Nine Killer Digital Tools for Logistics Professionals


What’s important is that you have a faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them. As ships evolve from barges to Maersk EEEs, digital tools for logistics professionals evolve too.

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Predictive Analytics becoming a Mainstream Business Tool

Enterra Insights

The post Predictive Analytics becoming a Mainstream Business Tool appeared first on Enterra Solutions. Predictive analytics is a topic you are likely to hear a lot more about in the years ahead. Predictive analytics … Continued.

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Top 8 Online Logistics Tools For Logistics Professionals


Logistics professionals require exemplary international online logistics tools to help them carry out their daily businesses with ease and deliver the best for their customers. Top 8 Online Logistics Tools For Logistics Professionals. Scandit is one of the top mobile online logistics tools used in international logistics in supply chain management. This optimization tool for inventories is cloud based.

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How Can Supply Chain Leaders Use Big Data as a Tool to Continuously Improve?


As explained in a previous blog post, continuous improvement in an organization can be achieved through the use of performance measurement tools via big data. Twitter Facebook Google+ LinkedIn The post How Can Supply Chain Leaders Use Big Data as a Tool to Continuously Improve?

Transportation Market Tools and Intel

Supply Chain Link

Guest Post: David Broering, Senior Vice-President, Integrated Solutions Sometimes it feels like you need to be a fortune teller to accurately assess where a supply and demand market is going.

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FMCG Route to Market Distribution: Free Distributor Assessment Tool

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

To help Producers understand the real state of their Distributors, Enchange has released a free - yes, free - tool to guide an assessment of Distribution networks. While focussed on FMCG the tool is applicable to all sectors using distributors. Download the tool here. The RTM Distributor Evaluation Tool has been designed to guide your evaluation of four key capability areas: Partnership – is the relationship a one way street or do you actually talk to your distributors?

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6 Practical Supply Chain Education Tools for Employers

Logistics Bureau

If you’re serious about continuous improvement and developing a best-in-class supply chain to serve your organisation, keeping your managers and workforce educated is paramount.

Coop Denmark deploys new tools to cut waste in its 1,200 stores

RELEX Solutions

Coop Denmark, which operates the Fakta, Irma, Kvickly, SuperBrugsen and Dagli’Brugsen supermarket chains, already uses RELEX’s space planning tool and was seeking to upgrade its technology to cut inventory levels in its DCs and increase shelf availability. Read PDF.

Optimization Tools Lighten the Load on Stressed Freight Networks

Supply Chain @ MIT

Freight transportation networks are increasing in complexity at a time when companies are under immense pressure to improve service levels.

The Research Is In : The 32 Essential Lean Manufacturing Tools


Every lean manufacturing consultant offers expertise but few will be an expert with every tool. To ensure you have the very best options for lean manufacturing tools, our team did extensive research which includes websites such as

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Blockchain Technoloy Increasingly Seen as Important Tool in Green Supply Chain, Social Responsability Practices

Supply Chain Digest

Walmart Hopes to Improve Foods Recall Processes, Identify Food Supply Chain Issues Sooner Using the Technology. Less Clear if Can Help Companies ID Suppliers Violating Rules for Vendors

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JDA Partner Program – Providing the Tools for Success!

Supply Chain Nation

Partner programs are not a new concept. Most of the large technology companies rely on a structured partner ecosystem to help expand revenue and market share in the designated industries they serve. Launching a new and improved partner program can be a daunting task and can often upset the apple cart. The question ultimately becomes “why change and why now”?

UPS Invests $300M in “Orion” Optimizer – SaaS Tools Far Less Costly

Supply Chain Collaborator

UPS will need to continue to refine it, blending human common-sense with the brute computing force of the algorithm, building in more real world constraints and ensuring the tool provides useful, practical results. The post UPS Invests $300M in “Orion” Optimizer – SaaS Tools Far Less Costly appeared first on UltraShipTMS.

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Moving Beyond a Business Intelligence Approach to Support Timely Decision-Making

Supply Chain Matters

Predictive Analytics Sales and Operations Planning Supply Chain Business Intelligence Supply Chain Technology differences in predictive and prescriptive analytics integrated business planning software River Logic Software sales and operations planning decision support tools Supply chain Matters blogMore than ever, supply chain functional or line of business teams have been frustrated by their increasing needs for broader and more-timely business intelligence (BI).

Three Technology Tools for a Smarter Warehouse


Mobile and Configurable Technology Solutions for Today’s Receiving, Packing & Shipping Needs Delivering timely, cost-effective service and ensuring customer satisfaction are critical in today’s dynamic world of fulfillment.

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A Non-Traditional Supply Chain and Capacity Planning Automation Effort Underway at Ford Motor

Supply Chain Matters

Kinaxis kinexions conference sales and operation planning technology support sales and operations planning decision support tools Supply chain Matters blogThis author had the opportunity to attend the Kinaxis Kinexions customer conference last week. Among the customer presentations there was a rather insightful talk from a supply chain executive at Ford Motor Company.

FMCG Drinks Route to Market – let’s get fizzical in CEE

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

Brewing & Beverages FMCG Route to Market Dave Jordan RTM Assessment ToolIn a past life I ran the Supply Chain for an FMCG company in the 6 Gulf Co-Operation Council (GCC) countries plus Yemen in the Middle East.

Supply Chain Network Design: Picking the Right Tool for the Job

Creating Supply Chain Excellence

The post Supply Chain Network Design: Picking the Right Tool for the Job appeared first on Tompkins International. Supply chain network design activities are essential for keeping supply chain operating efficiently and effectively.

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New Tool Brings Logistics Carbon Emissions into Sharp Focus

Supply Chain @ MIT

Companies can calculate the overall carbon footprint of a logistics operation using readily available estimation tools. However, to implement meaningful management decisions about cutting CO2 emissions, a more detailed analysis is necessary.

Smart Tools in Succeed in the New Shipping Reality


Do You Have the Right Tools to Control Rising Shipping Costs? By Paula Heikell Recent headlines have made it crystal clear that for today’s shippers, it’s anything but “business as usual.”

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Volta Logistics: To Grow Quickly, You Need the Right Tools

DAT Solutions

Volta's strategy includes three main principles: (1) find a niche, (2) develop personal connections with customers, and (3) deploy technologies and tools that support fast and frictionless growth. Schleper and Nadeau relied on technology tools and systems as part of this business strategy.

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How Many Slaves Work For You?

SCM Research

The Slavery Footprint online tool answers the following question: “How many slaves work for you?” ” Based on research data and the data you enter in a short survey, the tool estimates the answer for you. Practice Research Corporate Social Responsibility Supply Chain Management ToolWhen we buy our new shirt, phone or coffee, we rarely think about slavery in the global supply chains of these products. Slavery? In the 21 st century?

Selecting a Global Trade Management Tool

Inbound Logistics

Selecting the right global trade management tool is important when looking to grow your business. Use these tips to select a global trade management tool to elevate your business

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New global supply chain planning tool for United Biscuits

Supply Chain Movement

After a complete Business Process and Planning Cycle design review with OM Partners, United Biscuits (UB) has started the implementation of OMP Plus for all their demand and supply planning processes.

5 Powerful Tools for Finding Capacity

DAT Solutions

Below is an overview of the 5 tools in the toolbox. You may already have these tools in your DAT Power load board and not even know it. Click the name of the tool below to read the full blog post that explains the tool and how to you can use it to your advantage.

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FMCG Route to Market – the Warehouse to Customer journey

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

FMCG Route to Market Supply Chain Sales RTM Assessment ToolYour Supply Chain has been revised, optimised, transformed or even blue sky’d – yes, honestly have been present when this was used but managed to stifle a guffaw into a cup of hot chocolate.

Tools and tips for today’s capacity-crunched market

Logistics Viewpoints

Growing freight volumes may be welcome news for brokers, third-party logistics (3PL) operations and carriers, but with the driver shortage holding back industry expansion, finding freight carrying capacity remains an ever present and larger challenge. Freight volumes are growing nicely on a year-over-year basis for most trucking sectors as economic growth remains solid,” said Bob […].

River Logic Launches Cloud-Based Supply Chain Decision Support Capability Based on New Prescriptive Planning Platform

Supply Chain Matters

Prescriptive or Predictive Analytics Sales and Operations Planning Supply Chain Planning Supply Chain Technology River Logic Software sales and operations planning decision support tools sales and operations planning prescriptive planning technology Supply chain Matters blog supply chain prescriptive planning and performance management platform

FMCG: What does S&OP bring to the party? Sales success of course!

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

FMCG Route to Market Supply Chain Sales RTM Assessment ToolDuring my recent travels I met with two Sales (or Business Development Directors if you’re posh) from well known FMCG companies to discuss an assessment review of their Route To Market (RTM) networks.

A Digital Dispatcher for Trucks

Supply Chain @ MIT

It’s a decision support tool that not only generates an operational plan, it also does the trade-offs in real time and provides routing solutions,” says Yu. Resilience Transportation a risk management tool for truckers artificial intelligence hybrid cars MIT CTL MIT research supply chain ris

Supply Chain Process Modeling

SCM Research

Teaching Process Modeling Supply Chain Management Tool Are you planning to integrate process modeling in your supply chain curricula? I am currently teaching a new course about supply chain process re-engineering at Copenhagen Business School. As part of a group work, the task of the students is to model processes between supply chain partners using the standard Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN).

Drones in the Supply Chain: A Game-Changing New Tool


Our CEO, Matt Yearling, was recently interview by Executive Platforms for their Tought Leaders series, to discuss the current and future state of drones in the supply chain. digital disruption supply chain logistics digital supply chain inventory cycle counting drones

New tool for 3PL outsourcing

Supply Chain Movement

The new, online tool called Supply Chain Satellite provides objective insights into a company’s logistics procurement strategy and hence supports decision-making related to logistics outsourcing. Supply Chain Media and partners launch Supply Chain Satellite.

Companies struggle to find good tools

Supply Chain Movement

the question of which tools they can use to support these processes is causing headaches for a lot of them. there are three options: to set to work with excel, to develop one’s own solution or to purchase an off-the-shelf tool.

Limitations of Supply Chain Network Design Tools for Risk Management

River Logic

Supply chains continue to increase in complexity as they are leveraged to drive greater value through increased output at lower costs. As supply chains become more intricate, the ability to analyze risk simultaneously becomes more difficult and more important.

Big Data Tools Enable Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics

Inbound Logistics

Using a TMS for carrier selection allows shippers to load standard business rules to achieve predicted outcomes

The Best of Both Worlds: The Benefits of TMS with Integrated Fleet Management Tools

Inbound Logistics

A transportation management system with fleet management tools facilitates transportation planning for private fleets

FMCG Success Story: Focus on Customers - see the Benefits

Enchange Supply Chain Consultancy

Customer service FMCG Dave Jordan Sales RTM Assessment ToolOnce upon a time there was an FMCG company that I will refer to as “Foresight”. Foresight” had spent many years and many Euros creating an acknowledged slick Supply Chain. Top class regional and global buying.

Logistics suppliers

Supply Chain Movement

The recently developed, free online tool called the Supply Chain Satellite provides practical insight into which logistics activities should be outsourced and to which type of logistics service provider.

Seco Tools: Cutting Edge Supply Chain Strategy Takes Shape


For more than 80 years, Seco Tools has delivered a diverse portfolio of tools and services around the world. Seco Tools manufactures cutting tools made of steel, tungsten carbide and cobalt. Three years ago Seco Tools investigated solutions for stock optimization.