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Chain of Custody: The source of control in global supply chains? – IoT Beyond the Buzz

Global Trade Management

The chain of custody certification offers the ability for public and private entities to chronologically document (physically or electronically) the ingredients, components and final products, their condition from production to destination as well as along the distribution lines recording any disruption in the product’s environment that could negatively influence the products quality or performance. To read more about cargo tracking and monitoring visit the company blog

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Top 15 Biggest 3PLs in the US - 2017

Material Handling & Logistics

Source ID. CEVA also delivers contract logistics solutions featuring customized, flexible design and a range of tailored warehousing and distribution services across the country. Source ID. Source ID. Source ID. of distribution operations to its clients.

Amazon, FedEx and Adjacent Innovation


eCommerce distribution has massive fixed costs but benefits greatly from automation and economies of scale and Amazon made massive investments in technology and fulfillment centers to serve their own online retail business. Source: Statista.