UK manufacturers prioritise cyber risks and a digital future post pandemic says PwC COO Survey

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Managing cyber security risks, workforce changes and growing demands for supply chain security and sustainability are the standout priorities for UK manufacturers over the next two years according to PwC’s latest COO pulse survey

Virtual Twins, Global Operations and Sustainability

DELMIA Quintiq

It was also the time when I was first exposed to the concept of sustainability, thanks to renowned economist Gunter Pauli. The potential to enable change in the market has become a key pillar in the go-to-market approach to enable more sustainable operations.


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Supply Chain Sustainability Gathers Steam

Logistics Viewpoints

There’s been little room for long-term planning, and supply chain sustainability has mostly been an afterthought, a “nice-to-have” initiative that is not of critical importance. How can companies hit the ground running on creating a sustainable supply chain?

Positive News for Key Decision-Makers About Sustainable Business Transformation

DELMIA Quintiq

With less than 10 years left to the 2030 deadline of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), it is clear that we are all not yet doing enough to achieve global sustainability targets. The Biggest Obstacle to Accelerating Sustainability.

The Sustainable Supply Chain: Realizing Costs Savings and Increased Efficiencies Through Data Discovery

The sustainable supply chain is the future supply chain

Mars, AB InBev, and the Art of Supply Chain Sustainability

Logistics Viewpoints

Supply chain sustainability and the concept of “going green” continues to drive a lot of operational initiatives and innovations as companies and countries look at their overall carbon footprint and look for ways to be more environmentally friendly. UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Supply Chain Resilience vs. Flexibility, Sustainability, & More

River Logic

Sustainability Supply Chain Optimization Supply chain analytics supply chain resilience supply chain agility

The sustainability slog

Supply Chain Movement

The path to sustainable supply chains is proving to be a long, hard slog with numerous obstacles along the way. Secondly, there is a gap in value potential, since CEOs largely see sustainability as adding value in five years’ time rather than right now.

Sustainability & Circularity in Your Supply Chain Planning


Achieving full-scale sustainability and circularity cannot happen without end-to-end alignment, hierarchical connectivity, integration of all parts of your supply chain, performance metrics, and business processes. Learn how climate action relates to supply chain management.

The Circular Supply Chain: A Push for Sustainability

Logistics Viewpoints

Supply chain sustainability is increasingly important for the future of business and the world as a whole. Companies are investing more money into sustainability initiatives, seeking to reduce waste and carbon emissions. The Sustainable Supply Chain.

Marketing-Led Post-COVID-19 Growth Strategies

Businesses are laying off workers, shutting their doors (some permanently), and struggling to react to the radical destruction that coronavirus (COVID-19) is doing to our society and communities. However, there’s no team better suited to lead that charge than the marketing department.

Driving Sustainability in the Age of Supply Chain Disruption

Logistics Viewpoints

Combined with the heightened concerns regarding climate change and associated sustainability impacts, all businesses should consider and assess these changes using the lens of environmental sustainability. These will have a big impact on sustainability.

Podcast: Designing Supply Chains for Sustainability


In episode four of Be Ready for Anything, hear from Martin Jertz, ToolsGroup’s Business Development Manager for Central Europe, about how organizations can build sustainability into their supply chains while trimming costs and improving efficiency.

8 methods for making your warehouse more sustainable in 2021

All Things Supply Chain

Commercial real estate listings for storage facilities in or near major metropolitan areas have seen sustained demand as companies… General Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Sustainability supply chain supply chain management supply chain sustainability warehouse management warehousing

Make Your Supply Chain a Sustainability Champion

Logistics Viewpoints

In response, in 2015 more than 190 countries joined to endorse 17 sustainable development goals (SDGs) ? The post Make Your Supply Chain a Sustainability Champion appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Business Intelligence Sustainability Artificial Intelligence

Sustainability Trends That Will Make the Biggest Impact on Your Organization

Speaker: Jit Hinchman, Founder & President at Supply Chain Adviser™ and Sustainable Supply Chain Global Ambassador

Many companies are still reluctant to take on sustainability initiatives in their organizations. But in 2021 and on, making the switch to more sustainable decision-making can have some big business impacts. Join this incredible webinar with Jit Hinchman, Founder & President at Supply Chain Adviser™ and Sustainable Supply Chain Global Ambassador, to explore some trends in supply chain sustainability that may make your company rethink its current stance on technology, transparency, and overall operations.

The Day of Reckoning for Sustainability Claims


Traceability will be key in meeting consumer demands for sustainability. The short version: if you can’t track the complete history of a product, including material and labor inputs, you can’t make an ironclad claim about its sustainability. Sustainability tracking is equally complex.

Why 2021 Will Be A Breakout Year For Sustainable Manufacturing


Bottom Line : In 2021 and beyond, customers are voting with their dollars for the manufacturers who excel at sustainable manufacturing and make a positive contribution to the environment, dominating B2B supply chains and B2C purchasing decisions.

Growing Up to Become a Sustainable Supply Chain

Logistics Viewpoints

The post Growing Up to Become a Sustainable Supply Chain appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints. Guest Commentary Sustainability supply chain sustainability Sustainable Supply ChainIs your supply chain immature?

Sustainability service line launch


Sustainability has become an increasingly in demand service from Proxima, with ESG principles increasingly embedded into client projects across the assessment, sourcing, transformation space. Typically, over 80% of an organizations sustainability impact is within the supply chain.

Exploring the Supply Chain Revolution

Speaker: Sheri Hinish, Supply Chain Queen, and Deborah Dull, Principal of Supply Chain Product Management at GE Digital

So much change is already underway in the supply chain, but what does this change entail and what does supply chain’s future hold? Join Sheri Hinish, affectionately called the Supply Chain Queen, and Deborah Dull, Principal of Supply Chain Product Management at GE Digital, to discuss Supply Chain 5.0. and trends in supply chain, technology, sustainability, and leadership.

FreightWaves LIVE recap: Sustainability shapes shipper strategies

The Supply Chain Journal

FIRESIDE CHAT TOPIC: How sustainability initiatives are driving shipper strategies. DETAILS: Jim Nicholson and FreightWaves’ Zach Strickland discuss how shippers have modified their strategies over the past year with an increasing focus on sustainability and improving compliance.

Green Corridor: Pace and Resolve Needed to Help Reach Sustainability Goals

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

After reading and studying a handful of sustainability reports, I am happy to say that I believe we are still moving toward a more sustainable future. Whilst it has indirectly led to improved sustainability, will it continue? Article April 2021 green corridor sustainability

The Business Benefits of a Sustainable Supply Chain

All Things Supply Chain

Each stage of your supply chain can impact on all three… General Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Sustainability supply chain management supply chain sustainability sustainability

C.H. Robinson Releases 2020 Sustainability Report

CH Robinson Logistics

Today I am excited to announce the release of our 2020 Sustainability Report , which highlights the work we are doing on the environmental, social, and governance (ESG) topics that are most critical to our business and to our stakeholders. When we think about sustainability at C.H.

Webinar On-Demand: 3 Ways to Make Your Operational Execution More Robust With S&OE

Speaker: Sander van Lokven and N.S. Krishnan

S&OE provides an early warning system that helps business stakeholders sense and optimize their responses. This keeps the supply chain out of firefighting mode, smoothens relationships with customers and suppliers, and helps sustain margins by reducing the cost to serve.

Sustainability in materials handling

IT Supply Chain

The post Sustainability in materials handling appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Edward Hutchison (pictured). Managing Director, BITO Storage Systems. Industry Talk

Delivering on sustainable customer expectations

IT Supply Chain

The post Delivering on sustainable customer expectations appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Andrew Tavener (pictured). Head of Marketing, Descartes UK. Industry Talk

5 Ways to Make Your Manufacturing Plant More Sustainable in the Age of COVID-19

DELMIA Quintiq

Whether you represent a metal fabrication company, a consumer goods manufacturer or a paint, fiberglass or paper producer, you have several ways to make the operation a more sustainable one. Making the Business Case for More Sustainable Manufacturing.

Supply Chain Sustainability: A Byproduct of Efficiency

Talking Logistics

That’s when Walmart’s CEO at the time, Lee Scott, gave a speech entitled Twenty First Century Leadership that arguably kicked off the supply chain sustainability era. Read more Supply Chain Sustainability: A Byproduct of Efficiency. What is so special about October 23, 2005?

Post-COVID Supply Chain Planning: Steps to Take Now for Rapid Recovery

Speaker: Dave Food, Strategy Director at Prophetic Technology

Supply Chain Executives need to empower their teams to navigate through and beyond the impact of COVID-19 with powerful insights and integrated supply chain networks so that real-time change can be quickly responded to and organizations can come out of this leading from the front. Join this webinar with Dave Food, Strategy Director, Prophetic Technology, who will provide insights into planning for a post-COVID world.

Harmonizing product, nature and life with sustainable supply chains

DELMIA Quintiq

Recently, Dassault Systèmes was recognized as the world’s most sustainable company by Corporate Knights in the 2018 Top 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World index. The index is recognized globally as the gold standard for corporate sustainability analysis, with rankings based on various key performance indicators – including environmental, social, financial and innovation capacity – but also, as of this year, on the sustainability value of a company’s products.

Traceability, Sustainability and ESG: Building Supply Chain Authenticity


Sustainability claims and their reliance on end-to-end supply chain traceability ? Sustainability and ESG are not fads. alone, and those to follow, companies are doubling down, not backing away, from sustainability initiatives.

Why Sustainable Supply Chains?


In light of an increasingly strained global ecosystem, corporations, governments, and environmental scientists have revamped the drive for sustainability, honing in on the benefits of eco-friendly manufacturing, product design, and logistics. What is Supply Chain Sustainability?

Sustainability and the Transformation of Middle Management

DELMIA Quintiq

3DEXPERIENCE Event Sustainability DELMIA MAOE sustainability transformation

How to Build a Sustainable Supply Chain

Dragon Innovation

Why incorporate sustainability in supply chains. If you’re a hardware company in 2020, the sustainability of your products should be a driving factor when considering product design and supply chain.