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Nine Killer Digital Tools for Logistics Professionals


What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. As ships evolve from barges to Maersk EEEs, digital tools for logistics professionals evolve too.

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Predictive Analytics becoming a Mainstream Business Tool

Enterra Insights

The post Predictive Analytics becoming a Mainstream Business Tool appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Predictive analytics is a topic you are likely to hear a lot more about in the years ahead. Predictive analytics … Continued.

Top 8 Online Logistics Tools For Logistics Professionals


Logistics professionals require exemplary international online logistics tools to help them carry out their daily businesses with ease and deliver the best for their customers. Top 8 Online Logistics Tools For Logistics Professionals. Scandit is one of the top mobile online logistics tools used in international logistics in supply chain management. This optimization tool for inventories is cloud based.

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How Can Supply Chain Leaders Use Big Data as a Tool to Continuously Improve?


As explained in a previous blog post, continuous improvement in an organization can be achieved through the use of performance measurement tools via big data. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post How Can Supply Chain Leaders Use Big Data as a Tool to Continuously Improve?

Technology Reshaping the Modern Supply Chain - White Paper

powerful tool. What’s different now is the velocity, the volume and the availability of analytical tools to use it. As APIs come to the fore as a tool enabling the. How Technology. is Reshaping the.

The Art of Packing Your Analytical Tool-bag

OPS Rules

By Sumeet Mahajan and Desmond Torkornoo. Analytics Supply chain analytics

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Transportation Market Tools and Intel

Supply Chain Link

Guest Post: David Broering, Senior Vice-President, Integrated Solutions Sometimes it feels like you need to be a fortune teller to accurately assess where a supply and demand market is going.

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Tools for Master Scheduling: Hug Your Master Scheduler Part Two

The 21st Century Supply Chain

Effective management of the master schedule requires a tool that has several key characteristics; Scenarios – This simply refers to the ability to create a copy of your data in-memory in less time than it takes to click a mouse. Imagine if you had a supply chain planning problem you wanted to solve and were given a tool that allowed you to try three different approaches – each in their own copy of the entire supply chain database. This tool must take that long too, right?

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Solving Supply Chain Problems with Planning and Optimization Tools

Supply Chain Expert Community

I interviewed Jerry Bendiner who discussed Solving Supply Chain Problems with Planning and Optimization Tools.Looking forward to discussing with you Solving Supply Chain Problems with Planning and Optimization Tools.

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FMCG Route to Market Distribution: Free Distributor Assessment Tool

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

To help Producers understand the real state of their Distributors, Enchange has released a free - yes, free - tool to guide an assessment of Distribution networks. While focussed on FMCG the tool is applicable to all sectors using distributors. Download the tool here. The RTM Distributor Evaluation Tool has been designed to guide your evaluation of four key capability areas: Partnership – is the relationship a one way street or do you actually talk to your distributors?

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Why do you need more than one end to end optimization tool?

OPS Rules

We often talk about en d to end optimization – the idea that decisions should be made across the supplychain and not in silos. This approach is proven to improve results and ability to leverage resources effectively across the supply chain.

Collaboration Communication Tools

Supply Chain Expert Community

These communication tools provide the basis for discussions between individual partners, or group discussions across partners. Due to the potential needs and pervasive usage of these communication tools it makes the most sense to utilize a cloud based communication tool to quickly and efficiently provide a means to conversationally communicate across time zones and across company networks without compromising the integrity of the partner’s secured environment.

Coop Denmark deploys new tools to cut waste in its 1,200 stores

RELEX Solutions

Coop Denmark, which operates the Fakta, Irma, Kvickly, SuperBrugsen and Dagli’Brugsen supermarket chains, already uses RELEX’s space planning tool and was seeking to upgrade its technology to cut inventory levels in its DCs and increase shelf availability. Read PDF.

Collaboration Tools Suggestions

Supply Chain Expert Community

There are a whole host of cloud based collaboration tools available that are free or low cost and will support the needs of the collaboration community. These tools will provide the capabilities to support the needs of the community and will also also provide the on-going support and enhancements to improve the tool capabilities without the necessity of any community member to spend time developing or maintaining tools.

Tools v Rules for Effective Supply Chain Improvement

Supply Chain Expert Community

Tools versus Rules If the tools we have and use are merely attempts to optimize or accelerate the enforcement and execution of rules that may be out-of-date, outmoded, or simply wrong for the current (or, actual) circumstances, then our tools will have little value to us.

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Collaboration Tools Management

Supply Chain Expert Community

The management of communication tools across the collaborative network can be a little tricky and should not be taken for granted. You and your partners must take into account many moving parts that cross over many tools in many infrastructure environments and this coordination can be tricky at times. One of the key points in managing the tools across all of these environments is the capabilities of the tools. This is why it is so important to focus on cloud tools.

Tools to Help You Really Think (and Solve Problems)

Supply Chain Expert Community

Tools to Help Us Think Because of this natural human proclivity toward not thinking if we think we know , Eliyahu Goldratt developed the Thinking Processes —a set of tools to help us really think about what we think we already know.

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6 Practical Supply Chain Education Tools for Employers

Logistics Bureau

If you’re serious about continuous improvement and developing a best-in-class supply chain to serve your organisation, keeping your managers and workforce educated is paramount.

Optimization Tools Lighten the Load on Stressed Freight Networks

Supply Chain @ MIT

Freight transportation networks are increasing in complexity at a time when companies are under immense pressure to improve service levels.

The Research Is In : The 32 Essential Lean Manufacturing Tools


Every lean manufacturing consultant offers expertise but few will be an expert with every tool. To ensure you have the very best options for lean manufacturing tools, our team did extensive research which includes websites such as

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Collaboration Tools Selection

Supply Chain Expert Community

The selection of collaboration tools should be taken on with the understanding and strategy of a continuous evaluation and selection process. This ensure that your community will utilize tools that support the needs and the nature of the community requirements and objectives. A poor tool choice, or hanging on to a tool and not expanding capabilities will become just as much as a drag on the community as lack of particiaption from the community partners.

Blockchain Technoloy Increasingly Seen as Important Tool in Green Supply Chain, Social Responsability Practices

Supply Chain Digest

Walmart Hopes to Improve Foods Recall Processes, Identify Food Supply Chain Issues Sooner Using the Technology. Less Clear if Can Help Companies ID Suppliers Violating Rules for Vendors

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Omni Channel Community Shopping Tools

Supply Chain Expert Community

Consumers will return to a shopping site based on the tools that are offered to support the networking and the community atmosphere of a virtual mall. This group is pretty exclusively focused on the new tools and technology and are quick to move on to new technology as it becomes available.


Omni Channel Relationship Tools

Supply Chain Expert Community

Relationship development is all about the personal connection and social networking tools and sites such as Facebook or Google+ are the tools that support the development of that personal connection and relationship in a virtual setting.


The Functional Tree-Structure Concept and Tools Within the Health Care Industry

Supply Chain Expert Community

I interviewed Reza Ziaee who discussed The Functional Tree-Structure Concept and Tools Within the Health Care Industry. I’m looking forward to hearing your views on the functional tree-structure concept and tools within the health care industry.

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Commerce 2.0 Consumer Quality Tools

Supply Chain Expert Community

Consumers have demonstrated through social networks and the tools supported through these networks that they are anxious to engage in the shopping experience with both other consumers and the retailers. After all, how can one company hope to keep up with all of the varieties and types of tools that consumers use in their social networking and then add to this the mobile capabilities and tools supported that both crossover and add to the choices.

Omni Channel Collaboration Tools

Supply Chain Expert Community

Fortunately for the retailer there are many social network tools that can be utilized by the retailer to expand their reach and encourage the consumer to return. I am a proponent of using free or subscription based tools especially in the social network and collaboration space in large part because of the rate of change of the tools and capabilities within this space. The consumer must feel in control of the relationship and social networking tools allows the control.


Omni Channel Retail Tools

Supply Chain Expert Community

The recent holiday shopping events beginning with the lead to Black Friday, Cyber Monday and then Green Monday I see one of the key tools embraced by consumers to be the smartphone and then I see the growth in tablet type technology. Yet again, retailers have been building capabilities and tools from an initial focus of sales channel (store or online) and the consumers have put this technology together in different fashions to meet their desires and shopping requirements.


Omni Channel Social Tools Incorporation

Supply Chain Expert Community

Retailers must work very hard to identify, understand and incorporate new social networking tools at a pace that for many of the large retailers is unprecedented and very uncomfortable for them.


Volta Logistics: To Grow Quickly, You Need the Right Tools

DAT Solutions

Volta's strategy includes three main principles: (1) find a niche, (2) develop personal connections with customers, and (3) deploy technologies and tools that support fast and frictionless growth. Schleper and Nadeau relied on technology tools and systems as part of this business strategy.

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New global supply chain planning tool for United Biscuits

Supply Chain Movement

After a complete Business Process and Planning Cycle design review with OM Partners, United Biscuits (UB) has started the implementation of OMP Plus for all their demand and supply planning processes.

Smart Tools in Succeed in the New Shipping Reality


Do You Have the Right Tools to Control Rising Shipping Costs? By Paula Heikell Recent headlines have made it crystal clear that for today’s shippers, it’s anything but “business as usual.”

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New Tool Brings Logistics Carbon Emissions into Sharp Focus

Supply Chain @ MIT

Companies can calculate the overall carbon footprint of a logistics operation using readily available estimation tools. However, to implement meaningful management decisions about cutting CO2 emissions, a more detailed analysis is necessary.

JDA Partner Program – Providing the Tools for Success!

Supply Chain Nation

Partner programs are not a new concept. Most of the large technology companies rely on a structured partner ecosystem to help expand revenue and market share in the designated industries they serve. Launching a new and improved partner program can be a daunting task and can often upset the apple cart. The question ultimately becomes “why change and why now”?

UPS Invests $300M in “Orion” Optimizer – SaaS Tools Far Less Costly

Supply Chain Collaborator

UPS will need to continue to refine it, blending human common-sense with the brute computing force of the algorithm, building in more real world constraints and ensuring the tool provides useful, practical results. The post UPS Invests $300M in “Orion” Optimizer – SaaS Tools Far Less Costly appeared first on UltraShipTMS.

5 Powerful Tools for Finding Capacity

DAT Solutions

Below is an overview of the 5 tools in the toolbox. You may already have these tools in your DAT Power load board and not even know it. Click the name of the tool below to read the full blog post that explains the tool and how to you can use it to your advantage.

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