5 Reasons Why You Should Go for Paperless Warehousing


Warehousing is critical in movement of goods from manufacturer to the end customer. Whenever we come across this term ‘Warehouse’, we imagine a big closed place which is used for storage of the goods to be transported, whether inbound or outbound, trucks moving to and fro, lot of labourers would be working etc. The Indian warehouse market was worth INR 561 Billion in 2018. To cater this market demand investors are investing heavily in warehousing projects.

Your Roadmap to the Decade of Supply Chain


The rise of supply chain titles in the C-suite (Chief Supply Chain Officer, Chief Procurement Officer, etc.). Drones to help locate items in warehouses or in storage yards. The next steps are to start layering on workflow-oriented solutions to help you manage procurement, compliance, and full asset lifecycles. Unlike that bloated ERP system at your company that no one really uses, it follows logical procurement and supply chain workflows.