Amazon to build more than 855,000-square-foot distribution centre in Alabama


Alabama has a talented workforce and we look forward to making a positive economic impact in a state where we are committed to providing great job opportunities and an exceptional customer experience.”. “We We are thrilled to bring our first fulfillment center to the state of Alabama, creating 1,500 full-time jobs,” said Mark Stewart, Amazon’s Vice President of North America Customer Fulfillment.

Supply Chain Thought Leaders Video Series on What Can Alabama Coach Nick Saban Teach Inventory Planners

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Dr, Mike Watson of Northwester Says Planners Can Learn from Saban Approach

Your supply chain is costing you money – Reason #8: Keeping supply chain information in silos (and preventing your users from making the best decisions)


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What if the United States broke in half? Is Your Company Ready in the Event of a Catastrophe?

The Network Effect

The New Madrid Fault Zone stretches across Alabama, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, Kansas, Kentucky, Mississippi, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, and Tennessee. The post What if the United States broke in half? Is Your Company Ready in the Event of a Catastrophe? appeared first on The Network Effect. Logistics Multiparty Network Risk Supply Chain Management The Network Effect disaster logistics networks resilience risk supply chain

Selecting an E-commerce Fulfillment Partner with AJ Khanijow

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Fulfyld is based in Huntsville, Alabama. is almost double what it is in Alabama. [13:20] [00:20] Opening / Introduction. AJ Khanijow is the founder and CEO of Fulfyld, an e-commerce fulfillment company that specializes in B2C shipments and home delivery.

Supply Chain by Design Four Things Nick Saban Can Teach us About Inventory Planning

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Nick Sabans Process for Running Alabamas Football Program has led to Great Results and His Insights are Transferable to Supply Chain Planning Processes

Expert Reveals 7 Supply Chain Trends to Watch

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In this article, Professor Burcu Keskin from University of Alabama will share 7 trends that procurement and supply chain management professionals should watch.

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Will Tough New Regulations Proposed for Transporting Crude Oil by Rail Benefit Shippers?

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A series of recent accidents — including one in Quebec last July that killed 47 people and another in Alabama last November — has put pressure on regulators […].

Hurricane Michael could bring spike in FEMA freight

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You can imagine what kind of damage that can do to buildings and highways, let alone a truck, so if you are in or near the Gulf Coast of Florida or Alabama, or anywhere in the path of the storm, PLEASE seek shelter and make safety your one and only priority.

Halloween Candy – A Scary Supply Chain Planning Problem


In the interactive “ Top Halloween Candy by State ” map, shows my beloved candy corn is the favorite candy for trick-or-treaters in Idaho, Nevada, New Mexico, Iowa, Michigan and Alabama. I admit, I love to eat Halloween candy as much as most grade school children (maybe more).

[INFOGRAPHIC] Expert Reveals 7 Supply Chain Trends to Watch


In this article, Professor Burcu Keskin from University of Alabama will share 7 supply chain trends that working professionals should watch. Editor’s Note: This blog post is from SupplyChainOpz.

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5 Most Popular Supply Chain Blog Posts of 2015…So Far


In this article, Professor Burcu Keskin from University of Alabama will share 7 supply chain trends that working professionals should watch. We continue our "Most Popular Blog Posts of 2015.So Far" series today highlighting supply chain blog posts. Supply Chain is just one of our five main categories we are covering all this week, which consist of: Logistics, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Freight, and Transportation.

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What is Supply Chain Compliance and Why is it Important?


Alabama. When you hear the word compliance , what’s the first thing that comes to mind? Here is a good question to help you understand what compliance should look like in your organization. What are your customer, partner, regulatory, and vendor expectations?”.

Plant-location decisions and potential supply chain risk


Besides Texas—Toyota’s new North American headquarters—other states on the companies’ shortlist are Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina, WSJ reported, citing unnamed sources familiar with the potential investment.

Supply Chain Disruptions? Everything’s Clearer with the Right TMS Technology


it’s watermelon season in Alabama, so carrier capacity is suddenly an added constraint. Everything is humming along, sales are picking up, and things in general are going well. Life is good! And then, just like that, you find yourself in the midst of a perfect storm.

Attracting the Next Wave of Category Management Talent

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Universities that have category management programs, like DePaul University, University of Texas at Austin, University of North Alabama, Western Michigan University and others, need not only technology, but curriculums that focus on data science, analytics and data research.

Lean Leadership: The Importance of Having All the Information


At one point, the air conditioner on our bus broke down in the hottest part of Alabama, forcing everyone to retreat into the nearest fast-food restaurant to avoid the heat. A few years ago, I was taking a bus full of high school students on a road trip. The driver presented us with several options. Option 1: The driver could attempt to fix the bus on his own (even though he didn’t know what the issue was and would need to call someone to figure it out.)

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Rhode Island Named Bottom State for Infrastructure and Transportation as US Underinvestment Takes Toll


Alabama. Alabama. #27. Rhode Island has been given the dubious distinction of being named the worst state in the US for infrastructure by both CNBC and US News , amongst a poor outlook for the US as a whole by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

[INFOGRAPHIC] 5 More Supply Chain Trends To Watch Out for in 2016


Professor Burcu Keskin from University of Alabama adds , “Data coming from different sensors located at different suppliers from their production and transportation operations carry a lot of information regarding the quality of production process and timeliness of delivery.

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[INFOGRAPHIC, REPORT, & INTERACTIVE MAP] The US Manufacturing Workforce & Making it In America


percent, 555,300 jobs), Alabama (13.1 percent), Alabama’s 4th (48,500 jobs, 19.2 While US manufacturing has been hit hard by nearly two decades of policy failures that have damaged its international competitiveness, it remains a vital part of the U.S. economy.

Tropical Storm Nate: What You Need to Know


Four states in the Southeast have declared a state of emergency as the storm approaches including 29 counties in Florida , six counties in Mississippi , the state of Alabama , and the state of Louisiana. Hurricane, tropical storm and storm surge watches have been declared from the Florida-Alabama border to as far east as Indian Pass.

Is the Retail Apocalypse Just Around the Corner?

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Check out Jonathan Shieber’s TechCrunch article Alabama-based Shipt raises $40 million to challenge dominant grocery delivery startups to learn more. Friday in 5 – interesting news bits from around the supply chain horn, served up in one spot to keep you up to date. This week: There are differing opinions on the future of retail; omni-channel still has some bugs to work out; and a southeastern U.S. grocery delivery service has big plans for the future. Retail may just need a facelift.

The Growth of E-Commerce and What It Means for Retail Jobs

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The massive Pickup Towers, located near store entrances, debuted last year in Bentonville, Arkansas, and are now being rolled out to more than a dozen stores in cities across Arizona, Oklahoma, Alabama, Georgia and Virginia. Friday in 5 – interesting news bits from around the supply chain horn, served up in one spot to keep you up to date.

5 best bets for running reefers

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Tuscaloosa, AL – Apparently this area (ZIP 354xx) should be known for more than just Alabama football.

Early winter storms could cause freight schedules to slip

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There are black ice warnings for Alabama and Georgia. It’s snowing at the wrong time and in all the wrong places. That means a lot of freight delivery schedules are going to slip.

Hurricane Harvey Updates


This has alerted shipping lines and prompted some to entertain rerouting cargo to New Orleans and Alabama, and even as far away as the Bahamas and Mexico. The rain has stopped in Houston, Texas, but the traumatic conditions left by Tropical Storm Harvey have not yet cleared.

Hamburg calling – how the 8th Aviation Forum gave insights into tomorrow’s aerospace supply chain


Before the gala dinner, David Rodgers from Mobile, Alabama, gave insights into the attractiveness of this region, where Airbus has the North American FAL and many aerospace suppliers are based. “Global – digital – smart” was this year’s motto of the Aviation Forum in Hamburg The 8th Aviation Forum opened its doors on November 6-7.

Dedication to Career, Life and Family

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I was in the Alabama National Guard and the California National Guard. If you’re a JDA customer, you’ve likely been helped by Rebecca Torres, one of JDA’s delivery success managers.

Tarpon Springs, FL: A Bastion of Integrity

Supply Chain View from the Field

However, how do you justify people in places like Louisiana, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Texas all scrambling to get a piece of the BP pie?

In Times of Trade War, Companies Get Creative to Avoid Tariffs

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an Alabama-based consulting firm and provider of trade-zone management software, said during the past three months U.S-based Tactics range from using free-trade zones to bonded warehouses.

The Un-Sung Heroes of our Lives


– ‘Sweet Home Alabama’, Lynyrd Skynyrd. I watched a great documentary the other night about the music that came out of two studios in a little town called Muscle Shoals, Alabama – a place made famous in a line from the hit song’ Sweet Home Alabama’ by the band Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Becoming the Next Auto Hub


states under consideration are: Alabama, Florida, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas. The search will be site-specific and there are several certified mega sites available to accommodate the required area: one is the 1,550-acre Glendale mega site in Hardin County, Kentucky and there’s the 1,252-acre Limestone County mega site near Huntsville, Alabama.

Vans and Reefers Have a Friend in California

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Flatbeds will find loads more easily in Alabama , Arkansas , or Texas.) There's been a shortage of trucks in Arkansas , Mississippi and Alabama , and outbound rates are jumping in Charlotte , Atlanta and Memphis.

Overtime Rules Face Challenges in Courts and Congress

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The states named in the lawsuit include Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, Mississippi, Nebraska, Nevada, New Mexico, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas, Utah, and Wisconsin.

ScottsMiracle-Gro Improves Distribution System in Sustainability and Customer Service

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ScottsMiracle-Gro currently has warehouses connected to operations for the co-distribution of fertilizer with growing media products at 16 locations in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Kentucky, Louisiana, Michigan, Missouri, Ohio, South Carolina, Texas, Virginia and Wisconsin. A new 100,000-sq. warehouse will be added to The Scotts Miracle-Gro Company’s operation in Lebanon, Conn. to service the Company’s home center retail customers in northeastern U.S.