Amid freight congestion, Matson launches fast-boat service to Oakland

The Supply Chain Journal

The China-California Express (CCX) will have a 12-day transit time from Shanghai direct to the Port of Oakland, with a Ningbo departure taking 14 days. The scheduled rotation is Ningbo-Shanghai-Oakland-Long Beach-Honolulu-Ningbo, the carrier said in a marketing sheet sent to customers. .

Final innings are coming soon on the fate of Oakland’s Howard Terminal

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Deciding the future of the Port of Oakland’s Howard Terminal and whether it might disappear to make way for a baseball stadium is in what looks like the end game of the long process. Unlike the east Oakland site, it is not served with a close-by station on the BART rapid transit system.


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FreightWaves Flashback: Oakland targets intermodal

The Supply Chain Journal

In this week’s edition, from the May 2002 issue of American Shipper (virtual page 90) , FreightWaves Flashback looks back at the Port of Oakland’s master plan to compete with Los Angeles and Long Beach. BNSF operates the new Oakland International Gateway terminal.

Port of Oakland tests drayage with Class 8 Peterbilt electric trucks

The Supply Chain Journal

Ten Class 8 Peterbilt Model 579EVs running drayage in the Port of Oakland illustratrate two facts of heavy-duty electrification: Class 8 Battery-electric trucks are for real. Photo: Port of Oakland). “It’s Peterbilt Model 579EV Port of Oakland Shippers Transport Express

FreightWaves Classics: Port of Oakland is an economic engine for northern California

The Supply Chain Journal

The port of Oakland, California was the first important port on the West Coast of the United States. The estuary that the Port of Oakland was constructed on and around was originally only 500 feet wide and had a depth of only 2 feet at low tide. Photo: Port of Oakland).

Fire-damaged container ship being towed to Port of Oakland

The Supply Chain Journal

A container ship damaged by fire off the coast of California is being towed to the Port of Oakland. The NYK Delphinus was about 50 miles west of the coast of Monterey, California, en route from the Port of Vancouver to Oakland, when the crew reported an engine fire to U.S.

The West in Want of Workers: Oakland's Port Labor Shortage & The Supply Chain


West Coast ports are starting to improve congestion issues, but Oakland faces a potentially disastrous labor shortage that threatens to slow progress. Oakland’s Labor Dilemma. Oakland has seen a rise in container volumes starting in March as shippers began moving back to West Coast ports. The effects of the labor shortage are beginning to become visible at the Port of Oakland as ships are being forced to remain at anchor for up to 36 hours before being unloaded.

OceanWaves: How to navigate the port congestion minefield

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Some extra loaders were also sent to Oakland. While Oakland was very congested two months ago, last week there were nearly zero [vessels at anchor]. This fireside chat recap is from FreightWaves’ OceanWaves Summit.

Container shipping’s stranger-than-fiction first half of 2021

The Supply Chain Journal

Around 20 container ships remain at anchor off Los Angeles/Long Beach, with waiting time of about a week, but the bigger problem now is in Oakland. The pileup of container ships anchored and drifting off Oakland remains as bad as ever.

Oakland Tops L.A. Area as Ships Inundate World’s Ports

Supply Chain Brain

It’s hard to predict when normality will return

US imports could stall as demand overwhelms trans-Pacific capacity

The Supply Chain Journal

However, dozens of ships remain at anchor along the California coast , in San Pedro Bay off the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach and in San Francisco Bay and drifting in the Pacific Ocean off the Port of Oakland. import demand remains historically high.

Advantages of the Port of Oakland for Import Freight

West Coast and California Logistics

As with a well-crafted indie film, however, the Port of Oakland should not be overlooked. Just as Hollywood blockbuster films get more notoriety than independent films, the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach tend to get all the attention when it comes to the movement of inbound container freight to the West Coast. After all, these ports are the busiest in the U.S. and have set new volume records yet again in 2017.

California’s massive container-ship traffic jam is still really jammed

The Supply Chain Journal

Peak shipping season is coming soon — and the “parking lot” of container ships stuck at anchor off the coast of California is still there, with Oakland surpassing Los Angeles/Long Beach as the epicenter of congestion. Congestion woes in Oakland.

US ports face peak-season ‘gridlock plus’ as anchorages fill

The Supply Chain Journal

In the second quarter, as congestion temporarily eased in Southern California, the numbers grew in Northern California: in San Francisco Bay off Oakland, and in the Pacific, where a large number of container ships were drifting, awaiting Oakland berths.

Competing on Data


Something that I like to call the 'Oakland Athletics Effect'. Analytics Business Intelligence Posts Supply Chain baseball benchmarks Boston Red Sox Brad Pitt Competing on Analytics competitive edge laggards leaders MIT MIT Sloan Moneyball Oakland Athletics strategic planning The Analytics Mandate Thomas Davenport

Data 40

Supply Chain News on US Gets First Stop Ever from New Generation of Megaships, but Ports ae Far from Ready for Regular Service

Supply Chain Digest

Giant CMA CGM Ship Visits Port of Los Angeles, Heads to Oakland, but Major Systemic Changes Needed, Drewry Says

What’s Behind the Supply Chain Analytics Revolution?

Logistics Viewpoints

I recently read a Wall Street Journal article on a tech-driven revolution in sports, written by Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s general manager most well known as the character played by Brad Pitt in the movie Moneyball. […]. There is a seemingly endless amount of information on the current analytics and big data revolution in business.

Yantian Port Congestion: How Can Shippers Navigate Another Major Supply Chain Disruption?

CH Robinson Logistics

A good example of how this plays out is in the case of congestion at the Port of Oakland. Over the last few months, as the delays at the LA port were mounting, carriers started diverting sailings to Oakland.

Container sector is so hot that ships rent for $200,000/day

The Supply Chain Journal

Euroseas (NASDAQ: ESEA ) confirmed this week that it chartered its 2009-built, 4,250-twenty-foot equivalent unit container ship Synergy Oakland for 60-85 days at a gross rate of $195,000-$202,000 per day starting in the second half of October.

This Week In Logistics News (July 12 – 18)

Logistics Viewpoints

Earlier this week I read a Wall Street Journal article on a tech-driven revolution in sports, written by Billy Beane, the Oakland A’s general manager most well known as the character played by Brad Pitt in the movie Moneyball. I found the article interesting and I believe it touched on key points in the development […]. The post This Week In Logistics News (July 12 – 18) appeared first on Logistics Viewpoints: A Blog for Logistics, Supply Chain, and 3PL Executives.

The Year the Ports Stole Christmas? Hopefully Not.

Logistics Viewpoints

Source: Ports of LA, Long Beach, Oakland, Seattle-Tacoma. LA and Long Beach account for the majority of west coast port volumes, approximately 75 percent of the volume (LA, Long Beach, Oakland, and Seattle-Tacoma) in September 2021 – the most recent month on record.

Supply Chain by the Numbers for Week of Jan. 4, 2018

Supply Chain Digest

US PMI Very Strong in 2017, Construction to Start on New Logistics Hub in Port of Oakland, Nucor Thinks Supply Chain in Building New Steel Plant, Many Unhappy Returns in Retail

Congestion persists at rail terminals servicing imports

The Supply Chain Journal

Import rail loads are also taking longer to move off the terminal at the Port of Oakland, while rail car shortages to get imports off the dock is a major contributing factor to the overall congestion at the Port of Seattle, Hapag-Lloyd said.

UP temporarily stopping eastbound container service to Chicago

The Supply Chain Journal

The suspension applies to UP-served terminals at the ports of Los Angeles, Long Beach and Oakland, California, and Tacoma, Washington.

MSC warns of international intermodal impacts on West and East coasts

The Supply Chain Journal

BNSF didn’t place these restrictions at the ports of Oakland, California, and Tacoma, Washington, MSC added. Ocean carrier MSC reports that U.S. freight railroads have started to reduce import rail traffic at the ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach as well as New York as the U.S.

Webinar Q&A: Answers to 8 Common Freight Market Questions

CH Robinson Logistics

Now, this congestion is spreading to Oakland, Vancouver, and Seattle ports. During last week’s Market Insights Live! webinar, we provided an in-depth analysis of current supply and demand trends in the North American freight market.

Congestion, weather and chip shortages cloud rail’s outlook: Cowen

The Supply Chain Journal

Import rail loads are also taking longer than normal to move off the terminal at the Port of Oakland, Hapag-Lloyd said.

Organized Retail Crime is Growing, Losses up 7% from Last Year

Material Handling and Logistics

The top locations are 1) New York City; 2) Los Angeles; 3) Miami; 4) Chicago and Houston, tied; 5) San Francisco/Oakland; 6) Atlanta; 7) Baltimore; 8) Orlando; 9) northern New Jersey, Washington, D.C., A National Retail Federation report found that 92% of companies surveyed had been a victim of organized retail crime in the past year.

Peet’s Coffee and the Roasted Bean Supply Chain

Logistics Viewpoints

Thus, in addition to their roasting plant with an inbound warehouse attached to it, and a warehouse for outbound finished goods in nearby Oakland, the company also has 700 reps that source their product from roughly 100 small DSD warehouses across the nation.

US rail traffic climbed 28% in May despite supply chain constraints

The Supply Chain Journal

The container market is seeing exorbitant charter rates — as high as $135,000 per day — while Oakland has topped LA and Long Beach as the most congested U.S.

Can you hear me? US ports not 100% connected

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SSA Marine is using Nokia’s Digital Automation Cloud technology at its Oakland International Container Terminal and its terminal at the Port of Seattle. The fight for a slice of the transportation bill pie is as fierce as a Florentine gladiator match.

Pearl lesson: Safe transport of dangerous goods essential

The Supply Chain Journal

Fire-damaged container ship being towed to Port of Oakland. The TT Club says the fire aboard the X-Press Pearl off the coast of Sri Lanka once again illustrates the need for ensuring the safe transport of dangerous cargo.

Will Supply Chain Planning Productivity be a Hot Topic in 2017?


In fact, I can say from experience that supply chain planning automation that increases productivity can be a difficult sell, reminiscent of the scene from the movie Moneyball where Oakland Athletics manager Billy Beane (played by Brad Pitt) tells a room full of scouts that Jonah Hill’s character represents the new way forward. Planning productivity can be increased by segmenting tasks according to the tools best suited for the activity.

Peak Shipping Season: A Review of Trends from the 2018 Holiday Peak Season


Although this has always been a peak season for imported goods, more than 17,000 TEUs entered the Port of Oakland in the fall, which is a sum far more significant than data from 2017. It is that time of year again when we at Cerasis take a global view of what trends to expect in supply chain management throughout the remainder of the year.

Trends 142

C.H. Robinson announces drayage congestion surcharges

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The notable exceptions were Norfolk, Virginia, and Oakland, California, where the incremental fees will not be assessed. Freight broker C.H. Robinson said it would begin levying drayage surcharges in September due to worsening congestion at U.S. ports. “As