Procurement Technology: An Update from Spend Matters in Baltimore


Today I travelled to Baltimore to attend the ISM/Spend matters Global Procurement Tech Summit. I will be speaking on procurement analytics tomorrow, but got to attend a set of great sessions over the first half of the day. The first speaker was Anne Rung, Administrator from the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. In this session, she mentioned that the federal government handles over $445B of federal contracts.

Can’t We All Just Get Along?

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As the senseless violence in Charleston reminded us, as did similar episodes in Baltimore, Ferguson, and Newtown, we are far from living up to our nation’s ideal of “One nation, under God.”

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10 Books Logistics And Supply Chain Experts Need To Read


The Wire is an incredible TV show, following the drug ecosystem in urban Baltimore and the police officers tasked with bringing it into check. And season two is all about the Port of Baltimore. There are tens of thousands of books about logistics and supply chains. Literally.

UDI Conference: “Yes, you have to do this.”


At last week’s UDI conference in Baltimore, the FDA’s Terrie Reed summed up the reaction of many companies dealing with unique device identification (UDI) compliance with the question “Do we have to do this?”

Flatbed Rates Hold Steady at 2-Year Highs

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WHAT'S HOT – Rates were on the rise last week in two Atlantic seaport markets: Baltimore and Jacksonville. Flatbed volumes didn’t slip as expected in the first half of July.

Seasonal Lull Continues for Flatbeds, But Bright Spots Emerge

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per mile last week, as declining rates in Birmingham, Harrisburg and Baltimore offset increases in Tampa, Pittsburgh and Fort Worth. Flatbed freight availability dropped 13% on the spot market last week, after a one-week gain.

3 Signs that Reefer Rates Could Rise Soon

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One Southeast regional lane to avoid: Raleigh to Baltimore. That rate is back down to $2.31/mile, after a two-week surge, and you don’t want to be stuck looking for a load out of Baltimore anyway. 

This Week in Logistics News (September 28 – October 2, 2015)

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It will be available soon in New York, Baltimore, Miami, Dallas, Austin, Chicago, Indianapolis, Atlanta and Portland. There was plenty of learning and networking at the CSCMP Annual Conference this week, which I’ll write about in a future post.

Supply Chain News on Under Armour Making Bold Move for Made in USA, Thinks it Can Help Reshape American Economy

Supply Chain Digest

Fast Growing Apparel and Shoe Maker Discusses Project Glory, New Production in Baltimore

Spot Freight Volumes Get Welcomed Boost

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Lakeland, FL, to Baltimore had a sharp 39¢ drop at $1.46/mile. We got a welcomed surge of spot market freight to close out July. It's unusual to see an uptick in volumes at this point in the summer, but the top 100 van lanes set all-time records for volumes last week.

Spot Market Gets a Strong Start to May

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The lane from Baltimore to Springfield, MA , went from super-hot to just strong, down 61¢ to $3.34/mile. Early May brought higher spot market rates for each trailer type.

Freight Rates Dip while Load Availability Climbs

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Look for loads in Buffalo, NY; Harrisburg and Erie, PA; Baltimore, MD; Roanoke and Winchester, VA; and Evansville, IN.

Reefer Demand Dips, But Rates Don't

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Miami to Baltimore and Miami to Boston each fell an average of 22¢ per mile. Although load-to-truck ratios for reefers dipped last week, rates held steady at their highest point in almost two years.

What are Block Chains? – Jason Busch on the Future of Money, Trust and Transparency


Jason Busch provided a great view on Block Chains, and their impact on the future of funds in the supply chain, at the Global Procurement Tech Summit in Baltimore. Jason started out by discussing the fact that a company ledger is just a source of truth. Because we are having more and morecomplexity in our supply chain trading systems, keeping track of all our transactions is becoming increasingly difficult. In the old days, we had a single mainframe computer, and a single tape drive.

Delayed Produce Could Lead to a Busy May

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Central Florida is hitting peak season, and the lane from Lakeland to Baltimore added 24¢ to $2.24/mile. The end of the month didn’t bring the upward bump that we typically see when shippers try to move goods before closing their books.

Spot Truckload Rates Continue a Slow-and-Steady Climb

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Lakeland, FL, to Baltimore climbed 26¢ to $2.00/mile. For van rates , rising lanes continue to outnumber falling lanes on a week-to-week basis, but it’s been a slow, long-term trend.

Demand Surges in Final Week of 2015

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Outbound rates increased for flatbed loads originating in Las Vegas , Rock Island , Houston , Oklahoma City , Atlanta , and Pittsburgh , but rates declined in Los Angeles , Dallas , Tampa , and Baltimore.

Major Freight Markets Saw Biggest Rate Surge of the Year

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Miami to Baltimore was up 35¢ to $2.63/mile. Rates on the top 100 van lanes showed the strongest surge of the year.

Do No Harm…

Supply Chain Shaman

Baltimore: Johns Hopkins Press, 1943. _.

Reefer Demand Spikes During Inspection Blitz

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Miami to Baltimore was down 33¢ to $2.28/mile. Refrigerated freight was met with tight capacity last week, with the annual Roadcheck inspection blitz taking many trucks off the road. That, combined with higher demand out of California, led to some big spikes in reefer rates.

Hurricane Irma Updates


Preparations remain underway for Hurricane Irma’s potentially catastrophic arrival in the continental United States as the strongest hurricane in the Atlantic makes its way through the Caribbean.

Spring Came Early in These Freight Markets

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The biggest gains were in Atlanta, Memphis, and Baltimore. Last week, we said that if spot market volumes kept climbing, then rates were going to go up finally. Well, load posts soared at the end of February and beginning of March, and rates finally responded.

Is the Freight Recession Really Over?

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Raleigh to Baltimore also paid 32¢ better on average at $2.61/mile, another rate that’s more typical for summer. At the beginning of the year, DAT Pricing Analyst Mark Montague declared that the freight recession was over.

Truckload Rates Finally Catch Up to Freight Volumes

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Miami to Baltimore also jumped up 21¢ to $1.75/mile. Spot market volumes were down during the first week of April. That's normal, since it comes right after the end of Q1, when shippers are rushing to move freight before closing their books.

Mid-May Spot Market Has Been a Mixed Bag

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Lakeland to Baltimore surged 40¢ to $2.68/mile on average. Spot market van volumes have been fairly flat since March, but still well above last year's numbers. Last week was a mixed bag, though. The national average van rate was down, but the average on the top 100 lanes was up.

Welcome to Wilmington!


Located in New Castle County, we are a jump, skip and a hop from cities like Philadelphia, Baltimore and Washington, D.C. Here at Arkieva we have three offices. From our previous post, you can tell that one of those locations is in Antwerp, Belgium.

Will the IoT Revolution Force Government to Embrace Silo-Busting?


Environmental Protection Agency holds up a shipment at the Port of Baltimore because the agency is understaffed, the delays can quickly ripple through the entire supply chain. Will the IoT Revolution Force Government to Embrace Silo-Busting?

Greg Javor: “Our mission is to inspire and nurture the human spirit”

Supply Chain Movement

My first job was a warehouse supervisor trainee for a public warehouse (nowadays a 3PL), in Baltimore, Maryland. Like the sea-faring coffee traders who inspired its logo it’s not all been plain sailing at Starbucks.

Bait and Switch

Supply Chain Shaman

Each time that they are published, the Shaman sighs and chuckles in her little apartment in Baltimore. Bait and switch: A form of fraud.

How to Find Capacity in a Snowstorm

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View of Winter Storm Stella on the thruway at the New Baltimore, NY Travel Plaza on March 14. Winter Storm Stella has arrived. As I write this, there are 84 weather restrictions in effect in the Northeast.

Transportation Strategy in a Constrained Infrastructure: 30th SCRC Meeting Kicks Off Today

Supply Chain View from the Field

The expansion of Panama has shifted shipments from West Coast to East Coast, but only Norfolk and Baltimore can handle these larger ships – and this will result in longer berths where will the funding be coming from for these port expansions – and it is something that is happening, but we aren’t sure how to handle it. The 30 th SCRC meeting kicked off today with a theme on “Transportation Strategy in an Infrastructure Constrained Environment”.

East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion


Neutral or Unclear: Baltimore, Miami, and other East Coast ports. You might think that shippers along the East Coast will be the biggest beneficiaries of fierce competition between the East and West Coast ports.

Sun Belt States are Hot for Seasonal Freight

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Rates slipped another 10¢ out of Miami , despite a big bump in volume on the lanes from Miami to Baltimore and from Miami to Atlanta. Freight markets are heating up in the Sun Belt.

Miami 47

East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion


Neutral or Unclear: Baltimore, Miami, and other East Coast ports. East and West Coast Ports to Battle for U.S. Region After Panama Canal Expansion.Transportfolio. Editor’s note: This post originally ran in October 2015.

Rebuilding Efforts Fuel Flatbed Demand

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Baltimore rates rose sharply after Irma, likely due to ocean cargo that was diverted from Miami and Savannah. The lane from Baltimore to Charlotte jumped up 60¢ last week to $2.22/mile, but volumes are trending back down now.

Manufacturing as an Economic Key


Earlier this week, in “Small Factories Emerge as a Weapon in the Fight Against Poverty,” The New York Times focused on one such area in Baltimore. In the United States, as in other areas of the industrialized world, factories have changed.

Flatbed Markets Adjust to Holidays, Regulations, and Weather

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Flatbed freight out of Baltimore usually heads to the Northeast and Midwest, and the weather in those regions made those shipments more difficult. That pushed Baltimore rates up 10% higher last week as a result.

October Flatbed Rates Were Highest of the Year

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Atlanta rates were down in general, but the lane to Baltimore climbed to $2.95/mile last week. The biggest declines for the month were on lanes out of Raleigh and Baltimore.

Spot Market Volumes Are Strong, but Rates Still Lag

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Miami volumes were up, but there was no trouble finding trucks on the lane to Baltimore , so rates dropped 14¢ Fewer reefers competing for van freight helped lift the van load-to-truck ratio, though. The end of Q1 contributed to a flurry of activity on the load board on Friday.

5 Facts About American Manufacturing & 3 Reasons to Work In Manufacturing


In February, the company, founded in 1968 in Brooklyn and later moved to Baltimore by Greenblatt, announced a new expansion. I have been following the Marlin Steel blog and the company for quite some time. They are a great company and very representative of the pride of American Manufacturing. Marlin Steel President Drew Greenblatt is on the Advisory Board of the National Alliance for Jobs and Innovation (NAFJI).