The supply chain planning system crystal ball

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Today’s supply chain professionals need a crystal ball, too. For example, if a supply chain professional accepts a new order, can they deliver it on time? If they offer a promotion, can the supply chain support it? What-if planning.

Top 3 Supply Chain Planning Buzzwords

The 21st Century Supply Chain

When it comes to supply chains, certain words seem to be bandied about like the ball at a championship tennis match. Back and forth, over and over, these supply chain buzzwords seem to have an endless lifespan.

The rise of IoT in supply chain planning

The 21st Century Supply Chain

With the number of connected devices estimated to surpass six billion next year and more than 20 billion by 2020, the steady stream of data these devices are providing can easily crowd and clog your supply chain planning processes if you’re not prepared. Algorithmic planning.

The future of the supply chain planning profession

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Dr. Madhav Durbha It is a great time to be a supply chain planning professional. Advances in processing power, networking, and storage aided by the enduring power of Moore’s law have opened doors for some exciting new developments in supply chain planning.

Connecting Supply Chain Planning to Profitability

What collaboration between supply chain and ?nance nance can achieve

Supply chain planning – it’s time to get personal

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Supply planning – to profitably align supply with demand. When I was planning supply, it wasn’t unusual to have a dinner interrupted, a weekend cut short or a vacation disturbed. We also realized we needed a smarter supply chain.

Three Mistakes Teams to Avoid in Selecting Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Shaman

Supply chain planning user satisfaction is a flip of the coin. Satisfaction is low: one-in-two supply chain planning software users state satisfaction. Supply chain planing is now three decades old. Mistakes happen.

A New Approach to Supply Chain Planning

Talking Logistics

Allison Fowler, Senior Director of Planning at LLamasoft discusses the following questions and more in this timely and informative episode: When it comes to supply chain planning, what are some of the challenges or limitations companies are coming up against today?

Supply chain planning in the digital age

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Melissa Clow Recently, Madhav Durbha, Vice President of Industry Strategy at Kinaxis was interviewed by SupplyChainBrain on supply chain planning in the digital age. How are supply chains becoming more complex? Then you do capacity planning, so on and so forth.

Five Things I Have Learned About Global Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Shaman

Regional supply chain companies are attempting to define global requirements. They are well versed in requirements for regional supply chain planning, but they are attempting to redefine their processes and be more global. Supply chain planning is decision support.

“Digital Transformation” and Supply Chain Planning


Your company has an older supply chain planning (SCP) system of record (SOR) like SAP APO that was developed in the 1990s. But it’s clear that this platform is not getting you what you want: a “next generation”, “low touch”, and “not stapled together” planning platform.

Supply chain planning system revolution: Are you yanking my chain?

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Kinaxis CEO John Sicard talked about the traditional, siloed view of supply chain during his interview with SupplyChainBrain’s Russell Goodwin. The title of the interview, Revolutionizing Your Supply Chain Planning, immediately made me wonder, “Are you yanking my chain?”

Moore’s Law and supply chain planning systems

The 21st Century Supply Chain

These advances continue to have major implications on how companies plan their supply chains. In my nearly two decades as a supply chain professional, I have seen quite a few changes. It severely undermined the role of human intelligence in supply chain planning.

Supply Chain Planning Basics: A Planning Paradigm

Supply Chain Nation

In our first blog we looked at a general theory of supply chain planning, scheduling and execution in the context of daily life, in a way we can all relate to. Now let’s look at the planning process in more detail. We plan so we can see how to accomplish a given objective, so we know what needs to be done and when, so we don’t overlook anything important along the way. In our next blog we’ll see how scheduling fits with planning and execution.

Five Reflections From Supply Chain Planning Benchmarking

Supply Chain Shaman

In my work with Supply Chain Insights , I immerse myself in learning. I continually question my long-held beliefs on supply chain excellence. . When readers finish a Supply Chain Shaman blog, I want to drive a set of unique takeaways.

Supply Chain Planning Basics: Implications

Supply Chain Nation

In our fourth blog we considered execution in the context of the planning and scheduling processes; now let’s summarize our findings and consider why and how we uniquely consider these supply chain planning domains. The better we plan, the more likely we’ll succeed.

[Video] Kinaxis – Revolutionizing supply chain planning

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Check out the video below as well as links to other supply chain practitioner and Kinaxis executive interviews. Company processes are disconnected because their supply chain planning has grown up in a siloed manner, says John Sicard, president and CEO of Kinaxis.

Data integrity: Bad data and 3 good things to do about it when supply chain planning

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Bill DuBois Every business plans, but not every business runs as planned. Delays, shortages, quality issues, catastrophic weather events and fluctuating commodity prices are just a few examples of the exhaustive list of worries that will throw plan into disarray.

Data 196

Has Driverless Supply Chain Planning Already Arrived?


There has been a lot of news about driverless cars, and at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit there was also some news about “driverless” supply chain planning when two companies described supply chain planning with almost no human intervention.

Tips for a Successful Supply Chain Planning Technology Implementation Part 2: Project Management and Staffing


By Steve Thrift | Principal, Integrated Demand and Supply Planning | Chainalytics Supply chain planning technology projects are somewhat in a league of their own.

Reflections on Integrated Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Shaman

In the presentation, I shared data on the evolution of supply chain planning and the results on user satisfaction. The use of best-of-breed planning technologies was small at 15%. Summary Data of User Satisfaction with Supply Chain Planning Applications.

Video: Amgen Transforms Its Supply Chain Planning

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Melissa Clow Looking to transform your supply chain? In this video, Paul Collier, supply chain senior manager of Amgen, talks about the major initiatives that the company has undertaken to improve supply-chain planning, collaboration and regulatory compliance.

How the Supply Chain Planning System Stole Christmas

The 21st Century Supply Chain

While this was a cost effective shipping method, the entire supply chain planning system wasn’t fast and took four to six weeks for the dolls to arrive on the West Coast. Miscellanea Supply chain management supply chain planning systems

System 185

[Video] Long-term supply chain planning system vision and strategy

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Check out the video below as well as links to other supply chain practitioner and Kinaxis executive interviews. It’s no exaggeration to say that supply chain planning is seeing a revolution, says Jack Noppe, chief technology officer at Kinaxis.

Revisiting Supply Chain Planning

Logistics Viewpoints

I chose “Revisiting Supply Chain Planning” as the title for this blog post because I believe the phrase captures both the current focus of my research agenda (what I am doing) and the heightened priority SCP has taken on the agenda of many supply chain executives (what practitioners are doing). Earlier this week, I began updating ARC’s Global Supply Chain Planning (SCP) market study, last published in 2013.

A Shift in Supply Chain Planning Priorities?


but supply chain planning priorities are changing. For several years there has been a commonly held belief that focusing on improving demand forecast accuracy should be a top priority for Chief Supply Chain Officers (CSCOs).

Kinaxis RapidResponse selected by Santen for supply chain planning

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Melissa Clow Santen Pharmaceuticals has begun a significant transformation of its global supply chain environment. The company was looking for a single end-to-end planning platform that would reduce global planning cycle times and raise efficiency.

Supply Chain Planning


Balancing the People, Processes, and Purpose of Supply Chain Planning. To be a leader in supply chain planning is to own a complex system, where you are at the nexus of hundreds, maybe even thousands, of different parties with their own constraints and goals in mind.

Digitization is not the same as Digital Transformation, and AI cannot help supply chain planning

The 21st Century Supply Chain

But there is little evidence that we have even begun to explore the opportunity to redefine whole supply chain planning processes. Most supply chain planning process definitions date back to before the advent of computers.

[On-Demand Webinar] Getting started with artificial intelligence in supply chain planning

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Alexa Cheater Focus on a practical approach to implementing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) in your supply chain planning. Interested in hearing more from these experts on how to implement AI and ML in your supply chain planning?

Digital Transformation of Supply Chain Planning at SKF


Jörg Schlager describing SKF's Integrated Planning (Source: Optilon). At last week’s TG18 ToolsGroup user event , global bearing manufacturer SKF laid out an impressive review of their transformation to “ Integrated Planning ”. The company is moving from location-based planning to a global planning model, including a complete revamp of its supply chain planning operations to processes organized by product and factory. Inventory planning was local.

Addressing the “White Spaces” in Supply Chain Planning

Talking Logistics

This is certainly true when it comes to supply chain planning, where the complexity and frequency of the process have increased while time horizons have shrunk. “We We find companies increasingly saying ‘My planning system is solving the problem that it was put in place to solve, but it’s not really answering the questions and solving the problems that we have today,’” said Allison Fowler, Senior Director of Planning at LLamasoft in a recent episode of Talking Logistics.

Market Education Series- The Future of Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters explores changing needs in supply chain planning, what is termed concurrent supply chain planning, and why it is becoming a more important capability to support today’s multi-industry supply chain business environments.

Supply Chain Planning with Microsoft Dynamics AX


But growth poses supply chain planning (SCP) challenges. This invariably leads to manual interventions and firefighting, as you struggle to manage demand volatility and improve forecast accuracy while dealing with the limitations of a basic supply chain system.