Aspire, challenge and transform: Insights from the Gartner Supply Chain Executive conference

The 21st Century Supply Chain

One conference I recently attended is the Gartner Supply Chain Executive conference in Phoenix, Arizona. Here are some of the examples he shared to highlight how the traditional linear supply chains are being disrupted: Connected home sharing consumption signals (e.g.

5 Greatest Books for Supply Chain Executives

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Previously I''ve covered about the classic and new supply chain management books that SCM professionals should check out. In this article, I will show you top 5 books that every supply chain executive should have on their bookshelf. Data Collection Since most top executives need to manage their time effectively, the format of the book is very important. Check out 10 greatest books on Supply Chain Management

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The Three Pillars of Supply Chain Execution

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We all know that Supply Chain Execution (SCE) is composed of Warehouse, Yard and Transportation management components. Even though organizations usually prioritize their Yard Management System (YMS) as the final component of this trio, implementing an enterprise YMS is just the beginning of the journey of engendering execution excellence across an organization’s supply chain.

The WannaCry Cyberattack: Another Warning for Supply Chain Executives

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It echoes the title of my post from last September: “ The Day a Cyber Attack Brings the World’s Supply Chains to a Halt.”. (I The WannaCry cyber attack is another warning for supply chain executives to stop being complacent.

Supply Chain Execution in the IoT Age


One great use case Steve describes is about using sensors to alert warehouse operators about exception events in the cold chain where food product temperatures exceed defined thresholds Today, Steve Banker published a really interesting article about the The Evolution of Warehouses in the Age of IoT , which talks to opportunity to use IoT and Big Data technologies in warehouses.

How Cloud-Based Technologies Transform Supply Chain Execution


Many supply chain players are still not operating on inter-connected systems, or using a common end-to-end process to connect all of their partners. eBook: Building a Business Case for Supply Chain Execution in the Cloud. Cloud-based supply chain execution blogs.

The “5 Whys” Technique: Questions for Supply Chain Executives to Ask

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On my flight home yesterday, I recalled the 5 Whys technique and wondered if there were a set of Why questions supply chain and logistics should ask themselves to solve long-existing problems and drive continuous improvement. Why don’t we have full, end-to-end supply chain visibility ?

The Value of a Supply Chain Executive Education

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Mindmap for Supply Chain Execution 24/7

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Such huge pressure on sales is also dragging the supply chain department(s) towards an ever-higher service level. Mindmap Supply Chain Execution 24/7. To ensure successful supply chain execution, the company must take these external developments into account: Plan.

Another Evidence Point on the White Hot Demand for Senior Supply Chain Executives

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters has previously alerted our readers among multiple previous postings to the red hot demand for both experienced supply chain professionals and executive leaders. While such demand for supply chain talent extends across multiple industry settings, the needs for highly experienced supply chain leadership within the pharmaceutical and medical device sector are especially growing.

Fighting for In-Demand Supply Chain Executives

APICS is suing a former employee, Arthur Valdez, for taking the chief supply chain officer job at Target. The e-commerce giant was joining a growing trend in corporate supply chains: fighting back on executive poaching,” Loretta Chao writes

How to Build a Business Case for Cloud-based Supply Chain Execution


In the past, investing in a supply chain execution (SCE) system meant a commitment to an enterprise installation, extensive integration and ongoing IT maintenance. Download our eBook – Building a Business Case for Supply Chain Execution in the Cloud.

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2017: A Review

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The past few weeks have seen several different conferences in Supply Chain but the stand out last week was certainly the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference (GSCES) in London. What that signifies is that what supply chains need most is plasticity.

Noteworthy Senior Supply Chain Executive Changes at J.M. Smucker

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We at Supply Chain Matters are always on the lookout for important supply chain related learning, insights and accomplishments. Thus, what caught our eye was a recent announcement related to senior supply chain leadership changes at consumer foods producer J.M. The company announced the pending retirement of Senior Vice President, Supply Chain Logistics and […].

Getting to the Core of Supply Chain Execution Convergence

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In a guest commentary last November, Evan Puzey, CMO at Kewill, wrote: “Many supply chain players are still not operating on interconnected systems, or using a common end-to-end process to connect all of their partners. Is it at the core of supply chain execution convergence?

Paris Air Show Adds New Impetus for Supply Chain Execution Across Aerospace Supply Chains

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Commercial aircraft industry eyeballs were focused on this week’s Paris Air Show, a biannual event with enormous significance to major aircraft manufacturers and their respective supply chain partners. Each event is a competition as to which manufacturer walks away with bragging rights to the most landed customer orders or most buzz regarding a new […].

Target Hires Walmart Supply Chain Executive

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to help the Minneapolis-based retailer improve its own supply chain Shekar Natarajan, who has been overseeing a project at Wal-Mart testing drones in its warehouses, is joining Target Corp.

Working Across Silos – The Main Challenge of Supply Chain Executives


That’s why supply chain executives exist. Be it via organic conversations, phone interviews or internet surveys, the testimonies all converge; working across silos seems to be the #1 priority of supply chain executives. Author: Marie-Charlotte Rouzier.

An Excellent Supply Chain Executive Perspective

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A lot of electronic alerts come across the desk of Supply Chain Matters regarding web content focused on key topics and challenges involving today’s supply chains. High Tech and Consumer Electronics Supply Chain Supply Chain Business Process Supply Chain Skills Supply Chain Strategy Supply Chain Talent Management Supply Chain Technology Supply Chain Transformation independent industry analyst Bob Ferrari's blog Supply chain Matters blog

A Critical Goal for Supply Chain Executives: Developing a Workforce That Cares

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In recent years, there’s been plenty of conversation about there being a talent shortage in supply chain management, which has prompted companies to focus more attention on their recruitment, training, and retention practices. Live Episode: Tuesday, January 12, 2016 at 12:00 pm ET.

“Bimodal” is the Word of the Day at the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference


What do you have when physical and digital worlds converge in today’s supply chain? The answer, according to Gartner and several of the worlds leading companies, is a bimodal supply chain.

Apple Promotes Supply Chain Executive to COO Role

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In these end-of-year Supply Chain Matters commentaries, we wanted to update our readers on certain news and developments that occurred just prior to the Christmas holiday. On December 17th, Apple realigned its senior executive ranks for the coming year and promoted its existing worldwide operations and supply chain executive to chief operating officer.

Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference ? Why 'Flash Boys.

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Supply Chain Talk: 3 Challenges Supply Chain Executives Cannot Ignore


In our previous Supply Chain Talk Blog, we discussed different supply chain organizational structures that can increase the effectiveness of the overall supply chain process. In this week’s, Supply Chain Talk, Arkieva CEO Harpal Singh discusses key challenges that modern-day supply chain executives face. Supply Chain Talk: 3 Challenges Supply Chain Executives Cannot Ignore was first posted on April 7, 2017 at 1:05 pm. ©2017

Seamless Supply Chain Execution

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Your global supply chain is complex, dispersed and multi-faceted, yet your ability to manage it effectively is critical to the success of your business operations. Checklist Seamless Supply Chain Execution. 12 Questions about Multimodal Transportation Management.

What Supply Chains Really are and Why it Matters

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Companies re-assessing the nature of their supply chains are shifting priorities and realizing new value What is a Supply Chain? The post What Supply Chains Really are and Why it Matters appeared first on The Network Effect.

Measuring the Value of Supply Chain Executive Education

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Universities and colleges have enhanced their supply chain and logistics degree programs; organizations like APICS and the Institute for Supply Management have expanded their certification programs; and training firms offer myriad options to help executives stay current on supply chain trends

A Time for Broader Technology Vision Across Supply Chain Execution Partner Ecosystems

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This author has been writing and speaking on the significant impacts that the Internet of Things (IoT) will have on industry supply chains in the next five years. Physical devices such as sensors, production equipment, transport vehicles and other supply chain focused devices connected to the Internet, transmitting valuable data and insights, literally bring the notions of connecting the physical and digital supply chain closer to reality.

Supply Chain Execution Convergence: Rethinking, Redesigning, and Re-evaluating the Traditional Supply Chain

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Supply chain execution convergence is a topic that has been gaining in popularity. Rethinking the Traditional Supply Chain. In 2009, the term supply chain execution convergence emerged as a way to describe the next generation of supply chains.

Bright and Shiny Objects?

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This month, I traveled the globe helping companies understand the potential impact of technology innovation on the future of supply chain processes, I find the term “digital innovation” is a bit like tulip mania. It is a fad sweeping across supply chain leadership teams.

Supply Chain Executives can’t have it all, here are 4 things they can aim for


‘‘I want highly automated systems, a value chain network that optimizes my service and costs, the best talent available and the necessary predictability so that I can smartly invest in physical infrastructure.’’. Look for a different kind of supply chain development team.

Supply Chain Matters Highlights of the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference- Part Two

Supply Chain Matters

In our previous Part One commentary, we cited some of the key research highlights delivered at the Gartner 2014 Supply Chain Executive conference held in mid-May. Two other important components of this conference are Gartner’s unveiling of the Top 25 Supply Chains ranking along with assorted vendor showcases and sponsored presentations. Perhaps that is a sign that world class supply chain capabilities overcome multiple years of challenges.

6 Signs You're Ready for a New Supply Chain Execution Solution


Roadmap for Material Handling and Logistics lists e-commerce and relentless competition as key drivers of change in supply chain execution. Operations require integrated RF and/or voice technologies to improve data capture accuracy and reduce product touches in the supply chain.

What Trump’s Announcement of Withdrawal from the TPP Means for US Supply Chain Executives


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Gartner Supply Chain Executive Roundtable

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Gartner Supply Chain Executive Roundtable – Presentation, Discussion and Peer Networking. Improving Your Supply Chain Logistics To Drive Increased Performance. Who should attend: COO’s, CSCO’s, Supply Chain Directors and Leaders in Logistics.

The Competitive Race Within Aerospace is Manufacturing and Supply Chain Execution

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Supply Chain Matters calls special attention to readers who are involved in either commercial aerospace or engineer-to-order focused internal and supply chain environments. Aerospace Supply Chain Manufacturing Strategies Operations management Procurement and Sourcing Product Lifecycle Management Supply Chain Execution Airbus supply chain blog commenting on global supply chain management Boeing Supply Chain Supply chain Matters blog

Oracle at Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference

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Oracle is a Platinum sponsor at next week’s Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference taking place May 17 – 19, 2016 in Phoenix, AZ. To learn more about Oracle Supply Chain Management applications visit

Highlights from Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Conference 2015


This month, I had the pleasure of attending Gartner’s Supply Chain Executive Conference in Phoenix. The theme of the event was “ The Art of Supply Chain: Creative Solutions for the Next Generation.” Its agenda included over 60 sessions covering the full spectrum of supply chain—from strategy and planning to distribution and logistics. A compelling case for Supply Chain Analytics. Executives often ask themselves this question.

Big expectations: Looking forward to the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2014


There is a certain excitement in the air each year just before the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference 2014. Will last year’s common supply chain visibility issue still be on people’s minds? Is the focus going to be on having a fully integrated supply chain?

Move over old man. It’s time to meet supply chain planning 4.0

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Trevor Miles What I took away from the Gartner Supply Chain Executive Conference …. Supply Chain Management is a relatively young practice, though many of the core principles go back many decades and are based on Operations Research concepts.