Supply Chain News on Distribution Centers Keep Getting Taller, Requiring New Construction Techniques

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New Amazon DC being Built in Tulsa Sets Record for Tilt Up Panel Height, as New Technologies were Required to Make it Work in Scheduled Time

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Hello Automated Procurement, Goodbye Tedium


Many higher education institutions, such as Tulsa Community College now put 100% of their spend through the JAGGAER platform.

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Where Did the Loads Go?

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Demand remained strong during the week in a handful of Hot Markets, including: Spokane , WA; Medford , OR; Fargo , ND; Sioux Falls , SD; Des Moines , IA; Rock Island , IL; Hutchinson , KS; Tulsa , OK; Little Rock , AR; Memphis , TN; and Decatur , AL. All gone! Okay, not ALL. But van load availability returned to mid-November levels last week, as a 25% decline in load posts reversed a big, post-Thanksgiving gain in spot market freight.

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[INFOGRAPHIC] Digital Disruption: Closing the Connectivity Gap in Manufacturing with Digital Operations


Our technology department in Tulsa is comprised of several developers who solve our customers’ transportation management needs. A global marketplace is emerging that represents a huge opportunity for manufacturing. But the market is segmented, demanding specialization that will be tough for traditional manufacturers to handle. Building an agile organization that can quickly adapt will mean creating digital operations that can help your company close the connectivity gap.

Project-based Learning can Lead to Real-world Solutions

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3] Scott Meacham, “ Scott Meacham: Hands-on experiences help drive STEM education ,” Tulsa World , 17 February 2019. [4] Adults often walk a fine line when dealing with teenagers. On one hand, teenagers need to be guided in some areas of their lives. Their knowledge & experience is limited and their minds & emotions are still maturing. On the other hand, teenagers need to be treated with respect and understanding.

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Major Freight Markets Saw Biggest Rate Surge of the Year

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Dallas to Tulsa rates were also up, likely due to oil-related traffic. Rates on the top 100 van lanes showed the strongest surge of the year. Freight patterns showed increased retail trade ahead of Memorial Day weekend, and since some drivers finished the week up early ahead of the holiday weekend, capacity also tightened. Many reefer markets also matched their peaks from June 2016. Load-to-truck ratios are highest for vans in the darker red areas on the Hot States Map above.