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Impact of the Chinese New Year, Panama Canal & Red Sea on Global Shipping

IT Supply Chain

By Roy Bridgland (pictured) Senior Industries Director at Blue Yonder The post Impact of the Chinese New Year, Panama Canal & Red Sea on Global Shipping appeared first on IT Supply Chain.

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7 Reasons Panama is the Latin American Supply Chain Capital with Demo Perez

The Logistics of Logistics

00:51] Tell us about yourself and what you do in Panama. I was born and raised in Panama and manage a 3PL. My main role is to promote the hub that Panama offers to the world. [02:19] 03:52] You’re the General Manager of Logistics Services Panama. Panama is becoming more interesting, and not only for the US. [10:40]

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Panama Canal Drought: Lower Water Levels, Higher Supply Chain Risk


What’s happening in the Panama Canal 2023? The Panama Canal, a crucial 50-mile waterway that six percent of all global trade passes through, faced major traffic jams this month due to a historic drought. How long will the Panama Canal drought last? Which countries are impacted by the Panama Canal drought?

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This Week in Logistics News (April 6 – 12)

Logistics Viewpoints

Panama on Wednesday unveiled plans for a “dry canal” to move cargo between the Pacific and Atlantic oceans due to low water levels in its century-old maritime channel. Now 27 ships navigate the Panama Canal each day, compared with 39 previously. And now on to this week’s logistics news.

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Redefining Resilience: Seizing Business Opportunities Amid Supply Chain Challenges

Talking Logistics

If Logistics Services Providers (LSPs) and shippers thought 2024 was going to be smooth sailing, the dual impact of the ongoing Panama Canal congestion and Red Sea shipping attacks has been a rude awakening with severe delays in container transportation, higher costs of ocean freight, and unpredictable departure and arrival times.

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High Seas Troubles Affect Global Supply Chains, Part Two: Climate Risks

Enterra Insights

As I pointed out in the first part of this article, two of the world’s most vital maritime chokepoints — the Suez Canal and the Panama Canal — are experiencing serious challenges. a severe drought, which began last year in Panama, is disrupting canal operations. Unfortunately. ” How bad have things become?

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This Week in Logistics News (March 16 – 22)

Logistics Viewpoints

The Panama Canal is adding transit slots as restrictions in the corridor begin to ease. According to the Panama Canal Authority (ACP), a pair of slots are up for auction for transit dates starting on March 18, with an additional slot for dates beginning on March 25. Intel wins $19.5