Supply Chain Design Crosses the Chasm

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Recent supply chain disruptions are forcing organizations to challenge the prevailing wisdom and look for newer approaches to decision making. The simultaneous shocks to demand and supply, and the magnitude of these shocks are not something the world ever experienced.

The Competitive Edge of Supply Chain Design – Highlights of the MIT 2022 Crossroads Event

Supply Chain Matters

In this Supply Chain Matters commentary, Executive Editor Bob Ferrari pens highlights of the 2022 Crossroads Event recently conducted by the MIT Center for Transportation and Logistics. Copyright 2022, The Ferrari Consulting and Research Group and the Supply Chain Matters® blog.


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Peloton’s Supply Chain Strategy Turnabout

Supply Chain Matters

This week, the company announced a reversal in manufacturing and supply chain strategy, as well as a major turnabout. Supply chain strategy, process, talent and enabling technologies each play important roles.

Scenario Modeling Is Now Crucial for Supply Chain Network Design


The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed many risks and uncertainties in supply chain networks. How are companies leveraging scenario modeling for network design and optimization ? Current Technologies in Use for Supply Chain Network Design .

Supply Chain Network Design: The Ultimate Use Cases eBook

Explore the most common use cases for network design and optimization software. This eBook shares how supply chain leaders leverage their supply chain design software to tackle a variety of challenges and questions.

My Lessons in Interviewing Supply Chains to Admire Award Winners

Supply Chain Shaman

In business conversations, the term supply chain excellence rolls off the tongue frequently in meetings, but what does it mean? Supply chain excellence is harder to define than to say. We aim to move companies from a cost-based agenda to drive value in their supply chains.

Dealing With The Supply Chain Gloppy Mess

Supply Chain Shaman

Deck stain is not designed to be rolled onto a ceiling.). For the first in seven years, I was not heads-down preparing for The Supply Chain Insights Global Summit. Supply is the challenge. The pending COVID vaccines need a cold chain to move the product to the market.

Network Design in supply Chain

20Cube Logistics

Supply chain Network Design can be explained as the strategic planning of the supply chain in order to measure the cost and the time required to bring the goods and services from manufacturers and suppliers to the market. Supply Chain Management

Build Supply Chain Resilience with a Diverse Sourcing Strategy 


If resilience is the panacea to today’s supply chain challenges, it seems that everyone has a different prescription. Since 2019, nearly 70% of supply chain leaders have been constantly responding to disruption. Driving a Much-Needed Supply Chain Reorganization.

Software Penetration Testing Tools and Techniques!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. The Complete Guide to Project Management Software and Productivity Tips! Penetration testing or software penetration testing is a process that helps organizations identify the security flaws in their computer systems and networks.

Clouds are Gathering for an Open Platform for Supply Chain


If this challenging past year has taught us one thing, it is the value of connections–not only in our lives, but in supply chains. How supply chain disconnections disrupt service. 2030 vision: End-to-End supply chains that serve customers.

The Hill Supply Chain Leaders Climb

Supply Chain Shaman

Word Misappropriation In Supply Chain. I struggle day-to-day with the misappropriation of words in the building of an effective supply chain. The goal was a supply chain that was efficient, agile, and responsive. These are two very different designs.

Driving Sustainable Supply Chain Change

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Driving Sustainable Supply Chain Change. By 2025, to improve long-term supply chain profitability, 60% of manufacturers in global supply chains will invest in software tools to support sustainability and circular economy business models.”.

Building a Triple A Supply Chain: Ten Tactics That Work

Supply Chain Shaman

At Supply Chain Insights , as we combed through over 9000 quantitative responses on supply chain management from business leaders to understand what drives supply chain excellence in preparation for the Supply Chain Insights Global Summit , in the process, we proved Hau Lee’s theorem in the Famous Harvard Business Review Article, “Triple A Supply Chains.” First, great supply chains are agile.

Transforming Global Supply Chains

Enterra Insights

Many pundits insist that anyone who believes the global supply chain is going to return to normal is suffering from this form of insanity. Journalist Chris Stokel-Walker ( @stokel ) writes, “The system of getting things from A to B is broken. Transforming Supply Chains.

Supply Chain 2030: Forge a New Path

Supply Chain Shaman

The Supply Chain Insights Global Summit is over, but we hope the energy to define Supply Chain 2030 is just beginning. Today only 12% of supply chain teams are driving improvement, performing better than their competitors and driving value (as determined by Price to Tangible Book Value). As companies prepare for Supply Chain 2030, we think that it is time to rethink the basics. Seven Predictions for Supply Chain 2030.

Supply Chain: The True Game of Risk

Supply Chain Shaman

For the supply chain leader it is not a game… The stake is business continuity. Gamers do well in the world of supply chain. Designing value networks and managing what-if conditions is fundamental to managing supply chain risks. The move from global to regional supply chains increased risks. Geopolitical shifts, economic uncertainty and demand/supply volatility are rising. In my life time, supply chains changed.

Supply Chain Planning in a VUCA World

Enterra Insights

An acronym used more and more often by supply chain planners to describe the business environment is VUCA, which stands for Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, and Ambiguity. The more interdependencies a system contains, the more complex it is.”

Megatrends Shaping Supply Chain Innovation

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

Megatrends Shaping Supply Chain Innovation. While the COVID-19 pandemic woke up supply chains around the world, the ripple effects continue to disrupt in both size and scope. How are supply chains planning for further disruption and uncertainty?

Help Supply Chain Planners Be More Successful In These Uncertain Times

Supply Chain Shaman

Before boarding the plane, I watched a traveler pull a diet Coke from the bin and thought about the struggle to source sweetener with the rise of COV-19. As I shopped at Best Buy for office supplies, I struggled to not think about the massive disruption of electronics supply chain.

Supply Chain’s New Imperative: Designing for Value Creation

MIT Supply Chain

Based on research and extensive work with companies, the paper presents a detailed guide to designing future-proof supply chains. Four paths to design innovation Innovations in the fields of optimization, simulation, and data science have advanced supply chain design?—?also

How DELMIA Empowers the Supply Chain of the Future

DELMIA Quintiq

I’m passionate about computing, technology and engineering, and keen to contribute towards sustainable operations. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the vulnerabilities in supply chains. Digital empowers supply chain resilience and innovation.

This Week in Supply Chain Management Tech June 28 2022

Supply Chain Matters

Supply chain planning technology provider Logility, Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of American Software has completed the acquisition of supply chain network design technology provider Starboard Solutions.

Supply Chain Matters Podcast Episode 17- Needs for More Diverse Supply Chain Talent from the Lens of Technology.

Supply Chain Matters

The Supply Chain Matters blog announces the availability of the Supply Chain Matters Podcast Episode 17- Needs for More Diverse Supply Chain Talent from the Lens of Technology.

Intelligent Supply Chain Technologies for the Future!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Supply Chain Investment Challenges – Real and Imagined! Intelligent Supply Chain technologies article and permission to publish here provided by Dan Weinberger , UN Supply Chain Expert and CEO of Morpheus Network.

Five Reflections From Supply Chain Planning Benchmarking

Supply Chain Shaman

In my work with Supply Chain Insights , I immerse myself in learning. I continually question my long-held beliefs on supply chain excellence. . When readers finish a Supply Chain Shaman blog, I want to drive a set of unique takeaways. Today, I am going to share five insights that I have gleaned from our work on Supply Chain Planning Benchmarking. In most ‘benchmarking activities’, self-reported data is the most common source.

4 Reasons Why Good Design Is Essential for Supply Chain Dashboards


We need systems to filter out the extraneous bits, and, just as importantly, we need systems to present the most relevant information in ways we can easily assimilate. To do that well, a digital supply chain platform must place a premium on dashboard design.

Responding to Supply Chain Disruption Amid COVID-19


It’s taking a profound humanitarian and economic toll , impacting supply cha ins in many ways. Our team put several resources together to help supply chain organizations navigate through this crisis safely. . Adjusting Demand in Network Design Navigator.

Analyzing Supply Chain Risk

Enterra Insights

Supply chains are a mess, inflation is on the rise, the pandemic lingers, natural disasters are intensifying, fraud is growing more prevalent, and global tensions are increasing. This is none truer than in the last 18 months, where supply chain issues have made news headlines worldwide.

5 Megatrends Shaping Supply Chain Innovations

The Logistics & Supply Chain Management Society

5 Megatrends Shaping Supply Chain Innovations. Companies need to re-evaluate their supply chain strategies, if they are still most optimal. They need to review their suitable supply chain objectives, supply chain design, and key performance indicators.

Announcing the Supply Chains to Admire for 2019

Supply Chain Shaman

I feel that topic of supply chain management is analogous to the downward cycle of the news channels. What Drives Supply Chain Excellence? I analyze supply chain management. In the research, I’m trying to understand the impact of choices—technology, process innovation, and leadership– on balance sheet performance. There is the story of aggressive sales teams over-hyping the promise of technology to drive balance sheet improvement.

Locus Listed as Representative Vendor in 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Tools


It gives us immense pleasure to announce that Locus has been listed as a Representative Vendor in the 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Supply Chain Network Design Tools. And as supply chains continue to grow in scale and complexity to meet these demands, so do the costs.

7 Tips For Building Supply Chain Resiliency


Shortages of products from toilet paper to microchips during the coronavirus pandemic highlighted the value of supply chain resiliency, and the opportunities for companies that aren’t as prepared as they would like. Tips For Building Supply Chain Resiliency.

Sourcing And The Value Chain – Why Digital Platforms Matter

Gravity Supply Chain

Gravity’s technology helps mitigate risk. Real time predictive analytics ensure offshore and nearshore sourcing decisions take place with certainty. The post Sourcing And The Value Chain – Why Digital Platforms Matter appeared first on Gravity Supply Chain.

Five Things I Have Learned About Global Supply Chain Planning

Supply Chain Shaman

Regional supply chain companies are attempting to define global requirements. They are well versed in requirements for regional supply chain planning, but they are attempting to redefine their processes and be more global. Initially companies believe regional planning systems easily adapt to become global, but they quickly learn otherwise and hit roadblocks. Success in Supply Chain Planning Is a Flip of a Coin. 4) Plan By Design.

Catch Your Market With These Effective Brochure Design Tips!

Supply Chain Game Changer

Subscribe to Supply Chain Game Changer. Keep reading for everything you need to know about brochures, plus some tips on how to design them yourself. A typical brochure design uses simple, uncluttered layouts. You can accomplish this by using calls-to-action in your design.

Supply Chain Matters Highlights of SAP Sapphire 2022 Conference

Supply Chain Matters

In this Supply Chain Matters blog we provide highlights and insights regarding SAP SE’s 2022 Sapphire ASUG Now customer conference held last week in Orlando, Florida. . The recommendation applies to all technology providers offering formal phased technology implantation programs. .

Strong Supply Chains Required For an Economic Rebound: Six Steps To Take

Supply Chain Shaman

My last post on the Supply Chain Shaman blog was forty-five days ago. My first focus was on China sourcing. Then it was the redefinition of the supply chain for the global shutdowns Sick with the virus; I spent my energies writing and moderating podcasts.

What is Supply Chain Resiliency?

Logistics Viewpoints

If your company’s supply chain survived 2020 and the disruptions of early 2021, it’s safe to say it has passed the supply chain resiliency test. Embracing technology is part of that solution. How To Overcome Supply Chain Disruption.

Design Your Supply Chain for Resiliency


2020 was a very challenging and difficult year for many supply chain leaders. Climate, tariffs and the pandemic unraveled how fragile supply chains can be. Having a digital supply chain can help to respond faster to these disruptions.