Stranger supply chain things: Capacity planning lessons from Stranger Things

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However, it quickly became clear the museum lacked proper capacity planning and wasn’t prepared for 80,000 purple Thunder Lizard hoodie orders in a single day. The post Stranger supply chain things: Capacity planning lessons from Stranger Things appeared first on The 21st Century Supply Chain.

Where are you on your capacity planning journey?

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Bill DuBois Balancing capacity can be as challenging as walking a tight rope. Not enough capacity and you lose balance when it comes to delivery and customer satisfaction. Too much capacity and you lose your balance when it comes to costs and margins.

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The Current State of the Shipping Capacity Crunch


The shipping capacity crunch is not a new topic, but the end of 2017 is shaping up to reveal an unprecedented crunch, reports Chris Brady of Logistics Viewpoints. The Shipping Capacity Crunch Is Back After an Active Storm Season. As capacity tightens, driver wages will grow inherently.

5 pieces to the global capacity management puzzle

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Bill DuBois Recently I was watching a video interview with David Thomas, the Director of Global Capacity Planning for Ford Motor Company. Among other things, he’s been leading the charge at Ford to deliver a global capacity management solution.

Tech -Driven Supply Chains: How Innovations Are Transforming the Trucking Industry

What about capacity? capacity and know it will get to where it needs to go. November 2017. November 2017. 1 Tech-Driven Supply Chains: How Innovations. Are Transforming the Trucking Industry. Trucking may be notoriously conservative.

2017 Warehouse Capacity Economics and Trends Report


In mid-2015, FLEXE conducted a survey of supply chain professionals across multiple industries to identify and understand what key industry trends affect inventory and capacity fluctuations. More businesses are faced with inventory exceeding capacity than they are with excess space.

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We just released a new white paper entitled "A Step-by-Step Guide to Driving Impact with Capacity Planning.". Supply Chain Management White Papers Capacity Planning

Capacity Crunch Factors: What Causes a Capacity Crunch?


Unbelievably, the capacity crunch is back the shipping headlines. Cassidy of the Journal of commerce (JOC) noted shippers were expecting a forthcoming slight capacity pinch, but that was before hurricane season arrived. Now, the shipping and transportation industry faces unprecedented capacity problems, and the upcoming ELD implementation deadline will exacerbate the issue. Capacity Crunch Factors Include Increased Deadhead. Fewer Drivers Reduce Available Capacity.

Current State of the Capacity Crunch


However, inconsistencies in service levels, including the use of inaccurate data, an economy that hinges on the state of foreign markets (think China), and changes to regulations and labor requirements are continuing to impact the capacity of the shipping industry. Unfortunately, the capacity crunch is real, and shippers need to know how to face the prospects of a slower 2016 to stay competitive and meet the demands of their customers and partner businesses.

How to Be a Preferred Shipping Customer: Strategies for the Coming Capacity Shortage

Talking Logistics

Shipper demand and carrier availability have come back into balance after several years of excess capacity. But there are a number of ways you can prepare to lessen—and possibly avoid—the impact of fewer drivers and the resulting capacity crunch. You can protect yourself from any driver/capacity shortage by becoming a preferred shipper, a customer that carriers want to do business with. Business has been improving for the U.S. trucking industry.

How Can Shippers Deal with the Capacity Crunch?

Logistics Viewpoints

What I found most interesting was a short conversation we had about the carrier capacity crunch and the role various supply chain software solutions can play in improving matters for […].

Are You Prepared for Tight Truckload Capacity?


Are You Prepared for Tight Truckload Capacity? In the aftermath of Harvey and Irma, truckload capacity is tighter than it has been for years, giving some shippers challenges in covering freight. What’s causing tight truckload capacity.

LTL Rates, Capacity, and Fuel: The General Outlook for 2017


Capacity Will Grow Tighter. Capacity was stretched beyond limitations in 2014, and fleets around the country tried to optimize operations through freight reclassification, dimensional pricing models and freight consolidation, explains Jeff Berman of Logistics Management.

The key ingredient to optimizing your beer production capacity (it’s not what you think)


While customers are becoming increasingly demanding, the beer industry has seen a trend of consolidation between brewers, thus reducing their capacity over the years. Beverages in general, and beer in particular, are no longer commodities.

Industrial Real Estate Faces Capacity Issues

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Shippers face capacity issues in different aspects throughout their supply chain which includes their industrial real estate needs. Warehouse vacancy rates continue to decrease and industrial vacancy is now at a cyclical low of 7.3%.

Is The Freight Capacity Crunch in Trucking a Myth?


The freight capacity crunch has dominated supply chain and logistics since 2014, and many shippers fear it will arrive sooner than many experts believe. However, the capacity crunch may be less severe than anticipated, and it could easily reflect growing pains in the industry. The Freight Capacity Crunch Has Not Yet Reared Its Head. The freight capacity crunch remains an object of speculation in among logistics providers and shippers. Capacity Crunch Freight

Industrial Real Estate Faces Capacity Issues

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Shippers face capacity issues in different aspects throughout their supply chain which includes their industrial real estate needs. Warehouse vacancy rates continue to. Read more. 09/01/2015. Real Estate. Supply Chain. Real Estate, Built to Suit.

2018 Outlook of the Capacity Crunch: Buckle Up…


The end of 2017 shaping up to present one of the strictest capacity crunch for 2018, explains Chris Brady of Logistics Viewpoints. percent of all tracking availability and capacity, but that has since tightened. 2018 May See the Worst Outlook of the Capacity Crunch in History.

Three Metrics for Managing Truckload Capacity in a Volatile Market


The post Three Metrics for Managing Truckload Capacity in a Volatile Market appeared first on Chainalytics. By Matt Harding | Principal, Transportation For-hire truckload spend accounts for roughly $300 billion of economic activity across the United States.

What Transportation Modes Are Most Affected by Capacity Crunches?


Current and future capacity crunches are often analyzed for impact in the U.S., All modes of transit feel the effects of capacity crunches, but those that suffer the biggest effects tend to involve ground-transit, including less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload (FT) and parcel shipping.

A Non-Traditional Supply Chain and Capacity Planning Automation Effort Underway at Ford Motor

Supply Chain Matters

This presentation delivered by David Thomas, Director of Global Capacity Planning at Ford was titled, Creating Global Standards Across Regional Sites, provided […]. This author had the opportunity to attend the Kinaxis Kinexions customer conference last week. Among the customer presentations there was a rather insightful talk from a supply chain executive at Ford Motor Company.

Troubling News in Global Ocean Container Capacity Reductions

Supply Chain Matters

Every year at just about this time, ocean container shipments inbound from China and other Asian ports begin to surge as retailers ramp-up inventory levels in anticipation of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday buying period. Ever year at this time, Supply Chain Matters features commentaries noting how the ramp-up is progressing. Last year, we raised […].

Reinforcing Data on Ocean Container Rate Hikes and Capacity Shifts

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This week's World Container Index from Drewry Advisors is further reinforcing data on double-digit ocean container rate hikes and shifting capacity strategies. Industry supply chains are likely feeling the pressure and so are global regulators. Global trade trends Procurement and Sourcing Transportation and Logistics

Factors Affecting the State of Capacity

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Total spend of shipments as well as the volume of shipments declined for all of North America in October. In fact, October shipment indexes have fallen to the lowest levels since 2011 1. In the past month freight shipments have dropped 4.7%

A Pulse on Trucking Capacity and Rates

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Hunt reported its Q3 2014 financial results, and while a single company does not represent the market as a whole, the chart below basically sums up what I’ve been seeing and hearing overall: In a nutshell, rates are going up as growth in demand outpaces available capacity (in J.B.

24 Ways to Get More Thruput and Capacity Out of Your Distribution Centers


LinkedIn The post 24 Ways to Get More Thruput and Capacity Out of Your Distribution Centers appeared first on Transportation Management Company | Cerasis. Demand on distribution centers and warehouses are greater than ever, and promises of more reshoring around the country indicate the strain will only grow tighter. Rather than building new facilities, consider using these tips to optimize your existing facility to achieve higher thruput. Analyze Current Processes.

Case Study: Why Supplier Capacity Management is Mission Critical


In this post, we explore the chain of events that lead to Fuhu’s bankruptcy as a cautionary tale of how unmitigated supplier capacity risks , demand variability, and weak supplier relationship management brought a successful consumer electronics company to its knees.

5 Tips for Surviving (and Possibly Thriving in) a Capacity Shortage

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For those who keep a close eye on freight market trends and have lived through past capacity shortages, the signals arrived early this year that the freight market would quickly tighten, and that rates would soon spike. Surviving (and possibly thriving in) a capacity shortage.

3 Strategies for Locking In Trucking Capacity

Supply Chain Collaborator

With economic growth increasing demand for trucking capacity and an aging population of drivers not being replaced by the younger generation disinterested in trucking as a career option, something is going to have to give. The domestic shipping industry sits at a crossroads.

Pilot Chemical Company: Capacity Assurance and Being a Dependable Supplier

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We all know that there are ebbs and flows in the transportation market, but one thing that always remains the same for transportation and logistics executives is their focus on managing costs and making sure they have the capacity they need, when they need it.

California's Weather Impacts Truckload Capacity

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California's weather—good or bad—has a major impact on truckload capacity. The demand for reefers impacts van capacity too, as reefers often haul van freight in the slow season until they’re pulled away by the increased demand—and prices—of refrigerated freight.

5 Threats to Capacity in 2017

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Overall, 2016 was a year of relatively loose capacity. There are a number of looming factors could put a squeeze on capacity in the coming year. The biggest factor affecting capacity is, of course, demand from shippers. NEED CAPACITY?

KLM to optimise flight simulator capacity with Quintiq

Manufacturing & Logistics IT

Quintiq, a Dassault Systèmes brand and supply chain planning and optimisation (SCP&O) solutions provider, has announced its partnership extension with KLM Royal Dutch Airlines (KLM) to optimize the airline's flight simulator capacity

Is the “shared economy” changing logistics?

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In a way, travelers are informally monetizing what we might call their unused capacity. General News Inventory management capacity management Capacity planning Logistics shared economy

Trending Transportation News: March 2016

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Here’s an overview of 6 popular transportation and supply chain news stories from March: Capacity News Inbound Freight

Capacity Constraints Are a Growing Issue

Ryder Exchange

How can you avoid the capacity crunch? Capacity constraints are being felt throughout the industry, but there are several ways shippers can avoid having their freight left at the loading docks. More significantly, the capacity issue is not because of tractor truck availability.

Market Update: Secure Capacity with These 3 Tips

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Shippers are expecting higher rates and less capacity this year, so many are trying to lock in contract rates and secure trucks before the spike. Transportation Capacity Shipments Carriers Technology Transportation Rates Truckload

Capacity + Higher Contract Rates = Opportunities in Disguise

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Spot market freight volume is soft, and capacity is loose. Capacity is much looser now than it has been in recent years. Note the relative lack of capacity pressure in July 2015 (right.) increase in capacity, according to the Journal of Commerce's Q2 Truckload Capacity Index.

Shipper Strategy: What to Do as ELD Mandate Threatens Capacity

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The trucking industry is adjusting as fuel prices fluctuate, the driver shortage continues, and new regulations are authorized. The ELD mandate is causing waves of concern among shippers and carriers. The rule could drastically change the trucking landscape. Shippers Regulations Carriers

Hot Market Maps: Capacity at a Glance

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Where to find Hot Market Maps. You’ll find Hot Market Maps in the toolbox in the upper right hand corner of the DAT Power load board. If you don’t have DAT Power, but would like to learn more about it, send us an email or call 800-551-8847.