Supply Chain Technology Integration: Making the New Technology & Legacy Systems’ Marriage Last


The decision to bring new technology into your existing warehouse operation should not be taken lightly. Modern technology enables a whole new level of collaboration , efficiency and better operations. This will help team members from feeling blindsided when new technology goes live.

New Supply Chain Technology: The Real Cost of Inaction


In this blog, Greg discusses the real cost of inaction when you dont adopt new supply chain technology. New Supply Chain Technology: The Real Cost of Inaction. When should you invest in new technology", [link].

The Value of Integrated Supply Chain Technology

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Taking an integrated approach to supply chain management has always been important, but why is it even more important today? What are you seeing with customers with respect to integrated technology?

5 Key Supply Chain Technologies Needed to Go Omnichannel


More companies are actively engaging with consumers in search of the ultimate omnichannel sales experience as the strength of online sales increase, reports Supply Chain Quarterly. Unlike traditional supply chains, omnichannel supply chains rely on the successful integration and application of data, process standardization and high-tech tools to ensure a seamless flow of information and products. Analytics to Uncover Issues in the Supply Chain.

Your Supply Chain Probably Has a Data Problem - Start There

A Blueprint For Supply Chain Transformation The Data First Approach Introduction Over the past few decades, supply chains have evolved from a sub-function. The businesses that optimized their supply chain operations to deliver on. supply chain is data.

Is Seamless OmniChannel Possible? How to Avoid Supply Chain Technology Hiccups


Unfortunately, a lack of understanding in omnichannel supply chains has also led many companies to experience extreme issues in delivering on their promises. In addition, some may feel that growing into a seamless omnichannel sales strategy is impossible without supply chain technology hiccups, but that is not true. Identify Market Trends Omni-channel supply chains are built on having multiple touchpoints per order, ranging from online to brick-and-mortar sales.

Integrated Supply Chain Technology: What Does It Mean?

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The need to take a holistic and integrated perspective of your supply chain has always been important, but it’s even more critical today as customer expectations around cost, quality, and service become more demanding. Part of the challenge to achieving a holistic and integrated view is the fragmented technology landscape that many companies find themselves in. What does it mean to have integrated supply chain technology?

[INFOGRAPHICS] 4 Uses of Supply Chain Technology Applications Moving Shippers into the Future of Effective Management


In today's highly competitive marketplace, it’s imperative for businesses to innovate new ways to streamline their supply chain and optimize productivity. Additionally, through a more stable and efficient supply chain, you can greatly enhance customer satisfaction and retention.

Is Hyperloop the Next Great Supply Chain Technology?

The 21st Century Supply Chain

by Melissa Clow This guest post comes to us from Argentus Supply Chain Recruiting , a boutique recruitment firm specializing in Supply Chain Management. We’re always trying to stay on top of Supply Chain developments at Argentus.

The 4 Stages of Supply Chain Analytics

Supply Chain Data Maturity A Guide to Transformation. How Mature is Your Supply Chain? that supply chain is moving through as the industry strives to leverage data. Again and again, the quality of supply chain and logistics. supply chain.

Supply Chain Technology Roundup: Drones and Droids


How will these emergent technologies affect supply chains? Unmanned Systems in the Supply Chain. In the supply chain space, these flying devices are on the cusp of transforming how companies deliver goods into the hands of customers. At the forefront of the delivery robot movement is a model developed by Starship Technologies. Logistics supply chain technology droids drones last mile delivery

Marked Increase in Supply Chain Technology M&A Activity

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There has been a marked uptick in merger and acquisition activity involving technology surrounding supply chain management. Three different announcements, involving OpenText, Descartes Systems and JAGGAER each demonstrate various strategies for augmenting technology, business services and vertical industry depth.

What Kindergarten Lesson Applies Best to Supply Chain Technology?

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Software infrastructure was almost undoubtedly not what Robert had on his mind as he wrote his credo many years ago, but the adage applies so well when discussing the benefits of multi-tenant technology. Here are four areas of value with multi-tenant technology: Connectivity – For applications that seek to connect users or companies to create a network, the need to be part of a multi-tenant environment is obvious.

BEC secures partnership with Apex Supply Chain Technologies

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BEC (Systems Integration) Ltd has formed a partnership with Apex Supply Chain Technologies Ltd., a market-leading manufacturer of secure automated locker solutions

These Advanced Supply Chain Technologies will Solidify the Digital Supply Chain in 2018


The type and capabilities of supply chain technology is expanding, and technology will only grow more important in effective supply chain management in 2018. From the increased demand to data-driven decision-making through the industrial Internet of things (IIoT) to the use of cloud-based technologies, supply chain technology will advance light years in the coming months. Blockchain Technology Will Emerge in Greater Detail.

Exciting changes drive key supply chain technology investments

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I’ve just returned from attending and participating in several supply chain conferences around the country. There’s a palpable excitement in our industry about the sweeping changes fundamentally altering supply chain operations.

Elementum Reports: The Most Transformative Supply Chain Technologies of the Year (So Far)


At the start of 2018, we predicted the trends and technologies that would have the greatest impact on the global supply chain. And as the year speeds into its second half and supply chains hurry to catch up with it, companies are continuously reshaping their business models to meet the digital revolution head-on. For supply chain, this has meant a large-scale migration to the cloud.

Supply Chain Technology Roundup: IoT and 3D Printing


Digital transformation involves the strategic overhaul of business activities, processes, competencies, and models to fully leverage the opportunities made available by new technologies. Two cutting-edge technologies being implemented today are the Internet of Things (IoT) and 3D printing. Now beyond the point of being mere buzzwords, these technologies are actively transforming the landscape of logistics and manufacturing networks across the globe. Digital Supply Chains.

5 More Transformative Supply Chain Technologies Supply Chains Will Focus on in 2018 to Move to the Next Level


Supply chain technology is a difficult, exhilarating topic to cover in detail. The supply chain technology stack comprises hundreds, if not thousands, of individual technologies, and considering the growth of the Internet of things (IoT), there really is no limit to how much these transformative supply chain technologies may expand within the next 12 months. Companies Will Levy the Power of 3PL-Based Technologies.

What is Supply Chain Technology and Why is it Important?


What is Supply Chain Technology and Why is it Important? With so many options and varying levels of service, understanding supply chain technology may seem overwhelming—especially if your organization is growing. 5 essential uses of supply chain technology.

Logistics and Supply Chain Technology, 2015-2020: Part III


This post is part three in the Logistics and Supply Chain Technology 2015-2020 series, with insights from Martijn Graat, the founder of LogisticsMatter. We’ve recently focused on major technology innovations that will change the world.

Technology Trends: Top Supply Chain Technology Trends in 2016

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Disappointing consumer spending meant lower than hoped-for performances for many supply chain businesses in 2016. But a healthy end to the year, which saw an increase in interest rates (for just the second time in the last ten years) and a rising consumer price index as well as some exciting new technologies, meant the year ended on a high – with many looking forward to 2017. Supply Chain

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Experts Unfold Top Supply Chain Technology to Watch

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Then, executives need supply chain technology to stay ahead of the game. But what technologies we should pay attention to? Mike Skinner, Vice President, CLX Logistics Technologies Without question, one of the most significant game changing technologies in the past 12 months and looking forward at the next 18 months is TMS – to which you say “big deal” and I say, “true plug-and-play (SaaS/Cloud) global TMS integrated with global trade and customs execution”.

Xilinx: Fight the urge to be precise – How supply chain technology is helping Xilinx

The 21st Century Supply Chain

a supplier of programmable logic devices, the focus is more on speed than optimization, says Alex Brown, vice president of supply chain. And what allows Xillinx to embrace and tame this complexity is their supply chain planning technology.

A Word of Caution for Supply Chain Technology Accelerators

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“A group of logistics entrepreneurs is launching a Silicon Valley-style accelerator [named Dynamo] for supply-chain technology startups, aiming to draw new investment and talent to the freight business,” reported Loretta Chao in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal. The Dynamo backers hope their program will help attract top technology talent to the more industrial side of distribution, which has a reputation for being old-fashioned and resistant to change.

5 Guiding Principles for Successful Supply Chain Technology Projects

Inventory and Supply Chain Optimization

A new wave of technology has crashed onto the shores of supply chain management.

Supply Chain Talk: What Makes a Supply Chain Technology Partnership Work?


The best advice for companies looking at supply chain technology solutions is to find one that does not just acquiesce to every want, but one that looks at the bigger picture to ensure that you can succeed in the short and long-term. In this week’s ‘Supply Chain Talk,' Arkieva CEO Harpal Singh discusses what makes a good technology partnership, drawing from his years of first-hand experiences. Happy clients are not always good partners.

Supply Chain Technology Roundup: 3 Ways Augmented Reality Can Transform SCM


Supply chain is finally finding its way into the 21st century, with help from a constantly evolving landscape of technologies and digital opportunities. Companies are now looking to the cloud, big data, blockchain, and other solutions to manage their end-to-end supply chains. By providing an added layer of real-time data and enhanced recognition capabilities to managers and workers, augmented reality could be one of the most valuable supply chain tools of all.

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Supply Chain Technology Roundup: 3 Ways Augmented Reality Can Transform SCM


Supply chain is finally finding its way into the 21st century, with help from a constantly evolving landscape of technologies and digital opportunities. Companies are now looking to the cloud, big data, blockchain, and other solutions to manage their end-to-end supply chains. By providing an added layer of real-time data and enhanced recognition capabilities to managers and workers, augmented reality could be one of the most valuable supply chain tools of all.

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The Most Important Considerations in Your Organization’s Supply Chain Technology Investment Plans

Supply Chain Matters

Tomorrow, this author will be joining a distinguished compliment of speakers at the 7th Annual Supply Chain Management Summit sponsored by Bryant University and Benneker Industries. This event is turning out to be one of few premiere New England regional conferences focused on current issues and learning in supply chain management. My presentation is titled: New Developments in Supply Chain Technology- What to Consider in Your Supply Chain Investment Plans.

7 Supply Chain Technology Trends Set to Disrupt Supply Chains in 2017 and Beyond


What supply chain technology trends are set to revolutionize your supply chain in 2017 and beyond? As 2017 comes into focus, several key technological initiatives are topping corporate agendas. Here are 7 Supply Chain Technology Trends for 2017.

New Supply Chain Technology Best Practices

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This paper provides information about five new innovative technologies that could greatly impact the supply chain, it delves into the many benefits of each technology as well as some challenges, and it gives you a peek into an amazing future

What Does “1+1=3” Really Mean with Supply Chain Technology?

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Stepping Out of Paradigms Dictated by Technological Limitations of the Past One of the biggest opportunities to dramatically improve supply chain performance occurs when traditional supply chain functions are decomposed and reinvented as integrated business processes.

4 Supply Chain Technologies that Add Flexibility and Give Consumers What They Want


Traditional supply chains have survived a long time without requiring too much deviation. Adding flexibility to your supply chain is now a must-have to stay relevant with your customers. Supply chain managers are using this as a seasonal solution.