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Infor’s Strategy for Differentiation

Logistics Viewpoints

Infor’s CEO, Kevin Samuelson Infor’s strategy for differentiating their business from competitors like SAP and Oracle rests on a truly differentiated approach to ensuring that their customers get ongoing value from the business applications they purchase. Infor, with anticipated revenues of $3.4 We just want them solved.”

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Restructuring Global Value Chains & Tariff Reduction – A Continuous Evolution for Supply Chains

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Restructuring Global Value Chains & Tariff Reduction – A Continuous Evolution for Supply Chains. This article was originally written and published for DHL in January 2020 and focused on the trade wars and how to leverage opportunities for tariff reductions. Product strategies. without being subject to tariffs.


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16 Cost Reduction Strategies in Inventory Management


So your company is looking to reduce costs, and you’ve been asked to contribute by reducing your inventory cost. Here we explain how you can do this with 16 cost reduction strategies in inventory management?that that are each proven to reduce a company’s costs.?

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10 Latest Digital Marketing Strategies for Construction Material Suppliers

IT Supply Chain

The post 10 Latest Digital Marketing Strategies for Construction Material Suppliers appeared first on IT Supply Chain. By John Hampton (pictured). Content Writer.

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How One Manufacturer Used GEP SOFTWARE To Save $45M in Direct Material Sourcing

For global manufacturers, managing direct and indirect material spend can get very complicated very quickly. Multiple legacy systems prevent procurement from standardizing processes and tracking what they’re spending with each supplier.

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Achieve Seamless Material Flow in Industrial Equipment with Material Synchronization

DELMIA Quintiq

How DELMIA helps Industrial Equipment companies turn trends into opportunities With DELMIA’s integrated solution, industrial equipment manufacturers can bridge this gap by mitigating disruptions that hinder shopfloor and operational efficiency and drive seamless workflows, leveraging what we call ‘material synchronization.’

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What are the best Supply Chain Strategies for 2021


Supply Chain Strategies: What the Pandemic Has Taught Us So Far? While this strategy appears to be a viable solution, as there will be some shortening of supply chains moving forward, it is not realistic to expect that a vast global supply chain network will not continue to exist.

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The Cost-Plus World of Supply Chains: The Macroeconomic and Geopolitical Environment

From new pricing strategies and material substitutability to alternative suppliers and stockpiling, a new GEP-commissioned Economist Impact report reveals that enterprises are adopting a variety of approaches underpinned by data and technology.

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Digital Transformation: Why You Can’t Afford to Wait

Even global manufacturers –– companies across industrial, automotive, chemical, and energy industries –– are scrambling to mitigate the impacts of labor, material and energy shortages, delays, inflation, and unexpected events. It’s not just small and medium-size businesses that are caught off guard.