Blockchain for Bill of Lading – A Much Needed Update to the Traditional Bill of Lading for E-Commerce?


According to The LoadStar, the first ocean container use of a blockchain-based bill of lading was released successfully in the port of Koper, Slovenia. Reduction in costs and hassle associated with cargo insurance claims filing and processing, says CargoX Founder and CEO Stefan Kukman. The opportunities within the use of blockchain for bill of lading in international trade, especially e-commerce, are significant.

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Border countries include Austria, France, Vatican City, San Marino, Slovenia and Switzerland. Italy has more than 129 airports, the bulk of which can handle cargo. Italy is a beautiful country full of golden sunshine and rolling hills that support vineyards and olive groves.

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Andrea Gruber, Senior Manager, Special Cargo, IATA. Fredrik Wildtgrube, Head of Global Sales, Finnair Cargo. GlaxoSmithKline, GW Pharmaceuticals Ltd, IAG Cargo, Marken Ltd., MHRA, Mundipharma International, Napp Pharmaceuticals, Norgine, Pfizer, Roche, Sandoz, Sanofi, SeerPharma, Takeda, Teva Pharmaceuticals, The Blood Transfusion Centre of Slovenia, Thermo Fisher Scientific, UNICEF, Wockhardt UK, World Courier and many more!