FreightWaves Classics: Port of Baltimore active for 300+ years

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The Port of Baltimore is closer to the Midwest than any other East Coast port and is also within an overnight drive of one-third of the nation’s population. The logo of the Port of Baltimore. Image: Port of Baltimore). House of Representatives from Baltimore.

SEKO Logistics Launches New Facilities in Baltimore and Charlotte

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east coast in Baltimore, Maryland and Charlotte, North Carolina SEKO Logistics, a provider of complete supply chain solutions, has recently opened new regional distribution hubs on the U.S.


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Expansion of Baltimore’s Howard Street Tunnel a step closer to reality

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A planned expansion of the Howard Street Tunnel in Baltimore is closer to fruition now that the project has received additional environmental approvals. The project calls for making vertical clearance improvements at the tunnel and at 22 other locations between Baltimore and Philadelphia.

DHL relocates to larger service centre in Baltimore


Baltimore service centre that they say enables increased shipment processing capacity and faster handling. . The DHL service center in Baltimore currently employs 60 people, including 12 new hires since the facility started operations in September. and Baltimore is the latest example of this trend. DHL has relocated to a new state-of-the-art 48,667 sq.-ft. This facility became fully operational in September.

Procurement Technology: An Update from Spend Matters in Baltimore


Today I travelled to Baltimore to attend the ISM/Spend matters Global Procurement Tech Summit. I will be speaking on procurement analytics tomorrow, but got to attend a set of great sessions over the first half of the day. The first speaker was Anne Rung, Administrator from the Office of Federal Procurement Policy. In this session, she mentioned that the federal government handles over $445B of federal contracts.

Driver Work Stoppage in Baltimore

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Please be advised that “ongoing labor job actions” by truck drivers at Seagirt Marine Terminal in Baltimore appear to be heightening with a planned refusal by drivers to enter the Port tomorrow, Wednesday, January 30. The post Driver Work Stoppage in Baltimore appeared first on AGL.

Supply Chain News on Under Armour Making Bold Move for Made in USA, Thinks it Can Help Reshape American Economy

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Fast Growing Apparel and Shoe Maker Discusses Project Glory, New Production in Baltimore

The Daily Dash: New bill to impact Amazon?

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A planned expansion of the Howard Street Tunnel in Baltimore is closer to fruition now that the project has received additional environmental approvals. The Daily Dash is a quick look at what’s happening in the freight ecosystem.

Reflections on AAEI 2018 - Why is Trade Compliance operating like its 1999?


Last week I was at the AAEI conference in Baltimore. As always AAEI puts together an agenda that is meaningful for the trade compliance community

UDI Labeling Going Global


That's why events like the UDI Conference in Baltimore, MD, next week are so important. Just as medical device companies have achieved a comfort level with their labeling programs to ensure compliance with the FDA's Unique Device Identification (UDI) system, along comes Europe's version of UDI with a few different wrinkles. Even if you do just a minimal amount of business in this region , you need to be aware of the requirements and associated deadlines.

Vaccines are the Utility Needed for the Global Economy


Meanwhile, manufacturing capacity of Johnson and Johnson and AstraZeneca vaccines are being constrained, due to the manufacturing quality issues at Emergent, a contract manufacturer in Baltimore.

What Is Drayage Shipping and When Do You Need It? | PLS Logistics Services

PLS Logistics

The service is in extremely high demand in large port cities, like Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Baltimore, Seattle, and more What is container drayage shipping?

UDI Conference: “Yes, you have to do this.”


At last week’s UDI conference in Baltimore, the FDA’s Terrie Reed summed up the reaction of many companies dealing with unique device identification (UDI) compliance with the question “Do we have to do this?” Sounding almost like parents encouraging their frustrated kids, the FDA recognizes that some organizations are struggling with the regulation. But through a carefully laid out process, helpful resources, and events like this, the expectation is that compliance will happen and on time.

Organized Retail Crime is Growing, Losses up 7% from Last Year

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The top locations are 1) New York City; 2) Los Angeles; 3) Miami; 4) Chicago and Houston, tied; 5) San Francisco/Oakland; 6) Atlanta; 7) Baltimore; 8) Orlando; 9) northern New Jersey, Washington, D.C., A National Retail Federation report found that 92% of companies surveyed had been a victim of organized retail crime in the past year.

10 Books Logistics And Supply Chain Experts Need To Read


The Wire is an incredible TV show, following the drug ecosystem in urban Baltimore and the police officers tasked with bringing it into check. And season two is all about the Port of Baltimore. There are tens of thousands of books about logistics and supply chains. Literally. Amazon has 31,817 books about supply chain and 24,934 about logistics. That’s 56,751 supply chain and logistics books.

28-year-old Supply Chain Major Living in London on $227,000/year

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But she never imagined that within six months of moving to London from Baltimore, Maryland, in September 2019, she would find herself living and working abroad amid a pandemic. Imani Change, 28, moved from Baltimore, Maryland, U.S. Overall, Change has found living in London more expensive than Baltimore, even with saving on day-to-day expenses during lockdown, mainly since she doesn’t have roommates.

This Week in Logistics News (March 16-20, 2015)

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Prime Now Expands: One-Hour Delivery on Tens of Thousands of Daily Essentials Now Available to Prime Members in Baltimore and Miami. As you read this, I’ll be flying back home from Mexico City where I presented at the Logistic Summit & Expo 2015 , arguably the largest supply chain and logistics event in Mexico. lt was a very informative and productive event with thousands of attendees overall (stay tuned for my takeaways from the summit in a future post).

Northwest triple-digit heat wave coming this weekend

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Included in this risk are Des Moines, Iowa; Peoria, Illinois; Indianapolis; Columbus, Ohio; Charleston, West Virginia; Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, Allentown and Harrisburg, Pennsylvania; Baltimore; Washington; New York City; the Delmarva Peninsula; and all of New Jersey.

Idaho 81

Rebuilding Efforts Fuel Flatbed Demand

DAT Solutions

Baltimore rates rose sharply after Irma, likely due to ocean cargo that was diverted from Miami and Savannah. The lane from Baltimore to Charlotte jumped up 60¢ last week to $2.22/mile, but volumes are trending back down now. Rates are dropping on a handful of lanes heading INTO Baltimore, however. The immediate impacts from Harvey and Irma first showed up in van freight, then reefers. Now it's looking like flatbed’s turn.

Viewpoint: An annual reminder to thank all seafarers

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Open4BizMD — Port of Baltimore (@portofbalt) May 18, 2021. This commentary on National Maritime Day (May 22) was written by Buddy Custard, president and CEO of the Alaska Chadux Network.

This Week in Logistics News (March 27 – April 3)

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Workers at a plant in Baltimore manufacturing two coronavirus vaccines accidentally conflated the ingredients several weeks ago, which has contaminated up to 15 million doses of the vaccine. Spring brings about a plethora of annual traditions.

October Flatbed Rates Were Highest of the Year

DAT Solutions

Atlanta rates were down in general, but the lane to Baltimore climbed to $2.95/mile last week. The biggest declines for the month were on lanes out of Raleigh and Baltimore. The national flatbed rate for October was the highest of the year, boosted at least in part by rebuilding efforts in Florida and the Gulf Coast after the storms from a couple months ago. Volumes were up and down over the course of the month, though, as markets adjusted to constantly changing demand.

Questions Companies with U.S.-Mexico Trade Should be Asking

CH Robinson Transportfolio

Environmental Protection Agency holds up a shipment at the port of Baltimore because they are understaffed, it impacts supply chains across the nation. Nearly three years ago, C.H. Robinson’s President of Managed Services, Jordan Kass, spoke before Congress to detail industry concerns over the U.S. government’s role in supply chains. Today, amid an uncertain trade situation on the U.S.-Mexico Mexico border, his words seem unusually predictive. Seeing future trade inefficiencie s.

Reefer rates hit lull between holidays

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Twin Falls, ID, to Baltimore gained 24¢ at $3.26. Fresno to Baltimore fell 29¢ at $2.41/mile. Reefer activity picked up after Thanksgiving, but not nearly as much as dry van freight. Right now, retail and e-commerce are driving trends in the transportation industry, which has lifted van rates, but prices fell on a lot of the major reefer lanes. Demand for reefers could heat up again as we get closer to Christmas.

Reefer rates rise as Florida hits its stride

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Lakeland, FL to Baltimore surged 85¢ to $2.86/mi. Miami to Baltimore gained 51¢ to $3.05/mi. It's been a slow spring for fresh produce, but there are some hot spots, especially in the southernmost states. Freight volumes surged about 25% out of both Miami and Lakeland, FL, and some lanes about of Florida saw rates jump as much as 85¢ per mile. That helped boost the national average reefer rate to $2.18/mi., which is 3¢ higher than the April average.

Manufacturing as an Economic Key


Earlier this week, in “Small Factories Emerge as a Weapon in the Fight Against Poverty,” The New York Times focused on one such area in Baltimore. In the United States, as in other areas of the industrialized world, factories have changed. Many have moved to lower-wage countries, leaving industrial wastelands in their place. There, Marlin Steel is a success story, maintaining its ground and producing metal baskets for bigger manufacturers such as Ford, Boeing, and Merck

Flatbed Markets Adjust to Holidays, Regulations, and Weather

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Flatbed freight out of Baltimore usually heads to the Northeast and Midwest, and the weather in those regions made those shipments more difficult. That pushed Baltimore rates up 10% higher last week as a result. Over on the East Coast, the lane from Baltimore to Springfield, MA , surged 79¢ to $4.35/mile. Flatbed rates saw a spike in the week before Christmas, but otherwise they’ve stayed pretty close to where they were before Thanksgiving.

Flatbed rates move lower, but they're still pretty high

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Outbound prices slipped lower for flatbeds in Baltimore and Savannah, which could be related to port traffic. Baltimore to Springfield, MA was down 61¢ to a still-high $4.57/mile. Flatbed rates are coming down from record highs, but remain elevated even after some sharp drops. There is less activity in Texas, which may be related to steel tariffs that affect specialty pipe used in the oilfields. That pipe is manufactured almost entirely of imported steel.

Coronavirus COVID-19 Supply Chain Update


Port Baltimore is reducing its workday by 75 minutes. Coronavirus COVID-19 Supply Chain Update. With the global spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), vulnerabilities in supply chains continue to be exposed.

Will Warehouses Eventually Go Dark?

Enterra Insights

David Sparkman, head of David Sparkman Consulting, reports, “Empty stores and shopping centers are increasingly being converted into warehouse and e-commerce distribution centers, according to the global industrial real estate firm CBRE, which examined in detail two dozen such projects ranging from southern California to Baltimore.”[2] Thanks to the popularity of e-commerce, warehouses are some of the hottest properties in real estate. Erica E.

OOIDA vs. 556% insurance hike – WTT [newsletter]

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According to the Baltimore Sun , “Cicada songs begin inside a pair of drumlike organs — tymbals — on either side of the male insect’s abdomen. Welcome to the WHAT THE TRUCK?!? newsletter.

Loads and Rates Rise as Month Ends

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On the East Coast, choose between Baltimore to the north and Raleigh to the south, or go from one to the other, with a TriHaul (triangular) route to replace the low-priced southbound leg. The lane from Raleigh to Baltimore paid $2.75/mile last week for flatbeds. Rates are up in Baltimore, too but the return trip to Raleigh doesn’t pay well – it’s only $1.55/mile. Find a load from Baltimore to Roanoke, VA.

New Kroger and Ocado facility announced in Frederick, Maryland


Baltimore and Philadelphia. Baltimore and Philadelphia Premium`: Freemium`: Channels: Supply Chain eCommerce/Retail Industrial Logistics Region: North America Article Type: Press Releases Publish as a report Normal. false. false. false. EN-GB. X-NONE. X-NONE.

Florida Reefer Rates Take a Dive

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Miami to Baltimore dove 59¢ to $2.91/mile. Lakeland to Baltimore fell 46¢ to $2.93/mile. Peak season for Florida seems to have come to a close, and reefer rates responded accordingly. Prices out of Miami and Lakeland plummeted, but the ripple effects also led to higher outbound rates in Atlanta , as prices adjust and demand shifts northward to Georgia produce.

This Week in Logistics News (October 14-18, 2013)

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BMW to Mazda Imports Slowed as Strike Shuts Baltimore Port ( Bloomberg ). Several years ago, I interviewed CIOs and IT executives from leading third party logistics (3PL) companies, and one of the most interesting findings was that their teams spent a majority of their time fixing and cleansing data. I’m sure if I conducted those interviews again today, the story would still be the same.