7 key skills for successful supply chain and procurement negotiation

Skill Dynamics

Negotiation is key to business success. Successful negotiation involves good interpersonal and communication skills used together to bring a desired result. For procurement professionals, it’s a core skill that’s essential to be well practiced in.

How supply chain and procurement teams can manage suppliers effectively

Skill Dynamics

This article outlines some best practices for strategic Supplier Relationship Management (SRM) that will help buyers increase their effectiveness in managing critical suppliers. Hence, buyers must communicate with their suppliers with a level of mutual respect.


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2022 Summer of Supply Chain Legislation

Skill Dynamics

Against this backdrop, it’s more important than ever that supply chain professionals receive the ongoing training and support they need to succeed through this legislative storm. Training internal teams to use these tools effectively is essential to prepare for these changes.

Supervisor Training: Insider Tips for Management Skills Development

USC Consulting Group

If you think it’s just newbies on the job who need training, think again. At USC Consulting Group, we’ve learned the importance of training, continuous learning and plain, old reaching higher for people on all rungs of the corporate ladder. And it’s not only because training is necessary to get the job done right. Supervisor and manager training is one good way to get them there. That’s a critical piece of the training pie. Training tips.

Building AI to Unlearn Bias in Recruiting

models can be wrongly trained or overtrained and. Personality/skill based assessment Given that resumes don’t really have a standard. and inconsistent in representing candidate skills and. different genders speak about their skills in resumes.

The New Age of Negotiation!

Supply Chain Game Changer

New age of negotiation article and permission to publish here provided by Sam Jenks at kodiakrating.com. We negotiate on a daily basis. Sometimes negotiations are small and sometimes they hold a bit more value or impact. But, there are two sides to every negotiation table.

Experts Reveal Best Negotiation Books You Should Read

Supply Chain Opz

Do you want to excel in business negotiations quickly? This article will show you 10 best negotiation books that help you master essential negotiation skills. Anatomy of Negotiations According to negotiation theory, there are 4 important aspects of negotiations that you have to take into account as below, - Who are you negotiating with? Trying to get maximum benefit in every situation may does harm than good - Do you need a lead negotiator?

Ethics in Procurement: What are you doing to keep procurement ethical?

Skill Dynamics

An example of how ethics comes into play in procurement is in supplier selection, evaluation, negotiation and ultimately awarding business. This may affect buyer’s decision to evaluate and select a supplier. Ethics training. Learn more about procurement training here.

Important Soft Skills Every Employee Should Have!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Soft skills article and permission to publish here provided by Susan Melony. When it comes to adding hard skills to your resume , it’s pretty self-explanatory. Hard skills are technical, measurable, and usually either learned in a classroom or through on-the-job training.

Why training must be engaging to be effective

Skill Dynamics

Every organization wants its employees to have the latest skills but ingraining those skills – no matter how much money is spent on training – isn’t always easy, and failing to do so can be detrimental to the organization’s success. Training that sticks.

Discover 4 Use Cases for Applying AI to Your Recruiting Processes

opportunities match his skill set • Uploading copies of his resume and cover letter. relevant computer science skills and. Yes I do Well, I was hoping for more training. Well, I was hoping for more training. on valuable tasks like negotiating offers and handling.

FMCSA to upgrade communication on new-driver training

The Supply Chain Journal

The trucking industry’s top safety regulator plans to step up its communications with state agencies and training schools before next year’s compliance date for new entry-level driver training (ELDT) requirements. Training providers wishing to provide ELDT must be listed on the TPR.

7 Key Supply Chain Leaders’ Skills and Why You Need Them

Logistics Bureau

What are the essential skills you need to possess or develop if you want to become one of tomorrow’s supply chain leaders? In any case, an excellent place to start is by knowing what the most vital supply chain leaders’ skills are and, of course, why you need them.

Global Study Reveals 52% of Vital Digital Supply Chain Transformation Efforts Hamstrung by Skills and Labor Crunch


With respondents’ top growth investment for 2022 being “increasing recruitment and training efforts”, this year’s study reveals the profound effect that current labor shortages are having on digital supply chain transformation.

Press release: Skill Dynamics digital badges

Procurement Academy

London 6 th July 2022 – Skill Dynamics is pleased to announce the launch of new digital certification “badges” designed to showcase its learners’ professional achievements on a host of social media platforms, including LinkedIn.

Finding the Best Negotiation Book

Supply Chain Opz

Do you need to improve negotiation skills but don't know how to start? In this article, we compare 2 books and tell you which one is the best negotiation book. Do You Need Negotiation Book? In our opinion, there are 2 major negotiation strategies, namely, the law school approach and the psychological school approach. Both approaches are equally valid and accepted by business professionals and academics to improve negotiation skills.

Negotiating Your Success: Do Your Suppliers Finally Have a Voice?


From the Humphrey and Schmitz three value chain governance models and the Walmart Effect Vlasic Pickle story to the innovative upside-down Heinze bottle collaboration, our industry has gone through a sporadically halting transformation in buyer-supplier relations. The Suppliers’ Perspective.

Is This the Hardest Leadership Skill to Master?

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

The last seven years have meant trusting my skills, capabilities and beliefs at a level I never had to think about before when I could hide behind a company name. Is it with your finances, your skill level, your ability to form relationships, communicate clearly or be a loving parent?

Negotiate 2012


Negotiate 2012. Negotiate. Overcoming complex negotiation situations by determining interest, processes and relationships that are likely to lead to a fruitful, sustainable agreement. This 3-day course will guide delegates to prepare for and engage in negotiations using techniques and tactics that have been proven to maximise the probability of success. JW Marriott Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Essential Skills to Secure Your Place in a Digital Supply Chain Organization


As a professional, securing your place in any supply chain organization entails developing the supply chain skills needed to ride this global wave into supply chain digital transformation. Soft Skills. How to Learn These Essential Supply Chain Skills. Industry 4.0

28 Procurement KPIs That Optimize Supplier & Buyer Performance

Silvon Software

Quality Performance Rating – This KPI can leverage specific quality metrics at the supplier level, taking into account damaged or returned goods, defect rate, and supplier availability (explained below) in order to negotiate future contracts and agreements.

Procurement in a high inflation environment

Skill Dynamics

During the 1970’s oil crisis and the rampant inflation that followed, skilled procurement professionals were in demand more than ever before. This is where companies take advantage of supply-demand imbalances to extract an unfair price from buyers.

Understanding the bullwhip effect in supply chains

Skill Dynamics

What buyers want is to take advantage on discounts offered during a short time, resulting in distorted demand information. eLearning News & Events Procurement Supply Chain blog procurement training sourcing supply chain training

Multiply your skills, or be left behind

Supply Chain Movement

It’s not even a “chain” anymore – it’s a network, of suppliers, distributors, facility types, forms of replenishment, cycles of supply, types of demand, the fickle nature of consumers or buyers, and the readiness of information about price, availability and alternatives. It’s a new supply chain-enabled world out there, and it is the cross-trained, context-enabled, integrated decision-makers that will make the difference.

8 Reasons Why Language Training is Business Critical!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Language training article and permission to publish here provided by Andrew Mazur. Here are 8 reasons why language training is critical for business. A business that refuses to diversify its workforce through the inclusion of language training stands the chance of losing money.

6 Shipping Contract Negotiations Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Intelligent Audit

Achieving that goal comes down to how effective one is with shipping contract negotiations. According to The Balance Small Business, several vital factors can directly impact shipping contract agreements and negotiations. FedEx Spend Optimization shipping contract negotiations

Skillfully Managing Manufacturing Reshoring Projects


These “Bring Manufacturing Back” initiatives have many moving parts and require careful planning and execution and very skillful project management. location they had chosen didn’t have the skilled workers that they needed. Finding Skilled Workers/Accessing Markets & Suppliers. However, failure to account for the existing skills of workers in the geographic area may be a major disaster to your reshoring efforts.

African manufacturers must remain focused on skills development


Competing for digital skills in the Fourth Industrial Revolution with Manufacturers. The pandemic showed us that we need to continually adapt our skill sets to meet evolving requirements in a world where the only constant is change.

Five Top Tips for Project/Program Team Negotiations

The Logistics of Logistics

When we consider negotiations we often think about discrete issues that occur and need to be. But will this pricing ultimately favor the buyer or the. consider the key differences between the discrete negotiations and the new business award: The new program negotiations will occur over years, while the discrete negotiation usually lasts from minutes to days. Differing approaches to negotiations by all the individuals involved in the process.

Two Million Vacant Manufacturing Jobs by 2025…How Can We Tackle the Skills Gap?


Approximately 60 percent of today's unfilled manufacturing jobs are due to a shortage of applicants with sufficient proficiency in science, technology, engineering, and math ( STEM ) skills. To compensate for staff shortages resulting from the skills gap, current manufacturing employees have been routinely working overtime (an average of seventeen percent more hours than employees in other lines of work). Skills Shortages. skilled production workers.

5 Skills Necessary For Maximizing Logistics Effectiveness


In this article, I propose to have a look at several logistic skills that, besides the specific knowledge in this area, will help to maximize the logistics effectiveness. When employees are trained to communicate with clients and team members without reserves, to avoid conflicts between professional activity and personal attitude, demonstrate professionalism in oppressive situations, this is integrity that leads to supply chain efficiency.

Lean Training


Does lean training turn your team to problem solvers? Can lean training alone do the trick?”. A leader can also not expect his/her team to accept the lean philosophy without understanding and believing in it themselves – that’s why lean training online, lean practical workshops and lean leadership trainings are so crucial for a cultural transformation. Participate in lean problem solving training. Know the difference between education and training.

Prologis expands training program for logistics workers

The Supply Chain Journal

announced Thursday it was expanding its training program aimed at tackling the growing need for logistics workers. Prologis’ CWI, established in 2018, announced last year a commitment to train 25,000 people for logistics careers by 2025.

Legal Experts Need to be Front and Center in Negotiating Software Contracts

Supply Chain View from the Field

I had the opportunity to engage in a negotiation seminar with a large insurance company last week, and had the team work on a software contract role play. In the scenario, there was both a buyer and supplier, and there were multiple facets to consider in the negotiation. The problem in preparing for such a negotiation is that deriving a “should-cost” model in software contracts is extremely difficult – because often there is no cost-based model.

The Auto Market Supply-Demand Imbalance is Bad for Buyers!

Supply Chain Game Changer

All of this means chaos for the average car buyer who has to shell out a lot more money, even for a used model. In the current market, a lot of buyers are finding it hard to get their hands on new vehicles , despite visiting several dealers. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Preparing Skills for the Future of Supply Chain Management


My topic was: Positioning Your Skills for the Future Needs of Supply Chain Management , and in this 21 st Century Supply Chain guest blog, I wanted to share some of my key messages to this audience as well, since this is a topic frequently brought up. The debate is often focused on whether strategies should address a perceived “skills gap” or a “training gap.”. Articulated essential skills now reflect on a broader combination of both hard and soft skills.

10 Greatest Negotiation Books of All Time

Supply Chain Opz

What negotiation books can help you sharpen your negotiation skills? In this article, we will show you 10 best negotiation books that readers at all levels can learn from. The Science of Negotiation We believe many of you know John Nash from the movie "A Beautiful Mind" but what "Nash Equilibrium" has something to do with "Negotiation"? In short, he tried to develop a negotiation game based on math algorithm.

How role-based training will benefit your organization

Procurement Academy

Role-based training plays a crucial role in streamlining business operations. It is a practical approach that allows for training in the context of a specific role and resources or skills required to perform that particular role. Improves Problem-Solving Skills .

Industry 4.0: Building the right skills to meet the factory of the future


It does present a training requirement, the need for new skills for industry 4.0 The growing skills gap. In most cases, skills development has not been a top priority throughout these exciting transitions. Ongoing training initiatives.

The Supply Chain Manager’s Daily Decathlon (part 6 of 6)

Supply Chain Movement

Given the diversity of the challenges in their job, Supply Chain Managers need to be versatile, multi-skilled people, chameleonic in a way. We know now in more detail about the Supply Chain Manager’s Daily Decathlon, the challenges it contains, and the skills required for doing a good job. Let me briefly focus on three things: recruitment, training and career paths. Training. And probably more shifting to the soft skills the more senior the person is.