Supply meets demand: New sourcing automation solution targets ocean freight procurement

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Global provider of Intelligent Sourcing Automation, Keelvar, has launched its new AI-powered ocean freight sourcing automation solution

Achieving an agile supply chain

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Global markets are apt to change at a moment’s notice, often a result of dramatic shifts in consumer demand and availability of products – as can be seen most recently, in the restriction in component supply due to global lockdown. Supply chain resilience has never been more important.


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Researchers use tweets to Analyse supply chain issues

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

"The global supply chain has been significantly impacted by COVID-19," according to Michael Wilson, vice president of marketing and packaging at AFFLINK, the sales and marketing organisation for distributors in the US

Supply chain attacks on the rise as one of the biggest new threat vectors as organisations scramble to close gaps

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

the cloud-delivered endpoint protection solutions provider, has announced the results of its global supply chain survey, Securing the Supply Chain, produced by independent research firm Vanson Bourne CrowdStrike Inc.,

Supply Chain Planning Maturity – How Do You Compare to Peers?

Today's supply chains are networked, global ecosystems. An event upstream in a different country or region can cause considerable disruption downstream. The COVID-19 pandemic is an extreme example of how this unfolds in practice. How prepared are supply chain teams to react and recover, from a planning maturity stance? Download this report to get exclusive insights on planning maturity!

Transforming Global Supply Chains

Enterra Insights

Many pundits insist that anyone who believes the global supply chain is going to return to normal is suffering from this form of insanity. The global supply chain doesn’t adjust well to unexpected or unusual incidents — so-called black swan events.

Solar PV Global Supply Chains

SCM Research

The International Energy Agency has just released a new special report entitled Solar PV Global Supply Chains.

Global 143

Structural Changes to the Global Supply Chain

Enterra Insights

In a separate article, they note, “Everywhere you look, supply chains are being transformed, from the $9trn in inventories, stockpiled as insurance against shortages and inflation, to the fight for workers as global firms shift from China into Vietnam. Restructuring global supply chains.

Reshoring: “The Beginning of De-globalization” or More of the Same?

Talking Logistics

Data from Bank of America shows use of the term has spiked to a record level, Read more Reshoring: “The Beginning of De-globalization” or More of the Same? The post Reshoring: “The Beginning of De-globalization” or More of the Same?

Global 124

Conflict Worsens Global Food Insecurity

Enterra Insights

As I noted in a previous article, most conflicts have global consequences.[3] As Husain notes, “One of the core drivers of today’s global food crisis is market concentration. Great advice; however, global supply chains are already snarled and disrupted.

Food 130

Enabling Assurance of Supply in the Global Marketplace

Speaker: Adrian Gonzalez, Tom Nightingale, and Martin Verwijmeren

Watch this insightful conversation about enabling assurance of supply in the global marketplace to better balance inventory and control costs.

How AI Can Help Alleviate the Global Food Security Crisis, Part 1

Enterra Insights

This is a new and very important platform for the global dialogue in the search for effective solutions to ensure global food security. The war in Ukraine has essentially fueled a global food crisis. Building Global Agriculture Value Chain and Food Security Capability.

Food 130

Reconsidering Global Supply Chains

Enterra Insights

Rising nationalism, the protectionism it spawned, and the coronavirus pandemic forced many companies to reexamine their global supply chains. Even before protectionism and pandemic were considerations, I argued that globalization is evolving into regionalization. Flows of services and data now play a much bigger role in tying the global economy together.”[1] But over the last two centuries trade has exploded and transformed the global economy.”[3]

CSR Initiatives in the Global Supply Chain

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

The global supply chain industry has by default, a large environmental impact, through its carbon footprint. As part of the CMA CGM Group, CEVA Logistics has a global reach, which means that we can make a global difference. Julien Topenot, Global Head of CSR at CEVA Logistics.

Can Globalization Be Rejuvenated?

MIT Supply Chain

Is globalization in terminal decline, or will it survive or even thrive in some other form? Globalization?—?in perhaps the most well-known cheerleading platform for global trade?—?the the term “(de-)globalization” was high on the agenda. Can Globalization Be Rejuvenated?

The Keys to Business Continuity Planning

Speaker: Ron Spiteri, Director of TXM Lean Solutions

The pandemic has been the most significant disruption to global supply chains since the dawn of the industrial world. A key learning of this disruption has been the need for business continuity planning to mitigate future disruptions, which we know will come. Join Ron Spiteri of TXM Lean Solutions, and learn the key steps to take control of your supply chain risks.

Localizing Global Supply Chains in a Globalized World

All Things Supply Chain

One specific country comes to mind when we think about… General Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Sustainability china demand environment environmental impact global supply chains globalisation globalization local supply chains localisation localization supply chain

Global 101

Five Things I Have Learned About Global Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Shaman

Regional supply chain companies are attempting to define global requirements. They are well versed in requirements for regional supply chain planning, but they are attempting to redefine their processes and be more global. Initially companies believe regional planning systems easily adapt to become global, but they quickly learn otherwise and hit roadblocks. Five Lessons in Building Global Planning Organizations.

Rethinking Global and Local Manufacturing!

Supply Chain Game Changer

With the global pandemic changing so much in the world, that discussion around global and local manufacturing has become even more complex. You may have heard the saying “think global, act local.” But for others, it might mean looking at global solutions.

The De-Globalization of Supply Chains Is Reflected In Trade Policy

Talking Logistics

In a global economy, no nation or industry is self?sufficient. Read more The De-Globalization of Supply Chains Is Reflected In Trade Policy. The post The De-Globalization of Supply Chains Is Reflected In Trade Policy appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez.

The Pandemic Crisis Management Handbook for Procurement Managers

The COVID-19 pandemic has left a huge negative impact on the global economy. At these uncertain times, the c-suite alone cannot prepare an organization for this pandemic, there is much that procurement leaders can do to lessen the impact. The goal of this ebook is to give procurement leaders a sense of why it is time for them to step up and lead, how to turn their challenges into opportunities, tasks they can perform to tackle this pandemic, and tools they can use to collaborate better and enhance spend visibility.

How Artificial Intelligence Bolsters Global Supply Chains

Supply Chain Brain

The continued disruption of supply chains suggests that the challenges of the COVID-19 era have been more than a blip in an otherwise stable period of global business.

Global Supply Chains — A Source of Strength

Enterra Insights

At the beginning of the pandemic, some analysts believed the global supply chain was on the verge of breaking. “For the past few years, in many parts of the world, a protectionist mindset has been challenging the continuing trend of globalization.

Manhattan Associates Talks Global Supply Chains, Trends, and Sustainability

Logistics Viewpoints

During our conversation, Eddie and I spoke about the changing nature of global supply chains in the face of the ongoing Covid pandemic as well as the continuing surge of e-commerce. Global Supply Chains. Logistics Trends global supply chains logistics trends

July 2022 Global Manufacturing Indices Indicating Declining Momentum

Supply Chain Matters

The Supply Chain Matters blog provides commentary relative to July’s global manufacturing PMI indices relative to data indicating declining momentum, and some contraction among specific global regions. Global Wide Production Activity.

How to Empower Your Customers With Global Inbound Management

When a multinational company needed a better way to connect to their supplier network, they turned to their Logistics Service Provider, GEODIS. Leveraging MPO’s Supply Chain Orchestration platform, GEODIS was able to enable incredible cost-savings.

September and Q3 2022 Global Manufacturing Indices Enter Contraction Trending

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters provides our monthly highlights commentary and perspectives on published monthly global manufacturing PMI and supply chain activity indices. Now, with September and full Q3 reporting available, global manufacturing activity has officially fallen below the 50.0

Global Supply Chain Recovery Dependent On A Vaccine

Supply Chain Shaman

The global economy rebound from COVID-19 hinges on the discovery and manufacture of an effective vaccine. The global supply chain recovery depends on a vaccine, but I expect the distribution cycle to be longer than the discovery phase. When There Is A Vaccine Think Global.

The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Global Trade

Talking Logistics

In recent months, we have watched the world come to a standstill globally, forcing individuals and businesses to hit pause as the COVID-19 pandemic has touched every corner of the economy. Read more The Lasting Impact of COVID-19 on Global Trade.

Global 131

World Trade Organization Predicts Significant Slowdown in Global Trade Next Year

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters provides a side panel supplementary update to our prior posted blog highlighting the latest reported September and Q3 global and regional PMI indices that indicate manufacturing contraction has begun.

How a Fortune 500 Company Transformed its Supply Chain Using a Digital Twin-Enabled Control Tower

This Fortune 500 manufacturer needed a solution to help them understand their lack of material availability and which plants and production lines were at risk of shutting down production, so they could take corrective actions to mitigate that risk.

NTT Global Workspace Report

IT Supply Chain

The post NTT Global Workspace Report appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Andrew Filev (pictured). Founder of Wrike. Industry Talk

How COVID-19 Affected the Global Flow of Money & the Benefits of Globalization

IT Supply Chain

The post How COVID-19 Affected the Global Flow of Money & the Benefits of Globalization appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By Allen Brown (pictured). Content Writer.

Virtual Twins, Global Operations and Sustainability

DELMIA Quintiq

My last year there was as Global Chief Information Officer—I was responsible for enabling the operations of the 50,000-student organization via digital technology. I spent a total of five years in AIESEC, the world’s largest student-run organization.

ToolsGroup Named a Leader in Quadrant Solutions SPARK Matrix™ for Global Supply Chain Inventory Optimization


BOSTON – (August 25, 2022) ToolsGroup , a global leader in AI-driven retail and supply chain planning and optimization software, has been named a leader in the Quadrant Solutions SPARK Matrix™ for Global Supply Chain Inventory Optimization. for Global Supply Chain Inventory Optimization, 2022.

Secure Your Supply Chain: How to Build Resiliency for the Future

Speaker: Bart Huthwaite, Principal, RSM, Operations and Supply Chain

In this webinar, Bart Huthwaite will explore best practices in building and improving supply chain resilience for a successful and productive future.

Improving Global Freight Process Management

Talking Logistics

Many companies operating in the United States have achieved an inclusive look into their transportation spend, but unfortunately many companies that do business on a global level have struggled to achieve full freight process management. Tracking global commerce activity across the entire transportation lifecycle – beginning with planning, including execution, and through settlement—is key for businesses to thrive on a global level.

Global 183

Are Global Supply Chains Recovering- One Perspective

Supply Chain Matters

In our prior published Supply Chain Matters commentary, we reviewed and provided some added insights on July’s global manufacturing PMI indices which are pointing to declining global supply chain production momentum. State of Global Transportation and Logistics.

Restructuring Global Value Chains & Tariff Reduction – A Continuous Evolution for Supply Chains

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Restructuring Global Value Chains & Tariff Reduction – A Continuous Evolution for Supply Chains. The trade war is now part of the “new normal,” and this has created a global ripple effect.

Globalization and International Trade


Globalization's Flows In a global economy, no country is self-sufficient, which means that goods, people, and information flow in certain ways. After the middle of the 20th century, trade became an important part of the globalization of the economy. Global Trade at a Threshold?

5 Critical Challenges Facing Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

In this article, produced in partnership with Connected Health Pulse, we explore five critical challenges in pharmaceutical supply chains caused by a lack of visibility.