turning to multimodal shipping management as an alternative to sticking with a single-mode. The post Challenges in Multimodal Shipping Management appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Freight multimodal shipping management


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Shipping stocks hammered as China fears intensify

The Supply Chain Journal

As China goes, so goes ocean shipping. China is pivotal to dry bulk and tanker shipping markets on the demand side and to container shipping on the supply side. Shipping shares plunged along with the rest of the stock market. Dry bulk shipping. Tanker shipping.

The Biggest Container Ships in 2021

All Things Supply Chain

Since the recent blockade in the Suez Canal, it has put large container ships into the spotlight. While the stuck cargo ship “Ever Given” is one of the biggest ships… General container ship container ships shipping supply chain

How much do shoppers care about eco-friendly shipping?

Sifted ran a survey to determine consumer attitudes towards eco-friendly shipping and packaging. We gained valuable insight into how it affects buying decisions, if they'll pay more for eco-friendly shipping, and much more.

Inflation alert: Container ship owners see boom through 2022

The Supply Chain Journal

Unprecedented demand for container ships will not end anytime soon, according to executives of companies that rent vessels to ocean carriers. Managers of container-ship leasing companies (so-called tonnage providers) spoke during Capital Link’s New York Maritime Forum on Wednesday.

Truckload Shipping Seasons

Freight Center

In the freight shipping and logistics industry, there are different seasons, so to speak. Understanding truckload shipping seasons can help you optimize your supply chain and plan ahead for busier months when capacity is tighter. Freight Shipping & Logistics Truckload Shipping

What is the Ship Recycling Transparency Initiative?

The Supply Chain Journal

Two of the worst ship recycling practices are using manual labor instead of automation and releasing parts of ships into the tidal zone, according to Andrew Stephens, Sustainable Shipping Initiative (SSI) executive director. Ship recycling is an end-of-life industry.

Ship game

The Supply Chain Journal

On today’s episode Dooner and The Dude are talking to Xeneta CEO and co-founder Patrik Berglund about the data behind the shipping crisis. How long will shippers be battling one another for capacity like contestants in a Squid Game?

Power crisis deepens in Asia and Europe: What it means to shipping

The Supply Chain Journal

How could this affect ocean shipping? For commodity shipping — dry bulk, liquefied natural gas (LNG) and possibly oil tankers — it’s a recipe for higher rates. Container shipping. Dry bulk shipping. LNG shipping. Tanker shipping.

Asia 83

Smarter Networks for Customer Fulfillment

Speaker: Hannah Testani, COO, Intelligent Audit

You've probably noticed that shipping costs are going up. Have you ever wondered if your transportation spend is as optimized as it could be? It's 2019, and consumers are expecting shipping to be cheap and quick, but that can turn into a real headache from the shipper's side of the equation if you don't make the appropriate changes. But what changes do you even need to make? Join Hannah Testani, COO of Intelligent Audit, as she takes us through the reasons why your shipping could cost so much, and how to use big data and digital transformation to move the needle on your transportation spend.

Shipping stocks hit fresh highs amid COVID-era supply chain chaos

The Supply Chain Journal

The mainstream press is now awash in articles on global supply chain breakdowns, exorbitant shipping costs, clogged ports , emptying store shelves and rising inflation. That’s good news for sentiment toward many (but not all) ocean shipping stocks.

China port congestion falls sharply, trans-Pacific shipping rates retreat

The Supply Chain Journal

24, there were 153 container ships at anchor off the ports of Shanghai and Ningbo , according to data from Denmark-based eeSea. On Monday, eeSea data showed 81 container ships at anchor off the two ports, a decline of 47% in just two-and-a-half weeks.

China 83

LCL: A Shipping Solution for Today’s Global Logistics Market

CH Robinson Logistics

Less-than-container load (LCL) shipping has become part of the solution design to many supply chain challenges. LCL shipping provides shippers with cost and time savings as they face longer wait times at ports along with more last-minute-change needs, based on disruption and delays.

Record shattered: 61 container ships stuck waiting off California

The Supply Chain Journal

The number of container ships at anchor or drifting in San Pedro Bay off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has now blown through all previous records and is rising by the day. While designated anchorages are limited, the space for ships to safely drift offshore is not.

Key Questions for a Successful Distribution Network

Speaker: Irina Rosca, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Helix

As we plan for the world of eCommerce and the customer expectation of quick, free shipping, our ability to forecast is turned on its head. How many distribution centers do we even need, and is that number feasible?

How to Pack and Ship for Temperature-Controlled Shipping

Freight Center

Whether it’s really cold or hotter than the hinges, temperature-controlled shipping plays a vital role in the supply chain. Let’s go over some tips on how to pack and ship for temperature-controlled shipping. Freight Shipping & Logistics LTL Shipping Freight Preparation

Global shipping congestion calls for greater visibility

The Supply Chain Journal

As the global shipping community wades further into a digital environment, reliance upon visibility tools has reached new heights. Capacity has just about reached its limit on the global stage as shippers and importers continue to brave exorbitant rates and ever-increasing tightness.

Logistyx Technologies Talks Parcel Shipping, Holidays, and Returns

Logistics Viewpoints

In our conversation, Ken spoke about some of the findings from a recent survey Logistyx conducted on cross-border holiday spending, as well as some larger trends around the state of parcel shipping. Fourth, what are some industry-specific trends for parcel shipping?

Container shipping’s ‘hockey stick’: Liner profits just keep on climbing

The Supply Chain Journal

Newly released financial and operating reports for Q3 2021 by Matson (NYSE: MATX ), Cosco and OOIL show container shipping in full-on hockey-stick mode. Not so in container shipping, at least so far. Matson is one of two container shipping carriers with U.S.-listed

What Happens When Machine Learning Meets Ocean Shipping?

Read how Unilever developed a first-of-its-kind digital Control Tower with ClearMetal that provides extremely accurate real-time visibility across their sea freight operations.

Container sector is so hot that ships rent for $200,000/day

The Supply Chain Journal

To rent a 12-year-old container ship for a mere three months, it could cost you a lot more than that: as much as 68 new Ferraris. A classic Panamax is a container ship with capacity of 4,000-5,000 TEUs.). Its upcoming charter will cover 67%-80% of the 19-year-old ship’s value.

2021 Has Felt Like One Big Peak Season: A Global Shipping Market Update

CH Robinson Logistics

Supply chain disruptions that consist of port and terminal congestion, shipping delays due to high cargo volumes, lack of labor due to Covid-19 and limited space have caused a myriad of challenges for shippers. Ocean Shipping. Air Shipping.

In a Turbulent Freight Shipping Market, our Experts Answer your 7 Top Questions

CH Robinson Logistics

webinar of 2021, my colleagues and I provided analysis on today’s leading freight shipping topics, including the potential impact of the U.S. We answered questions live, but there were many great freight shipping questions submitted that we didn’t have time to address.

Shipping During Hurricane Season

Freight Center

As we know, when it comes to keeping your small business shipping smoothly, it’s important to have a plan, including a disaster recovery plan. Here are some tips for shipping during hurricane season to help you protect your shipments and make sure your customers’ needs are met.

Industry 4.0: Are You Ready?

The supply chain is moving towards automation - and even awareness - that will change how products are ordered, manufactured, shipped and consumed. Are you ready?

How Auditing Invoices Reduces Total Container Shipping Costs

Intelligent Audit

The state of ocean freight continues to evolve in the wake of peak season, approaching holiday shipping deadlines , and ongoing disruptions. Why Invoicing Errors Are More Likely in Ocean Shipping. Increase Control Over Ocean Freight Shipping Costs With Intelligent Audit.

Container shipping’s stranger-than-fiction first half of 2021

The Supply Chain Journal

If the story of shipping’s first half were published as fiction, a critic might say: “Wildly inventive but highly implausible. There’s an unprecedented boom in shipping demand. Ships spill tens of millions of dollars’ worth of cargo into the ocean ( story here ).

Peak Shipping Season Update: What’s Driving Change in the Industry?


The long and unpredictable peak shipping season continues to challenge supply chains. What’s Happening in the Peak Shipping Season Market? A few factors impacting peak shipping season this year include: A longer peak season. Download the Report: 2021 Peak Shipping Season Survey.

Investor scores a fortune selling container ships named after Patriots

The Supply Chain Journal

New York and Connecticut investment funds rushed into shipping in the decade after the financial crisis, believing they’d make a killing buying low and selling high. Ship brokerage Compass Maritime called it “one of the most remarkable asset plays in recent memory.”

US, China, Europe grapple with container shipping bottlenecks

The Supply Chain Journal

The world’s largest regulatory agencies overseeing international container trades met remotely to discuss rampant supply chain disruptions as carriers and their customers brace for more turmoil during the fall peak shipping season.

Ocean freight shipping exchange Nyshex nets $15M in latest round

The Supply Chain Journal

Facilitator of two-way committed ocean contracts New York Shipping Exchange (Nyshex) announced Wednesday it has raised $15 million in a recent funding round.

The Shipping Container Impact on Inflation


But as consumer spending shifted from services to goods nearly a year ago, demand for ocean freight has consistently outpaced container ship capacity, pushing freight rates to record highs. . The post The Shipping Container Impact on Inflation appeared first on Freightos.

How to Choose the Right Shipping Boxes!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Right shipping boxes article and permission to publish here provided by Dan Martin. Choosing the right kind of shipping boxes may be more complicated than you think. These boxes should be able to withhold the external factors during shipping. Shipping Mode and Costs.

Shipping lines come out swinging in high-profile profiteering case

The Supply Chain Journal

Shipping Act. The accused liner companies — China’s Cosco and Switzerland-based Mediterranean Shipping Co.— MCS alleged that in May-July, Mediterranean Shipping Co. Shortly after the complaint was filed, Mediterranean Shipping Co. Mediterranean Shipping Co.

Wolves and ships

Supply Chain Movement

Instead, for me the start-ups and scale-ups are more like ships and yachts that have to withstand the gigantic waves of the economy, just like the large container ships and oil tankers do as they sail the seas. The post Wolves and ships appeared first on Supply Chain Movement.