Supply chain attacks on the rise as one of the biggest new threat vectors as organisations scramble to close gaps

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the cloud-delivered endpoint protection solutions provider, has announced the results of its global supply chain survey, Securing the Supply Chain, produced by independent research firm Vanson Bourne CrowdStrike Inc.,

Global Supply Chain Management Teams Need to Practice Offense and Defense Relative to Global Trade Landscapes

Supply Chain Matters

The Supply Chain Matters blog features added commentary and perspectives on growing realities occurring across global trade regional landscapes. Further, global trade observers opine that the longer the U.S.

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Global Logistics Outlook: 2019


Guest Post: Mike Greco, Senior Vice President of Global Logistics When you look back at some of the major trade decisions made in 2018, we see a continuing volatility in the global markets going into the new year. Global Supply Chain 3pl Freight Forwarding Global Logistics

February 2019 Global PMI Indices Point to Discernable Slowdown in Demand and Supply Activity Levels

Supply Chain Matters

With the bulk of global manufacturing PMI indices now reported for February 2019, what is becoming very apparent is that China’s economic slowdown is having a discernable impact on other regions, perhaps far more accelerated that originally anticipated.

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Key Questions for a Successful Distribution Network

Speaker: Irina Rosca, Director of Supply Chain Operations, Helix

Join Irina Rosca, Director of Supply Chain Operations at Helix and an experienced global supply chain strategist, as she walks through the key questions to a successful and efficient distribution network. How to gain end-to-end visibility into any causes of delay in your global supply chain.

Five Things I Have Learned About Global Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Shaman

Regional supply chain companies are attempting to define global requirements. They are well versed in requirements for regional supply chain planning, but they are attempting to redefine their processes and be more global. Five Lessons in Building Global Planning Organizations.

How to Optimize Port Throughput in Global Supply Chains

The Network Effect

Ports play a critical role in international trade, yet they remain major sources of friction in global supply chains. The post How to Optimize Port Throughput in Global Supply Chains appeared first on The Network Effect.

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Globalization and Supply Chainmail

Amber Road

The world had not yet been explored and global trade only accounted for a small portion of supply to most regions. Global Trade Management Global Trade Management Software Global Sourcing Free Trade AgreementsThere was a time when the world was flat.

Global Transportation and Logistics Services Providers DSV and Panalpina to Merge

Supply Chain Matters

This week featured the announcement of a significant merger among DSV and Panalpina, two European based global freight forwarders and logistics services providers, and a further sign of ongoing industry consolidation.

The State of Globalization in a Fragile World

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DHL has recently released the fifth edition of their Global Connectedness Index , which provides an analysis of globalization, measured by international flows of capital, trade, information and people. In spite of growing anti-globalization tensions in many countries, the report indicates that globalization hits a new record high, as the aforementioned flows all intensified significantly for the first time since 2007.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

2 “Korn Ferry Global Survey: Artificial Intelligence (AI) Reshaping the Role of the Recruiter.” The next. wave of. AI-led. recruiting Four ways machines are enabling their. human counterparts to hire smarter. 2A lly O | T h e n ex t. w av e o f A I- le d r e cr u it in g Introduction 3.

The IMF Revises its Global Economic Outlook Downward

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The IMF, at its Annual Meeting in Davos, elected to cut its forecast of global economic growth, with a warning that recent expansion is losing momentum.

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2018 Prediction Deep Dive: Make America Great and Changing Global Trade Policies Will Provide a Challenging Landscape for U.S. and Global Manufacturers

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters provides a deep-dive perspective on the ten outlined 2018 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains unveiled in mid-December. In this installment, we dive into 2018 Prediction Six: Make America Great and Changing Global Trade Policies Will Provide a Challenging Tactical and Strategic Landscape for U.S. and Global Manufacturers.

Globalization? Or Globaloney?

Supply Chain Insights

Recently, as I prepared to market our Supply Chain Insights Global Summit, I was introduced to Professor Pankaj Ghemawat’s concepts, and guess what? The world isn’t flat; and globalization and trade is changing. How could anyone that’s involved in Global Business miss this?”.

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How Can We Heal the Global Supply Chain?

Supply Chain Shaman

I strongly feel that if I am going to cover the global supply chain that I need to experience it. Connectivity enabled the growth of the global supply chain opening up markets driving opportunity. However, globalization comes with responsibility. The Challenge of Being Global.

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Going circular to reduce global waste


In the first blog post of this series , I examined the question: Can circular supply chains help solve our global waste problem? In short, the answer is yes – circular supply chains can help solve our global waste problem, but there are multiple caveats with no easy or quick fix.

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How Disruptive is Global E-Commerce? More Than You Think

Talking Logistics

Let me tell you how international e-commerce is changing one buying pattern and why it will reshape global logistics operations and government import regulations. A Global E-Commerce Story. Global E-Commerce: Six Likely Changes. The post How Disruptive is Global E-Commerce?

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Is Today April Fools Day in Global Trade or Another Chapter in Industry Supply Chain Risk Mitigation?

Supply Chain Matters

At the end of 2018, Supply Chain Matters would have planned this very date for a major update on significant global trade developments. For global supply chain management teams, this date previously represented an important milestone for global trade development involving both the United States and China , two of the most influential countries for global supply chain activity, and for what is arguably the most watched development of political brinkmanship, that being Brexit. .

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Reports of Softening U.S. Trucking Rates and Rising Global Logistics M&A are Not Coincidence

Supply Chain Matters

surface trucking rates this quarter, and a potential re-igniting of merger and acquisition activities involving global logistics carriers and services providers should capture the attention of industry supply chain management teams. .

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Navigating the Ever-Changing Global Trade Landscape

Talking Logistics

You can’t go a day without seeing global trade in the news, whether it’s new tariffs, trade agreements, NAFTA, BREXIT, or similar items. How does global trade content help with this process? What’s Happening in Global Trade? I started our discussion by asking what is currently happening in global trade. Brendan points out that perhaps the biggest news is that global trade is actually in the news. Global Trade Content in Action.

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Pacific Drilling Selects Consus & Ivalua to Drive Sourcing Best Practices Globally


Offshore ultra-deep water drilling company to deploy eSourcing globally across its purchasing function. Pacific Drilling, an offshore drilling company, provides global deep water drilling services to the oil and natural gas industry through the use of high-specification drillships. Ivalua is proud to provide the technology to empower Procurement leaders at Pacific Drilling and hundreds of other global companies to deliver ever greater value to their organizations.”.

The Customs Warehouse: Smoothing the Global Supply Chain

The Network Effect

Customs warehouses provide valuable services to companies managing global supply chains, adding flexibility and capacity and they can help ensure. The post The Customs Warehouse: Smoothing the Global Supply Chain appeared first on The Network Effect. The Network Effect Warehousing customs distribution global supply chains warehousing

Key learnings from Supply Chain Insights’ Global Summit


It was a pleasure to attend this month’s Supply Chain Insights Summit in Philadelphia. The conference, organized by Supply Chain Shaman Lora Cecere and her team, was structured around a compelling theme: “imagine the supply chain of 2030.”

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6 maps that explain global supply chains

The Network Effect

We all know that supply chains are becoming more and more global, but how often can we actually see them becoming more global? The site has compiled 38 maps that explain the global economy. 1: How Sugar Circulates Globally.

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Will Brexit Beat Up Global Supply Chains?

The Network Effect

The post Will Brexit Beat Up Global Supply Chains? SCM Supply Chain Management The Network Effect automotive Brexit EU global supply chains supply chain UKThe United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union has sent shock waves around the globe as businesses and governments. appeared first on The Network Effect.

How Will Brexit Affect Global Supply Chains?

Logistics Viewpoints

Brexit will have a minimal impact on global supply chains. Global Trade Logistics Trends Procurement/Sourcing Supply Chain Network Design Brexit supply chain networks tax reform U.S. The U.S. presidential election could have a much bigger impact. And changes in EU tax enforcement, the most of all. presidential election

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Supply Chain Matters Unveils Ten 2017 Predictions for Industry and Global Supply Chains

Supply Chain Matters

These predictions are provided in the spirit of assisting industry specific and global supply chain cross-functional teams in helping […]. At the start of the New Year, our parent, the Ferrari Consulting and Research Group along with our Supply Chain Matters blog as a broadcast medium, traditionally provide a series of predictions for the coming year.

Can circular supply chains help solve our global waste problem?


According to a study by the World Bank’s Urban Development department, it’s estimated that our global society produces over two billion tons of waste every year. The post Can circular supply chains help solve our global waste problem?

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Interesting Facts & Financial Breakdown of the Global Logistics Market


In this infographic you will learn, for example, that the global market value for logistics has surpassed $4trillion. You will also learn: Interesting global logistics facts. Underneath, you will then see the full infographic explaining the Global Logistics Marketplace. The global logistics industry has grown significantly while logistics has become an important part of the business economic system and major global economic activity in recent years.

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Drewry’s Declaration that the Global Shipping Market has Bottomed

Supply Chain Matters

Procurement and Sourcing Transportation and Logistics challenges in global transportation independent blog commenting on global logistics and transportation ocean container industry consolidation Supply chain Matters blogThis week, noted maritime and shipping industry research firm Drewry Maritime Research declared that the ocean container shipping market has now bottomed out.

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Improving Global Freight Process Management

Talking Logistics

Many companies operating in the United States have achieved an inclusive look into their transportation spend, but unfortunately many companies that do business on a global level have struggled to achieve full freight process management. Tracking global commerce activity across the entire transportation lifecycle – beginning with planning, including execution, and through settlement—is key for businesses to thrive on a global level.

7 Guidelines to Achieving Growth Through Globalization

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Global headlines anticipating growth through globalization are plentiful. US brands targeting global growth. Alibaba to expand global footprint. Globalization looks attractive but it is a long shot from a walk in the park. Nicolas A. Tonelli/Flickr.

Webinar: How Are Shippers Using Technology to Address Global Trade Woes?

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Global Trade Management Trade Agreement Identification Free Trade Agreements Global Sourcing Sourcing Optimization Supply Chain Visibility Global Supply Chain Global Trade Content

Surviving the March Madness of Global Supply Chains

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Global trade today is making the world a smaller place and enabling more markets and regions to link together with less cost and risk. GTM Best Practices Supply Chain Visibility Global Supply Chain Global Trade Academy Trade Compliance

SCM Global 50: Best Global Supply Chain Blogs

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Managing the smooth flow of material and information in global supply chain context has been a business challenge for many years and many companies tries to find the new ways to take the advantage of the shift of global economy. Then, this article will show you some good resources that will help you handle the complexities in global scm. Global supply chain environment is dynamic and many issues changes quickly.

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