Genesee & Wyoming subsidiary to operate bulk transfer facility in central California

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A subsidiary of short line operator Genesee & Wyoming (G&W) has acquired and will operate a bulk transfer facility serving the Central Valley of California. News Rail California Genesee & Wyoming San Joaquin Valley Railroad

Hot Shots: Blizzard, flood, wildfire and more

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The first major snowstorm of the season hit the Rockies Monday and Tuesday, dumping 20 to 28 inches of snow in parts of Montana and Wyoming. This week’s beauty shot features a rainbow in the sky as trucks roll down Interstate 80 in southeastern Wyoming.


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FreightWaves Classics: I-25 serves three Western states

The Supply Chain Journal

It serves as the primary highway through New Mexico, Colorado and Wyoming. Along its nearly 1,063-mile route are three state capitals (Santa Fe, New Mexico; Denver, Colorado; and Cheyenne, Wyoming). I-25 leaves Colorado in the north about eight miles south of Cheyenne, Wyoming.

Rail Roundup: OmniTRAX, G&W develop, expand partnerships

The Supply Chain Journal

Genesee & Wyoming expands rail services agreement with Georgia Ports Authority. News Rail CSX Genesee & Wyoming Indiana Louisville Mason Mega Rail Mason Mega Rail project Omnitrax Port of Savannah River Ridge Commerce Center Savannah Savannah Port Terminal Railroad

Wabtec, G&W and Carnegie Mellon partner to advance battery-electric locomotives

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Wabtec has signed memorandums of understanding with Carnegie Mellon University and privately held short line operator Genesee & Wyoming to advance the technology of battery-electric locomotives. .

Stakeholders detail worries, support on CSX plan to acquire Pan Am Railways

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CP also said the appointment of Genesee & Wyoming as the third-party operator of PAS would not ensure the line’s competitive viability because G&W has conflicting interests in New England as an operator of a number of short-line railroads in the region.

Snowstorm to slam Rockies early this week

The Supply Chain Journal

Across many high elevations of Montana, Idaho, Wyoming, Utah and Colorado, the National Weather Service is forecasting 1 to 2 feet of snow to pile up. Interstate 25 from Casper to Buffalo, Wyoming. Interstate 80 in southeastern Wyoming.

Elevated wildfire risk sweeping across the West

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The National Weather Service still has red flag warnings posted for northeastern California, the eastern half of Oregon, much of eastern Washington, all of Idaho, western and northern Wyoming, as well as southern and eastern Montana.

Winter Storm Alert: Major Snowstorm Threatens the Rockies and High Plains


Meteorologists at are predicting “a major snowstorm will likely pummel parts of the Rockies and High Plains this weekend with over a foot of snow that could snarl travel, damage trees and knock out power in parts of Colorado, Wyoming and western Nebraska.”

Denver 156

3 more states waive targeted hours-of-service rules for 30 days

The Supply Chain Journal

The steps by Minnesota, Wyoming and Iowa to declare a state of emergency as the basis for the waiver follow a recent decision by South Dakota to also implement a 30-day HOS waiver, with that state citing driver availability as well. In Wyoming, the 30-day exemption was implemented July 20.

Truckers facing severe storm risks across US

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Gusty winds, large hail and a few isolated tornadoes could impact drivers on the Interstate 25 and 90 corridors from Billings, Montana, to northeastern Wyoming, far northern Nebraska and Rapid City, South Dakota.

Strong crosswinds for truckers out West

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More specifically, gusts of 55 to 65 mph from the west and southwest will impact truckers from eastern Montana to Wyoming and the northwestern corner of Colorado. A strong frontal boundary Thursday will produce gusty winds across many portions of the West from Montana to Arizona.

1st big snowfall of season possibly coming to Mountain West

The Supply Chain Journal

A storm will begin to cool things down across the northern Rockies on Thursday and Friday, with areas from northern Nevada into Montana, Wyoming and Idaho getting some rainfall,” according to a forecast by AccuWeather meteorologist Rob Richards.

The Driver’s Perspective with Dean Key

The Logistics of Logistics

Dean started his career at 16 years old driving for his family trucking company in Wyoming. The Driver’s Perspective with Dean Key. Dean Key and Joe Lynch discuss the driver’s perspective.

Iowa 123

Flood risk keeps trucking through the South

The Supply Chain Journal

Several more inches of snow could pile up Thursday in western portions of Wyoming and Colorado, with lighter amounts in the northern Rockies. Truckers face another day of delays as heavy rain persists in areas from Texas to the Great Lakes.

Trends and Predictions 2020: Blockchain

Enterra Insights

More regulators will follow Wyoming’s example. Dimitrov writes, “Wyoming has laid out the groundwork for digital assets and a digital-banking-friendly regulatory regime. With the separation of digital assets into three distinctive categories, Wyoming is explaining the differences between virtual currencies and digital securities, all deemed intangible personal property. One of the most hyped cutting-edge technologies is blockchain (aka distributed ledger) technology.

Trends 100

Planning for a Gas-Fueled Nation

MIT Supply Chain

Pennsylvania, West Virginia, and Ohio have become prominent exporters of natural gas, alongside historically productive states such as Texas, Wyoming, and Oklahoma. America’s energy portfolio has undergone drastic changes since the early 2000s. Innovations in drilling technologies have allowed states to tap into large underground shale reserves.

Flood threat keeps trucking across South this week

The Supply Chain Journal

Temperatures in some high elevations of Wyoming, Colorado and Utah will plummet into the 20s Monday night into early Tuesday. Truckers will battle more soaking rain across the Southeast this week, after periods of flash flooding over the weekend. Flooding in Decatur due to heavy rainfall.

FreightWaves Classics: First Transcontinental Motor Convoy crosses Nebraska

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They remained with the convoy as far as Laramie, Wyoming, before returning to Denver. The men of the convoy were provided free lemonade in Wyoming. Background. In an earlier FreightWaves Classics article , information about the U.S.

Flood risk shifting to east of Mississippi River

The Supply Chain Journal

Winds will be strong Thursday from southern Montana into Wyoming, impacting travel on interstates 25, 90 and 94. After repeated rounds of heavy rainfall pounded the south-central U.S. over the past few weeks, the threat will shift northeastward the rest of this week.

Largest wildfire in US nearly 400,000 acres in size

The Supply Chain Journal

Truckers will hit thick smoke and degraded air quality near many of these fires, so the National Weather Service still has air-quality alerts in place for portions of Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Wyoming and Colorado.

Stormy week ahead for truckers in eastern half of US

The Supply Chain Journal

Drivers will hit areas of heavy snow Tuesday morning from northern Colorado to southeastern Wyoming. It’s no surprise that potential severe thunderstorms will soon return to the Plains and the Mississippi Valley. It is spring, after all, and severe storms hit these regions just four days ago.

The Daily Dash: KeepTruckin’s $190 million round

The Supply Chain Journal

Genesee & Wyoming subsidiary to operate bulk transfer facility in central California. The Daily Dash is a quick look at what’s happening in the freight ecosystem. In today’s edition, we highlight a Series E round of funding for KeepTruckin, Workhorse’s legal battle with the U.S.

Severe storms to slam nation’s heartland

The Supply Chain Journal

The overall risk covers a broad region from western Texas to eastern Wyoming, stretching as far east as western Iowa. A potential significant severe weather outbreak is brewing in the Plains.

Images from the interstates: A 65th anniversary celebration

The Supply Chain Journal

JIM ALLEN’S COMMENT: “This part of I-80 in Wyoming is called the Highway to Heaven. The interstate system of highways across America turns 65 on Tuesday.

Scariest tunnels for truckers

The Supply Chain Journal

Wind River Canyon Tunnels (Wyoming). Highway 20-State Route 789 in northwestern Wyoming, between the towns of Shoshoni and Thermopolis. FreightWaves asked truckers on social media which tunnels in the U.S. and Canada wrack their nerves the most.

Winds could spread Western wildfires out of control again

The Supply Chain Journal

Dozens of other large wildfires are included in either the fire weather watch or red flag warnings that stretch from far northern California to Oregon, Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

Flood threat continues on Southeast trucking lanes

The Supply Chain Journal

Light snow accumulations could coat roads in high elevations of Colorado, Wyoming, Montana and Idaho. Truckers will hit more periods of torrential rain Friday in the Southeast, with additional areas of flash flooding likely. More flood photos from Highway 119 last night.

Scorching heat waves this week in Northwest, heartland

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The NWS has air quality alerts in place for much of Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, the northern half of New Mexico and the San Joaquin Valley in California. Dangerously hot and humid weather this week may have some truckers dreaming of cool breezes and snow-capped mountains.

JBS cyberattack: Livestock haulers feel brunt of plant shutdowns

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Truck driver Darwin Hershberger was preparing to transport cattle from Wyoming to Utah on Monday morning when the feedlot owner told him the load was canceled.

Utah 82

Oregon’s Bootleg fire burning out of control

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The NWS also has air quality alerts issued for southern and northeastern Oregon, northern Idaho, western Montana and western Wyoming as smoke and particulates from the fires will make the air unhealthy to breathe.

Flood threat lingers for truckers in Deep South

The Supply Chain Journal

Look for more heavy snow Thursday and Thursday night in parts of the Rockies and central Plains, impacting travel on parts of Interstates 25, 70 and 80 in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota, Nebraska and Kansas.

Storms could flood parts of eastern US this week

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The severe threat Tuesday will mainly be from the Dakotas to Montana, eastern Wyoming and western Nebraska. Mother Nature will drop more unwelcome rain in the south-central U.S. The pattern has been hard to break over the past several weeks.

Stormy week ahead for truckers in Plains

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The threat for severe storms Wednesday stretches from the Texas Panhandle to western Iowa, southern South Dakota, as well as eastern parts of Wyoming, Colorado and New Mexico.

Wabtec: Battery-electric locomotive reduces fuel use by 11%

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government, Wabtec, short line operator Genesee & Wyoming, and Carnegie Mellon University. .

Hot Shots: Flash floods, summer snow, choppy landing and more

The Supply Chain Journal

Places like West Yellowstone, Montana, and the Grand Tetons in Wyoming appeared to receive the most, and National Weather Service meteorologists told FreightWaves they estimate 3 to 5 inches piled up, based on liquid equivalents.

Crime is Adding to Supply Chain Woes

Enterra Insights

1 as it passed through Wyoming. References to the wild west are being made more frequently as criminal activity increases supply chain woes. Back in the fall of 2021, Walgreens announced it was closing five San Francisco stores, citing ongoing organized retail crime as the reason.

Severe mudslides trigger I-70 closure in Colorado

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Transportation and State Patrol officials continue to urge commercial vehicles and recreational vehicles to use Interstate 80 through Wyoming to get around the closure. Colorado Gov.

Hot Shots: Mudslides, floods, wildfires and more

The Supply Chain Journal

For now, drivers will have to take Interstate 80 westbound through Wyoming to Interstate 15 southbound in Salt Lake City, or Interstate 25 southbound from Denver to Interstate 40 westbound in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

CSX resubmits application to acquire Pan Am Railways

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Vermont Rail System is concerned how its access to Pan Am Southern would be affected since Genesee & Wyoming would be the operator of Pan Am Southern and Vermont Rail Systems sees itself as one of G&W competitors.