The Ultimate Guide to a 3PL Business


In this blog, they discuss everything you need to know about a 3PL business. What is 3PL? There are several definitions of 3PL. Third party logistics (3PL) refers to a business that provides one or several logistics related services. 3PL Services: What is Provided? .

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The Biggest Mistake When Selecting a 3PL

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Here’s my one-sentence review: If you’re getting ready to select a 3PL partner for the first time, or want to improve the way you currently select and manage your 3PLs, this paper is a must read and helpful resource. This echoes what I hear repeatedly from 3PL executives.

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13 Key Considerations when Selecting a 3PL & [BONUS INFOGRAPHIC] 3PL vs 4PL


When it comes to efficient and cost-effective over the road transportation management , it is absolutely crucial that you be working with a trustworthy 3PL. Understanding the potential value of a 3PL early in the process is crucial to saving money and providing great service.

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3PL Market Continues to Shrink

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The third-party logistics (3PL) market – encompassing non-asset-based transportation, warehousing, and integrated supply chain services – witnessed a decline of 8.9 Logistics Service Providers 3PL market growthpercent in organic growth. Organic growth is the growth that would occur absent the effect of acquisitions. The analysis compares first quarter 2016 revenues to first quarter 2015 revenues.

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Is the 3PL Industry Becoming Barbell Shaped?

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And we’ve also seen two large 3PL acquisitions in recent weeks, both originating in Asia: Japan Post Holdings Co. If you’re a 3PL in the middle, which end of the barbell will you race toward? Post a comment and share your perspective on what’s happening in the 3PL industry today!

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Are You Asking Enough of Your 3PL?

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If you’re a shipper considering outsourcing the management of your supply chain to a 3PL, there are certain core capabilities you should be sure the partnership will bring before entering into it. You’ll want to learn who the 3PL is at […].

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7 Advantages of a Non-Asset-Based 3PL Provider


However, when you decide to take the jump to outsourcing, you will have to choose between an asset-based and non-asset-based third-party logistics provider (3PL). But, a non-asset-based 3PL provider may offer much more than you realize, including these seven key benefits. The first advantage of a non-asset-based 3PL provider is knowledge and experience. As a result, you need a flexible solution, and non-asset 3PLs can meet that demand, asserts 3PL Info.

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Google Will Acquire a 3PL – And Other Supply Chain and Logistics Predictions for 2015

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So, here is my invented future for 2015, starting with my most audacious prediction: Google will acquire a logistics service provider (3PL) and/or a logistics software vendor. Develop a Shared Vision Statement with Your 3PL.

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In House Logistics vs. Outsourced Logistics: Big & Small Brands Alike are Targeting 3PL Services


Yet in outsourced logistics simply refers to hiring a third-party logistics service, 3PL, to handle the logistics services. From securing inventory to transporting goods from Point A to Point B, 3PL are taking over as in-house logistics teams fall flat. Benefits of a 3PL.

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The 3PL Dedicated Advantage

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Supply Chain Transportation 3pl Dedicated FleetsThe transportation industry is evolving as shopping trends and shipping needs change with time. E-commerce and rapid delivery have resulted in varying shipping capacities and unexpected industry twist and turns.

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3PL vs 4PL - How to Effectively Outsource


Supply Chain Logistics 3PL outsourcingTHIS WEEK'S LATEST PODCAST: ICECORP is excited to share Episode 6 of the "2 Babes Talk Supply Chain" Podcast!

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Your 3PL as Supply Chain Risk Management Partner?

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This is a great opportunity for you to enhance your value proposition and grow your business, but only if align your talent, technology, and assets to move past the traditional definition of a 3PL and truly become a supply chain risk management partner.

Key Takeaways from the 3PL Value Creation Summit 2016 hosted by Armstrong & Associates, Inc.


On October 18-20, Armstrong & Associates and Infocast held the fourth annual 3PL Value Creation Summit in Chicago, Illinois. The summit featured dynamic panel discussions from 3PL, investment, and technology industry leaders. technology transportation supply chain logistics 3PLBelow are some of the key takeaways captured from the discussions.

Inbound Logistics Names ModusLink a Top 100 3PL Provider

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Today, we at ModusLink are very excited to share that we have been recognized by leading supply chain publication Inbound Logistics as one of their Top 100 3PL Providers for 2016! The post Inbound Logistics Names ModusLink a Top 100 3PL Provider appeared first on ModusLink Global Solutions.

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Capgemini’s 2012 3PL Study Provides Great Insights

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The brilliant minds at Capgemini ( [link] ) have released their 2012 3PL study. In their 16 th annual report, Capgemini shares their assessment of the 3PL market, along with special sections on emerging markets, electronics, talent management and strategic assessment. For the study, 1561 shippers and 697 3PL executives were surveyed. This post can’t possibly do justice to the 52 page report, so please check out the complete 3PL study at [link].

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7 Strategic Performance Business Practices with 3PL KPIs and 4 KPI Problems to Solve


We continue our series on understanding the 3PL KPIs (Key performance indicators) from 3PL consultant, Chuck Intrieri of The Lean Supply Chain as it relates to the engagement with a 3PL. Today we will first point out on a deeper level strategic performance business practices that you may conduct in order to better track 3PL KPIs. 7 Strategic Performance Business Practices to Provide the Ability to Manage 3PL KPIs. There must be some of the 3PL KPIs for I.T.

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The Future of Logistics: Are 3PL Companies Ready to Adopt these 4 Emerging Technologies?


At the same time, their customers – primarily the manufacturers and retailers – are wasting no time urging their 3PL logistic providers to integrate these technologies into their service. But what do people who run 3PL companies think about the technology?

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How to Capture Full Divestiture Value with a 3PL

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Today, shippers face increased regulations, unstable market conditions and capacity concerns that make it near impossible for a newly divested company to achieve all of its goals without the expertise and support of a third-party logistics (3PL) provider. A 3PL provider offers customers with outsourced, or “third party,” logistics services for part or all of their supply chain management functions.

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5 Engagement Strategies in Managing a Relationship With a Transportation Management 3PL


When selecting a transportation mangement 3PL to aid you in a robust and effective transportation management strategy , defining the rules of engagement is critical to success. We've built a deep checklist to understand first before you go about engaging with a 3PL. When you do engage and hire a 3PL for effective transportation management, it is vital that you look at this relationship as a partnership and not a commodity. However, the 3PL’s success depends upon your success.

Embedded 3PL Relationship: What is it & Why is it Vital to Ultimate Shipper Success?


Like any outsourced partnership to a service and technology provider, such as in a 3PL relationship, it is vital that all sides are on the same page and speaking the same language in the way of goals, desired outcomes, strategy, and execution for whatever the customer and the outsourced provider are trying to achieve. This model, I like to call an "embedded 3PL relationship.". So, then, what is an Embedded 3PL Relationship? Embedded 3PL Relationship Example.

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Develop a Shared Vision Statement with Your 3PL

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The bottom line: a 3PL’s customer isn’t just the company that signs the contract, but also its customer’s customer — at least that’s the perspective 3PLs and their manufacturing and retail customers should take when defining their relationship and objectives. The post Develop a Shared Vision Statement with Your 3PL appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. 3PL Outsourcing Jaguar logistics outsourcing Netafim shared vision statement Unipart Logistics

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3PL Logistics Companies Up Services to Continue to Meet the Needs of Shippers


Although 3PL Logistics Companies or 3PLs were around before the recession, companies realized the short-term savings of outsourcing logistics, transportation, and freight management to 3PLs quickly, and the age of the rise of the logistics provider was born.

Survey Finds Significant Success in the 3PL Industry Across the Supply Chain Industry


This post is from a press release sent to us regarding the recent survey of the 3PL industry. As you know, the word 3PL conjures up over 50 shades of grey in the types of answers you will receive. For Cerasis, a 3PL is any company that provides technology or services to carry out any of the functions of the supply chain. No matter what type of 3PL there is, each brings value to their customers. Survey Points to Continued Success of Shippers and the 3PL Industry.

The Top 7 Most Popular 3PL Blog Posts of 2014


The 3PL industry is experiencing growth as shippers and companies turn to logistics experts for various facets of the supply chain so the manufacturing and distribution companies may focus on their core. The Most Popular Blog Posts in the 3PL Category By Pageviews for 2014.

The New JDA: Focused on the 3PL Industry (Takeaways from FOCUS 2015 Conference)

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The new JDA is also taking a more focused approach to the third-party logistics (3PL) market, which is one of the three core vertical industries the company is organized around (Manufacturing & Distribution and Retail & Services are the other two). “It feels like a new JDA.”.

5 Benefits a 3PL Can Offer Smaller Businesses

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That’s where a 3PL can come to the rescue! 3PL Customer Experience Managed Transportation small businessAre you a small business owner?

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Is a 3PL Service Provider Right for Your Company? 4 Questions to Ask Yourself


Recently, they started a series featuring MBAs in the supply chain space , and this post really stood out to us as Cerasis is a 3PL service provider focused on Transportation Management. . 4 questions to ask when determining if a 3PL Service Provider is right for your company.

Selecting a 3PL – 8 Things the Great 3PLs Do

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Click to register for this free webinar: Selecting a 3PL: 8 Things the Great 3PLs Do (Wednesday, February 12, 1:00 pm – 1:30 pm). Contracting with a 3PL is a great choice as long as you pick the right 3PL. The right 3PL can save your company money, improve service and generally make life easier. Choosing the wrong 3PL can be a living nightmare. A bad 3PL can cost you a lot of money, waste your time and ruin your customer relationships.

5 Questions to Ask When Selecting a 3PL

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Working with a managed transportation services provider (3PL) is an excellent way for shippers to improve their logistics operation and reduce costs. When you select a 3PL it is important to prioritize your needs – and not try to adapt your business to that of a new partner.

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Promoting Innovation in Supply Chain Operations at the European 3PL Summit

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This year I have the pleasure of attending and speaking at the European 3PL Summit & Chief Supply Chain Officer Forum, where I will be sharing advice on how 3PL leaders can promote a culture of innovation within their organizations.

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Download now: 3PL Subway Map Europe 2016

Supply Chain Movement

Fourth release of 3PL Subway Map Europe. these are the main conclusions from Supply Chain Movement’s annual study as the basis for the 3pl subway map europe 2016, which shows the specific services of the most important logistics service providers. 3PL Subway Map Europe 2016.

C.H. Robinson is Proud to be Your #1 3PL for 5 Years in a Row


Robinson was named the number one third party logistics provider (3PL) in the 2015 Inbound Logistics Top 3PL Excellence Awards. Each year, the Inbound Logistics Excellence Awards gives shippers and carriers the platform to recognize the 3PL they think delivers exceptional service.

Supply Chain Movement 18 – 3PL

Supply Chain Movement

14 | 3PL Subway Map Europe 2015. For the third consecutive year, Supply Chain Movement has put together a 3PL Subway Map Europe showing the specific services of the most important logistics service providers which have offices in several European countries.

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3PL Outsourcing Tips

Logistics Bureau

So… how do you find the right 3PL? 3PL = Third Party Logistics company. And far too many organisations end up with a 3PL partner that is a bad fit culturally, does not provide the right service performance and costs far more than expected.

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9 Benefits of Effective Reverse Logistics Process & 5 Advantages of Partnering with a 3PL


Advantages of Partnering with 3PL for Reverse Logistics Management. Organizations that partner with a sophisticated third-party logistics service provider (3PL) benefit from greater controls over the entire supply chain resulting in improved inventory management, increased visibility, reduced costs and enhanced risk management.

How this Company Grew Visibility with a 3PL Partnership

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A common transportation challenge of B2B and B2C businesses is lack of supply chain visibility. Without visibility, deliveries are slower, inventory management suffers and it’s more difficult to manage risk. These challenges are linked to additional costs and unhappy customers.

Outsourcing to a 3PL: Top 10 Reasons

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Outsourcing to a 3PL: Top 10 Reasons by Matt Magpantay, Evans Distribution Systems Today’s economy demands that a business be efficient in all manners of its operations. 3PL Logistics Matt Magpantay Supply Chain Top 10 Lists

3 Ways to Use Twitter as a 3PL

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Especially for a third party logistics (3PL) company, it might seem like the older world of logistics and the far younger generation affiliated with Twitter wouldn’t connect. The post 3 Ways to Use Twitter as a 3PL appeared first on Evans Distribution.

Elevating 3PL Providers to Partners

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As shippers evaluate opportunities in the supply chain for efficiencies and growth, utilizing a 3PL as more than a provider, but as a partner, can create collaboration. Supply Chain 3pl

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3PL Sales: Hunting vs. Farming

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Unlike the real hunter, the 3PL salesman doesn’t enjoy hunting. 3PL sales managers that employ hunters encourage them to “make it a game” or “learn ways to engage shippers.” The 3PL sales gal who uses the farming approach, plants the seeds of future sales, by generously sharing her knowledge with the logistics community. Just like real farming is a lot harder than planting, watering and weeding, the 3PL farming method takes some know-how and plenty of persistence.

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