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From Hurricanes to Overthrown Governments to Potholes: Transportation and Supply Chain Resilience

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The post From Hurricanes to Overthrown Governments to Potholes: Transportation and Supply Chain Resilience appeared first on Talking Logistics with Adrian Gonzalez. When referring to supply chain resilience, the causes of disruption vary widely in scale and emphasize the unpredictability and severity of the events.

How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for the Possibility of a Government Shutdown


How to Prepare Your Supply Chain for the Possibility of a Government Shutdown. Most congressional watchers are predicting that the federal government will shut down for at least a short period of time before the end of the year. Can we draw any lessons from the 2013 government shutdown?

Leadership and Governance Impacting Supply Chain

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I interviewed Kees Van Der Vleuten who discussed Leadership and Governance Impacting Supply Chain. Can you talk about what is leadership and governance pertaining to supply chain? And I've also followed a study on corporate governance at Insead Business School.

Data Governance is real success story in analytics.


I recently published a white paper with Balaji Soundararajan and Joe Yacura, focused on the topic of data governance. Given the volume of data and the expectations of quality, value and speed; procurement organizations need a strong “Data Governance” program in place. Data Governance” Institute). Further, there is little clarity on what is meant by the term ““Data Governance””, and no widespread agreement about who is responsible for it.

Government IT: A One Billion ERP and Logistics Systems Failure Still in the Light and Has Anything Been Learned?

Supply Chain Matters

Air Force ERP system Federal Government IT supply chain and B2B technology influencer Bob Ferrari''s blog supply chain insights Supply chain Matters blog supply_chain_matters In December of 2012, Supply Chain Matters featured a commentary: A Billion Dollar Failed-Software Implementation-Why?

U.S. Government Explores Artificial Intelligence

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Government has long been a backer of artificial intelligence (AI) projects. Government Explores Artificial Intelligence appeared first on Enterra Solutions. The U.S. “Public monies have been invested in a … Continued. The post U.S.

Community Governance Framework

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A successful program requires a strong governance program and a successful governance program requires a strong and flexible framework that defines guidelines and practices. The framework provides the foundational and structure to support the governance of the community and must be maintained and thoughtfully revised to meet changing requirements. Successful governance of a collaboration community is a tight rope act in this age of the cloud.

Five Things I Have Learned About Global Supply Chain Planning

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The third issue is the lack of understanding that global processes–to maximize the economies of scale in transportation and material buying–need strong governance. The bad news is there was no well-defined governance and cadence of the business process.

Best Practice: Creating a Governance Mechanism for Analytical Learning in Organizations


An important governance mechanism that drives analytical process is the Supply Chain Director’s Council, whose mandate is to focus on the availability and ability of the supply chain to deliver parts and core finished goods to customers. I recently interviewed a large semiconductor company that developed a cross-enterprise initiative to drive analytical learning across its entire supply chain. The company established a supply chain IT organization that reports up to the CIO.

FDA Expected to Issue Final DSCSA Rule Governing Distributors and 3PLs


The FDA is expected to issue a final rule clearing up regulations of 3PLs under the. DSCSA. DSCSA Pharma Labeling

The Hackers Inside Your Supply Chain

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First, the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) issued a report last month focused on the need for better port cybersecurity. Supply Chain Risk Management cyber terrorism Europol port cybersecurity port security TrapX Security United States Government Accountability Office Two recent reports highlight the growing threat of cyber-terrorism on supply chains.

Connected World, Growing Opportunity: How Governments Can Champion IoT-Wired Supply Chains


Connected World, Growing Opportunity: How Governments Can Champion IoT-Wired Supply Chains.Transportfolio. As innovation gains speed, there are broad supply chain issues that governments need to address in order to take full advantage of the incredible opportunities that lie ahead.

Industry, Governments Battle Computer Part Counterfeiting


While the global supply chain has made accessing affordable hardware easier than ever before, it has also led to higher levels of counterfeiting. Electronics Counterfeiting computers

What Trump’s Announcement of Withdrawal from the TPP Means for US Supply Chain Executives


I’ve been traveling the country this week meeting with both American business leaders and government and trade representatives from several Asian countries. I have spoken to many Asian government officials both involved directly in the TPP negotiations, and those involved in trade policy, and many believe that their respective countries agreed to terms and conditions at the request of the U.S.;

Government Regulations Lead To Denser Labels


Product labels are getting denser with new information, often due to regulations. We've written before about how the demands of a global economy have increased the need for more precise supply chain and product labeling.

Frost & Sullivan Celebrates Innovation and Excellence Across the Globe

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Supply Chain Management Technology The Network Effect awards best practices defense Frost & Sullivan government military public sector supply chainFrost & Sullivan’s Best Practices Awards is an annual award that recognizes companies for superior leadership, technological innovation, customer service, and strategic product development. The awards are conferred upon companies around the world and across a diverse range of industries.

Handfield’s 2017 SCM Predictions: Impact of the Presidential Election Outcome for the Supply Chain


Forecasting Global Distribution Global Supply Chain Government Acquisition Supply Chain Economics Supply Chain Management Supply Market IntelligenceOK, so Trump won, Clinton lost. Get over it, it’s a done deal. Time to move on, and figure out what this means in terms of how the global economy will be impacted, and in particular, how the supply chain will be impacted.

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Mexican Gas Prices Soar

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This isn't likely to be a temporary change since it brings gas prices to market levels, and it seems to signal a change in direction from the government. The Mexican governm ent took away subsidies on gas, and so prices soared in the New Year.

Executive Panel on “Navigating the Road Ahead in Uncertain Times” Coming Up!


Global Supply Chain Government Acquisition Supply Chain EconomicsBased on the deluge of news coming from the press on Trump, Russia, China, trade talks, tax reform, healthcare reform, and a multitude of topics, it’s enough to make your head spin. This is particularly the case if you are working in the supply chain.

Reshoring Exceeded Offshoring in 2016

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Some reasons for the increase in reshoring are: proximity to customers, government incentives, skilled workforce availability and ecosystem synergies.

U.S. government to help fight supply chain threats

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Those threats may come from China, Russia and other governments, as well as criminals, hackers and disgruntled employees who want to steal sensitive information or disrupt operations, NCSC says. It’s particularly worth noting, the agency explains, that the Chinese government has previously stolen secrets from U.S. agencies and companies to gain a competitive advantage, while the Russian government wants to deliver defective parts into U.S.

Mexican Gas Prices Soar

Supply Chain Expert Community

The Mexican government took away subsidies on gas, and so prices soared in the New Year. This isn't likely to be a temporary change since it brings gas prices to market levels, and it seems to signal a change in direction from the government.

Government Update: The Latest on CSA


The post Government Update: The Latest on CSA appeared first on Transportfolio. Today, FMCSA announced that new screenshots to display motor carrier BASIC data, proposed in November 2013, will go live on August 2, 2014. Last year, I wrote a blog describing these changes.

6 Answers for Your Top TPP Agreement Questions


Global Transportation Transportation Policy government regulation Policy TPP trade agreement Trans-pacific PartnershipYou’ve probably heard about the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement in the last two weeks in some form or another.

Van Horne Institute Considers Alaska Transport Route, and Weighs Trump’s Plans for Keystone XL


The Alberta government asked the Van Horne Institute to examine the case for building a railway from the Oil Sands fields of Fort McMurray to the Delta junction in Alaska. Other issues the VHI is examining include congestion management, and the proposal for highway tolls and privatization of highways in Canada to generate government revenue.

SCRC Meeting: Mapping the Road Ahead in a Time of Daily Disconcerting Tweets


An industry panel will follow with insights and opinions offered by a group of cross-industry professionals from the electronics, manufacturing, energy, and government sectors. Change Management Emerging Issues in Supply Chain Global Supply Chain Government Acquisition Impact of Trump on Supply Chain MBA Supply Chain Supply Chain Economics Supply Chain Legal Issues Supply Chain Management Supply Chain Strategy Supply Chain Students

Market Update: Transportation Industry News


From monitoring carrier capacity and driver shortages to tracking diesel pricing and government regulations, staying current on the events in transportation means you will be better equipped to make knowledgeable business decisions and drive growth and efficiency into your supply chain.

Green Supply Chain News on The Growing Requirement for Corporate Environmental, Social and Governance Reporting

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Investment Analyst Takes a Look at What Leading US Retailers are Reporting

How Does the HOS Suspension End?


Carriers Over the Road Supply Chain Transportation Policy Government Regulations Hours of Service Hours of Service Rule Regulations How Does the HOS Suspension End?

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Proposed cybersecurity bill to push companies to share records with government agencies

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Last fall, the attack on Sony Pictures , which the FBI blamed on the North Korean government, prevented the wide release of a comedy portraying the assassination of North Korea’s leader, Kim Jong-un, as a New York Times article points out. The current House bill would provide legal liability protections for companies that share cyberthreat information with one other or with the government.

What Transportation Professionals Should Know in the Event of a Government Shutdown


What Transportation Professionals Should Know in the Event of a Government Shutdown | Transportfolio. Can we draw any lessons from the 2013 government shutdown? If the federal government shutdown starts on April 29, 2017, then the first missed update would be Monday, May 1, 2017.

Getting the Balance Right on IT Investments

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According to a United States Government Accountability Office (GAO) report issued last week: Federal legacy IT investments are becoming increasingly obsolete: many use outdated software languages and hardware parts that are unsupported.

Supply Chain Cartoon Caption Winners for Feb. 27, 2017 Contest

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Brian Govern of General Mills and Eric Kertz of Limited Brands Take Home the Prize with Great Captions

Lean and Agile Performance Measurement Governance (Part 1)

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At a recent industry conference, I asked my 80-plus audience to raise their hands if they were “OK” with the current status of their performance measurement governance practices – including Metrics Identification, Measuring, Tracking, and Controlling.

Eliminating error-free manual barcode labeling


There is no longer a standard for companies to follow - each individual firm and overall industry must contend with shifting customer demands and a growing body of government regulations. Product labeling has grown into an increasingly complicated aspect of the global supply chain.

Do Your Business Relationships Suffer from Strategic Drift?

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It comes down to a matter of insightful governance based on a flexible framework that aligns the parties through their initial work together to set up the agreement, and maps a continuous approach to day-to-day relationship management. In the University of Tennessee’s Vested Certified Deal Architect program, we focus on how a properly architected governance structure can help prevent strategic drift. The governance structure should promote and drive transformational efforts.

Governments, Industry Must Stop Electronics Counterfeiting


Counterfeit electronics can pose a threat to the end customer - and not just to their pocketbooks. Electronics Counterfeiting

Collaboration the Key to Unblocking Megacity Streets?

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Can city governments help to improve megacity logistics? How do companies overcome regulatory speed bumps in sprawling urban areas where government is highly fragmented and the movement of passenger vehicles often takes precedence over freight flows?

Building Resilience in Supply Chains

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At the same time as the launch of this report, the US government launched its Strategy for Global Supply Chain Security, calling for a global multistakeholder dialogue to effectively safeguard supply chains. This report, Building Resilience in Supply Chains, developed during phase II of the initiative, explores government and industry sector views on systemic supply chain risks and building a resilience framework to manage them.

Color is Crucial for Effective Barcode Labeling


Color is crucial for creating effective, accurate labeling that can improve supply chain efficiency , reduce errors and better comply with government regulation