Circular Economy in ICT – Completing the circle of supply


Besides material and equipment, energy efficiency improvement of internal processes and networks comes on the agenda when realizing that the carbon footprint generated through ICT in 2002 will more than double by 2030, as it was estimated by the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSi).

A vision for a transparent global Rare Earth Element system using blockchain technology


Provenance has partnered with the Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis Agency (Growth Analysis) , to explore how blockchain technology can help to valorise sustainable practices in the Rare Earth Elements mining sector. 1kg of estimated pure elements of sustainably mined REE = 1 credit.

The Future of Analytics in Integrated Business Planning

Supply Chain Trend

TomTom , a Dutch mapmaker and traffic company launched their first portable GPS system in 2002. McKinsey recently predicted that 15 percent of new cars sold in 2030, could be fully autonomous. Self-sustaining prescriptive algorithms.