Can cold chain keep up with hot demand?


Cold chain is under more scrutiny than it probably ever has been, as a complex 2020 transitions into a 2021 of continued, heightened demand. Cold chain goes hot in 2020. It is worth stepping back and taking a moment to take stock of what has happened in the last year within cold chains.

Omnichannel Retail Requires Close Collaboration with Logistics Providers

Enterra Insights

The next time you feel the need to toast someone, raise your glass to all the supply chain professionals involved in omnichannel retail operations. To meet consumer needs, everyone in the supply chain needs to work harmoniously together or risk bad reviews and loss of business. Segmented Supply Chain Processes. There can be a difference between segmented supply chains and unintegrated supply chains.


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The Best Gift This Holiday Season: Personalized Logistics

Oracle SCM

Today’s supply chains are facing similar challenges with personalizing logistics operations for customers. Let’s look at some key steps on the journey to a customer-focused supply chain. Segment customers to match incentives to needs. One of the dangers in servicing omni-channel orders from traditional supply chains is continuing to treat your customers like one big, homogeneous mass.

Logistics Center of Excellence: Delivering Value to Organizations

Talking Logistics

Perhaps the most overworked word in the supply chain management lexicon is “visibility.” Yet it’s difficult to overstate the importance of a view into what’s going on in the supply chain. At the same time, the value of supply chain visibility is lessened if it isn’t comprehensive – encompassing the supply chain from one end to the other, from upstream to downstream. The right data enables better scheduling and use of supply chain assets. “A

Secret Confessions of a Supply Chain Junkie


The beauty of the supply chain is all around us. I guess I’m a supply chain junkie…can’t get enough of it. There are tons of articles, white papers and blogs about today’s supply chain challenges: globalization, off-shore manufacturing, supply chain segmentation, big data, mobility, social media, price optimization, warehouse throughput, labor scheduling and in-store picking. My eleven year old son gets supply chain!!

JDA’s Project with SanDisk, a Western Digital Brand, Recognized for Its Impressive Supply Chain Transformation


Supply & Demand Chain Executive recently announced its annual list of the best 100 supply chain transformations and projects that deliver bottom-line value to small, medium and large enterprises across a wide range of supply chain functions. land a spot on the Supply & Demand Chain Executive 100 for 2016. Highlights from SanDisk’s supply chain transformation.

The State of Supply Chain Management: An Interview with CSCMP’s Rick Blasgen, Part II


In anticipation of his presentation at JDA’s Innovation Day in Chicago on September 10, Supply Chain Nation sat down with Rick Blasgen, President and CEO of CSCMP, as part of our Expert Insight series to get a preview of his presentation on the State of Supply Chain Management. In part one of our conversation we covered the evolution of supply chain management, how supply chain practices vary around the world, and what has driven the near-shoring trend.

Supply Chain Management:Is Agile methodology a good solution for.

Infosys Supply Chain Management

TradeEdge – Demand Chain Management. Supply Chain Management. The Infosys global supply chain management blog enables leaner supply chains through process and IT related interventions. Discuss the latest trends and solutions across the supply chain management landscape. « Adding intelligence in the Forecasting process to support Supply Chain Segmentation | Main | Is Customization a Boon or Bane?

Agility and flexibility in the age of digital supply chains – Insights from the 2017 Supply Chain & Logistics EMEA summit & expo


by Dr. Madhav Durbha As supply chain professionals, we can grow insular in our thinking, as on a day-to-day basis we risk confining ourselves narrowly to our domain of responsibility or solving challenges specific to our regions. The 2017 Supply Chain & Logistics EMEA summit & expo was one such opportunity. Positive events can cause supply chain disruptions as well. Supply chain agility or Supply chain nervousness?: