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Letter from the CEO: Coronavirus Market Update


Carmakers and electronic manufacturers in South Korea and Japan are reporting production line shutdowns. Los Angeles / Long Beach and Oakland have severe congestion due to lack of space for empty containers that are awaiting backhaul vessels to China / Asia.

Webinar Q&A: Answers to 8 Common Freight Market Questions

CH Robinson Logistics

The strong economic recovery and need to rebuild retail inventory creates high out-of-season demand in port cities. Once sales rebalance, will inventory follow? The impact of the semiconductor shortage varies by truck manufacturer. During last week’s Market Insights Live!


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Seeing Supply Chain Visibility through Different Lenses


It was the uncertainty of whether the product would be available that drove my purchase decision. Ensuring my order would be included in the earliest shipment that the distributor was planning to make from Seattle to the Oakland warehouse.

Tender rejections moving atypically prior to holiday

The Supply Chain Journal

The congestion at our nation’s ports has spread from Los Angeles and Long Beach to Oakland, California. But, spending remains exceptional despite the moderation, and low inventory levels offset much of the decline that will occur from slowing demand. Source: FRED.

Are you shipping me?!? $32,000 container move from China to LA

The Supply Chain Journal

Purchasing ocean transportation has become so expensive that many companies with lower-value commodities can’t afford to import anymore, analysts and logisticians say. Source: SEKO Logistics). “We’re Quite literally manufacturing is returning to the U.S.