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Global LSPs and 3PLs Embrace the Chaos and Turn Professional

The Network Effect

The post Global LSPs and 3PLs Embrace the Chaos and Turn Professional appeared first on The Network Effect.

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The Future of Global Food Security

Enterra Insights

When Russia invaded Ukraine, which is one of the world’s breadbasket countries, a bright light was shone on the global food supply chain. The magazine explains, “The global food supply is vulnerable to men with guns. ” Of course, armed violence isn’t the only challenge facing global food security.

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The Business Environment and the Global Economy

Enterra Insights

Business prospects are inextricably tied to local, national, and global economies. ”[1] Will Efforts to Fight Inflation Result in Global Recession? ” He goes on to note, “The era of globalization since the 1990s has been one of disinflation and monetary expansion by central banks. .”[2] Very likely.

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Global Logistics Challenges in a Disrupted Supply Chain | Jabil

Supply Chain Brief Submitted Articles

The massive disruption in global logistics is a driving factor behind the supply chain crisis. Companies must optimize logistics to prepare for the next disruption.

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Electrofuels Are the Future: The Driving Force to Decarbonizing Heavy Transport

Speaker: Ayesha Choudhury - Senior Vice President, Head of Capital Markets at Infinium

In this webinar you will learn: Why we need eFuels in the carbon neutrality mix How eFuels can decarbonize the global supply chain How eFuels are produced How Infinium globally scales eFuel production to benefit society April 5th, 2023 at 9:30 am PDT, 12:30 pm EDT, 5:30 pm BST

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Manhattan Associates Talks Global Supply Chains, Trends, and Sustainability

Logistics Viewpoints

During our conversation, Eddie and I spoke about the changing nature of global supply chains in the face of the ongoing Covid pandemic as well as the continuing surge of e-commerce. Global Supply Chains. The company has 15+ offices globally, with a focus on supply chain technology leader in supply chain and omnichannel commerce.

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The De-Globalization of Supply Chains Is Reflected In Trade Policy

Talking Logistics

In a global economy, no nation or industry is self?sufficient. Read more The De-Globalization of Supply Chains Is Reflected In Trade Policy. The post The De-Globalization of Supply Chains Is Reflected In Trade Policy appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. sufficient.

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GEP Outlook 2022

The GEP Outlook 2022 report explores global business trends and features seven critical leadership themes that will help you proactively prepare for and power through the challenges ahead. Supply chain and procurement leaders need to know how to navigate an altered playing field and rethink their approach in 2022 in a never-normal world.

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Disruption Reimagined: How to Conquer, Not Crumble, During Supply Chain Instability

Speaker: Robyn O’Brien - Founder of Sirona Ventures, Adjunct Professor at Rice University’s Business School, Supply Chain Optimization and Logistics Expert

And, by using tried and true methods of collaboration and innovation between teams, you can equip your supply chain to withstand external factors such as climate change, global banking instability, and more. The question is… how do you get started?

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Building Supply Chain Resilience in the Real World

Speaker: Kelly Barner - Co-Founder & Managing Director of Buyers Meeting Point, LLC

Global inflation is at record highs and the Great Resignation has given way to the Great Reshuffling, leading to uncertainty in talent markets. If those disruptive forces weren’t enough to make our jobs harder, the economy has faced headwinds as well. What will 2023 bring?

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Case Study: DSV Implements a Single-Instance Control Tower with a Global Footprint

DSV is one of the biggest names in transport and logistics, operating in over 90 countries with a global network of over 75,000 employees. How, using the global control tower, DSV coordinated business units through smart automation. The highly regulated and highly complex nature of the FMCG sector in which DSV's customer operated.

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Enabling Assurance of Supply in the Global Marketplace

Speaker: Adrian Gonzalez, Tom Nightingale, and Martin Verwijmeren

For a long time, companies have been redesigning their supply chain networks and processes to become more demand-driven. But the disruptions of the past few years have caused a significant shift.

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Supply Chain Management Challenges in Remote Operations

In the wake of COVID-19, the prevalent global situation changed dramatically, posing unprecedented challenges for supply chains worldwide. Supply chain management, even in real-world scenarios, can present varied challenges. When operations are conducted at remote locations, these challenges increase manifold.

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Geopolitical & Regulatory Issues: The Path Forward in Supply Chain & Logistics

Speaker: Lisa Anderson, MBA, CSCP, CLTD - President of LMA Consulting Group, S&OP Expert, and Speaker

The world of supply chain and logistics has been plagued with volatility, disruptions, and increased regulations. Several issues are converging simultaneously, creating a precarious path forward. In this webinar, we will talk about the current status of the supply chain and what the successful and unsuccessful paths forward will look like.

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5 Critical Challenges Facing Pharmaceutical Supply Chains

There’s little room for error in most global supply chains, but none for the pharma cold chain. Real-time visibility and tracking are critical to order accuracy, schedule reliability, inventory management and compliance in a high-value, highly regulated industry. Failure is measured in lost revenue, reputation, and potentially patient lives.