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Cutting Out the Middleman with Mike Nervick

The Logistics of Logistics

Mike is the CEO of Sleek Technologies which is impacting the transportation industry by providing smart solutions that simplify logistics. In 2003, Mike founded his own successful freight brokerage, Advantage Freight Network (AFN), growing it to over $170M.

FreightWaves Classics: U.S. military logistics help make it the world’s best

The Supply Chain Journal

Imperial transportation was handled by contractors, a common practice until the end of the 18th century. The British Commissary General was responsible for arranging transportation throughout the 18th century. Introduction. Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday of May.


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Supplier Risk Management Considerations for the Coronavirus Outbreak


This will impact manufacturers and retailers who rely on these products and labor, the logistics haulers expecting to transport the material, and ultimately the end consumers. .

Coronavirus Highlights Fragility of Global Supply Networks


But even if containment has the desired effect, what are the wider consequences of shutting down schools, shopping centers, factories, transportation and supply networks? China ’ s economy has grown in leaps and bounds from roughly 4% of world GDP in 2003 to 1 6% today.

Seasoned Leadership in Action™ – An Interview with Raymon Krishnan!

Supply Chain Game Changer

I then went on to work as a ‘shipper’, for a swiss confectionary manufacturer and then a global IT distributor. His experience covers the full Logistics spectrum, from raw material procurement to. Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport and The Australian Logistics Academy, an.

The worst Supply Chain practices must be confessed and not only by constraint

KEPLER Consulting

Exhaust-data analyses (OTD, pallet volume, transport, suppliers, returns, etc.) One of the most common bottlenecks in supply chain management and burdensome processes (purchasing, procurement, preparation, etc.)