The Supply Chain Brief Summer Reading List

We reached out to some of our favorite supply chain thought leaders to get the word on must-read titles this summer. We recommend you bookmark this page - no matter whether you make your way through the list during the summer, fall, or winter, it's filled with helpful resources to integrate into your work in 2019.


The Living Supply Chain, Robert Handfield and Tom Linton.

”Our book The LIVING Supply Chain is a great book to get people thinking differently about real time data and cultural shifts needed to adapt!” - Rob Handfield, PHD

Non-Bullshit Innovation, David Rowan.

“Our supply chain book discussion group is currently reading Non-Bullshit Innovation by David Rowan. Rowan travels around the world and interviews a variety of ‘disruptors’ while cutting through all the jargon associated with innovation. Rowan discusses such topics as the rise of business incubators, ecosystems and turning products into services. It’s well worth the read for those in supply chains across all industries.” - Cathy Morrow Roberson


Supply Chain as a Service (SCaaS)!, Mike Mortson.

”You have probably heard of Software as a Service (or SaaS), which can also be referred to as On-Demand Software. But in our current digital age, it is important to start thing of SCaaS, or Supply Chain as a Service" - Emily Murphy

Imagining the Supply Chain of the Future!, Mike Mortson.

Why is Supply Chain Such a Great Career Path?, Mike Mortson.