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Green Logistics: How to deliver efficiently while minimizing carbon footprint


Source The process and involvement of logistics department in every organization have become an essential part to the economic development for a long time now. How can companies enable Green Logistics?

Supply Chain : When a bicycle is better than a Mercedes.

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

The summer of 2004. Food spoiled on the ring road because drivers had consumed their diesel, stocks blocking the warehouses and sales plummeted dramatically. Why the Logistics and Sales people cannot collaborate?” - Asked my GM in a board meeting in which I was replacing my boss. "Do

How Supply Chain Strategy Misalignment is Killing Kmart USA

Logistics Bureau

At the next Logistics Bureau Free Executive Breakfast (which will take place in August), I’ll be discussing the alignment of supply chain and business strategy along with eight other important levers for supply chain performance improvement.

Tracking the Response to Typhoon Haiyan

Supply Chain @ MIT

Having worked actively with humanitarian organizations on logistics for over ten years now, I know the good work that is done after these tragic situations to explain where and why aid was too slow. I have listed several of my usual sources below (note that they do have a logistics angle).