What Is Supply Chain Visibility?


What is supply chain visibility? Supply chain visibility involves leveraging the latest track-and-trace technologies and software platforms to gain 100% transparency into dozens of activities that take place from end-to-end. what is supply chain visibility

What is Supply Chain Visibility and Why Isn’t It Enough?

Logistics Viewpoints

In a survey of 150 global manufacturing executives, 47% committed to improving supply chain visibility and tracking. According to the Global Supply Chain Disruption and Future Strategies Survey Report, this goal was the top-ranked planned tool investment.


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Five Technological Advances that Will Transform Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Visibility

Talking Logistics

The global manufacturing and distribution of pharmaceuticals and the regulatory requirements of countries have always made pharmaceutical supply chains a challenge. Read more Five Technological Advances that Will Transform Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Visibility.

Supply chain visibility: The key to growth


The need for supply chain visibility is greater than ever, yet only half of the executives surveyed say they have the visibility they need to make decisions and mitigate risk. Your supply chain plays a key role: getting your product to market with excellent quality, in the quantity needed, at the right price, with the right design. Supply chain visibility. So what does end-to-end visibility mean?

Ocean Supply Chain Visibility: Adapting and Thriving in a Rapidly Changing Global Economy

Building off of the lessons and challenges of 2020, what are global businesses and supply chains doing in 2021 to go beyond survival and truly thrive?

What Is Supply Chain Visibility and Why Is It Important?

River Logic

When these events are analyzed, it’s not unusual to discover that companies were caught off guard because of poor supply chain visibility. Supply Chain Excellence Supply chain analytics Supply Chain Planning supply chain visibility

Supply Chain Visibility – An Overcomplicated Challenge!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Supply Chain Visibility Has Never Been More Important! Supply Chain visibility article and permission to publish here provided by Adam Miglio. appeared first on Supply Chain Game Changer™.

How Shippers Can Unlock True Supply Chain Visibility


It is especially challenging to make sense of the overwhelming amount of data supply chains are producing as operations ramp up to match demand. […]. The post How Shippers Can Unlock True Supply Chain Visibility appeared first on Kuebix.

Complete Supply Chain Visibility with Trimble Visibility in Kuebix TMS


Supply chain visibility is the ability to view each aspect of the supply chain in detail as moves are being planned, alerts are sent and real-time adjustments are made. Blog TMS Trimble Visibility kuebix tms Supply Chain Transportation Industry Trimble Visibility

Tive & Reuters Webinar: Humanization of Supply Chain Visibility


With all the hype around the need for real-time data and end-to-end supply chain visibility in today’s competitive landscape, has the value of culture and people taken a back seat in logistics? Supply Chain Visibility

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Supply Chain Visibility

Today’s environment spotlights the significance and importance of real-time supply chain visibility. What are the barriers? What’s the solution? Gain insight to respond quickly to marketplace events and take actions that ensure supply chain performance.

Supply Chain Visibility Solved via Trackers, Software & Service


Of all the benefits supply chain visibility affords, greater control is undoubtedly one of the most important. With many unseen, moving pieces in supply chains, professionals need to know shipments are proceeding with an adequate degree of precision.

Meet the crisis with end-to-end Supply Chain Visibility

Prophetic Technology

The current pandemic affecting our daily life demands an end-to-end Supply Chain (SC) Visibility. supply chain visibility

Roambee and Transporeon Partner to Improve Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Brain

a sensor-driven supply chain visibility provider, and Transporeon GmbH, a digital freight platform, announced their partnership to unite carrier telematics visibility through Sixfold and high-fidelity, multimodal shipment visibility via Roambee’s platform

How Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration Build Flexibility and Resiliency


The shocks of early 2020 hit the freight management and logistics supply chain hard. The right technology can help freight managers see what’s going on throughout the chain. Supply chain visibility and collaboration come into play and makes a world of difference.

Cognitive Manufacturing: 4 Strategic Pillars That Drive Successful Outcomes

Manufacturers are eagerly embracing Industry 4.0 to gain end-to-end supply chain visibility, reduce OpEx spend, improve asset health and accelerate time to market. Explore the 4 strategic pillars that drive successful cognitive manufacturing outcomes.

Supply Chain Visibility: Beyond “Where’s My Truck?”

Talking Logistics

I’ve been an industry analyst for over 20 years and achieving timely and accurate supply chain visibility has always been — and continues to be — a top priority for companies across all industries. It’s an ongoing challenge because supply chains continue to get more fragmented, more global, and more dynamic. But the value proposition of supply chain visibility goes beyond answering those questions.

CalAmp temperature sensor boosts pharma and bio supply chain visibility

The Supply Chain Journal

As the supply chain becomes increasingly complex, technology is growing more sophisticated to keep up. The new tech figures to be a boon to supply chain visibility for pharmaceuticals, vaccines and biological materials.

Outside-In Supply Chain Visibility

Enterra Insights

For years supply chain consultant Lora Cecere (@lcecere) has been telling companies that they need to create supply chain visibility … Continued The post Outside-In Supply Chain Visibility appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Best Practices Business Supply Chain

The Financial Dimension of Supply Chain Visibility

Talking Logistics

Obtaining more timely, accurate, and complete supply chain visibility remains a top priority for many companies, but there’s a dimension of supply chain visibility that sometimes gets overlooked: financial visibility. What is financial visibility from a supply chain perspective? What are the biggest blind spots companies have related to financial visibility? Live Episode: Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 12:00 ET.

End to End Supply Chain Visibility - Solving The Data Problem

JDA’s Roadmap for Supply Chain Visibility

Logistics Viewpoints

In particular, would this change their roadmap for supply chain visibility? Supply chain visibility has become hot, as multinationals again begin to explore supply chain control towers. For JDA, not unexpectedly, much of the initial roadmap for visibility has been focused on their transportation management system (TMS) solution because ensuring on time shipments […]. Supply Chain Visibility JDA TMS visibility

A Fresh Look at Supply Chain Visibility

Logistics Viewpoints

In ARC‘s recent Supply Chain Visibility & Collaboration Study, we found that the supply chain visibility & collaboration market is the fastest growing supply chain market. Over a year ago, ARC started to come across large corporations investing in supply chain control towers as a way of taking their supply chain program to the next level.

Building Resiliency Through Supply Chain Visibility

Supply Chain Brain

Since we can expect disruption to be a constant part of supply chain management, organizations need to build resilient supply chains that are ready for anything A pandemic. A cargo ship catastrophe in the Suez Canal. Shortages across industries.

What is Supply Chain Visibility?

C3 Solutions

This is an excerpt from C3's White Paper: " Supply chain visibility: Illuminating the path to responsive, agile operations " by Gregory Braun Senior, vice-president, C3 Solutions. Yard Management dock scheduling C3 Solutions what is supply chain visibility

How Automation in the Supply Chain Will Make Employees More Strategic & Improve the Overall Supply Chain

Speaker: Adam Robinson, Director of Marketing, Cerasis

In this educational webinar, Adam Robinson from Cerasis, a leading North American Transportation Management Solutions Company, will address how automation in the supply chain is allowing companies to empower their employees with a more strategic work flow aiding in overall collaboration with peers across departments, improved business operations, more efficient manufacturing, a healthier corporate culture, and more visibility to data and processes providing the ability to gain actionable insights that lead towards actions that impact the company’s bottom line.

How to Use Big Data to Improve Supply Chain Visibility

Talking Logistics

According to a July 2014 supply chain research study from Accenture focused on Big Data and supply chain risk management, most organizations have high hopes for using big data analytics in their supply chain but many have had challenges in deploying it. Let’s explore some of the technology changes that organizations should consider as they align their corporate goals and objectives to utilize big data to improve their end-to-end supply chain visibility.

Next-Generation Supply Chain Visibility

Talking Logistics

If supply chain and logistics executives were granted one wish to make their work lives easier and more productive, most of them would probably say, “I wish I had end-to-end supply chain visibility.” Why has end-to-end supply chain visibility been so difficult to achieve? Supply Chain Visibility: The Elusive Goal. If end-to-end supply chain visibility has been a goal for so long, why has achieving it been so elusive? “It’s

Supply Chain Visibility Starts with Product Master Data


In this blog, we’ll argue that the optimization of item-level visibility actually starts with Product Master Data (PMD

With Intelligent Supply Chains Visibility Takes the Backseat


Many if not most supply chain leaders are in search of better visibility. S&OP solutions have become popular to enable such visibility however, they fail to provide the best options. To be able to know all the options, one needs an accurate model of the supply chain.

Industry leaders chart future of supply chain visibility

The Supply Chain Journal

All of this is fantastic for consumers, but it puts huge pressure on supply chains to meet those flexible expectations. Not only are supply chain professionals contending with the tall task of personalizing the delivery process, but they’re also dealing with rebounding global demand.

Deploying Effective Inbound Supply Chain Visibility


In the inbound supply chain, effective collaboration is a must to speed the physical movement of goods, and the flow of information. Lack of real-time visibility may result in higher stock levels, longer cycle time, delayed border crossings, and more. Read how Descartes can help to unlock ‘silos’ of information trapped in supplier, broker, and customer systems to enable end-to-end communicate across the inbound supply chain

The Financial Dimension of Supply Chain Visibility [Episode Highlights]

Talking Logistics

Supply chain visibility and big data are hot topics and everyone is trying to figure out how to extract and analyze the data they have for better visibility and decision making. Financial data and visibility into the costs associated with shipping are critical to improving corporate financial performance. Let’s start with a basic question: what is financial visibility from a supply chain perspective?

Three Benefits of Supply Chain Visibility for Your Business


In this blog Geoff shows us 3 major benefits of supply chain visibility for your business. Why isn’t your supply chain linked and sharing in the same way? The industry has been harping on supply chain silos for more than a decade, but they’re still common. Most supply chains today still have some areas that aren’t connected, and data is walled off, which harms the ability of all companies involved to understand their operations fully.

What’s wrong with supply chain visibility?

DELMIA Quintiq

There on the screen in front of us is a supply chain director’s dream come true: end-to-end visibility. ‘ This isn’t the first time a visibility initiative has failed to live up to the hype. Many companies treat visibility as a kind of silver bullet. For example, if you have five trucks and you can see that one truck is blocking the others, of course visibility helps. Visibility tells you what’s happening in the present.

Improving Global Supply Chain Visibility through the Open Visibility Network (OVN)


The push for end-to-end global supply chain visibility has been steadily building for much of the past decade. However, the velocity of the movement to create visibility platforms has reached warp speed in recent years. Global Supply Chain Visibility