Merchants Market Group Implements Blue Ridge Supply Chain Planning Technology

Blue Ridge

Enables leading Caribbean food service distributor to accurately forecast seasonal demand patterns and precisely align inventory levels at every distribution center. Merchants, a leading food service distributor to the Caribbean, will implement the supply chain planning and optimization technology to provide accurate prediction of seasonal demand patterns, automatic analysis and precise timing of required inventory levels to increase customer service performance.

IMO 2020 is Here. Are You Ready?

Supply Chain Game Changer

The ships now have to reduce their Sulphur emission by over 80% – 85% by switching to Lower Sulphur Fuel. Due to the high level of pollutants in the exhaust of the bunker currently used to power some 60,000+ ships globally, the IMO is going to implement a new regulation regarding these fuels on January 1, 2020. Ships and carriers use heavy fuel oil that contains Sulphur. The ships use the lowest grade of fossil fuel today. Subscribe Here! Email Address.

Hurricane Harvey & Irma's Threat on the Product Economy


Extent of Damage: After battering the northern Caribbean islands, Hurricane Irma caused fatalities and widespread damage in the region. In Saint Martin, four "most solid" buildings have been destroyed, rooftops and boats were cut into pieces, and electric towers were destroyed which left almost all of the island’s residents without power. Widespread damages were also reported in Turks and Caicos Islands and US Virgin Islands.