Supplier Diversity Part III: Keeping Pace as an Organization


In Part I and Part II of this series, we have investigated the way in which supplier diversity programs have developed over time and which nations are leading the way in the space.

The Role of Supplier Collaboration in ESG and Supply Chain Resilience


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Rev Group Partners with Consus Global to Drive Supply Chain Efficiencies


The partnership accelerates procurement digital transformation with Ivalua.

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Supplier Diversity: From Checking the Box to Driving Business Strategy


Part I: Building Business Cases and Driving Momentum. Supplier diversity programs are something many procurement professionals in the United States (U.S.) have accepted as a key element of procurement.

Just in Time vs. Just in Case: What’s the Way Forward for Supply Chains?

Just-in-time supply chains worked just fine — until they didn’t. Is more inventory the answer? It’s not a binary solution. Read this latest GEP paper to learn how enterprises can ensure adequate supplies without running excess inventory.

Creating a Sustainable Supply Chain Strategy: The IKEA Story


“ Companies that fail to adapt to climate change will go bankrupt without question. “ -Mark Carney, Bank of England Governor. Those are some very forceful words from Mark Carney, Bank of England Governor, but he’s not entirely incorrect.

New Inventory Visibility and Collaboration Capabilities Enhance Ivalua’s Procure-to-Pay Solution


Helping businesses reduce the risk of supply chain disruption, optimize inventory levels and make better buying decisions.

Driving Supply Chain Resilience with Rolls Royce and Ivalua


If you missed our webinar that highlighted the story of Rolls-Royce ’s success overcoming the supply chain challenges during COVID-19, you can still access the full recording and learn more about how they worked to create more resilience and efficiency by modernizing and digitizing their supply chain using Ivalua tools. .

Scandinavian Tobacco Group Goes Live with Ivalua’s Platform to Accelerate Procurement Digital Transformation


System will improve the experience for employees and suppliers while supporting sustainable growth in shareholder value.

Ivalua Completes the Source-to-Pay Journey with Embedded Global Supplier Payments


Enabling rapid, cost-effective and transparent supplier payments anywhere in the world.

Leverage SAP IBP to Drive Planning Transformation

Today, traditional SAP IBP deployments are not enough. You need to assure you are leveraging its maximum potential to truly transform planning. And to reduce costs, improve visibility and insight, and advance digitalization to gain competitive advantage.

Almost Two Thirds of European Suppliers Say Late Payments Put Them at Financial Risk


Financial impact of COVID-19 has delayed payments and kept focus on cost, but research shows this is adversely affecting supplier relationships and access to innovation.

Rolls Royce: Driving Supply Chain Resilience, Efficiency, and Digitization


The post Rolls Royce: Driving Supply Chain Resilience, Efficiency, and Digitization appeared first on Ivalua

The Opportunity — and Challenges — for Digital Transformation in MENA


The pandemic was a wake-up call for businesses worldwide, who struggled to overcome operational disruption — everything from the transition to remote working, to supply chain chaos.

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IKEA x Capgemini x Ivalua – Why (carbon) net zero starts in procurement & how to incorporate sustainability elements into your supplier management process?


SPEAKERS. Ivalua – Oliver Oehmke. Capgemini – Marcel Bach. Ikea – Slawomir Peter. As governments around the world start to better understand the challenges caused by Covid-19, the serious global threat posed by climate change is moving back up the commercial agenda.

Rethinking Supply Chain Risk: New Threats Demand New Tools and Strategies

Companies like Bayer AG and Akamai coped with recent supply chain disruptions much better than their peers. What did they do differently? Read this new HBR – GEP report on new tools and strategies to mitigate supply chain risk.



Templegate Technologies, Recognized as one of the most promising procurement solution providers in India. Templegate Technologies , is a alliance partner for award winning Cloud Software Solution in Procurement Automation & Spend Management. Founded by an Team of IT professionals who have spent decades in Technology companies like SAP, Oracle and Infor working in the area of Supply Chain Management.

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ERP vs. Best-in-Class — What is Best for Managing the Healthcare Supply Chain


ERP vs. Best-in-Class for Healthcare Supply Chain Management? They both do the same thing, or do they? Are ERP systems better than best-in-class supply chain solutions for managing healthcare supply chains?

How Green Supply Chain Strategies will help your Company Grow


What are Green Supply Chain Strategies? A recent survey that Ivalua did in the UK, “ Gaining the green view, How smart procurement can kick-start sustainability initiatives ” showed that 87% of UK businesses see “greener” supply chains as a competitive advantage.

Digitizing The End-To-End Industrial Manufacturing Supply Chain


The post Digitizing The End-To-End Industrial Manufacturing Supply Chain appeared first on Ivalua

A 5-Point Strategy for Digital Procurement Transformation

Today, your entire supply chain must embrace change and accelerate digitalization. When it comes to procurement, focusing on digital transformation now can dramatically reduce costs, improve visibility and insight, and give you a significant competitive advantage.

10 Key Issues The Hackett Group Says Will Impact Supply Chain Transformation in 2021


What Will Impact Procurement Processes in 2021? Supply Chain Transformation is ongoing but never more important than in 2021. Every year, The Hackett Group surveys global organizations to better understand their top priorities.

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Arkad S.p.A. Selects Ivalua & PwC To Drive Its Procurement Transformation Journey


REDWOOD CITY, Calif., May 3, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Ivalua, a leading global spend management cloud provider, and PwC, a trusted Ivalua implementation partner, today announced that Arkad S.p.A.

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In the Middle East, the Need for Risk Management Guides the Transformation Journey to Procurement 4.0


Risk management, cost reduction and digital transformation — these are the three top priorities for procurement organisations in the Middle East today, according to a global survey conducted by Ivalua’s global partner PwC.

The Benefits of Onshore Supply Chains


While companies have capitalized on globalization over the last few decades, the COVID-19 pandemic exposed a number of weaknesses within supply chain and procurement industries.

Supply Chain Evolution: Digital Transformation Is the Way Forward

A new study by The Economist shows that 54% of enterprises want to rethink their supply chains. Make them more agile and resilient. How would supply chains evolve from here? And what should supply chain leaders be doing differently? Download the report today!

4 Ways Modern Software will Empower Digital Procurement


The past few years have been a boon for procurement, which has become increasingly strategic and critical to business.

Delivering Value Through Cross-Function Collaboration


The Pixar building is one of the most vivid examples of how successful companies value cross functional collaboration within their organisation.

Working Capital: Leverage Spend to Improve Capital Efficiency  


Your organization’s total spend is a powerful tool to wield. Leveraging purchasing power to capture volume- based pricing within a competitive supply chain builds sticky relationships with healthy suppliers, keeps input costs low, and acts as a hedge against inflation.

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3 Ways Procurement Can Help Grow Revenues (Part 2)


In part 1 of this blog I looked at how procurement can actually create new revenue opportunities. Here I’ll take a look at two other ways that procurement can help support growth. These are less revolutionary than the first but not used to their potential at most organizations.

The Business Costs of Supply Chain Disruption

Supply chains have weathered a lot recently: a pandemic, natural disasters, trade wars and more. The Economist and GEP surveyed 400 senior execs to find out their real business impacts. The results? Shocking, but not surprising. Read the report now.

Procurement strategies shifting to restore growth post-COVID-19, reveals Ivalua research


Ensuring supply chain continuity, identifying new revenue opportunities, and improving decision making are key focuses as firms recover from the pandemic.

Procurement Strategies Shifting to Restore Growth Post-COVID-19, Reveals Ivalua Research


Ensuring supply chain continuity, identifying new revenue opportunities, and improving decision making are key focuses as firms recover from the pandemic.

What are the best Supply Chain Strategies for 2021


Supply Chain Strategies: What the Pandemic Has Taught Us So Far? In a blog at the very start of the COVID-19 outbreak when confirmed cases had just exceeded 40,000, we discussed the considerations for organizations facing the outbreak.

What is Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM)?


A Guide to Contract Management Tools and Processes including a guide to the key steps of the Contract Lifecycle Management Process and to the benefits that using Contract Management software can bring to your Procurement processes. An Overview of Contract Lifecycle Management.

GEP Outlook 2021 Report

It’s 2021, and many enterprises are still reeling from the unprecedented disruption of last year. Get a leg up with the GEP Outlook 2021 Report, featuring eight critical leadership themes that will help you navigate uncertainty and thrive in the new normal.