Why We Bought Freightquote

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Our recent acquisition of Freightquote brings us a talented team of logistics professionals who understand truckload, less than truckload, and intermodal services. Most do not have the deep infrastructure to source transportation services in a multitude of lanes. Freightquote employees also help repeat customers identify more efficient logistics services that haven’t always been available to them in the past.

How Nuclear Verdicts are Killing the Trucking Business with Quinn Damon

The Logistics of Logistics

Originally from Kansas City, Quinn is a graduate of the University of Missouri where he studied finance. His entire career has been with Lockton starting at the global headquarters in Kansas City and now in Detroit. The Logistics of Logistics Podcast.

KC SmartPort: Understanding Why Technology Is Transforming Supply Chains


And given Heinrich’s remarks on logistics, Kansas City was the natural place to hold such a discussion. When you talk about logistics and the technology revolution going on, logistics is the new manufacturing,” he said. This is especially true in Kansas City, where you can reach nearly the entire U.S. The thing that is amazing to see is how this is changing the face of the workforce in Kansas City.”.