Florida: Your Partner in Progress

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On the water and in the air, by road and by rail, the Sunshine State stands out as a logistics superstar. But stick around awhile – it’s also a great place to live, work, and to keep your products safe for the long haul

The Effects of Hurricane Matthew Are Yet to Unfold for Multi-Industry Supply Chains

Supply Chain Matters

I am penning this Supply Chain Matters blog commentary on Friday morning as Hurricane Matthew continues to make its way up the Florida coast. This morning, the central eye of this powerful storm is located just off Daytona Beach Florida and continues on its northward path, with a potential threat of a U.S. landfall looming. […].

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Supply Chain Risk Management: Could You Face a Category 4 Supply Chain Disaster?

The 21st Century Supply Chain

It is the largest container port in the state of Florida and ninth in the United States. Lowe’s also had distribution centers in Florida, Georgia and North Carolina with extra supplies ready and waiting.

Supply chain impact before, during, and after Hurricane Irma

The 21st Century Supply Chain

For example, Florida power companies began staging vehicles and equipment in strategic locations well in advance of the arrival of Irma. by Bill DuBois What are your supply chain thoughts when you see this picture?

Hurricane Harvey & Irma's Threat on the Product Economy


Currently, Hurricane Irma is monitored north of Cuba, where mandatory evacuations were ordered, and is forecast to hit Florida. Fuel shortages were already reported in Florida and analysts estimate that the Irma’s cost could hit $125 billion should it make landfall in Miami.

2 Signs That the Freight Recession Really Is Over

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Markets that were previously hot, like Florida , are slowing down. Peak season in Florida has ended, so outbound reefer rates are starting their descent. Last week, the national load-to-truck ratio for vans was the highest it's been since March 2014.

Emergency Freight: What Harvey Tells Us About Irma

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Millions are still without power in Florida. Then Irma headed toward Florida, and those same Southeast hubs re-focused and moved freight south instead of west.

Delivering on the Customer Promise: Lessons from CSCMP 2016

Ryder Exchange

Many of the top supply chain executives gathered in Orlando, Florida the last week of September for the annual Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals conference.

Gas Trucks U-turn as Shortage Shifts From Texas to Florida

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Truckers who hauled gasoline to Texas last week from Florida may run the same route in reverse next week as Hurricane Irma bears down on the Sunshine State. More than 1,200 stations in Florida metropolitan areas were without fuel late on Sept.

Is The Creative Class Coming To A City Near You?

Supply Chain Insights

According to Dr. Richard Florida, one of our keynote speakers at the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit, my description fits about 30% of us in the workforce. I’m going to start quoting from Dr. Florida’s work here. Dr. Florida will share insights on the future work systems.

Freight Gathers Strength in Early November, Led by Western Region

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Upper Mountain States to Florida and Southern Georgi a - up 17¢ per mile. Pacific Northwest to Florida and Southern Georgia - up 16¢ per mile. We look at national trends every week, but sometimes the detail can get lost.

The Logistics of Fidget Spinners: Amazon vs Alibaba


Amazon airplanes then whisk them via the future Amazon hub in Kentucky to the local FBA distribution center in Lakeland, Florida, before delivery in Miami Beach overnight…by an Amazon delivery man. The Logistics of Fidget Spinners. How Jack and Jeff Are Reshaping Global Retail.

El Niño May Have Your Supply Chain Partying Like It’s 1997

The 21st Century Supply Chain

A massive El Niño occurred in 1997-1998, unleashing record rains in California, deadly tornados in Florida, and a brutal drought in Indonesia, thus landing the term firmly on the radar (no pun intended) of millions of people around the globe.

Hanjin, Hurricanes, Harvests May Boost Truckload Rates

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recently due to flooding in Louisiana and Texas, as well as a hurricane in the Florida panhandle. The spot marketplace remains tame despite occasional surges that cause scattered rate hikes.

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Here's How Hurricanes Irma and Harvey Have Affected Van Freight

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Of course, this was all before Hurricane Irma struck Florida. Recovery efforts are also underway in Florida. Atlanta and Charlotte are the two major van markets that serve Florida, and outbound rates soared in those markets, but volumes were down.

Supply Chain Matters Update Three- JDA Software FOCUS 2015 Conference

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters pens this commentary from JDA Software’s FOCUS 2015 conference being held this week in Orlando Florida. In our previous two dispatches, we updated readers on the day one opening keynote sessions and on our impressions of JDA’s technology direction. Our perceptions of JDA’s past FOCUS events included an observation that despite its […].

It’s time to revolutionize planning

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Google’s value was re-emphasized to me just the other day as I returned to Ottawa after a great week of sun and sand on the Florida treasure coast. by Andrew Dunbar It’s 2016, and data is everywhere. Alphabet Inc.,

[Infographic] 5 Ways STEM Education is Leading the Logistics Industry


Author information Lauren Wilson Director of Admissions at Florida Polytechnic University As the Director of Admissions at Florida Polytechnic University, Lauren Willison is responsible for supporting the Vice Provost of Enrollment in managing recruitment efforts.

Harvey and Irma Delivered Some Harsh Planning Lessons

Supply Chain @ MIT

Our hearts go out to the citizens of Houston and Florida as they continue to dig out from […]. Devastating hurricanes such as Katrina, Sandy and now Harvey and Irma are forces of nature that can’t be stopped by us mere mortals.

It’s Now Twice as Hard to Find Good Supply Chain Talent

Demand Solutions

Last year, Demand Solutions held our user conference at the Hard Rock Hotel in Orlando, Florida. It has been a tough job market over the last couple of years. But things have definitely gotten better, especially in the supply chain field. .

Atlantic Storms: Carriers Stuck at Sea


Hurricane Irma, the most severe storm from the Atlantic, has already left extreme damage to the Caribbean islands, and is expected to make landfall in Florida this weekend. The Atlantic is brewing up relentless storms that are forecast to ravage all in their path.

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A Lesson in Teamwork: Bringing our Miami Facility Back Online in the Wake of Hurricane Irma

Value Unchained

and its neighboring islands, with an estimated death toll of 70, historic destruction across Florida and massive havoc throughout the Atlantic region. Hurricane Irma was perhaps one of the most devastating hurricanes ever to hit the U.S.

Miami 29

Time for Value Chain 4.0?

Supply Chain Shaman

In this spirit, this year, Supply Chain Insights will be host a small Shaman’s Circle meeting in Amelia Island, Florida on April 17-19th to brainstorm how new forms of technologies can redefine value network visibility.

Driverless Trucks: Heading Somewhere or Nowhere Quickly?

Talking Logistics

Today, there are 8 states in the country, including Nevada, California, Michigan, Florida, North Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, and Arizona that are allowing the testing of self-driving vehicles on certain roadways.”. Will there be a future for driverless trucks in logistics?

JDA FOCUS 2017: That’s a Wrap!

Supply Chain Nation

FOCUS 2018 will be held from May 6 – 9 at the Marriott Orlando World Center in Orlando, Florida.

Hurricane Irma: What We Know So Far


In the wake of Hurricane Harvey, the US remains vigilant for the brewing “extremely dangerous” category 5 hurricane that is expected to hit Florida and the Caribbean. The Florida Keys may see the hurricane approaching late on Saturday, September 9 or early on Sunday, September 10.

Reefers Get a Late Spring Boost

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Reefer volumes rebounded in a big way last week, thanks to early harvests in California and late produce shipments from Florida. Lakeland in Central Florida is number 3. The lane from McAllen to Atlant a is now competing with Florida produce, and last week Florida won.

Miami 55

Plant-location decisions and potential supply chain risk

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Besides Texas—Toyota’s new North American headquarters—other states on the companies’ shortlist are Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Mississippi, North Carolina and South Carolina, WSJ reported, citing unnamed sources familiar with the potential investment.

Identity Theft, Trucking Style

Talking Logistics

I first wrote about this problem almost three years ago, when I commented about a story in the New York Times about thieves that stole six truckloads of tomatoes and one truckload of cucumbers from Florida growers, along with a truckload of frozen meat, by setting up a bogus trucking company and deceiving a broker. Significant fictitious pick-up activity has also been reported in Florida, Texas and New Jersey. A couple of years ago, I was a victim of identity theft.

Leveling the Playing Field for Small Businesses


Isabella Adams, a fashion accessories and home decor business based in Tampa, Florida, made a smart move to partner with third party logistics provider Transplace to keep up with its larger competitors.

Christmas is Over. Why Are There So Many Loads?

DAT Solutions

Reefer Rates Soar for Loads Out of Florida and Texas. Volume was strong leading up to Christmas, and rates soared for outbound reefer loads in Florida, Southern Texas, and even Chicago. Lots of people like to take vacation during the week between Christmas and New Year's Day.

The Journey for Excellence

Supply Chain Shaman

Richard Florida and Dr. Panjav Ghemawat—will share insights on the future of world trade and the changing nature of world demographics. It is finally spring in Philadelphia. Yesterday, as I walked the streets on the way to ballet, I saw flowers for the first time in a year. I love spring.

Delayed Produce Could Lead to a Busy May

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After interruptions caused by recent wildfires, produce was shipping out of Florida again, and the biggest rate increases were on lanes leaving the state: Miami to Northern New Jersey reefer rates were up 17¢ to $2.26/mile.

Top 14 Logistics and Supply Chain Management Training Programs and Courses in 2016


1) Logistics and supply chain management faculty at Florida International University. Editor's Note: This is a guest blog from our friend Kelli Harris, a consultant and recent college graduate in Logistics Management. Today, Kelly shares the top 14 Logistics and Supply Chain Management training programs and courses available in 2016.

Seven Misconceptions on Managing Inventory in a Market-Driven World

Supply Chain Shaman

Two leading economists—Richard Florida and Pankaj Ghemawat—will share insights on the future of world trade and the changing nature of world demographics. When it comes to the management of inventory in value chains, frustration abounds.

Supply Chain Matters Impressions from Smarter Commerce Global Summit 2014

Supply Chain Matters

Supply Chain Matters was invited to attend the IBM Smarter Commerce Global Summit this week which was held in Tampa Florida. This was our third annual attendance at this venue and by each of our encounters, we have gathered a stronger sense of IBM’s continued direction in supporting the Buy, Sell, Service and analytics needs for industry supply chains.

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Hurricane Irma Updates


In Florida, a statewide suspension of road tolls was issued to ease the flow of mandatory evacuations (like the one ordered for the Florida Keys) and the transportation of essential relief goods.

A Day in The Life of A Logistics Onsite Resource


To decide which is right for you, imagine that you own a thriving alligator farm in Florida that runs five alligator wrestling programs daily. Outsourcing can bring some of the provider’s logistics experts onsite to your location. Will your onsite employees be operational, strategic, or both?

Pull Your Own Upset

Creating Supply Chain Excellence

Florida Gulf Coast made Georgetown uncomfortable in a 2013 game. To attack the strong but slower Georgetown, Florida Gulf Coast ramped up the pace of the game. By Jim Tompkins. CEO, Tompkins International.

4 Trending Transportation Updates: February 2017

PLS Logistics

UPS Moves Closer to Octocopter Drone Deliveries: On February 21, UPS launched an unmanned aerial vehicle from the roof of a UPS truck in Florida. UPS Moves Closer to Octocopter Drone Deliveries: On February 21, UPS launched an unmanned aerial vehicle from the roof of a UPS truck in Florida.