OceanWaves: Los Angeles port boss lays out congestion-fighting plan

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How can the Port of Los Angeles dig out with a record number of ships waiting at anchor? SPEAKERS: Gene Seroka, executive director, Port of Los Angeles, and Greg Miller, senior editor, American Shipper and FreightWaves.

Los Angeles 53ers

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Los Angeles 53ers — Fifty-three foot trailers that is. San Francisco may have the 49ers but the real gold rush is happening 400 miles south at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach where a record-breaking 70-plus container ships sit adrift or at anchor.


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Unprecedented Year Increases Los Angeles Port Emissions

Supply Chain Brain

Ships at anchor and supply chain challenges have impacted the results of the 2021 Air Emissions Inventory

Los Angeles Warehousing Mecca Halts Expansion Just as Needs Soar

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s logistics mecca east of Los Angeles, are suspending new warehousing projects to examine the impact from decades of pollution — putting the industry under pressure when it’s needed most Communities in the Inland Empire, the U.S.’s

Los Angeles port braces for Yantian catch-up, peak season combo

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The Port of Los Angeles announced its best June numbers ever on Wednesday, capping off its best quarter ever. There’s no lull in the action, no half-time intermissions,” said Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka.

Port of Los Angeles Sees Record Volume in February

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Cargo moving through the Port of Los Angeles jumped 7.3% in February, representing back-to-back record months to begin 2022

FreightWaves Classics: Port of Los Angeles is the nation’s busiest!

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Together, the Port of Los Angeles and the neighboring Port of Long Beach comprise the San Pedro Bay port complex. The Port of Los Angeles markets itself as America’s Port®. The Port of Los Angeles and CMA CGM celebrate the 10-millionth container processed in one year.

Cyberattacks on Port of Los Angeles Have Doubled Since Pandemic

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Cyberattacks on one of the world's busiest ports have nearly doubled since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic

U.S. Transportation Secretary Buttigieg Announces $20 Million Federal Grant to Port Of Los Angeles

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The port said the infrastructure investment, along with funds from the Jobs Act, will support rail-roadway separation to improve truck access and speed cargo flow through the area

Los Angeles port bottlenecks don’t have any short-term fixes.


The Los Angeles port has experienced 49% growth since 2020, the biggest increase in nine years based on data compiled by Bloomberg. It has become increasingly obvious recognize that the Los Angeles port is significantly overloaded in terms of its capacity.

A Gloomy Future for the Port of Los Angeles?

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

In June 2016, the Panama Canal will double its capacity, and this capacity expansion will undoubtedly reshape the freight flows around the globe, including those transiting through the Port of Los Angeles (click here for a past blog related to this subject). Considered jointly, the Port of Los Angeles and the Port of Long Beach are the 9 th largest port in the world, handling most goods transiting between China and the United States. [link] /. Guillaume Roels.

Advantages and Challenges of a Having Fulfillment Center in Los Angeles

Amware Logistics and Fulfillment

While many people love Los Angeles for its movies, logisticians and eTailers have come to love the City of Angels for its eCommerce fulfillment benefits.

Search Underway for Port of Los Angeles Executive Director

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Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti today announced the launch of a global executive search to fill the the top post at the Port of Los Angeles. Under Mayor Garcetti’s direction, the Los Angeles Board of Harbor Commissioners established an ad hoc search committee to oversee the process, which is comprised of Harbor Commission President Vilma Martinez and Commission Vice President David Arian.

New Enhancements Aim to Speed Container Drayage at Los Angeles and Long Beach Ports

West Coast and California Logistics

If you’ve been following operations at the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach in recent years, the trend looks something like this: the Ports continually break new volume records, truck turn times remain high, and officials vow to speed things up. Fortunately for shippers, enhancements are in place to speed container drayage in Los Angeles and Long Beach now and in the future.

Boatloads of Cargo Off Los Angeles Grind Gears of World Economy

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The perfect storm is swamping the busiest gateway to the U.S. economy heading into the holiday season

Los Angeles and Long Beach Terminal Congestions

CH Robinson Transportfolio

However, it is feared that a similar situation in Los Angeles will be created if there is significant change in volume to alternate ports. The post Los Angeles and Long Beach Terminal Congestions appeared first on Transportfolio. There have been numerous articles published on this topic in various trade journals showing how almost everyone in the supply chain is being impacted by this congestion.

Global Supply Chain News on the Port of Los Angeles to Finally Start Charging Fees for Storing Empty Containers

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Threat of Fees in October Appears to have Worked on Import Containers

Global Supply Chain News on Will New Container Dwell Time Fees Unclog Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach

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The Key Question as Always is Who will Pay the Potentially Huge New Fees on Top of Existing Charges

Port of Los Angeles: Disintermediation and Other Risks

The UCLA Anderson Global Supply Chain Blog

  The ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach are vital to the LA economy, not only because they provide a significant number of jobs in the shipping and logistics industries, but also because they give the city itself a competitive edge with regard to shipping times and transportation costs when it comes to operating a global businesses here. Jaimie Conley, Jeremy Fuller, Tucker Herbert, and Felipe Caro.

Supply Chain News on Thieves Now Stealing from Intermodal Containers Approaching Los Angeles via Rail

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Bad Guys Use Bolt Cutters to Break into Containers as they Slow to Approach Union Pacific Train Depot

Industry Insights: As the Holiday Season Arrives, Constraints at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Ports Tighten Even More


As the country heads into the holiday peak season, gridlock at the LA/LB port complex continues. Struggles with delayed vessel arrivals, congestion, labor availability, chassis shortages, and appointment system shortcomings continue to hamper the flow of containers.

Port of Los Angeles Introduces ‘The Signal,’ a New Data Tool

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The Port of Los Angeles will begin distributing and publishing key dashboard data from Wabtec’s Port Optimizer so that all supply chain stakeholders have easy access and can use the forward-looking information to better plan and prepare for inbound cargo

Supply Chain News on Update on Los Angeles Cargo Theft Story Gaining Momentum, with Increasing War of Words

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Has Organized Crime Moved In

Supply Chain Weekly Wrap-Up 01/08/2020 – 01/14/2020

All Things Supply Chain

Port of Los Angeles Struggles with the Domino Effect of Congested Ports Due to global supply chain issues caused by COVID-19, the Port of Los Angeles is becoming congested.

Weekend of high winds, high heat in Southern California

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A moderate Santa Ana wind event will develop over much of Los Angeles and Ventura counties beginning Friday morning and continuing into Saturday evening. Interstate 10 from Los Angeles to Santa Monica. Interstate 405 from Los Alamitos to West Los Angeles.

Clock ticking for Christmas imports as West Coast congestion mounts

The Supply Chain Journal

The Port Los Angeles — America’s largest container gateway — looks destined to max out this peak season. Every aspect of the supply chain is under scrutiny,” said Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka.

Toyota Puts Zero Emission Fuel-Cell Semi Truck to Test at The Port of Los Angeles

Supply Chain 24/7

Picture the 710 Freeway heading south, bumper-to-bumper semis hauling cargo to and from the bustling Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, now imagine those trucks are moving that cargo, quietly, quickly and without producing any emissions, Toyota is working to make this vision a reality

Record shattered: 61 container ships stuck waiting off California

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The number of container ships at anchor or drifting in San Pedro Bay off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach has now blown through all previous records and is rising by the day. Marine Exchange data reveals the constraints of the Los Angeles/Long Beach port complex.

Freight flow imbalance is the real capacity issue

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Chart of the Week: Truckstop.com 7 Day Van Rate Per Mile Los Angeles to Dallas and Dallas to Los Angeles SONAR : TSTOPVRPM.LAXDAL, TSTOPVRPM.DALLAX. This relationship is reflected in the spot rate for freight moving from Los Angeles to Dallas and the return trip.

Just how many containers of cargo are stuck off California’s coast?

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With around 70 container ships loaded with cargo now waiting at anchor or drifting off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach, how deep of a hole are the terminals actually in? The combined import throughput of both Los Angeles and Long Beach in August was 893,118 TEUs.

‘March madness’ at LA port amid ‘once in a lifetime’ surge

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The flood of imports into the Port of Los Angeles is relentless. I would describe this as the port version of March Madness,” said Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka during a press conference on Wednesday.

US ports face peak-season ‘gridlock plus’ as anchorages fill

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The fear voiced by Port of Los Angeles Executive Director Gene Seroka earlier this year was that “we will still have vessels at anchor come midsummer,” when terminals pivot to handling the peak season rush starting around Aug.

California port pileup shatters record and imports still haven’t peaked

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According to the Marine Exchange of Southern California, there were 47 container ships at anchor or drifting off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach on Sunday, a new all-time high. ports and the unprecedented pileup of ships at anchor off Los Angeles/Long Beach.

Motional to begin testing driverless vehicles on streets of LA

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Famously abuzz with stretch limousines, lowriders, fancy sports cars and doorless Jeeps, the streets of Los Angeles soon will host those vehicles’ driverless younger cousin as well. Los Angeles has long been an important part of Motional’s global operations that span across the U.S.

Walmart boosting off-peak container processing in LA by up to 50%

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Big-box retailers including Walmart, along with FedEx and UPS, have detailed plans to expand container operations at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as part of the Biden administration’s efforts to unclog a massive bottleneck at the country’s largest container terminal complex.

Global Supply Chain News on Growing Congestion has Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach Pondering 24 x 7 Operations

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Would be Enormously Complex Undertaking, Requiring Synchronization of Many Parts

Most dangerous highway stretches for US truckers

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Interstate 5 in Los Angeles County, California. This interstate connects drivers through Los Angeles, San Diego, Sacramento, Santa Ana, Stockton and Redding, intersecting with Interstate 10 near Los Angeles and Interstate 8 near San Diego.

Congestion persists at rail terminals servicing imports

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Indeed, the Port of Los Angeles is dealing with maxed-out rail yards and warehouses, as well as chassis shortages, Executive Director Gene Seroka said recently. Chassis shortages and efforts to dig out containers at rail terminals continue to characterize the rail side of the U.S.

California’s massive container-ship traffic jam is still really jammed

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Peak shipping season is coming soon — and the “parking lot” of container ships stuck at anchor off the coast of California is still there, with Oakland surpassing Los Angeles/Long Beach as the epicenter of congestion. Port of LA’s Gene Seroka (Photo: Port of Los Angeles).

Less than Truckload Freight Rates: Los Angeles, CA


LTL Freight Rates: From Los Angeles, California, to Major Cities in the USA. Check out some examples of our freight rates: All the freight rates below are for 1 pallet, 48” by 48” by 48”, 500 lbs, class 100 : From Los Angeles, CA to New York, NY.