All The Supply Chain News You Need To Know 1.14 - 1.18

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Two cargo bikes can replace one motorized vehicle, Peters Mendes pointed out. FedEx Freight Direct will offer heavy and hard-to-handle item delivery to last-mile destinations in Atlanta, Omaha, Oklahoma City, Tulsa, and Dallas with a two-hour delivery window. Normal. false. false.

Where Did the Loads Go?

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Demand remained strong during the week in a handful of Hot Markets, including: Spokane , WA; Medford , OR; Fargo , ND; Sioux Falls , SD; Des Moines , IA; Rock Island , IL; Hutchinson , KS; Tulsa , OK; Little Rock , AR; Memphis , TN; and Decatur , AL. Snow is in the forecast for the coming week, so reefers may be in high demand to protect chemicals and other temperature-sensitive cargo from freezing. All gone! Okay, not ALL.

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