Sustainability vs. profitability: Is it one or the other?

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater How 25 multinational companies achieved sustainable supply chains. I’d like to think that most companies have moved beyond the point of believing that sustainable business practices aren’t a priority. Does your company have any sustainability measures in place?

‘New’ Supply Chain Sustainability

Inventory and Supply Chain Optimization

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The State of Sustainable Supply Chains

SCM Research

Supply chain management can play a key role to help creating a more sustainable world that leaves no one behind.

The State of Sustainable Supply Chains

SCM Research

Supply chain management can play a key role to help creating a more sustainable world that leaves no one behind.

The Sustainable Supply Chain: Realizing Costs Savings and Increased Efficiencies Through Data Discovery

The sustainable supply chain is the future supply chain

New Study Finds Social Responsibility as Part of the Business Sustainability Agenda

Supply Chain Matters

Green and Sustainable Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing Social Responsibility Strategies for Global Supply Chains Supplier Management Sustainability in Supply Chain COP21 Agreement impact on industry supply chains independent supply chain industry analyst Bob Ferrari state of social responsibility practices in industry supply chains Supply chain Matters blog sustainable business strategy

Sustainable Logistics: Quantifying Sustainability Measures of Your Logistics


Creating more sustainable logistics is even more important for the trucking industry. Sustainable Logistics | Quantifying Sustainability Measures of Your Logistics. However, while technology evolves to allow better tracking of carbon footprint, there’s a potential to substantially improve overall with sustainable logistics by addressing a less often discussed but insidious problem. There’s an alarming paradox in the world of consumer packaged goods sustainability.

Three Years Later Big Brands Recognize Need for Sustainable Supply Chains

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater In 2013, global aid organization Oxfam launched the Behind the Brands campaign, aimed at driving awareness about the sustainability practices of some of the world’s largest and most well-known consumer companies.

How Can IoT Help Make Supply Chains More Sustainable?

Inventory and Supply Chain Optimization

In a 2016 report, the global consulting firm Ernst & Young proclaimed that “supply chain sustainability can no longer be ignored.”

Green Is the New Black: Why Green Manufacturing & Sustainability Matter


more companies are turning toward sustainable alternatives and methodologies (like green manufacturing) in boosting competitive advantage and increasing revenue, explains Stuart Hall of Global Manufacturing. In fact, the sustainable trend is becoming essential to all parts of manufacturing and supply chains, ranging from smart factories to green delivery trucks. What’s Driving More Companies to Embrace Sustainable Technologies and Methodologies?

Walmart Has One of The World’s Most Sustainable Supply Chains? Really?

Logistics Viewpoints

There are various lists that include the world’s most sustainable companies: Corporate Knights, the Climate Performance Leadership Index, and others. Walmart is doing more in sustainability, particularly in the supply chain area, than they are given credit for. Just for Fun supply chain SustainabilityWalmart does not make those lists. None of them. In contrast, there seems to be some sort […].

Looking at the sustainable supply chains behind some classic Valentine’s Day favorites

The 21st Century Supply Chain

One of those factors is sustainability and accountability. This means, in addition to growth and profitability goals, companies must pursue sustainable development, including environment protection, social justice and equity, and economic development.

Jobs Sustainability and Robotics: An Endless Debate

Enterra Insights

The post Jobs Sustainability and Robotics: An Endless Debate appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Artificial Intelligence Business Cognitive Computing Jobs Sustainability Supply Chain Technology Enterra Solutions Stephen DeAngelis

How to Make Your Supply Chain Sustainable, Efficient & Affordable


By Bruce Myers, Director, Chainalytics APAC There’s an odd misconception floating around that goes like this: Sustainable supply chains are prohibitively expensive and provide little or no ROI for months or even years. To add more confusion, sustainability initiatives vary from country to country and in complexity and business/environmental goals—from greenhouse gas emissions reductions to […].

Sustainability in Logistics: Shippers Step up Initiatives to Combat 3 Obstacles


Near and far, logistics providers and shippers are renewing their focus on sustainability to build the manufacturing giants of tomorrow. As explained by Bob Trebilcock , sustainability in logistics initiatives are ranked as “very important” for up to 40.6

Supply Chain Sustainability Takes Root

Inbound Logistics

Whether to help the environment or just to cut costs, companies are making lean and green changes with a major impact

Lean 35

Sustainable Business Models Require a Revolution of SCM

SCM Research

What we will see are totally new business models or as Unruh (2015) puts it in a nutshell: “A rule-of-thumb I give managers is that if your sustainability performance indicators only improve when customers use your product less often , it means you’re in trouble.” Practice Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Sustainability TrendThe United Nations Conference on Climate Change (COP 21) has begun near Paris today.

The Expert Talks- Sustainability

Infosys Supply Chain Management

He is based out of Hyderabad, India and is closely associated with the ECO group at Infosys, working on sustainable practices. Read on as Vijay shares with us his insights on Sustainability in the context of Supply Chain Management.

Re-skilling is Key to Industry 4.0 Jobs Sustainability

Enterra Insights

Jobs Sustainability appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Artificial Intelligence Business Cognitive Computing Jobs Sustainability Supply Chain Technology Big Data Enterra Solutions Stephen DeAngelisBack in 1933, MIT Professor Dugald C.

Increasing Sustainability at Distribution Centers

Ryder Exchange

When most shippers and transportation managers consider sustainable practices in the trucking and logistics industry, they envision vehicles running on advanced fuels or companies pursuing earth-friendly practices over the road.

3 Uses of IoT Tech Spurring Sustainability in Supply Chains


IoT Tech is Driving Sustainability in the Supply Chain. But perhaps the most far-reaching changes will center around the use of large data systems to drive sustainability in logistics and supply chains.

4 Important Benefits of a Sustainable Reverse Logistics Strategy


Data breaches may not sound as though they have a particular relation to sustainability, but a company’s sustainability is measured by its ability to maintain happy customers while reducing impact on the Earth. Unfortunately, a failing company is more likely to forget about recycling as part of IT Asset Disposal, and the business’s level of sustainability falters. Business owners face endless decisions throughout all aspects of the supply chain.

The State of Sustainable Supply Chains

Supply Chain 24/7

The Sustainable Development Goals not only identify where we have to be in 2030 to create a sustainable world that leaves no one behind; they also outline new markets and opportunities to innovate for companies everywhere

Sustainability: Do Supply Management and Global Sourcing Matter? (Guest Post by Jury Gualandris, UCD)

SCM Research

Increasing demand from a variety of stakeholders has pushed firms to improve environmental and social sustainability in their supply chains. Over the last decades, however, supply chains have been undergoing a process of increasing globalization, which has created the need for differentiated sustainability approaches for firms sourcing globally rather than regionally. His studies focus on the management of sustainability, risk and innovation under different supply chain structures.

Supporting Sustainability Throughout the Supply Chain

Inbound Logistics

Companies can support sustainability throughout their supply chains with these approaches

The Role of Sustainability in the Modern Supply Chain

Supply Chain Matters

Green and Sustainable Supply Chain Oracle Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Supply Chain Strategy Supply Chain Technology Sustainability in Supply Chain #OracleMSCE business benefits of sustainability initiatives Oracle Corporation Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience Supply chain Matters blogLast week this author attended Oracle’s Modern Supply Chain Experience conference held in San Jose California.

GS1 Registry: Achieving Food Security with Sustainable Farming Standards


During the United Nation General Assembly SDG Summit, GS1 CEO and President, Miguel Lopera, shared collaborative ways on how public and private companies can use Big Data and technology to promote sustainable farming practices.

The Science of Sustainable Supply Chains (Guest Post by Dara O’Rourke, UC Berkeley)

SCM Research

In his recent Science article, The Science of Sustainable Supply Chains, Dara argues that the field of supply chain management needs to significantly improve and integrate sustainability measurement systems and decision-support tools. The science of sustainability measurement has progressed alongside efforts to advance supply chain traceability, impact assessment, and aggregation of data into sustainability indicators. The Science of Sustainable Supply Chains.

Sustainable Procurement Finally Getting Its Own Standard


A new post discussed the development of a sustainable procurement standard developed by the International Standards Organization. ISO 20400 , Sustainable procurement – Guidance, has just reached a second draft international standard stage, meaning interested parties can submit feedback via their ISO member on the draft before final publication in 2017. It’s about time that the concept of sustainable procurement has a standard established around it.

What Is New in Sustainability Reporting? What Do Supply Chain Professionals Need to Know About It?

Logistics Viewpoints

So for example, a vice president of procurement can look at this chart and realize that while their company is only screening business partners on ethics and sustainability issues to a very limited extent, there is a good chance that in a few years his company will require his department to do so much more extensively because this is where this industry is headed. Sustainability Industry materiality reports IQMS

Reaching the Supply Chain Sustainability Tipping Point

Supply Chain Network

Since the 1990’s I’ve been writing about sustainability, cap & trade and carbon footprints mainly in the realm of logistics and supply chain as that’s where I live.

Customers demand more sustainable supply chains

Supply Chain Movement

Sustainable sourcing is a fast developing requirement, driven by customers. When choosing a supplier or making buying decisions, 96% of the companies consider sustainability aspects, with low environmental impact as the most important aspect (56%).

Seven steps to support a sustainable S&OP culture

Supply Chain Movement

In this way we can impact the culture as ‘imbedded company behaviours will drive a sustainable company culture, which will last over time’. Here are seven steps to start building your sustainable S&OP culture: 1.

Keeping Cool: Sustaining The Produce Cold Chain

Supply Chain Link

As consumers worldwide become more health conscious, demand for fresh produce continues to grow. The cold chain helps distribute produce around the world as it helps control temperature through the transportation and storage processes.

5 Benefits from Logistics Sustainability & Effieciency


Many business owners fail to connect these two functions to logistics sustainability. Usually, sustainability is applied to ensuring operations do not negatively impact the environment. Speaking of energy, the amount of energy used by a shipper reflects its logistics sustainability.

Evolving Sustainability in Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain 24/7

This whitepaper, the first from the Supply Chain Management: Beyond the Horizon project, reviews the research findings on current supply chain sustainability practices as well as the methods for implementing improved sustainability practices

Investing in More Organic, Sustainable and Ethical Food Supply Chains

Supply Chain Matters

Consumer Goods Focused Supply Chain Controlling Supply Chain Costs Food and Beverage supply chain Green Supply Chain Procurement and Sourcing Sustainability in Supply Chain Chipotle Mexican Foods supply chain consumer products goods industry supply chain management challenges independent blog analysis and insights on supply chain management Pacific Foods supply chain Supply chain Matters blog supply chain segmentation strategy transparent food supply chain

Food 33

Sustainable Warehousing – Make Earth Day Last All Year

Ryder Exchange

Yet, along with its successful green trucking initiatives, including low emission vehicles and conversion to natural gas, Ryder has found an equally impressive solution right in the distribution center: a commitment to sustainable practices and recycling of packing materials and other re-usable items. Sustainability Warehousing & Distribution Management

3PLs Drive Sustainable Supply Chain Solutions

PLS Logistics

More than 3,700 companies participate in the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP), an independent global system for companies to measure, disclose, manage and share climate and water information and sustainable initiatives.

Why 98% of Companies Do Not Achieve Their Sustainability Goals

Material Handling & Logistics

Only 2% of corporate sustainability programs achieve or exceed their aims, compared to 12% of other corporate transformation programs. read more. Global Supply Chain News