Memphis: America’s Multimodal City

Inbound Logistics

Memphis supports global supply chains through highway, rail, airport, and inland port assets, and a qualified workforce

Memphis: America’s Aerotropolis

Inbound Logistics

Geography, transportation infrastructure, and a strong distribution sector make Memphis a natural logistics hub

Prices Set To Ramp Up For Chinese New Year: Freight Rate Update W2


There was one significant exception, at Fedex’s Memphis hub, where bad weather affected express parcels due for delivery on 12 January. Prices Set To Ramp Up For Chinese New Year: Freight Rate Update Wk 2. By John Edmonds, Research & Marketing, Freightos.

Supply Chain Matters News Capsule for July 17; UPS, Foxconn, Mondelez, Typhoon Rammasun

Supply Chain Matters

In this capsule commentary, we include the following topics: UPS Memphis Facility Expansion Foxconn Plans for New Plant in China’s Guizhou Province Mondelez Continued Re-Structuring, A New SCRM Standard, Typhoon Impacts the Philippines UPS Kicks Off Expansion of Memphis Facility Global transportation and parcel giant UPS indicated this week that the services provider has kicked off construction related to the expansion of its Memphis Tennessee package distribution facility.

4 Signs that Van Rates Could Rise Soon

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Memphis is right in the middle of a dark red patch on the heat map for truckload demand. Memphis to Columbus, OH , rose 20¢ to an average of $2.52/mile, likely spurred on by Easter-related retail shipments. Memphis to Atlanta rates also rose 15¢ to $2.87/mile.

4 Tips to Plan Your Routes.and Make More Money

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If you're starting in Memphis , or another place with above-average rates, a little extra planning can turn a so-so roundtrip into a really good one. A load out of Memphis might go to Chicago or to Columbus. The roundtrip average for Memphis-Chicago-Memphis is $1.60/mile.

Van and Reefer Rates Drop, in Mid-July Lull

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and in Memphis instead of Atlanta. Memphis rates mostly held steady, and a 15¢-per mile spike on the lane to Columbus was a bright spot in an otherwise quiet week. DAT TriHaul of the Week: Memphis - Columbus - Gary - Memphis.

Spot Market Van Rates Soared in September

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Columbus to Memphis climbed 37¢ to $2.28/mile. The national average van rate rose for the fifth week in a row. At $1.97 per mile , the average rate in September was 18¢ higher than the August average, and 35¢ higher than September 2016.

Van Rates Get Ready for a Rebound

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Rates fell in Memphis , which could signal a brief lull, now that Easter retail goods have been delivered. Memphis to Columbus lost 37¢ to $2.28/mile.

2 Signs That the Freight Recession Really Is Over

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Higher prices out of Memphis and Columbus tell us that retail traffic is moving, and higher rates out of Dallas and Seattle show us that the improvement is far-reaching. Last week, the national load-to-truck ratio for vans was the highest it's been since March 2014.

3 Reasons Why Van Rates Are Still High

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All the major West Coast van markets led the way for rising van rates, and prices out of Memphis also got a boost. Memphis to Atlanta was up 23¢ at $2.79/mile. Memphis to Columbus also gained 22¢ at $2.36/mile.

Buyers, B-17 Bombers, and Heedful Interrelating…Musings for the Week


I had the incredible opportunity to fly in a B-17 bomber this past weekend, a replica of the Memphis Belle that survived 25 tours of duty in Europe.

Signs of Spring in Flatbed Markets

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Volumes were off in Memphis , which pushed rates down 4%. Memphis to Houston nose-dived 54¢ to $2.74/mile after a surge in the week before. Flatbed trends have been mostly neutral overall so far in February.

Major Freight Markets Saw Biggest Rate Surge of the Year

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Volumes had the steepest declines in Atlanta and Houston , but Memphis van load counts spiked 13%. Atlanta to Memphis paid 22¢ better at $1.93/mile. Memphis to Columbus was up 17¢ to $1.94/mile. Memphis to Dallas was also down 27¢ to $2.76/mile.

The 5 Largest LTL Carriers

The Logistics of Logistics

FedEx Corporation is based in Memphis TN and has $42.7B The 5 largest LTL carriers together have $16.2 billion in annual revenues and 46.4% market share. Each of the top five companies has a national footprint with tons of resources and top notch teams. There is a brief profile of each of the carriers below. The 5 Largest LTL Carriers. Largest LTL Carrier: FedEx Freight. FedEx Freight is the largest less than truckload (LTL) carrier with approximately $5.3B in sales (estimated 2012).

Flatbed Demand Soars, Boosting Rates 11¢

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Memphis to St Louis rates rose 21¢, to $3.05/mile. The number of flatbed load posts increased 11% last week while truck posts dipped 1%, boosting the load-to-truck ratio to a whopping 88.5 loads per truck.

Emergency Freight: What Harvey Tells Us About Irma

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So Atlanta, Charlotte, Memphis and other regional hubs were moving freight to Arkansas, Louisiana, Texas, and Oklahoma, because Houston couldn't do it. Less than ten days after Hurricane Harvey, trucks are already moving freight out of Houston, with almost the same volume as before the storm.

Flatbed Markets Adjust to Holidays, Regulations, and Weather

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Dallas and Memphis had the biggest drops for flatbed rates last week, and both were negative for the month of December. Memphis to St. Flatbed rates saw a spike in the week before Christmas, but otherwise they’ve stayed pretty close to where they were before Thanksgiving.

Vans and Reefers Head South for Rising Rates

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Demand is also heating up in Memphis , and outbound rates there are on the rise. Memphis – It is no surprise to see rates and volume picking up in Memphis. Memphis-Atlanta-Memphis.

Spot Truckload Rates Continue a Slow-and-Steady Climb

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Memphis. Memphis to Columbus hit $1.89/mile, up 14¢ Dallas to Denver rose 11¢ to $1.94/mile. Memphis to Dallas also dipped▼9¢ to $2.09/mile.

Denver 158

Van Rates Showing Signs of Recovery

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Memphis also rebounded last week. Vans were paid 13¢ more per mile on the lane from Memphis to Chicago, up to $1.62/mile. As mentioned above, rates rose to $1.55/mile last week on the lane from Memphis to Chicago. One is to look for a load from Memphis to St.

Southern States are Red-Hot for Vans

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HOT MARKETS – Outbound rates rose by about 10 cents per mile last week in Atlanta , Charlotte , and Memphis , while Dallas rates added an average of 5¢ per mile. Likewise, Memphis to Indianapolis rates moved up 17¢, to $2.32.

October Flatbed Rates Were Highest of the Year

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The Memphis market posted the biggest gains for October, with outbound flatbed rates up 10%. The national flatbed rate for October was the highest of the year, boosted at least in part by rebuilding efforts in Florida and the Gulf Coast after the storms from a couple months ago.

Where's the Freight? 5 Markets with Lots of Van Loads

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MEMPHIS has been relatively slow this year but appears to be turning the corner. Of the 13 major van freight markets tracked weekly in DAT Trendlines , only Memphis had an average outbound rate above $2.00/mile last week. The national average van rate rose 1¢ last week.

Flatbed Rates Hold Steady at 2-Year Highs

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Two Southeastern freight hubs, Atlanta and Memphis , also got a big boost. Flatbed volumes didn’t slip as expected in the first half of July. Instead, there were almost 50% more loads last week than the week before, and rates are holding up at the highest levels in two years.

Where to Find Loads This Week: 7 Hot Markets and 2 TriHauls

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Volume trended up last week in Los Angeles and Memphis , where load-to-truck ratios of about 2.0 If you’re in the neighborhood, look for loads here: Columbus to Memphis and Memphis to Indianapolis. Van load availability edged up 0.5%

Have Van Rates Turned the Corner?

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Memphis to Charlotte was up 21¢ to $2.53/mile. We had a turnaround in van trends last week, reversing course from the declines we’ve been seeing since mid-January. Volumes and rates rose nearly across the board.

Using Aviation Innovations to Attract New Truck Drivers

Ryder Exchange

In Memphis, the home of FedEx, there are more than a few ways students can learn about aviation or pursue a private pilot’s license. The Aviation Career Education (ACE) Academy in Memphis has hosted a summer academy camp for students ages 14-18.

Demand Heats Up for Vans and Reefers

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End-of-quarter and pre-holiday freight was even stronger than expected last week in Atlanta , Charlotte and Memphis , which were the top three markets for outbound loads on DAT load boards. Northbound lane rates continue to rise out of Atlanta, Memphis and Charlotte, for both vans and reefers.

Van Rates and Volumes Slip From Seasonal Peak

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Individual markets and lanes also got a rate increase last week, including a handful of lanes originating in Philadelphia, Memphis and Charlotte: Philadelphia saw the biggest jump in average outbound rates, thanks mostly to a couple of lanes to other destinations within the Northeast.

This Week in Logistics News (August 25-29, 2014)

Talking Logistics

If successful, the program will expand next to Indianapolis, IN; Edison, NJ; and Memphis, TN.”. With summer unofficially ending this weekend, and school starting next week, the clock is ticking on summer vacation.

Van Ratios and Rates Hit Record Highs at End of Quarter

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Outbound rates in Memphis are up 14% for the month. Friday was the end of the second quarter, and also the start of the July 4th holiday weekend. The combination boosted demand, as shippers wanted to move freight out the door before the end of June.

Van Rates Respond to Seasonal Slowdown

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Memphis to Charlotte was up 9¢ to $2.53/mile. Van rates continued to moderate last week, and van load posts declined as we moved into February.

Spring Came Early in These Freight Markets

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Rates got the biggest boosts out of Memphis, Atlanta and Seattle. Memphis to Chicago was also up 12¢ at $1.76/mile. The biggest gains were in Atlanta, Memphis, and Baltimore. Memphis to Dallas was up ▲39¢ to $2.74/mile, with a nice boost in volumes.