Supply chain visibility: The key to growth

The 21st Century Supply Chain

The need for supply chain visibility is greater than ever, yet only half of the executives surveyed say they have the visibility they need to make decisions and mitigate risk. Supply chain visibility. So what does end-to-end visibility mean?

Seeing is Achieving When it Comes to Supply Chain Visibility

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Meranda Powers Supply chain visibility has become a pretty well used term in the industry lately, almost obtaining buzzword status. On the down side, some of that information is providing a very narrow view of what supply chain visibility is.

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How Advancements in Technology are Facilitating Supply Chain Visibility

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While in some ways obtaining supply chain visibility has gotten more difficult over the years, due to globalization, outsourcing, product proliferation, and other factors, in other ways it has gotten easier thanks to advancements in technology.

Supply Chain Visibility: A Precursor to Insight and Optimization

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As digitization continues to modify the global supply chain landscape, its unprecedented data sources and solutions will lead to not only the demise of disparate information systems, but to the rise of true, end-to-end, supply chain visibility.

Supply Chain Visibility: An Important Piece of the Logistics Puzzle

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Do you feel there are gaping holes in your supply chain or between your execution systems? Supply chain visibility could help alleviate some of your pains and drive bottom line benefits. Supply chain visibility enables you to perform “what-if” scenarios.

Manufacturers Must Seek Better Supply Chain Visibility


For manufacturers, key functions such as sourcing and supplier management have become more challenging as the result of increasing supply chain complexity. One area that manufacturers need to focus on is improving supply chain visibility.

How to Use Big Data to Improve Supply Chain Visibility

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According to a July 2014 supply chain research study from Accenture focused on Big Data and supply chain risk management, most organizations have high hopes for using big data analytics in their supply chain but many have had challenges in deploying it. Let’s explore some of the technology changes that organizations should consider as they align their corporate goals and objectives to utilize big data to improve their end-to-end supply chain visibility.

New Technology is Providing New Forms of Supply Chain Visibility

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There’s no doubt that technology has forever changed business practices – and the supply chain is no exception. Visibility into the supply chain is a crucial function of any business, and is particularly important in logistics and transportation.

Why Supply Chain Visibility Isn’t Enough

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Visibility is a buzzword in the logistics environment; it represents the real-time status of supply chain processes. Nancy Marino, from Columbus Consulting, believes that today's businesses need to go beyond visibility to full transparency. In her interview to SupplyChainBrain , she claims that consumers want to know where their order is at every point in the supply chain and that requires more than supply chain visibility.

Nimble Storage Inc. – End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility: Dream or Reality? SupplyChainBrain & Kinaxis Video Series

The 21st Century Supply Chain

offers his view on how far companies have come in crafting supply chains that are truly transparent and demand-driven. Watch now: End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility: Dream or Reality? How Anritsu Achieved End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility.

Improving Supply Chain Visibility

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“I need supply chain visibility,” remarked the client over coffee at a break at a conference. It was clear to me that improving supply chain visibility would greatly improve the client’s decision making. Visibility solutions need to work for both parties.

Top 3 Supply Chain Visibility Necessities… As Best Explained by Our Customers

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Lori Smith Supply chain visibility… ah, yes, possibly the most over used term in the industry. Multi-Enterprise – For visibility to be truly insightful, it must be all inclusive. but also of visibility between companies.

The Financial Dimension of Supply Chain Visibility [Episode Highlights]

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Supply chain visibility and big data are hot topics and everyone is trying to figure out how to extract and analyze the data they have for better visibility and decision making. Financial data and visibility into the costs associated with shipping are critical to improving corporate financial performance. Let’s start with a basic question: what is financial visibility from a supply chain perspective?

5 Secrets to Master Supply Chain Visibility

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The 3 main goals of supply chain visibility are 1) to reduce business and supply chain threats, 2) to improve performance and service, 3) and to identify inefficiencies and opportunities in the supply chain. However, supply chain visibility is limited.

Supply Chain Visibility and the Bottom-line


Visibility Matte rs. Reducing the Risk of Supply Chain Disruptions. Surveys have shown that while managers appreciate the impact of supply chain disruptions, they have done very little to prevent such incidents or mitigate their impacts.

Supply Chain Visibility: Chasing the Big Picture

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Increasing supply chain visibility offers shippers and logistics service providers valuable insights and enables them to anticipate events

Moving Beyond Supply Chain Visibility to Continuous Decision Making

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The following is a guest post from our friend Jan-Willem Adrian, VP Global Supply Chain & Business Development at ActiveViam. Yard Management Dock Appointment Scheduling C3 Solutions SaaS Supply Chain Management Systems SaaS supply chain systems

JDA’s Roadmap for Supply Chain Visibility

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In particular, would this change their roadmap for supply chain visibility? Supply chain visibility has become hot, as multinationals again begin to explore supply chain control towers. For JDA, not unexpectedly, much of the initial roadmap for visibility has been focused on their transportation management system (TMS) solution because ensuring on time shipments […]. Supply Chain Visibility JDA TMS visibility

Supply Chain Visibility Series: Sidelining the Silos


However, supply chain businesses are even more interdependent than most, creating an additional reliance on information. Sign up for our Supply Chain in Motion newsletter to stay up-to-date with the latest news and industry developments.

Consumers Demand Supply Chain Visibility Now more than Ever


They are demanding more visibility from big brands, asking questions like why shelves are empty and when new stocks will be available. Supply chain visibility changes the expectations of consumers. Most of them are unaware of large, unwieldly supply chains.

7 Ways to Improve Supply Chain Visibility

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In recent years, the auto-id technology such as bar code and RFID together with the electronic data transmission are considered the holy grail of supply chain visibility. Background Nobody knows exactly how the visibility concept was developed.

Outside-In Supply Chain Visibility

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For years supply chain consultant Lora Cecere (@lcecere) has been telling companies that they need to create supply chain visibility … Continued The post Outside-In Supply Chain Visibility appeared first on Enterra Solutions.

Overcoming the Challenges to Achieving End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Their current visibility capabilities are most likely departmental or functional and focus separately on data and processes for planning and execution.” Stage 5 also entails achieving visibility across supply chain planning and execution.

Why is Logistics Management Important?

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Logistics Supply Chain Visibility TMS

Supply Chain Visibility Not Just a Requirement for the C-Suite, But a Responsibility in Management


Transparent supply chain management and effective supply chain visibility is a critical tool in a company’s continued growth and successful brand image. 4 Main Supply Chain Visibility Trends Driving Change. Supply Chain

Supply Chain Visibility Series: Collaborate for Greater Transparency


In the previous post in our Supply Chain Visibility series, we looked at how end-to-end visibility across the supply chain, encompassing suppliers, logistics partners and the end customer is the only way to ensure you have the complete picture. . With a complex, global supply chain, it is highly unlikely that you house all shipment data and the complete real-time picture of your logistics supply chain within your own organization. .

The Five A’s of Supply Chain Visibility


Global supply chains continue to expand and evolve, accelerating the pace of change and resulting in more partners to collaborate with and greater volumes of data to manage. To ensure the high levels of visibility and agility needed to keep the supply chain moving, it’s essential that the manufacturers, retailers, LSPs and freight forwarders harness critical data – and utilize it to think and act proactively in managing issues that arise.

Supply Chain Visibility and the Bottom-line

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Inventory improvements efficiencies translate into improved financial metrics

Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration – How ERP Falls Short


Unsurprisingly more than two-thirds (68%) of the participants said streamlining the supply chain is the highest priority for discrete manufacturing companies. The post Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration – How ERP Falls Short appeared first on Synchrono.

Building Blocks of Supply Chain Visibility

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While the issues you encounter managing your supply chain on a daily basis are seldom this extreme, you need visibility to actionable information that allows you to predict disruptions or delays and make course changes […]. If you see an iceberg coming and don’t react quickly or appropriately, you may become the subject of a major motion picture. And, although the soundtrack was nice, the results were not so stellar for the people on the boat.

How Anritsu Achieved End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility – SupplyChainBrain & Kinaxis Video Series

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In this interview, hear Dave Stenfort, director of operations with Anritsu, speak about how the company achieved visibility of inventory and improved control over critical parts in its manufacturing supply chain. Its top supply-chain priority is responsiveness, says Stenfort. The company is also working closely with its R&D group to fit new products into existing supply-chain processes.

Move Over RFID: The Promise of Real ‘Supply Chain Visibility’ Has Arrived

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Despite the hype, it turns out that RFID was only the beginning, the promise of end-to-end supply chain visibility that began years ago with RFID is now being realized through new, predictive tools for accessing and using supply chain data, and it’s giving early adopters an edge

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Using Descriptive Analytics to Improve Supply Chain Visibility for Variability, Velocity, Volume, and Variety.


In this guest blog series titled: “Memoirs of a Black Belt,” Stephen Boyd a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt and 30-year supply chain veteran, shares his insights on achieving higher levels of performance using data from existing systems. Using Descriptive Analytics to Improve Supply Chain Visibility for Variability, Velocity, Volume, and Variety. ©2017 " Supply Chain Link Blog - Arkieva " Use of this feed is for personal non-commercial use only.

End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility – Could it be Just Around the Corner?


Supply chain visibility is hardly a new topic. Honest replies to questions about the degree and quality of supply chain visibility in place tend to include the words ‘limited’ or ‘patchy’ at best – ‘non-existent’ at worst.

Survey Report: Where Organizations Are Lacking End-to-End Supply Chain Visibility


Far too many organizations are simply operating without visibility to what's actually happening throughout the supply chain. supply chain advancement supply chain insights supply chain consulting

Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #3 Not having end-to-end supply chain visibility

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Not having end-to-end supply chain visibility. Over the years, working for and with numerous manufacturing companies, I’ve seen many supply chain practices that cost companies money. You are a supply chain leader. by John Westerveld.

Supply-chain Visibility: Why it Still Leaves Decision Makers in the Dark

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How a logistics data refinery can improve supply chain visibility and analytics

The Financial Dimension of Supply Chain Visibility

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Obtaining more timely, accurate, and complete supply chain visibility remains a top priority for many companies, but there’s a dimension of supply chain visibility that sometimes gets overlooked: financial visibility. What is financial visibility from a supply chain perspective? What are the biggest blind spots companies have related to financial visibility? Live Episode: Tuesday, October 7, 2014 at 12:00 ET.

GM Supplier Factory Explosion: Thoughts on Supply Chain Visibility and Responsibility

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Zhongron supplies aluminum alloy wheel hubs to another company, Citic Dicastal Wheel Manufacturing Co., Here’s the way I think about it: you can’t aspire to have end-to-end supply chain visibility, which is what every manufacturer and retailer wants in order to become more agile and responsive, without also accepting end-to-end responsibility. This is by no means an easy task, especially for companies like GM with complex, global supply chains.

Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration – How ERP Falls Short

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TR Cutler, Inc. Market Research (TMR) just released the results of a survey conducted in the first two weeks of February, 2017; the respondents were all discrete manufacturers and all held VP or C-level titles